Fucked Up My Hot Neighbour Swathi

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I’m Rakesh and this is my story about how I fucked my neighbour Swathi. I am tall well looking person. My dick is 6 inch and I’m 18 years old. Swathi is my neighbour and she is a masterpiece in our area because she has a perfect body which any one can look twice. Her bra size is 34D and her ass is also big as her boobs. Her age is 50 but she looks like a 30 year old milf. Swathi’s husband is busness man so he always go for tours. Because of that she didn’t had sex for long time also her husband is a useless person who never fuck his wife.

One day I went to swathi’s house because my mom and dad were went outside so my parents told me to stay at swathi’s house. When I entered her house she was sitting in her couch wearing a black transparent saree she is dusky in colour but in black saree she was like an angel. Swathi told me to come inside and I went inside and sat on couch. After that she told bought coffee we were drinking coffee but suddenly swathi asked me do you have a girlfriend I told no I don’t. After that she asked me are you virgin I was shocked after hearing that and I told yes I am virgin. After a while we started to watch a movie in that movie there was a hot scene I suddenly turned around but swathi was watching it in mood. She told me watch sily boy don’t be shy to watch those things with me.

After that we were started to watching the movie suddenly I felt a hand is touching my dick and I figured out it was swathi the I realised she was in mood. Then I took advantage of that and I touched her pussy she moaned mmmmm….. Hmmmmmmm. Aahhhhhh……

She was in total mood then she told me let’s go to bed. We went to bed room she took off her dress one by one my dick stood straight up in 90° she was stunned by looking it. First I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and she cummed for that after that she sucked my cock for 15 minutes and she told me to fuck her ass because she don’t like to fuck her pussy so I fucked her ass her ass was tight I think her husband didn’t fuck her ass. We fucked for like 30 minutes in doggy after that she reached climax she can but I fucked her for another 10 minutes and I reached climax so she told me that she need to taste my cum so I took my dick and put my dick inside her mouth and loaded my cum she swallowed all my cum and cleaned my dick with her mouth.

After that I we both took a bath and She told me that we can fuck when ever I want so from that day we fuck when her husband goes to trip.

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