Divi’s friends get a boat ride (Part 3)

After Anna’s sister’s and niece’s “intervention” of my life as a recluse in the woods by seducing me, I was exhausted. My dick and balls ached from several ejaculations. In spite of all that, I gave a good accounting of myself in the bedroom with Priya. She screamed and groaned her way through a couple orgasms and I had just launched another load in her pussy while in the spooning position. She said, “Naveen is a missionary position only guy. I’ve never had sex in that position before and I really like it.”

Jack’s sisters-in-law plan an intervention (Part 2)

Our breathing had just returned to normal and I was caressing her left breast with my left hand as I was still embedded in her pussy from behind. Her left leg was across my hips as I lay on my right side. She was comfortable lying on her back but slightly turned up on her right buttocks. Her index and middle fingers of her right hand pushed lazily through her neatly trimmed pubic hair on either side of my softening cock. Her gentle ministrations were keeping my cock in a semi-erect state. My face was tucked down into the hollow of her neck and shoulder randomly kissing her there. I was fighting the urge to fall asleep. She was staring at the ceiling fan as it rotated just fast enough to push a little air. It felt cool on my perspiring skin and wet cock.

The only sound was from a power boat well down the lake. Almost lost in that deep throated groan was the low pitched rumble of the early evening freight train heading for Boston. If the wind blows just right, you can hear it. The whistle blast at a roadway intersection gave it away; otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

I noticed Priya still staring at the fan and said, “A penny for your thoughts.” I kissed her on the tip of her shoulder and tweaked her nipple. She didn’t react and continued her examination of the fan. I pushed myself up on my elbow and looked down into her beautiful face as I leaned in and kissed her lips. She gave a half-hearted return kiss and pulled her gaze from the fan to my face.

“I’m sorry Jack. What did you say?” She continued with her fingers.

“Something’s troubling you. What is it?”

Priya lifted her head and kissed me again with much more passion. I returned it. When she lowered her head back to her pillow, her eyes glistened with tears. None had broken free yet. Her eyes were like two dark pools of water. She kissed me again and blubbered out with a sob and those pools of water boiled over and tears cascaded down her cheeks toward her ears. Her free hand attempted to catch them. Her breath caught in her throat as she attempted to gather herself.

I kissed her gently again and said, “What’s wrong? Talk to me.”

She wiped her eyes and cheeks with her free hand. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She looked into my eyes and said, “Naveen has filed for a divorce.” She exploded into tears as she said the word ‘divorce’. She threw both arms around my neck and pulled me to her bosom and my glans pulled from her pussy. She held me there as she started sobbing. I held her tight until she settled down.

After clearing her eyes with the back of her wrist she said, “It’s not like we had a good marriage. He was never here. His business was always more important that Divi and me. In his letter that came with the divorce papers he confesses that he has been living with a young woman in India and she wants him to marry her. He’s been living two lives.” She paused and stared at the ceiling fan again before continuing, “I was shocked when I read the papers and letter, but my immediate reaction after that was that I was kind of glad. I have been feeling guilty about us since we started. I had never even thought about an affair even though Naveen was never here, even when he was here.”

Priya pulled her gaze from the fan and looked up at me and continued, “I’ve felt guilty about us but I couldn’t stay away. I didn’t realize how much I’ve needed the comfort of a man and I never got that from Naveen. He has given Divi and me a comfortable life and the divorce papers indicate that he will continue to do so and he won’t contest my full custody of Divi.” She forced a smile and lifted her head and pecked me on the lips. She then dropped her head back to her pillow scanning my face for my reaction.

I said, “If your immediate reaction was that this is a good thing, why the tears now? Did I do something or say something?” I couldn’t image what it could have been. We hadn’t spoken a word other than my query about what was troubling her.

Priya chuckled and shook her head. “When I heard that train whistle and the rumbling of the wheels on the tracks and the clackity-clack, it took me back to happier times with Naveen before Divi was born, when we were young and he struggled with his business living a few miles away from the train tracks. I suddenly realized that in our twenty plus years together we had accumulated a library of history and memories like the train. It made me think of him. There will always be some place I’ve been or a song on the radio or some kind of trigger that will make me think of him and I don’t want to think of him.” Her eyes flooded with tears again. She wiped them away with the back of her wrist and forced a smile.

Priya turned on her side facing me and said, “Thank you Jack; for being here for me. This has been a tough day. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go home and make dinner for Divi and Joanna and then I’m coming back here to add to our memories.” She didn’t wait for a response from me. I was certain that the look on my face told her that she was always welcome in my bed. She slid over to the edge of the bed and dropped her feet to the floor. She pulled on her bikini while I watched. She giggled when she saw my cock growing on my thigh. “You hold that thought. I should be back in an hour or so.” She came around the bed and put one knee on it and leaned in and kissed me hard. I watched her go.

I laid there on the bed for quite a while after Priya left. I realized that I had been feeling guilty about having a sexual relationship with a married woman, let alone the guilt I felt about having sex with her daughter. My cock grew quickly as thoughts of Priya and Divi and even Joanna filled my mind. I wrapped my fingers around my erect shaft and looked down and said, “Well, I see that you don’t feel any guilt, do you?”

I slowly stroked my cock just because it felt good. I had no intention of masturbating to completion. I needed everything I could muster to satisfy Priya’s needs on this particular night. I laid there thinking about ‘guilt’ when I realized that after thirteen years alone, I still felt guilty about ‘cheating’ on Anna and my eyes suddenly filled with tears. A thought flashed into my brain: Joyce and Frankie came here with their plan to push a narrative to force me to realize how stupid it was to feel this guilt after all this time. I smiled to myself thinking, ‘Angela came along just to suck and fuck.’ She couldn’t have cared less about the message her mother and aunt were trying to send.

I hated to get up but my stomach was grumbling. I had to make something to eat. There were times when I’d spend hours preparing a chef-worthy cuisine if for no other reason than I was bored. Today was not one of those days. I made a bologna sandwich with butter and mustard and carefully laid a thick layer of potato chips and crushed them all down with the top layer of bread.

I sat down on the loveseat with a cold beer and noticed that the TV was still on the fishing channel. The bass fishing program was now a deep sea tuna fishing program. I hated fishing even though when I bought this house, the allure of a quiet afternoon fishing was one of the pros of moving here. I tried it several times but discovered that all I did while casting and reeling was reminisce about Anna. In retrospect, I’m sure that anything I did then would result in the same thing. Regardless, I didn’t really enjoy it like I thought I would.

I change the channel and listened to the news for a while. That was too depressing so I made one pass through the channel guide. I muttered to myself, “Christ. Three hundred channels and there’s shit on.” I turned the TV off. I got up and carried my sandwich and beer out to the deck. There wasn’t a breath of air. My US flag hung limply on its pole at the end of the dock. The flag on my party boat’s anchor light pole was unmoving too. There were wind driven ripples further out on the lake so some air was moving. I noted that the leaves were turning over, showing their undersides. It was going to rain. I looked to my left, to the west. Huge, dark, billowing cumulus clouds were forming and they looked angry.

I finished my sandwich, grabbed my book and retreated to my zero-gravity chair. It was mid-week, so the number of boats on the lake was at a minimum. As usual, I read for twenty minutes before my eyelids dropped.

I woke to the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs to my deck. It had grown dark. ‘How long had I been sleeping,’ I thought. I looked out over the lake. My flag was flapping briskly to a north wind. I realized that I hadn’t slept that long. It was dark because of the rain clouds moving in.

I looked over at Priya as her head rose above the deck level. She grinned when she saw me. I smiled back. She was wearing sandals, a pair of tan shorts and a coral colored tank top. Her nipples were hard and pushing at the top. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. Her top showcased her bronzed skin. I smiled as she came across the deck to take a chair beside mine. “We’re going to get a thunderstorm,” she said. I looked to the west again and nodded. She got out of her chair and bent down to give me a kiss. It was a passionate one and I gave her one back.

As she sat back down, I said, “Are the girls okay with thunderstorms? Personally, I love them.”

Priya nodded and said, “I love them too. Divi’s not a big fan though and I’m afraid Joanna is terrified of them.” The rain chose that moment to make its appearance. We stood up to the railing to watch the downpour coming across the lake like a fog advancing and receding. Then we heard the rustling of the rain in the trees coming through the woods. We timed our entrance through my slider perfectly and slid it shut as a torrent of rain nipped at our heels. We both turned and watched whitecaps form on the lake driven by the wind. A flash of light, followed immediately by an incredibly loud report startled both of us. We involuntarily flinched and ducked from the onslaught to our senses.

Then there was an unusual silence. I turned toward the living room and all the lights on my cable box, TV, stereo and internet router were off. The total silence inside the house was eerie. The power was off. I turned back to Priya and said, “Kind of romantic isn’t it?” She smiled at me and pushed her body against mine as she stretched up for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tight as we kissed long and hard. Another close flash of searing white light accompanied an almost instantaneous clap of thunder startling us again and we flinched and broke our embrace.

The rain ended as quickly as it came. Lightening continued to light the sky and after several seconds a rumbling of thunder rolled around and around the lake. The acoustics of a lake are fascinating. As the rain dwindled, I opened a couple windows so we could hear the patter of the rain and the thunder better. It was getting dark for real and the solar lights on my deck and yard came on.

I went to the kitchen to look for candles and flicked the light switch on not remembering that the power was out. I knew which cabinet contained the emergency candles and matches. They were scented candles that Anna had bought many years ago. I used them whenever we lost power which seemed to be way more frequent here than in the city. I carried lighted candles to the living room and to my bedroom night tables and put a couple more on Anna’s bureau for romantic effect. I turned to head back to the living room but Priya was standing in the doorway with the two living room candles in her hands. The flickering light displayed her naked breasts. My dick reacted immediately.

“I don’t see any reason for these candles to be out there when we are going to be in here.” She set them down beside the two I had placed on the bureau. The mirror behind them doubled the flickering light. Shadows bounced around the room. I was already breathing hard as she turned to face me. She had a curious but sultry look on her face. I couldn’t read the curious aspect of her look but I knew what the sultry part meant.

Priya came to me and slowly removed my clothes. She squatted to pull down my shorts and my hard cock slapped on her nose when it came free. She giggled and grabbed my cock and kissed the glans before lifting herself back up. She pushed her big torpedo tits to my ribcage and stretched up for a kiss. I bent and kissed her pouting lips so tenderly that I almost didn’t register the contact. She moaned and pushed her lips harder to mine and lashed her tongue lightly along my upper lip. The sensation was like an electric charge. Thunder rolled around the lake as a backdrop to the sensuous scene being played out in my bedroom.

With her tits pressed hard to me and still kissing me, Priya reached down and pulled my cock toward the floor and she lifted one leg over it so she was riding it like one of her foam noodles she and Divi use when they go swimming. She pulled back from my lips and groaned hard as my cock slid through her sex until the ridge of my glans rested on her rosebud. She pressed her face to my chest as she rolled her hips forward and back. She groaned again at the sensation of my cock sliding along her pussy. She pulled her ass back far enough so the ridge raked over her clitoris. Her head snapped back from my chest. Her eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was open with her lips forming an “O”. Her breath caught in her throat and she didn’t make a sound as she quickly moved forward and back. She was completely engrossed in the sensation of my glans on her clitoris.

My cock didn’t really want to bend like it was so I bent lower to relieve the pain. This new position afforded her an opportunity to slide her pussy onto my cock and she took it as soon as she realized what I was doing.

When my rock hard cock pushed inside she stopped and loudly said, “Oh fuck. Yes. I love your cock in me. God damn, that feels good.” She pushed herself further onto my cock and groaned out, “Oh my gawwdd.” Her head dropped back to my chest as she started fucking my cock for all she was worth. I maintained my position as she pushed on and off. She was on her tiptoes and she tired quickly. My stooped position was getting tiring too, so I put my hands on her ass cheeks and lifted her as I straightened back up again. She was now impaled on my cock and I began thrusting my hips and pulling her on and off again.

Priya tried to wrap her legs around my back but she was too tired and she just let her legs hang with her toes a few inches above the floor. I controlled the action for several minutes and I was tiring too. She clung to my neck and groaned as she tried hard to continue her thrusts. She pulled her head back from my chest and looked up at me and muttered, “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus,” and then she screamed loudly, “I’m cumminggg.”

Her entire body seized in my arms. Her pussy was clamping hard on my cock and I couldn’t hold my own orgasm back any longer. Priya dropped her face to my chest again as her body thrashed uncontrollably. When my cock hardened further, she knew what was coming and she mumbled into my chest, “Fuck. Yes. Give it to me. Give it all to me.” She was still throbbing through her orgasm but she gathered enough control to resume her fucking motion as cum rocketed up my shaft into her sex. I slammed my hips forward as if to add momentum to my eruption. Priya groaned hard with each hip slam and she whimpered, “Oh my God. I can feel you cumming in me. I can feel every shot. Oh my God, you’re filling me up.”

After many shots, I was done. When I opened my eyes, Priya was looking at me with a grin on her face. She said, “Welcome back. Holy Shit Jack; I don’t know how you can cum like that. Fuck. I’m gonna be leaking cum for a week.” She giggled and kissed me on the chin.

I lowered her feet to the floor. I expected that she would pull herself off my cock but she used her new purchase to push her pussy on and off my softening cock several times and to my surprise she groaned hard and exploded into another orgasm. I held her in position on my cock until she was ready to pull herself off. My knees were killing me.

When she did pull off my cock, cum followed it out and ran down her thighs to her knees. She quickly moved onto the tiled bathroom floor where she grabbed a hand towel and turned on the faucet. She ran the towel under the water and pressed the cold, wet towel to her crotch. She yelled out, “Oh fuck that’s cold.”

I chuckled as a vision of a cloud of steam rising from her pussy flashed through my mind. She said, “What are you laughing about?” She wrapped the cold towel around my cock and it was my turn to flinch. “Cold isn’t it?” I nodded and threw the towel toward the bathroom sink but missed and it fluttered to the floor. I turned and pulled her to me. She came willingly and we kissed passionately at the foot of my bed.

With her fingers gripping my softening cock, I maneuvered us around the bed and then I lifted her up and set her on the edge of the mattress. She swung her feet up and moved to the center as I followed her. Our lips were still engaged. The candles flickered all around the room. We kissed and fondled each other’s sex which naturally morphed into another round of intercourse. We had seemed to be avoiding the missionary position like it was too mundane for the passion we felt. We had become more comfortable now and it was a perfect transition from the kissing and fondling. Plus, I was curious about her comparison between Naveen and me, if she offered one. I wasn’t about to ask.

I had positioned myself above her and she had opened her thighs to grant me access. She guided my raging hard cock to her sex and I gently eased my glans inside. She gasped a huge breath of air and held it as she grimaced when I pushed past my glans to the fattest part of my cock. I slowed at that point and Priya took the initiative and pushed her hips up to me. She hit bottom and flinched. We both stopped and took note of the depth.

I bent low and sucked on her nipples. She held both sides of my head and guided me back and forth from nipple to nipple. They were long and hard. She groaned constantly from the assault. Priya’s tits fascinated me. The flesh was torpedo shaped, which I found particularly erotic, but then the darker areolas continued the exact contour to the tip of her erect nipples. I pulled back and started fucking her at a slow pace waiting for her signal that she was comfortable. She actually ramped up the pace and I followed her lead. She was rocking her hips forward and back as I lifted my hips up and down. Her feet locked on the back of my thighs and groaned out, “Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. ” in synch with our pace for several minutes.

Priya’s eyes went wide and she groaned, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh my gawwddd, cum with me.” She suddenly slammed her hip up at me and her pussy clenched hard. I was furiously driving my hips up and down like a pile-driver trying to catch up. She yelled, “Hurrrryyyyyy.” When she felt my cock harden she knew I was right there and when cum boiled out of my balls and raced down my shaft, she felt it and she screamed, “YES. YES. OH MY GOD. YES.” She plunged her hips on and off my cock like she was pumping cum out of me.

As she recovered from her orgasm and I had finished pumping semen into her she made an “MMMMMM,” noised followed by, “That was nice. You’ve wore me out. I can’t imagine how you keep going.”

As I settled down on my elbows holding my weight off of her, I mumbled, “That was nice. I think I could go forever because you are so beautiful and sexy.”

Priya laughed as her breasts jiggled under my chest, “You are a silver tongued devil aren’t you.” I bent down and kissed her. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back. She broke our embrace and pushed her face into my neck and whispered in my ear, “Thank you Jack for showing me what sex can be like.” I kissed her neck and she made that same ‘ummmmmm’ sound.

Another thunderstorm was tuning up and rain slashed against the bedroom windows in sheets. I rolled off Priya toward my side of the bed and lay on my side tracing my index finger around her closest nipple. She turned on her side facing me and we gave each other a quick series of kisses. Lightning lit up the room and I timed the arrival of the accompanying thunder. It was ten seconds. “Two miles away.”

I kissed Priya’s forehead as I held her close to me. Lightning flashed again and I counted. Nine seconds. “The storm is coming this way.” I pulled the top sheet up over us and waited for the next flash. I fell asleep before it came.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep when a loud crash startled me awake. Priya had turned her back to me and had cuddled up in a spooning position. Her left hand gripped my soft cock and I had my left hand on her right tit. She sprang up to a sitting position and said, “Holy shit that scared me. That was close.” Before we could even get fully awake; another bright flash lit up the room followed by a loud clap of thunder several seconds later. Even though we were expecting the thunder, we still flinched when it arrived. “The girls aren’t going to like this,” said Priya.

We both propped ourselves against the headboard and watched the darkness waiting for the next flash. We got two separated by a second or two and a long mind numbing clap of thunder a second later. The slashing rain stopped but we could still hear it drumming on the roof. Another flash and instantaneous clap of thunder scrambled our senses.

As the thunder rolled around the lake, I heard a scream. It must have been loud and close to be heard over the cacophony of the storm. Seconds later, there came a sound of what can best be described as a heard of buffalos on the outside stairs, leading up to my deck. Another flash, another scream and another thunder clap. The sliding glass door in the living room screeched open and slammed shut a second later.

“What the fuck?” I said, as Divi and Joanna crashed open the bedroom door and flew onto my bed. Another flash of lightning revealed the horrified looks on their faces like a strobe light and they pulled the quilt, at the bottom of the bed, over their heads. The thunder made Priya and I flinch and the girls screamed again. As if she thought her mother had a direct line to God, Divi screamed, “Mom! Make it stop!” Joanna was crying hard with terror.

Several pulses of lightning flooded the room with pure white light and the simultaneous accompanying claps of thunder that stretched out for several seconds drove Priya and me under the covers too. It was easily the most frightening thunderstorm I had ever witnessed. The storm had to be right on top of us.

During a lull, the girls flew out from under the quilt and scrambled toward us and quicker than possible they were crowding Priya and I together under the covers. Divi cuddled quickly to her mother’s chest and Priya held her tight. Joanna crowded in close to me on the opposite side from Priya and held on to me for dear life. She was trembling with fear. I held her to me to provide comfort and heat. She was soaking wet from her dash from Priya’s house.

Another flash and crash and Joanna screamed out, “Were all gonna die.” Priya and I chuckled and that took the edge off the situation. I would have normally been sitting in the window enjoying the storm but this was a bit too intense even for me.

The flashes continued and the delay of the following crashes of thunder got longer and longer. The wind driven rain slashing against the house, that had returned shortly after Divi and Joanna made their appearance, had become a drizzle. The wind was apparently following the storm, which was now several miles away. Joanna’s grip on my arm had started to loosen but she was still shaking. She had half climbed onto my body and her left leg trapped my flaccid dick.

After another twenty minutes the low rumble of thunder continued but the storm was gone. Between the occasional long rolling far off rumbles, it was completely silent. The wind and rain had stopped. I heard Priya kiss Divi and whisper, “Its okay now. The storm is gone.” She turned to me and looked at Joanna cuddling her head into my neck with her arm across my chest with a hand on my opposite shoulder. I could feel her hardening nipples on my ribs. Priya said, “Wow. That was some kind of storm, huh?”

Everyone settled down when it was apparent that the storm was gone. Divi came up on one elbow and said, “Can we sleep here with you guys tonight? What if it comes back?” I knew that storms don’t come back but that didn’t mean that new ones wouldn’t follow.

Priya looked over at me and said, “I can take them home and we can get into my bed, if you think this is too weird.”

Weird wasn’t what I was thinking at that moment. Joanna was dragging her leg around on my growing cock and I was thinking ‘erotic’ was a better word. “No. It’s okay but they have to get out of their wet clothes.”

Divi rolled away from her mother and stood up. “Sorry,” she said. I forgot that we got soaked running over here. Joanna reluctantly dragged her leg across my dick and rolled away from me. Divi went to the bathroom and came back with two bath towels and handed one to Joanna. The both stripped and dried themselves on the towels.

Half of the candles we had brought to the bedroom were still flickering and they cast undulating shadows across their naked bodies. My cock instantly responded to the vision and the situation. Divi scrubbed her long silky black hair in the towel and crawled up the bed forcing herself between Priya and me. Priya gave me a look that told me she wasn’t happy about the new sleeping positions. Joanna further complicated that matter when she crawled up forcing Priya further away as she slipped under the covers between Priya and Divi. I looked across the two girls at Priya and whispered, “Sorry,” and shrugged my shoulders.

Divi lay on her back for a long time before she turned on her side facing me. She spotted the tent above my crotch and she cuddled over closer. Priya had turned on her side facing the other way and Joanna had spooned up to Divi’s back.

I knew Divi wouldn’t be able to ignore my erect cock and I didn’t have to wait very long before her hand moved to my hip and then to my cock. I expected that she would start stroking it but she didn’t. She just held on to it as if it provided safety. I lay awake for a long time expecting Divi to start something. Joanna’s top hand had moved from Divi’s hip to her right breast. Divi never reacted and my cock softened in her hand as she began softly snoring.

It was unearthly quiet. No hum of the refrigerator or the cluncking of the ice maker in the freezer. No thunk and groan from the furnace in the basement coming on to keep the boiler hot. No low pitch throbbing of the water pump in the basement. All those noises were part of the house and I never even noticed them. Now that they weren’t present, the silence was deafening. I fell asleep listening for those sounds.

Sometime during the night I was roused from my sleep by someone pushing me lightly away from the edge of the bed. I reacted autonomously by yielding to the pusher forcing Divi and Joanna to move too. They didn’t wake but we all moaned at being disturbed. I remembered it in the morning but I fell instantly back to sleep then.

I woke as usual before dawn with a morning woody except it wasn’t tenting the bed clothes. It was trapped on my stomach by something holding it down. I lifted the covers to look. It was too dark to see anything but I suddenly realized that Priya was now lying beside me to my left with her hand gripping the top half of my woody. Divi’s arm lay across my right hip and her hand gripped the bottom half. Her little finger was lazily flicking across my balls. That was the only movement but it told me that Divi was awake. I dropped the covers and turned my head toward Divi. Even in the pre-dawn darkness I could see her bright eyes looking at me. She was grinning as she squeezed my cock. My cock flexed back and Divi giggled at the movement.

I lifted my head off the pillow and turned toward Priya. She was on her side cuddled up to me. She was awake too and she pursed her lips and gave me an air-kiss. She had obviously felt my flex and she tightened her grip in response.

Divi started the stroking, forcing Priya to follow along in synch or release her grip. She wasn’t about to relinquish control to Divi and she slid down my body under the covers and I groaned hard when Priya’s lips pushed over my glans. My hips involuntarily lifted and I whispered, “Don’t fight ladies. There’s enough for two.”

From the other side of the bed came, “I hope there’s enough for three.” Joanna’s face appeared above Divi’s. She was grinning so hard I thought her face would crack. The dream I’d had in the night of a foursome with Frankie, Angela and Joyce was becoming a reality again with three different women. I pushed my head down in my pillow and raised my hips searching for more of Priya’s mouth.

Priya and Divi continued jerking me off with Priya’s lips locked on the ridge of my glans. Neither one wanted to yield. Priya released her hand first but she immediately replaced it as she pushed her lips down my shaft until they bumped into Divi’s hand. I groaned hard and muttered, “Jesus Christ. Unbelievable.” Priya’s lips picked up Divi’s stroking pace and the resulting sensation was incredible. Joanna moved down to Divi’s hips and pulled back the covers so she could at least see what was going on. Initially, she didn’t attempt to get involved except to start fingering her pussy. When she took herself to an orgasm, that changed.

After recovering, Joanna climbed over Divi’s body to straddle my head. She dropped down to her knees on either side of my neck and pushed her pussy to my lips. I cradled her skinny hips and touched my tongue to her clitoris. She surged forward and grabbed the headboard to steady herself. She rocked her hips forward and back and I dragged my tongue through her sex as she went. She quickly found a rhythm that she liked and she started fucking my tongue. Joanna’s mouth hung open as she uttered, “Uhhh.. Uhhh.. Uhh,” with each thrust of her hips as if she were actually thrusting her pussy onto my cock.

Divi watched her mother’s face bobbing up and down on my cock and then Joanna rocking forward and back on my face and she was getting more than a little aroused. Divi released my cock and balls and started to reposition herself, I had no idea where she was going. I didn’t dwell on it either as Priya took her opportunity and sank her lips to the base of my cock and held them there claiming victory. I groaned hard and mumbled, “Mother fucker.” That was all I could muster as I drove my hips upward again lifting Priya with them.

To my amazement, Divi appeared above my face and pushed Joanna back to a vertical position above my mouth. She put her feet on either side of my head and sat back on the headboard and spread her labia for Joanna to see. Joanna didn’t react right away because she had closed her eyes as she pumped her hips on my tongue. I released one of Joanna’s hips and lifted my hand to Divi’s sex and dragged my index finger though her sopping wet pussy. Her body pulsed toward my finger and it slipped inside her pussy. She groaned and bent forward toward Joanna and caught herself with her hands on Joanna’s shoulder.

Looking up past Joanna’s tiny pancake titties with their erect nipples, I could see Joanna suddenly become aware of Divi and she grinned up at her and leaned forward and flicked her tongue on Divi’s clitoris. Divi surged back against the headboard again.

My attention was pulled back to Priya’s blow job as she pulled off and licked her way down to my balls, batted them around with her tongue and then licked her way back to the tip again before using her tongue to flick rapidly on my ‘spot’. My cock surged harder and Priya giggled. She pushed her lips back on and bobbed her head quickly on the glans as she stroked the shaft with one hand. I groaned hard and pushed my hips up, lifting Priya again.

Divi’s hands rested on the sides of Joanna’s head guiding her around her sex. Joanna was compliant to the extent that she could control her own body as her hips continued to rock her pussy on my tongue. When she rocked toward Divi, I flicked my tongue on her clitoris and she shuddered. When she rocked back, I reached for her anus and rimmed her. She shuddered again.

I could plainly hear Joanna’s tongue squishing in Divi’s pussy. Divi released Joanna’s head and grabbed her tits and mashed them in her fingers as her head rocked back on her shoulders.

I hated to interrupt Priya’s incredible blow job but I wanted to get her off too. I was concentrating on complex math problems trying to push my orgasm back as I reached down and placed my hands on each side of her face. I lifted her face off my cock and she pushed her lips back on again. I lifted her again and she slurped saliva back into her mouth when she came off my glans. She attempted to go down again but I motioned for her to come up. I couldn’t see her because Joanna’s body blocked my view but I continued to maneuver her until she understood what I wanted and then she grinned and climbed her knees on each side of my waist and she giggled as she reached around Joanna and fondled her titties.

Priya reached down and guided my cock to her sex and groaned hard as she pushed down to her cervix and stopped. She made a mental note of her position and began her fucking motion. She renewed her attack on Joanna’s titties. I was careful not to push myself too high but I wanted to fuck Priya as much as she wanted to fuck me.

With my attack on her sex and Priya tweaking her nipples, Joanna’s muscles tightened and she groaned her way into another orgasm. She had to abandon her attack on Divi’s pussy for the moment.

I wanted access to Priya so I gently maneuvered Joanna off my head to the bed beside me. Divi followed Joanna’s tongue and went with her. They maneuvered into a side by side sixty-nine and Priya watched their every move. I looked at Priya and then glanced at Divi and Joanna. Priya didn’t give away any thoughts on the issue of Divi being in a lesbian embrace.

Priya flinched every time she pushed down. She couldn’t keep her position so I reach to her hips and held her at her depth. I started pushing my hips up and down driving my cock to the max she could take. Her eyes glazed over as her mouth hung open. A steady flow of “Oh..Oh.. Oh’s” came from her throat. She grabbed her tits and began mashing them and she pinched her nipples until she flinched from the pain.

My orgasm had been pushed back by the math problems and now I concentrated on Priya’s delirium as she mumbled, “Oh my God. Here it comes.” Oh fuck.” I felt her going over the top of her orgasm and now I was hurrying to catch up. Priya looked down at me and said, “I can feel you. HURRY!”

I could feel my orgasm building higher. When Priya let out a loud scream as her pussy grabbed my cock, I was right on time and I slammed my cock into her as cum boiled out of my balls and rocketed up my shaft into her throbbing pussy. She screamed again when she felt my cock spilling its load. She thrashed all over the bed as her arms flailed out and hit Divi in the side of the head. Divi pulled back from Joanna’s body and got out of her mother’s way. She was obviously pissed off that she didn’t have an orgasm while Joanna drilled her tongue in her. I heard her say to Joanna, “Fuck. I was so close.” Joanna just nodded indicating that she was close too.

Priya didn’t acknowledge that she had hit Divi in the head and she continued thrashing until her orgasm subsided. I blew at least half dozen long shots of cum in her and I was done as I gasped for air along with Priya. Priya fell backward between my legs taking my semi-erect cock with her. Thankfully, it was soft enough so it would bend that way.

I pulled away and sat up and watched Priya. Other than her chest heaving in the air searching for air, she didn’t move for a long time. My cock came out of Priya and I moved around behind her to make sure she was okay.

Divi and Joanna sat Indian style while I tended to Priya. Nothing more was said and Divi pushed herself off the bed and pulled on her sleepwear that she came in last night. It was still a little damp. Joanna took the hint and grabbed her long tee shirt and pulled it over her head. She flinched with the cold dampness. I said, “I’ll take care of your mom. She’ll be home as soon as possible.” Divi looked down at her mom and said, “It looks like she might be a while.” I looked down at Priya and then at Divi and nodded my agreement.

“Come on Jo. The others will be here soon and the power isn’t even on yet. I hope it’s on before they get here.” Joanna got off the bed and looked at Divi’s mom with concern.

She looked up at me and said, “Thanks for letting us sleep here last night. That storm scared the shit out of me.” She looked down in embarrassment at her choice of language and followed Divi through the living room to the deck.

I helped Priya sit up. I scooched in behind her and let her fall back against my chest. I held her with my arms under her breasts. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. She didn’t move. I was getting concerned. She appeared to be nearly in a coma.

I heard the sliding glass door in the living room open and then slide shut. Divi appeared at the bedroom door. She looked at her mother cradled in my arms and said, “Is she okay? My dad called and left a message. He’s in Boston and he wants Mom to meet him there. He is flying back to India this afternoon. Mom? Are you okay?” He wants you to call him back to confirm that you’ll meet him.”

Priya pulled herself up to a sitting position and said, “I’m okay. Jesus Jack. That was intense.” She looked at Divi and said, “I’ll be home in a minute.” Divi was happy that her mom was okay? She smiled and retreated back through the living room.

Priya retrieved her clothes and I helped her dress before pulling my shorts and a tee shirt on. She was still a little wobbly and unsteady on her feet. I walked behind her all the way to the ground and figured she would be okay from there on flat ground.

I returned to my deck and watched the parade of boats cruising by Jacob’s house. Ashley wasn’t here and the boats just continued on along our shoreline. Some of the guys saw me sitting there on my deck and waved. I waved back. They continued slowly on by to see if Priya or Divi was out in the yard and then they sped back the way they came.

A few minutes later, another few boats slowly cruised by and then slowed as Priya appeared in her yard. The guy driving punched the guy sitting beside him on the arm and pointed toward Priya’s yard. The other guy nodded. Priya ignored the boat and its occupants and hurried across her yard to mine. I saw her coming and leaned forward. She was dressed the same as when she left. She hurried up my stairs and saw me in my usual spot and she hurried over and sat down beside me.

I said, “What’s up with Naveen?”

“He’s in Boston and wants to meet to negotiate the divorce before he goes back to India tonight.” He wants it done today. His other “wife” wants to get married.” Priya did the double quote thing with her index and middle fingers of both hands on the word “wife”. It turns out that she’s pregnant. She grinned as she said the word ‘pregnant’.

“He sounds anxious.”

“He does, doesn’t he?” She grinned and continued, “I called my lawyer and emailed the divorce papers Naveen sent to me. He is meeting me at Naveen’s hotel. If truth be told, I’m anxious to get it over with too, but I’m not going to let him know that. I have my crying towel with me.” She grinned and so did I.

She watched several boats cruise slowly by and then said, “Can you do me a favor? Divi has a few friends coming over. They’re probably on their way now. I have to get on the road. Can you watch out for them for me? A bunch of eighteen year old girls will be a handful. Call me if you have to.” She slid a piece of paper with her cell phone number onto the table between us.

I said, “No problem. Divi already mentioned it to me. I told her maybe we could go for a boat ride or something. Tubing behind a pontoon boat is no big thrill but I’m sure I can find something to do to entertain them.”

Priya smiled and countered, “I bet you can.”

She stood up and started to go but stopped and turned back toward me with a grin and said, “Thanks Jack. I really owe you one.”

I said, “You go and take care of business and I’ll think about how to collect your debt. Drive safe okay? Screw him tight to the wall.” She grinned and headed for the stairs again. “Priya?” She stopped and turned again. “Does Divi know what’s happening?”

She looked down at the deck and then shook her head. She walked back toward me and looked at me. Her dark eyes had filled with tears. “I don’t know how to tell her.” She looked like she was bearing the weight of the world.

I said, “Divi is a smart girl. She can help you get through this. She’s strong.” Priya wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands and just nodded before she returned to the stairs. She hurried down and disappeared around the corner of her house. Ten minutes later, I heard her car drive by the front of my house heading for the main road. Two minutes after that I heard a car coming from the main road. Priya’s house was the last one on our dead-end road so it must have been Divi’s friends arriving.

I sat there on the deck for a few minutes and I thought I heard a beep in the house. I went inside to see what it was. The power was on and all the normal sounds of the house came to life. The refrigerator was humming. The water pump came on. The furnace thudded and groaned. The digital clocks on the stove and microwave flashed on and off insisting that they be reprogrammed. Later.

I took a shower and dressed in going-to-town clothes consisting of cargo shorts, a cotton golf shirt and sandals. I even shaved. In the living room I noticed that the cable box had finished rebooting and it displayed the correct time of 9:24 AM.

I saw Divi coming up the stairs to the deck. She was dressed in her bikini looking as hot as usual. She pulled the slider open and came inside. I offered her a cup of coffee but she declined. I said, “Shouldn’t you be entertaining your friends. Your mom asked me to look out for you guys today.” Divi walked to the kitchen bar and got up on a bar stool. I moved to the opposite side of the bar and said, “What’s up?”

“My parents are getting divorced aren’t they?”

“Why do you think that?” I asked.

“When my dad’s in country, he always comes here at least for a few days. Now he’s in Boston and he can’t make it home? Something’s up.”

I didn’t want to keep answering Divi’s questions with questions just to avoid the discussion so I flat out lied to her. “I don’t know Divi. They just have some business to take care of that’s all.”

Satisfied that she wasn’t going to get any confirmation from me, she changed the subject. “Are we supposed to come over here or are you coming to my house?” I hadn’t even thought about it.

“How about you guys come here? I’ll take you all out for breakfast and we can plan the day. How does that sound?” Divi jumped down from her stool and threw herself against me with her arms around my neck.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “Sounds great Uncle Jack.” I pulled back from her and gave her a hard disapproving glare. She looked at me with a smile and said, “Too soon?” I nodded. As she pulled open the slider she looked back at me and said, “Who knows? I may be calling you Dad pretty soon.” She grinned and slammed the slider before I could respond.

Five minutes later I heard the pounding of feet thundering up the deck stairs. It sounded like a herd of elephants and not five hundred and ten pound teenage girls. They were all tittering and giggling and whispering to each other as they came to the slider. Divi led the pack. She had changed into shorts and a tee shirt over her bikini top. I could see the print through the thin cotton fabric. The others were dressed pretty much the same. They just stood there in a line staring at me. No one said a word so I said, “Hello. I’m Jack and I will be your host for the day.”

The girls giggled at my introduction and looked to Divi for their introductions. Molly was about 5’9″ tall with curly red hair half way down her back and big bright blue eyes. I couldn’t help noticing that she had a pretty good rack on her slim frame. I recognized her from Divi’s birthday party.

Sophie was introduced next. I hadn’t seen her before. I would later find out that she had a dance recital on the day of Divi’s party. She was around 5’6″ and had a dancer’s body with long legs, slim hips and A-cup boobs. She had light brown sun streaked hair pulled back in a top knot ponytail. Her eyes were almost as dark brown as Divi’s. She was very pretty. When Divi finished introducing her, she grinned at me and of all things, curtsied. The others burst out laughing and Sophie face flushed bright red and she buried her gaze into the floor. She mumbled, “Fuck. I don’t know why I did that. Nervous I guess.”

Divi introduced Zoe. I recognized her from the birthday party. She was the one who had confessed to having sex with the father she babysat for. She was very cute at 5’1″. Her platinum blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the sliding glass door behind them. She had a very slim body with no curves and virtually no boobs but her nipples were long and pushing hard on her bikini top and tee shirt.

Divi completed the introductions by saying, “Of course you know Joanna.”

I smiled at her and said, “Joanna? How are you today?” She turned red as her gaze went to the floor. Divi introduced me as a friend of her mom’s and they all giggled and tittered with hands covering their mouths. I had no idea what Divi and Joanna had shared with these girls but something was up.

I said, “Okay girls, how about breakfast?” They were all in on that and they each nodded vigorously. I took them to my usual restaurant and waitress Donna sat us all in a large booth. She had an odd grin on her face as she scanned the eager faces of five teenage girls and me.

Donna pulled out her pencil and order pad and stepped to the edge of the table and said, “Well Jack. I see that you aren’t alone today. Nice.” Everyone was looking at Donna waiting for her to ask the magic question “What can I get you.”

The girls all grabbed their menus and started scanning the choices. I heard Zoe whisper to Molly, “She likes him. I can tell.” Donna heard her too and she blushed with embarrassment. Donna was patient; we were her only customers at the moment. I broke the silence and ordered my usual omelet with hash-browns and a cup of coffee. The girls dropped their menus like they were ‘dropping the mic’, and ordered the same. Donna pushed her pencil back in her apron and smiled at me. I smiled back and she hurried away to place the order.

The girls ate like they hadn’t eaten in a week. I sat on one side of the booth between Divi and Joanna while Molly, Sophie and Zoe sat on the other. They whispered and giggled and stole glances at me through breakfast when they weren’t shoveling food in their mouths.

Divi, the little minx that she was, had her hand on my thigh curling her fingers up under the leg of my shorts. I nonchalantly pushed her hand away but it came right back. I didn’t want to make a scene so I ignored her; at least until I felt her fingernails rake across my glans. My dick cared nothing about making a scene. It instantly reacted and in seconds was as hard as a steel pipe. Divi giggled when she felt my cock pushing against her probing fingers. I turned my face toward Divi and glared at her. She wasn’t looking but Molly was and I went back to my omelet.

Donna came over to see if there was anything else she could get for us and I knew when she cocked her head to the side looking down the booth and saw Divi’s hand pull back quickly to her own lap. It was my turn to blush. I recovered and said, “No thanks Donna. We’re good.” She stared at Divi for a moment and then left.

Divi leaned toward me and whispered, “Fuck. I think she caught me.” Zoe and Sophie’s hands went to their mouths to smother their whispers. Both of their eyes glanced at me and then at Divi. If Divi and Joanna hadn’t already blabbed; they were tuning in pretty quickly.

Luckily, my cock softened enough so I could get out of the booth without embarrassing myself. I paid the bill while the girls went to the car. Donna took my credit card and said, “They’re kind of young for you aren’t they Jack?”

I chuckled and said, “My neighbor’s daughter and her friends. They were having a swim party and the mother had an emergency come up. She asked me to watch them until she gets back.” I braced myself for the question about Divi’s hand up my shorts. Thankfully it didn’t come and I took back my card and hurried for the door before it did. On the way home I asked, “How about a boat ride.”

The four girls jammed in the backseat all yelled out, “Yeah!”

At the house, the girls all stripped off their outer clothes revealing their bikinis. I couldn’t help but notice how skimpy their bikini bottoms were. Molly was actually wearing a thong bikini and her ass was incredible. I overheard her say to Zoe, “Don’t tell my mom. She’d like kill me if she knew I was wearing this. It’s hers; I’m like borrowing it.”

I don’t have much contact with teenagers but I see on TV that they all seem to use the word ‘like’ an awful lot. It’s become a form of punctuation. They can’t end a sentence without the word ‘like’. Personally, I find it kind of annoying but it is what it is. Thankfully, Divi doesn’t talk that way.

We headed out to the boat and the other girls couldn’t resist pinching Molly’s butt-cheeks as they hurried down the stairs and across the yard to the dock. I smiled at their youthful exuberance. When they started grab-assing each other, my dick pushed against the material of my bathing suit. I was trying to be the adult but my dick had a more prurient interest. The girls jumped on the boat and then they noticed that I was still standing on the deck above. They yelled for me to hurry up but I wasn’t going anywhere until my dick went down. I yelled down, “Hold on. I have to get something.” I went back inside and grabbed my folding cooler and threw some beers and ice inside. I pushed my dick around in my suit and inspected myself in the mirror. It was good enough.

I started the boat and asked Molly and Divi to untie the fore and aft lines. Truth be told, I just wanted to see Molly’s ass scooched down on the dock trying to figure out how to untie the bow line. It was spectacular. I came to the port side and instructed her. She finally got it and threw the bow fender bumper onboard and Divi did the same. We were off.

I opened up the throttle and the wind whipped through our hair. We were going sixteen miles per hour. Judging from the smiles and laughter, the girls loved it. The party boat configuration allowed them to move to bench and lounge seats fore and aft. Molly found the sunning platform and climbed up and sprawled out face down. Normally, the speedboats would blow past me but I had three of them following me running side by side. I smiled because I knew why. Boats passing by going in the opposite direction did a double take on Molly’s ass. There is a certain courtesy among boaters. At least one person on each boat waves whether they are overtaking you or passing by. Today, no one was overtaking me and those passing by just stood and stared slack jawed at my boat load of pretty teenagers and Molly’s naked ass.

Divi came over next to me and knelt by the captain’s chair and loudly said, “Can we go to ‘Make-out Lagoon’?” I had no idea where that was so I nodded and stood up. I motioned for Divi to take the helm and I wish I had a photo of the grin on her face. She hesitated but as the other girls watched, Divi sat down and grabbed the steering wheel.

I leaned down to her ear and said, “It’s just like a car.”

She grinned up at me and said, “Thanks Jack. This is awesome.” I noted that Divi was steering us to port away from my course. It’s not a large lake so five minutes later Divi eased back on the throttle as we crept around a small island and a hidden cove about a hundred feet across appeared. The water was shallow at about four feet. I reached past Divi and raised the motor a little. There was already a pontoon boat pushed up to the opposite shore. Divi shifted the throttle to neutral and we coasted to a stop in the middle of the lagoon. I looked down at Divi with a big smile on my face and said, “Well done.” She beamed with pride and stepped out of the captain’s chair. All the other eyes were on the other boat. No one was aboard. Divi searched my dashboard and found the horn. She pressed the button and a feeble sounding beep sounded.

Several moments later five young guys, that I guessed were between twenty and twenty five crashed out of the woods heading for the lagoon. The girls hooted at them and the guys hooted back. The guys hit the beach and kept right on running into the water toward us. The girls opened the side door and one by one they jumped into the water. None of them had to swim. It was shallow enough to walk. I didn’t jump in. Given the name of this place, I figured that they didn’t want a chaperone. I crawled up on the sunning platform and took off my tee shirt and lay down luxuriating in the warm sun. It was totally quiet. I’d lived here for ten years and I didn’t know this place existed.

I could smell the scent of a wood fire and I sat up to see if the forest was on fire or something. I could just barely make out the flickering flames of a campfire through a stand of pine trees. I lay back again and drifted off.

I came awake suddenly to a scream or a screech that was soon followed by laughter. I relaxed again but then I had a pervading thought, ‘These girls are my responsibility and I have no clue what sort of guys they had just run off into the woods with.’ Young ladies never consider that guys might have nefarious intents. I knew better. I jumped overboard and walked toward the beach. I checked out the other pontoon boat without getting on board. On the dashboard was an open box of condoms. ‘Not surprising,’ I thought. Towels were scattered on the various seats.

I heard the screech again and I moved up the beach and walked through the trees on what was a beaten trail until I came to a clearing. The fire was in the middle and had gotten pretty big. There were ratty old camp chairs set up all around the fire pit and several old worn coolers formed a ring outside the chairs. Backlit by the fire were five young guys sitting side by side staring into the flames. I didn’t see any of the girls and I became concerned. I walked into the clearing heading for the seated guys and then I heard groans and moans and mmmuummphhs and aaawwwkks. The moans and groans were coming from the guys and the mmmummphhs and aawwkks were coming from the girls. As I came closer I could see the girls on their knees between the guy’s knees; their heads bobbing up and down in the guys’ laps. They were all topless and pinching their own nipples. No one was being forced so my erection and I backed away to the tree line and watched from there to make sure nothing changed.

One by one the guys humped up and grabbed their girl’s head and held them on their cocks as they launched their seed into their mouths. The girls were struggling to get off their cocks but the guys all held them firmly in place. Molly was big enough to force her way back and she spit and sputtered and yelled, “Ass-hole, what did you do that for?” The guy laughed at her cum covered face and tits. Divi took her load without complaint and didn’t resist the guy’s hand on the back of her head. Zoe, Sophie and Joanna were being held tightly to the cocks in their mouths and they struggled, gagged and coughed hard as the guys were forcing more cock inside. The guys started laughing. I’d seen enough. Just as I had feared, what had started out innocent enough had turned ugly.

I stepped back into the clearing and moved up behind their chairs. I cupped my right hand and slapped it hard to the side of the side of the guy’s head that had trapped little Zoe on his cock and was driving his hips so she had to take more. Zoe was frantic. He released Zoe’s ears and grabbed his own as he flew out of his chair screaming bloody murder. I hadn’t hit him too hard. That move can easily blow out an eardrum. Sophie and Joanna were released as those two guys reacted. They came to their feet and the girls fell backward on their asses coughing and gagging. Divi was released too but she pushed her lips back down her guys cock and slurped her tongue around his shaft. He actually pushed her off so he could stand and join the fray.

The guy I had swatted on the ear came up quickly ready for battle until he realized that I was 6’5″ and a well muscled 240 pounds and he was maybe 5’6″ and 150 pounds. He chose to yell at me instead, “What the fuck man?” The other four moved around behind me. Their cocks were still out and hanging limply. It was a bit of a comical site. I watched them to see if their sense of pride would overwhelm their survival instinct. I had already picked out which one of them would make a move and I was right on the money.

I calmly said, “Divi. You and your friends get your stuff and get back to the boat, right now. Your new friends and I are going to have a little chat.” She and the others recognized the urgency of the situation and they grabbed up their bikini tops and quickly moved to the tree line and the path back to the beach. The guy I figured would make the move grabbed Molly on her way by as she spit in his face and called him an ass-hole again. I moved quickly in his direction and he let her go so he would be ready to defend himself.

I watched the girls running for the trees and I watched the guys watching them go. When they were out of sight, the tough guy said, “Well. I guess it’s just you and the five of us, tough guy.” He stuffed his dick back in his bathing suit and made his move. He wasn’t very quick nor was he very inventive. He rushed me and I drove the heel of my open right hand into his forehead driving his skull down his spine. For good measure I swept his legs out from under him with mine and he crashed into the line of camp chairs and almost rolled into the fire pit. One of the four grabbed him before he was burned. The others looked at each other and at their friend who was down for the count groaning in pain. I figured that two of the remaining four would run while the other two would feel compelled to restore their friend’s honor.

I made my choice as to who was who and I was right again. They began circling me and as expected the guy on my right and another to my left rushed me with their heads down protecting their faces like I was a tackling dummy. I wasn’t surprised; this is how most guys fight. At just the right moment, I pivoted to the side, grabbed each of them by the back of their necks and slammed the two together forehead to forehead. There was a sickening thud and they both went down and stayed down. I moved toward the remaining two and they literally sprinted into the woods away from their boat. I help the first guy, who was the obvious alpha of the group, off the ground and sat him in a chair. He was still groaning as he glanced at his buddies sprawled unmoving on the ground. I squatted down to his face level and said, “I get the whole getting your rocks off thing. Been there, done that. I wouldn’t have gotten involved if you and your buddies had displayed any sense of respect for the ladies I’ve been charged with looking after for the day.” I stood up and he watched me. “Make sure you put out the fire before you leave. Okay?” I was amused when he vigorously nodded his head and flinched as he grabbed the back of his neck.

All five girls were standing at the bow watching for my return. They all sighed with relief when I casually strolled out of the woods and waded out to the boat. I climbed the ladder on the stern. “Is everyone okay?” I said.

In unison, they all said, “Yes.”

Divi spoke up, “What happened? It was five against one.”

I ignored Divi’s question for the moment and started the motor. I looked to see if I had room to turn around in the lagoon and swung the boat around and headed toward deep water, lowering the motor as I went. I said, “We talked about the situation and I convinced them that they had not showed you ladies proper respect. They promised to be better next time.”

Molly looked at Divi and said, “No way is there going to be a next time; not with those ass-holes.” Sophie, Zoe and Joanna all joined in with a chorus, “No way.” I could see that Divi was kind of embarrassed because she hadn’t found anything wrong with being forced to accept her guys load. She stared at the deck and meekly joined their refrain.

As we headed out into the lake, Divi sat down on the edge of my seat and kissed me. “Thanks for saving us Jack,” she said after I broke our embrace.

I leaned toward her and sternly said, “You have no idea how sideways that could have gone for you guys.” She looked away from me and tears formed in her eyes. One by one the others took Divi’s place and kissed me and said, “Thank you Jack.” I chuckled to myself as each of them tried to out-do the others with passionate kisses. There was a lot of tongue. I’m not a big fan of tongue. There is a place for it, but it’s not shoving it down the other’s throat. I get that teenagers seem to think it’s the ultimate display of passion. It was the same when I was a teenager. I felt differently about it then.

I maneuvered the boat to starboard away from home and Divi said, “Where are we going.”

“It’s close enough to lunchtime. How about pizza from the Marina?” Divi looked over at the others and mouthed the word “Pizza”. A loud cheer erupted. As I closed on the Marina, I slowed for minimum headway and waited for a boat to leave the dock. Finally, there was room and I eased up to the dock and stopped. I jumped out and tied us up fore and aft. I turned on the radio and asked Zoe to pick a channel. She grinned and slid into the captain’s chair. I chuckled as she slid her sexy little butt around in the chair as if to see how it fit.

When I returned with two pizzas and a liter of soda there was a group of young guys congregating on the dock by my boat. They and the girls were flirting like it was an Olympic sport. I smiled to myself. The girl’s brush with danger had no lasting effect. The guys parted as I approached and they even untied my boat for me. We all waved as I pulled away from the dock.

I knew of another private spot and I headed there. There was no one else around when we arrived. I anchored and the girls broke out the pizza. I always stored plastic plates, dinnerware and solo cups under the console. Dive grabbed the first piece, put it on a plate and handed it to me. She gave me a sultry smile, grabbed her own and sat down on the bench seat beside me. I popped a beer and took a long sip while the girls poured cups of soda. The music that Zoe had chosen was annoying me and it was too loud. I turned it down but not off. The girls liked it. I would tolerate it for their sake.

The girls cleaned up the waste when we were done. I sat down in the captain’s chair and reached for the ignition. Molly and Divi both said, “Can we stay awhile? It’s so peaceful here.”

I sat back in my chair and said, “Sure. It’s your day.”

They Divi grinned at me before she bounced across the deck saying to the others, “We can stay.” They all came together in the middle of the open deck and hugged each other jumping up and down. I just watched them and smiled as I locked on to Divi’s and Molly’s big breasts straining their bikini tops. I acknowledged the voyeur that I had become and my cock rose to put an exclamation point on it. I covered the tent with my hands as Divi came over and bent down at the console to change the radio station. While still kneeling, she looked up at me and said, “We want to dance.” I was trying hard to cover the tent in my bathing suit so Divi wouldn’t notice. Her face was right there at my crotch level and she noticed my unusual hand placement and looked past them. She looked from my crotch to my face and said, “Wow. He looks like he wants to dance too.”

She stood and tried to pull me up from my chair but I resisted her efforts. I had to lift my hands from my lap to fend her off and Sophie spotted my tent and yelled out, “Oh my God. Jack’s like got a boner. Finally.”

Molly used her height to look over the others and she blurted out. “Fuck. Now that’s a boner. Holy Shit.”

Divi stopped fighting me and turned to the group and said, “See. I told you guys.” My hands dropped back to my lap. I could feel the heat in my face from my embarrassment.

Zoe giggled at my dilemma and said, “Jack, please don’t be like embarrassed. This is what we’re like here for. Divi and Joanna have like been telling us about your big dick. We didn’t believe them so Divi invited us to like come see for ourselves. We’ve been like stealing glances all day and we had pretty much concluded that they were like making it all up just as we suspected. From what I can see from here, they may have been right.”

Molly pushed through the cluster of gawking girls and knelt down beside Divi and said, “We can’t be like certain though until we see it. They may have like cooked this whole thing up with you and that’s like a sock or something.” She grinned up at me as her right hand lightly traced along my thigh and under the leg of my bathing suit. I trembled from her touch as the others all crowded in close to see. I saw Divi wink at Joanna who was grinning like the Cheshire cat. They both moved to the back of the group. Joanna had her fingers in her bikini bottom working her clitoris and pussy in anticipation of the pending fireworks.

I pulled my hands back and succumbed to the inevitable. I figured they just wanted to see it so I let Molly wrap her fingers around the girth and pulled my throbbing cock out to the air. Fuck it was hard. Molly’s eyes went wide when she measured the dimensions with her hand and Zoe’s and Sophie’s jaws dropped when Molly pulled it out into the light. Sophie muttered, “Holy shit guys. That’s like huge.”

Zoe muttered, “Fuck. Biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” I doubted that was any big deal. How many cocks could an eighteen year old girl have seen in her short life? I tried to pull my cock from Molly’s hand but she tightened her grip. I stood up to move away from them but all that did was put my cock right at Molly’s face level and she took the opportunity and pushed her lips over my glans and started jerking me off with her lips locked on the ridge. I groaned hard from Molly’s attack and sat back down in my chair.

Divi moved up behind Molly and untied her bikini top and pulled it off over her head and it fell down my cock to my lap like a ring toss because Molly refused to take her lips off my cock. Divi leaned down and loudly said, “Tit-fuck him Molly.” The others started chanting, “Tit-fuck. Tit-fuck. Tit-fuck.” Molly pulled her lips back and pulled me by my cock toward the bench seat because she couldn’t get in under the steering wheel. My little head was in total control now and I went willingly. Then Zoe and Sophie yanked their tops up over their tiny breasts without even untying them and sat down on either side of me to get a good view as Molly lifted her large breasts and leaned in close to my cock as it bobbed around near the vertical position. Zoe and Sophie both leaned in and spit on my cock and then they both giggled as Molly wrapped her tits around it. Her tits weren’t so massive that my cock disappeared into her cleavage as she lifted her tits up the shaft. I remembered Ashley’s tit-fuck where my cock just vanished in her tit flesh, barely popping above her cleavage as she pulled her tits down.

Molly tried hard to get a rhythm going but her motion was awkward. I looked into her eyes and said, “Stay still. I’ve got this.” She stopped and renewed her grip on my cock with her tits and fingers. When she was settled, I began rocking my hips forward and back and my cock slid between her globes. Zoe and Sophie leaned in again and spit down into Molly’s cleavage. Molly tucked her chin in tight and was able to put her lips on my glans as I pushed up. I glanced to the right and moved my hand to Zoe’s elongated nipples on her tiny pancake titties. I did the same to my left with Sophie’s tiny titties. They both groaned hard and grabbed my hands and pulled them down to their sex. They were beyond soaked. I had no idea what their sexual experiences were so I ran my fingers up and down their pussies and gently touched their clitorises.

Molly’s bright blue eyes were alive with excitement. Her long red hair had gravitated toward her cleavage to join the action. She held onto her tits with one arm and one hand as she kept pulling her hair back. Divi had knelt and pulled Molly’s bikini bottom to the side and was fingering her clitoris. Molly started groaning non-stop and in another few minute or so she pulled her tits off my cock and fell back into Divi. My cock was bobbing free and both Sophie and Zoe grabbed it. Neither came close to stretching their fingers around the girth and they looked at each other, grinned at me and began jerking me off in perfect rhythm.

When Molly fell back on her ass, I could see her pussy clenching furiously on air. Divi had anticipated Molly’s collapse and stepped over her body and went down to a sixty-nine position. I wasn’t shocked but I was surprised. Divi lapped her tongue along Molly’s clenching pussy. When Molly recovered enough from her orgasm, she returned the favor on Divi’s pussy. Divi lifted her head and groaned as Molly attacked her clitoris. She saw me looking down at her and grinned at the sight of Zoe and Sophie alternately pushing their lips over my glans. She dropped her face back into Molly’s sex.

Joanna was recovering from her own self induced orgasm and she stood up and stripped naked before crawling on hands and knees past the fully engaged Divi and Molly and pushed her face between Sophie’s thighs and pulled her bikini bottom off over her feet before drilling her tongue onto Sophie’s swollen clitoris forcing my fingers away.

Sophie shot off my cock and screamed from Joanna’s attack and Zoe pushed her lips back on my glans. She wrapped both hands around my cock and furiously stroked my shaft as she held her position on my glans with her tongue traveling around and around the ridge. She paid no particular attention to the sensitive spot on the underside of the ridge but the overall sensation was incredible.

After releasing my cock, Sophie slid her ass to the edge of the seat to grant Joanna better access and she groaned and lightly held Joanna’s face as they stared into each other’s eyes. I looked down at Zoe. Her eyes were glazed over with lust. Her cheeks had concaved from the suction she was taking. She wanted my cum. I looked around me and it was the hottest scene I have ever witnessed let alone participated in. Five beautiful eighteen year olds and me; I couldn’t write a hotter scenario than this.

Joanna quickly pulled Sophie’s orgasm from her and she began thrashing around beside me. Zoe had slowed her hands. She was probably getting tired. Then she gingerly began pushing her lips further down my shaft. She took about three inches past my glans and gagged and pulled off and spit a wad of saliva on my cock. She grinned at me and immediately began rubbing the saliva in with her hands. She pushed right back on to the same spot and started bobbing her head up and down my shaft like she had done to her guy back at the fire pit. She grinned around my shaft at the look on my face.

Joanna had pulled back from Sophie’s pussy. Sophie had pushed her own hands to her pelvis and began drilling two fingers in her pussy. Joanna had the sultriest look on her face as she looked at me. I felt like the rabbit cornered by the wolf as she maneuvered past Sophie and stood up on the seat and planted a foot on either side of my hips and reached down and spread her labia before pushing her pussy to my face. I took her slim hips in my hands and held her as I dragged my tongue from her clitoris to her anus. She flinched hard when my tongue rimmed her anus. It was apparent that she wasn’t too familiar with stimulation there but she obviously liked it as she cocked her hips up so I could reach it better.

On the deck in front of me, I heard Molly scream into another orgasm. Divi was really giving it to her. Sophie had recovered and she came around my legs and went after Zoe’s pussy. Zoe continued her blow job as she maneuvered her hips to allow Sophie access. Sophie pulled Zoe’s bikini bottom off her feet and threw it up on the sun platform. We would discover later that Sophie had tossed Zoe’s bikini over the sun platform into the water. She found it later when we went skinny-dipping.

Joanna was clutching herself to my head with both arms as her knees buckled from my attack. I varied my attack from her clitoris to her vagina to her anus and she was delirious as she suddenly went spastic. I moved my hands from her hips to her waist to keep her from falling to either side. She didn’t do either. Instead, her legs collapsed and she fell to my chest and slid down my torso until her firm little butt was resting against my cock forcing Zoe to pull back. Zoe wasn’t pleased about it but Sophie took the opportunity to get in closer to Zoe’s sex and Zoe forgot all about my cock as she groaned hard and pulled Sophie’s head to her.

Joanna’s entire body throbbed through her orgasm as her forehead was buried in my chest. She was gasping for oxygen. Once she recovered, it didn’t take her long to realize the relative position of my cock to her pussy and she lifted her hips up high as she reached between her legs and pulled my cock into position.

Joanna was just about to drop onto my cock when Divi yelled, “Joanna. No. That’s mine.” Joanna stopped her descent and hesitated for several moments. My cock seemed to be stretching up to gain access to Joanna pussy that was so close. I didn’t even realize that I was subconsciously rocking my hips up to push my glans inside. Divi yelled again, “Jack. No. Please?”

The action around me stopped except for Sophie’s attack on Zoe’s pussy. Joanna complied and rolled her body to my left where Sophie had been sitting. She groaned as my glans pulled out of her. The others sat up and watched to see what Divi was going to do.

Divi looked around at her friends and said, “I told you at my birthday party what I wanted for a present and it was that.” She pointed at my throbbing cock. The others giggled and nodded. Divi pushed her bikini bottom over her hips and gorgeous ass and let it fall to the deck. She stepped out of it and moved up to my knees. She cocked her hips and spread her labia with her fingers. She already had the sultry look down pat but she ran her tongue along her lower lip as an exclamation point.

I looked up at her as she spread her legs wide and crawled over my thighs until her knees were near my hips. She pressed my raging hard cock against her pelvis and slid her sex up the length of my shaft and back down again. She did it very slowly as she stared into my eyes. I made no move to guide her in any way. She did the same thing again and I groaned this time. She smiled at my reaction.

The others moved in close to witness this. Molly sat her naked ass in the captain’s chair and rubbed her squishy pussy around the fake leather and grinned at me. She lifted her big tits in her hands and bent down and sucked her nipples to her lips one at a time. Divi noticed what Molly was doing and she did the same with her torpedo shaped tits.

Three times Divi raked her pussy on the ridge of my glans before she lifted herself with one foot on the bench seat and positioned her sopping wet vagina on the tip of my glans. She stared into my eyes with a sultry smile as she suckled on her own nipples while she slowly let gravity drop her down my shaft. Her head rolled back on her neck forcing her to release her nipples as her fingers took their place. She groaned hard all the way to the bottom. I expected her to run aground but she didn’t. She sat down in my lap and stopped as she said, “Oh my gawwdd that’s big.” The others all nodded to each other. I was thinking, ‘Oh my gawwdd that’s tight.’ I rolled my hips up and Divi flinched. There it was. I rolled my hips back and kept them there as Divi slowly pulled herself back up my shaft with her thighs. Molly reached in under Divi’s ass and I spread my knees so she could cup my ball-sack and fondle my balls. She giggled as she felt them moving on their own.

I groaned hard with the combined action of Divi sliding up and down my cock and Molly fondling my balls. Divi suddenly stopped and let out a long low pitched groan. I was sure she’d had an orgasm but if she did, it was short lived and she went right back to slowly pushing her way up to the ridge and letting gravity drop her quickly to my lap again. I leaned forward and suckled Divi’s right nipple to my lips and drilled it with my tongue. Divi groaned from this new assault and increased her pace. I was hoping that her orgasm was close because mine sure was.

We continued like this and then Divi wanted to experiment with positions as she pushed herself back away from me forcing her angle on my cock to change. She grabbed my forearms and leaned back further as she continued driving her pussy on and off. Suddenly, her eyes went wide and her penetration became shallower. She groaned out, “Oh Jesus. I found a spot. Oh my God, that’s fucking awesome.” She was grinding herself on her G-Spot. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I let out a huge groan trying hard to hold off. I surged forward toward Divi. She pushed me back searching for that spot again and when she found it she let out a blood curdling scream and her already tight pussy clamped down hard on my cock just as cum rocketed up my shaft. I was sure my balls would explode. My body just folded toward her. Divi screamed again when she felt my first salvo arrive. Even in my delirium, I noticed the others looking at each other with looks of amazement on their faces.

They were about to be amazed further when Divi rocked her hips back and my cock sprang out of her followed immediately by a series of long streams of cum from me, heading for Divi’s face and torso and a stronger, more constant stream of fluid from Divi’s pussy that flew everywhere toward me, as she gyrated through her orgasm. Divi looked like she was in agony. I knew better but her friends didn’t and their faces morphed to looks of horror as they didn’t know what was happening to her. Joanna pushed her face into the solid stream soaking my body to catch what she could in her mouth. The others were now gawking at Joanna wondering what the fuck she was doing.

I clung to Divi’s arms outstretched toward me. I pulled her to me and as soon as I released her arms her hands went to her pussy. Her right index finger found her swollen clitoris and feverishly stroked it as she screamed out again. Her squirt was now directed down to the seat between my legs as her second shot splashed off the seat soaking all in range. Other than Joanna, the others all pulled back. Divi’s face was still tight in a grimace as she strummed her clitoris with her index finger. I could see it coming as Divi was crushed by another orgasm as the others looked on in wonder. Their looks of horror had morphed into huge grins as they realized that they were witnessing something awesome.

I knew that Divi had found her “G-spot” and I wasn’t surprised by the squirt. The others had heard rumors but thought they were old wife’s tales. None of them had ever had one or seen one. Afterward, Molly said that she had seen a squirt on a porno website but she was certain that the woman had just had her pussy filled with water and she was just expelling the water with her vaginal muscles on camera.

When Divi came back to the world, she pushed herself up my chest and kissed me hard with passion. She said, “Oh my God Jack. I found a spot. It was so intense. Jesus. It was so intense.” I smiled at her and offered no explanation. I was certain that she would discuss it with her mother. She kissed me again and the others all piled in and began kissing Divi and me. I was in heaven in a pile of naked teenager girls. I was sure it must be a dream that I didn’t want to wake from.

I had several foam noodles stored under the seats and I threw them in the water and we all jumped naked in the lake and washed cum and juices off our bodies. The girls grab-assed each other and then they ganged up on me. At one point, I had hands from all five of them on my cock and balls. I was fending them off pretty well until Molly went under the water and pushed her lips over my semi-erect cock. She quickly bobbed her head on and off and came to the surface coughing and sputtering. She looked at me and said, “That didn’t work out like I thought.” She came over and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard.

The others backed off and floated with the noodles between their legs. I could see that Divi was a little jealous but she didn’t say or do anything. Sophie pulled the end of her noodle to her face and yelled, “Hey Jack? This is the size of your cock isn’t it?” The other girls burst out laughing and simulated blow jobs with their noodles, which had five inch diameters. Under the water, Molly was pulling herself to my erection with her legs. I was holding on to her waist and then my cock slid between her thighs. She broke the kiss and set her nose on the end of mine looking down into the water. I dropped my hands from her waist to her hips and when she looked into my eyes and whispered, “Put it in me. Please?”

I used my feet to kick us to the opposite side of the boat from the others and pulled my cock back from her and used one hand to guide it into her. The moment that my glans pushed inside I knew that she was a virgin. I pulled my face back and whispered, “Are you sure? This is going to hurt.”

She smiled at me and said, “I know. I’ve heard. I want you to take my cherry rather than one of those idiots I was going to give it to.” I smiled and she smiled back but it was clear that she was anxious about the pain.

I whispered, “It’s best to do it hard and fast and get it over with. Okay?”

She smiled and said, “Kind of like pulling a band-aid off, huh?” I grinned at her as I thrust my hips up into her. She muffled her scream with a hand and after several second she grinned when she realized that I was buried deep in her pussy. I stopped and let her adjust. She mumbled, “Fuck that hurt. It’s not so bad now.” I held my position in her pussy until she pulled her hips back and pushed back on again. She grinned and did another cycle and grinned again. I let her take what she wanted.

Divi swam around to our side of the boat and grabbed onto my shoulder to hold herself up. She grinned at Molly and said, “The deed is done?” Molly grinned and nodded as she pushed herself on again.

Divi leaned in and kissed Molly and Molly returned the kiss. Molly said, “Thank you Divi. I had resolved to give up my cherry to one of those guys at “Makeout Lagoon.” You were right that Jack would be a way better choice. I’m so happy that it worked out that way.” Divi grinned and kissed Molly again and then she spun around and kissed me on the neck with arms around my neck.

Divi looked into my eyes and said, “Thanks again Jack. Not only did you save us from the idiots but you were there for Molly. I pecked my lips on hers just as Molly began vigorously fucking me. I could tell that the water was washing her lubrication away and she flinched a few times as my cock pulled on her vaginal wall. I stopped her motion and eased my cock from her and explained that fucking underwater could be a problem. She smiled at my explanation and threw her arms around both Divi and me and kissed us both.

I pulled back away from both of them and started to swim back around the boat when Molly grabbed my ankle and I stopped. She pulled herself through the water to me and whispered, “Can we finish on the boat? I’ve been on the pill for three months and it took until today to get up the nerve. I want you to cum in me. I’m hoping that I can get off too.” She could see my reluctance in my face and she whispered, “Please?” I looked at Divi, who had just swum up to us. She grinned and nodded at me. I hesitated and then nodded to Molly.

Molly looked at Divi and said, “Come with us and help me.”

Divi shook her head and said, “You’ve got this Molly.” She kissed Molly and then me before swimming off toward the front of the boat and started grabb-assing the others to distract them as I helped Molly up the aft ladder. I followed behind her and guided her to the long bench seat. A little bloody water drooled down her thighs as I pushed my lips to her clitoris and kissed it. She shuddered from the touch. My cock had softened after I pulled from Molly’s pussy and she pulled me around to a sixty-nine position so she could suck me back up again. It didn’t take long. Molly’s pussy was wet and slippery again in no time and I moved away from her. Her eyes were on fire as we were both gasping for air. We both move off the bench seat to the deck to provide more privacy. She braced her head against the front of the bench seat so she could watch.

Molly dragged her fingers through her pussy and held back her labia revealing her pink inner folds. She was bubbling lubrication and I maneuvered my body to a missionary position and guided my cock to her pussy. There was no sign of anxiety this time so I pushed my glans inside and she flinched and groaned and then said, “Fuck me Jack. Make me cum.” I pushed most of the way inside her pussy before slowing to find her cervix. She’d had enough pain for the day. I stopped before I got there and pulled back out again. Molly was in heat as she pushed her hips up to meet my descent. I groaned too. Then we were off. I was in a normal fucking rhythm with Molly moaning and groaning under me. My cock was as hard as a rock as we fucked each other. After a few minutes, her eyes went wide and she groaned out, “Oh my gawwwddd Jack. I can feel it coming. I’m gonna cum on your cock. Oh Jesus. Yes.” I grinned down at her and ramped up my pace.

I was pummeling her pussy when I heard Joanna yell out, “When this boat is rocking, don’t bother knocking.” I grinned and Molly slammed her hips up into me and every muscle in her body clamped tight. Her teeth clenched and she muttered, “Jesus Christ,” through them and then seethed air in and out.

My orgasm crushed me as I pumped streams of cum into Molly. She screamed, “Oh fuck. Yes. I can feel it. Oh God. Yes. I did it.” I smiled as my balls emptied themselves in Molly’s pussy. She thrust her hips upward with each salvo.

When Molly and I became silent, there was a loud applause from around the boat. Molly giggled and clapped her hands together too. I pulled back and Molly threw her legs around behind me and pulled me back in again. I didn’t resist. The sensation of my cock in Molly’s sex was amazing. She pulled herself up to me and kissed me hard. She said, “Can you just carry me around on your dick for the rest of the day?” I laughed and kissed her again. She collapsed her legs off my hips and sprawled her arms and legs out wide. I lifted myself off her and pulled my spent cock from her. She groaned hard when the glans came free.

Molly got up on the bench seat running along the port side and draped her big tits over the rail and leaned over looking down in the water at her friends. They were all grinning broadly. Molly draped her arms over the side and said, “Oh my God. I’m fucked.”

Sophie said, “Yes. We heard.” The others burst out laughing.

Divi said, “Hey guys, I’m getting cold. Can we come aboard now?”

I helped each of the girls on board from the aft ladder. I guess they were cold. Their nipples were all on high beams. Each of them giggled and squeezed my cock as moved past me. We dried off and got dressed again.

I eased up to my dock and Divi jumped onto the dock and grabbed the railing to keep me from floating away. Joanna jumped to the dock too and helped her. I shut down the outboard and tied up the fore and aft lines. We had been gone all day and I was exhausted.

I can’t even adequately describe how I felt when I saw Priya standing at the railing of my deck above us. She waved and Divi and I wave back. We all climbed up to my deck and the girls were bubbling with excitement. Priya looked at us with a grin and said, “Well it looks like you guys had a good day.” The girls all started talking at the same time about pizza and swimming and I was thankful that they stayed away from the sex but Joanna blew it when she said, “Skinny dipping.” It went quiet as the others all glared at Joanna. I had to laugh when Joanna looked at the glares and lifted her arms and said, “What? We did. Even Jack.”

I groaned as Molly yelled, “Joanna. Like stop talking.”

Priya cuddled into me with her arms around my waist and said, “Well, it sounds like there are a few stories to be told. I want to hear them all but not now. I brought home a bucket of fried chicken. Does anyone like fried chicken?” Hands shot in the air including mine. Priya guided me toward the sliding glass door with her arm around my back. The girls preceded us inside and Priya took the opportunity to push her hand inside my bathing suit and wrap her fingers around my cock. I knew it was probably sticky from the sex with Molly and she called me on it. She pulled her hand out and licked her palm. She smiled at me and said, “Yep. There are stories to tell.”

Priya goes south but action continues with renters (Part 4)

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