Cousin in love with cousin

I have a fucked up but sexy ass confession to make and i do miss it after 2 times fucking my cousin gia lopez

So the first time me and my cousin were in a pool and at my house set up for the family cause our yard was bigger and 1 night it was the kids night to swim in the pool before the adults jumped in and the sun went down a bit and got kinda dark and everyone left but me and my cousin and she had on a 1 piece swim suit very tight on her as well and we were swimming around and she got kinda touchy and flirty and we both wrestle in the water and wraps her arms around me as i picked her up i realized my hands gripped her ass holding her up in my arms and looks me in the eyes and started kissing like crazy cold soft lips on my lips and my hands firmly gripping her ass cheeks and sucking on her tongue and biting her lips she grabs my head and shoves me down between her legs and i move her piece to the side and ate her pussy out like i was a starving kid and tongue going in and out as she played with my hair and usen her soft thighs to keep me under water to eat her out .

The second time i was 22 and she was 19 and had a little family bbq and our parents were drinking and me and her had talked and were alone by the vehicles and talked about ex’s.. And wen we first smoked…

And how old we were when we first had sex and she had got nervous and asked if we would ever do something like that again and i told her maybe if she allows it we were both single as well and so she hugs me and we hug for literally 15 minutes listening to music and realized how much we missed each other and kissed but seen we had to find a better place away from our big family and so across the street was a school O.L slaton middle school and we walked the track and was pretty dark and seen the time was 12am and we hold hands and flirted and played around till we got extremely close and we started kissing again and touching and i had instantly got rock hard and we lay in the field and kissed for a while and i had fingered her and i eventually pulled her tight blue jeans down with her red thong she had on at the moment and spit and slide my dick deep in her pussy and we both felt how tight she was after so many years and i begin pumping her pussy as her pussy started to squirt and clap against me as i pounded her she pulls me towards her tightly and holds me and both cum together and leave my dick throbbing inside her pussy for a bit as i kiss her neck and she caught her breathing back and moaned in my ear and as i pull out we both watch my dick pull out her wet leaking pussy and she gets up quickly and said i know u have to leave back to dallas tx soon so ima do this for you and i lay in the grass and she grips my dick with both hands and wraps her lips around my tip and slowly pushes her head down to my balls and gawked on my dick for 15 minutes cleaning off our sperm mixed all over my dick and swallowed every bit and we both get dressed and continued walking and held hands and kissed so much and never seen her again.

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