Bubble Date with a girl in Bangalore

Hi Folks! Barney, this side. I’m a regular reader on this beautiful site. After reading all these stories, I have decided to share one of my stories.

It all began in January 2023. Swiping through profiles on Bumble one evening, I came across Sonakshi’s. There was something about her that stopped me in my scrolling tracks. Maybe it was her captivating smile or the intriguing bio.

Her profile blew me away! I had to comment on a pic, and guess what? A few days later, she messaged me back! We chatted on the app for weeks, and then those chats turned into amazing phone calls that lasted for hours.

We talked about everything – our dreams, our nerdy hobbies, and even the things we never thought we’d tell someone new. Our voices totally clicked!

She was in her final semester of economics, a subject I found fascinating. We bonded over a love of trekking, dreaming of disappearing into the mountains.

One daring conversation drifted towards intimacy, her voice hinting at a hidden fantasy – a desire ignited by the thrill of high altitudes.

After weeks of chatting and getting to know each other through our phones, we made a bold decision – to meet in person and embark on a trip to Shimla together. This was the first time we’d be face-to-face, and excitement bubbled in my stomach along with a flutter of nerves.

How would the real thing measure up to our conversations? Would the journey to Shimla change everything, or would it solidify the connection we felt online? The anticipation was almost electric!

We planned to meet in Delhi before travelling to Shimla together. Since Sanjana lived there and I was already travelling from a nearby town. I told my family I was meeting friends visiting from Bangalore.

As the big day arrived, we discussed our meeting point. Reaching the spot, I saw a lot of people and struggled to find her amidst the chaos. Fortunately, she spotted me first. Our initial interaction was pleasant, and we decided to grab a snack before heading out.

We found a cosy cafe, ordered from the menu, and began chatting with lighthearted jokes. Within minutes, the atmosphere turned cheerful and full of laughter. With our spirits high, we hailed a cab and set off for Shimla, ready for our adventure.

The taxi ride was pleasant. We started out flirting, and then, with three hours left until we reached Shimla, we decided to watch a movie to make the journey even more enjoyable.

Upon reaching Shimla, we decided to check into our hotel first, as it was getting late. After settling in, we ventured out to explore the city, the evening air carrying a cool freshness.

We found a charming cafe and ordered some snacks and drinks. We enjoyed the atmosphere, light and music filling the air, and the conversation flowed easily. After spending quality time, we headed back to our hotel but we lost the way. At that time, we found quite a shady spot where no one was there.

In that spot, she went crazy kissing my lips and biting my neck slowly, and I was also returning the favour. She had sweat all over her neck. I got carried away with that sight. I don’t know what took more of me. But I just moved close to her back.

I whispered in her ears, “Sanjana, you look so hot, god. I can fuck you right here,” and blew my warm breath on her neck. As she tried to turn, our lips met. I don’t know if she wanted it to happen like this. But I pulled her close to me with a pull from her waist and started sucking her lips!

Damn, they were fucking Perfect. She wore jeans, so I just slipped my hands inside in a blow and reached for her panties. Damn, they were as wet as it flooded. We kept kissing while she kept pulling me towards her. I just removed my hands and pulled it in a go.

We heard some noise and quickly gained our senses and left that place. After 15 minutes, we were able to find our hotel. Upon returning to the room, we went crazy, licking each other as if there was no time left. My hands started exploring her skin inch by inch.

So I took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and started undressing. She just looked at me and, with her eyes, called me to her faster. She removed her top while I was undressing.

She had light brown nipples, and damn, those 34 looked delicious. I jumped onto the bed and kissed her again, pressing her boobs harder. She kept moaning. I kept biting her boobs. I am a person who doesn’t rush and likes to explore and have the most fun.

So I started rubbing her clit while sucking her boobs. Moving my thumb vigorously on the clit makes her moan even louder. Then, rubbing my whole palm upward and downward proves fruitful.

At that moment, she begged me to stop, but I didn’t, as foreplay was the best thing that ever happened. I liked to play with the clit. After that, I tried to stick my two fingers and rotate in both directions and at last I stopped. Then she took the command and asked me to lay down and I did.

The next 10 minutes gave me one of my best blowjob memory for life. She looked like a pro. But she told me that she usually does not like blowjobs that much. It’s the heat that made her do that. She relished my dick while looking straight into my eyes. I had to control cumming, which was vey difficult.

We got into 69 position, and it was then my turn to make her go crazy with my licking skills. She went crazy and was moaning loudly now. It turned me on even more. After this whole foreplay session, it’s time to bang. I wore a condom, and she was lying on the bed with her legs wide open.

The view of her pussy at that moment was so good. After staring for a couple of minutes, I cum between the legs. I then slowly teased her by rubbing my cock on the mouth of her pussy. I gradually increased the pace of it, by which she became restless.

After that, I started as a missionary. When I tried to stick my dick into her pussy it felt hard at first but went progressively. I found it hard as if her inner walls were tight. But within minutes, it’s all settled, and the back-and-forth motion makes it more pleasurable for her.

After I felt a little tired, she got on top of me and rode me hard. My dick went into her hole smoothly. Just when I was about to cum, I signalled to her. After that, she rode faster, and I reached the climax.

Then, we had two more rounds that night. We both were satisfied and slept naked. In the morning, we started again with a beautiful kiss. We fucked till the afternoon, had a bath. Then, we both went back to our destination after staying one more night.

I hope you enjoyed my story. I know people will always doubt if it is real, but I leave that to you. So, if anyone is interested, please hit me up at [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu

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