Big-titted Asian teen gets nailed by 2 handimen

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My work partner and me had been able to double-fuck a few horny sluts over the last couple of years, but this big-titted, 18 year old was the hottest of them all.

Willy and me, we’re a two-guy “handiman service.” We can fix just about any small project in a house — electrical, plumbing, painting, move a wall, build a fireplace, you name it. He’s 52 and I’m 38, and we’re both in really good shape. He’s got huge, muscular arms and shoulders, and I’ve got a very fit, slim body. While we’re both married, we are also typical males. Hot women get us really horny.

And, being handimen, we’re sometimes left alone with hot women. It was just about two years ago, a bit more maybe, we were at some broad’s house while her husband was at work. For a while week in the summer, this 42 year old Whitney, with a rocking, slim body, was teasing us by tanning in her back yard, while we were on scaffolding around her house, reapplying stucko to it. After two or three days of that, she asks us into the kitchen to give us some water. Willy and I just stood around her, eyeing her nipples poking out of her bikini top, when she said she likes “male company” because she gets “bored” at home. Then she added: “Bored, and horny.” Well, that opened the floodgates. A minute later, she was on her knees looking up at us, going back and forth sucking Willy’s 6 1/2 inch (but extremely thick) penis and my 7 1/2 inch pecker. We both splattered on her face and big tits, then she said, “You guys got more in there for me?” We did, taking her up to her master bedroom, taking turns sticking our dicks in her shaved, married pussy right where her husband slept every night. What a hot piece of cunt Whitney was.

Since that time, he and I have been on the lookout for other horny women who might want some servicing besides the construction or painting. We don’t want to be too aggressive and lose potential work; we live by word of mouth and referrals. But, you know, a woman knows when we’re flirting, and if she flirts back, we’ll keep doing it, even over-the-top sometimes. Last year, we finally found a second slut, a 38 year old married bitch named Susie. Short, petite brunette with a plump butt. We’d been flirting relentlessly with her a couple of days while painting her interior, even staring at her boobs and ass in her clothing right in front of her. I told Willy, this broad knows we’d do her if we could. I just didn’t know if she actually wanted it. Well, after we finished the job and had the truck loaded, she calls down to us, she has one more project in mind, can we come up to the bedrooms and take a look at it? Actually, we were pissed — like, we just loaded up the truck, bitch! But we walked into her bedroom, and there Susie was, buck naked on her bed — spread open, shaved pussy gaping wet at us. She purred, “Do you guys do plumbing too?” And with that, we took turns fucking her for a couple hours.

The third and only other time, earlier this year before we met the 18 year old, was a petite, busty Asian woman named Janae. She worked part-time, so a couple of days while we were on the job, she would greet us in the morning but wasn’t home the rest of the day. Willy and I both liked her style, she had a fine little ass and delicious, slender legs, and she wore short skirts that undoubtedly drove men nuts at her office. Well, she knew what a hot body she had. On her first day off, our third on the job, Willy was out getting more supplies while I was working the phone in her kitchen. She had been teasing and flirting with me all morning, winking and knowing I was admiring her hot Asian body. After one of my calls ended, she asked if she could “do” anything for me — leaning over the kitchen table, her cleavage exposed because her blouse was partially unbuttoned. She saw me look at her tits, and instantly we were making out, kissing hard. She let me fondle and suck her boobs, then she went down on me and took my long penis into her mouth, and my semen into her tummy. I told Willy about that, and after we finished work that day, he and I took her to a motel on the Interstate (she didn’t want her hubby to get home early and find out), where we took turns fucking the bitch a few times. Did the same thing the next day, our last on the job. (I’ve met up with Janae a few times since then, just for some hot sex.)

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