Bengalee Film Queen 17

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Episode : 17

“Lie down on the bed Duttababu,” Mustaq ordered… pushing Nandan forward as he moved in a trance. “On your back now, there you go”.

From his lying position, Nandan now could see his beautiful young daughter staring down at him….. biting her lip and trying to cover her young pussy with her hands. He also saw his tormentor smiling towards Surindar who was behind him. He could feel the bed move as his wife turned to see what was happening.

“Indudevi, I want you to sit on your husband’s face. Put your knees on each side of his head and let him clean up that messy cunt of yours.” Mustaq winked at the matured Tolly celeb.

Indrani didn’t need to be asked twice. Hearing Mustaq’s words, she felt her pussy spasm. This was so wrong yet her body was responding to the idea. So crawling down the bed quickly, she looked down into her husbands eyes.

“We have no choice honey. Just do what they say”. Indrani said to her husband compassionately.

Then straddling his face, she positioned herself directly over his head. She could feel his hot breath on her pussy-lips as she felt a wave of desire roll over her.

“Open your lips for him”, Mustaq once again instructed as he looked at Indrani, “Now get your cunt on his mouth”.

Indrani did as instructed using both her hands to open her overflowing cunt for her husband as she slowly settled down into position. The smell was so over whelming to Nandan. He could hardly believe that his wife had only fucked one of the antisocials and her pussy reeked of sex.

As she settled down on his mouth, he was forced to breath in through his nose. At first she just sat there but almost immediately she began to writhe around….. grinding herself on his face.

‘The fucking Whore,’ he thought, ‘She is getting off on this and forcing me to eat another man’s cum… was making her hot.’

Indrani found herself pinching her nipples with each hand. She really did not remember cupping her own breasts during their sex but now she was twirling her nipples like a common slut. She could feel her husband’s hot breath as he huffed into her ripe pussy. It felt so good. She could feel her pussy spasm as her husband’s tongue made it’s first tentative stab at her cunt. She reached down with one hand and began rubbing her clit in time to her husband’s tongue motion. She barely stifled a moan.

On the other hand, Nandan could feel his wife’s body tremble as he could taste and feel her pussy lubricating. The taste was salty and thick. He realised that what he tasted was a mixture of his wife’s pussy-juices and that of Surindar’s semen as well. It wasn’t bad really but salty and more pungent than Indrani’s by its self.

As he felt his wife tremble above him, he realised that she had never reacted this way to him before. He also realised that despite being forced into this act, he was now really enjoying the effect he was having on his wife. He began eating her with more enthusiasm and soon was rewarded with a steady moaning from her.

Indrani’s pussy was now leaking more profusely into her husband’s mouth and he knew there was a good amount of Surindar’s Punjabi cum mixed in there as well. However his wife’s continued groaning surprised him. It almost sounded like a siren. It started out low and worked it’s way higher. He realised the sound he was hearing was his wife starting to cum. Her legs were trembling violently on either side of his head.

Nandan felt his wife stiffen as she let the wave of her orgasm take hold. The effect on her pussy was to squeeze down hard forcing the last of the Punjabi antisocial’s cum into his feverishly working mouth. Her orgasm seemed to last forever.

When it was over, Indrani slumped forward gasping for air with her cunt still situated over her husband’s face. It was hard for her husband to breath as he pushed his sated wife to the side taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Then looking around, Nandan saw all eyes on him. His daughter was staring wide eyed with great excitement…. one hand was mindlessly rubbing her highly sensitive clit. And both the Antisocials were smiling broadly while stroking their cocks absent-mindedly.

Breaking the silence, suddenly Mustaq began slowly clapping his hands. “Bravo, bravo!!” as Nandan felt his face flush bright crimson in shame.

“Welcome to the party Duttababu”, He said smilingly as he turned to Rajnandini and said to her, “Miss Dutta, your father needs a reward for that performance. How about you offer him a bit of relief? His cock was so painfully throbbing…. I’m sure he will like to see how far you have come in your cock-sucking lessons.”

Still rubbing her clit mindlessly with her right hand, Rajnandini moved robotically to the bed. Any semblance of resistance was now long gone. Without any embarrassment or hesitation, she started licking her father’s 8″ rock hard cock.

Although his long-term dream was at last fulfilling, he could not believe his daughter’s action in front of his wife and the two intruders. He wanted her to stop mockingly but her hot mouth felt so fucking good. His cock ached….. it was so hard. In no time he felt her nuzzling his pelvic bone, and there was no turning back now.

As suddenly as it had started, Rajnandini stopped. Pulling her hair back, she looked at her father then without saying a word swung her legs over his head in a 69 position….. simultaneously lowering her pussy to her father’s mouth and her mouth to his cock.

The combination was too much for her father. Breathing deeply, he inhaled the sweet smell of his 19 yrs old daughter’s cunt. At the same time he felt her gently licking his sperm-filled hairy balls….. then moaning into his sack.

“Oh Daddy, do it to me. Eat me like you ate Mamoni. I want to cum like that, please daddy make me cum like that”, moaning excitedly Rajnandini pleaded her father and instantly gripped his throbbing shaft.

Nandan could barely believe his ears as he listened to his daughter beg like a whore. His mind raced as he felt her panting into his ball sack. And without wasting anymore, he also put his hands on her uprising ass as he pulled her cunt to his face.

He growled with lust, and then began pushing his tongue as far in as he could. He felt her whole body respond to his efforts and her mouth dropped back down onto his hard cock. Fucking up into her mouth, he set up a rhythm…… first going deep, then shallow, deep then shallow. His daughter kept up with no problem.

Nandan could feel his daughter alternately grinding her clit into his chin and his nose into her asshole. He could feel her moans vibrate against his cock. She tasted so different from her mother. There was the slight tanginess but not nearly as strong as his wife’s, almost sweet. And she smelled so good!

He continued to push as much as his tongue into her a he could. She was wet to begin with but now she was drooling a steady river of juice into his eager mouth. He could feel the juice running down his cheeks and every one in the room could hear him slurp and gurgle into his young daughter’s cunt.

As Rajnandini’s ass continued to grind a rhythm on her father’s  face, he brought his hands down, pulling her milk-white soft ass-cheeks apart to gain better access. Her tiny pink asshole winked at him.

“If she really wants a thrill, I will give the little slut a thrill”, her father thought.

Therefore holding her ass securely, Nandan raised his head and zeroed in on her puckered asshole. First he just kissed it…. then he pushed his tongue forward….. edging his way past the tight ring.

Rajnandini froze…… ‘Uuuuffffff….. my God! What my father is doing….’ She had never felt anything like this in her life. Was that his tongue?

As her father wiggled it in and out of her ass-hole, she realised it was. How could something so disgusting feel so good? But it did, it felt so good and exciting. Her father began rimming his finger around the now moistened hole, alternately rubbing….. then licking her crinkled ass-hole.

Dipping his fingers into her dripping cunt, he greased them for his next move. Rajnandini was in another world. She could barely catch her breath as her father tickled…. then licked her bum. When he stuck 2 fingers back into her pussy she thought she was about to explode. Much to her surprise she then felt him pressing those fingers against her asshole.

“No, Daddy, don’t…”

Rajnandini started to protest but her father was not to be denied. With a steady pressure he felt his little girl trying to resist his entry. He didn’t stop…… instead he just kept gently pushing. Her tiny asshole began to loosen and he felt the tip of his fingers slip past the elastic ring.

Pausing to let her get used to the feeling, he took the thumb of his other hand and began to rub her over active clit. His fingers felt strange in her ass, it didn’t exactly hurt but it felt uncomfortable. The action he was giving her clit, on the other hand, felt great.

Sensing Rajnandini start to relax, her father pulled his fingers back slightly….. then pushed forward. He was rewarded with a gasp from her and felt his fingers sink to the knuckles into her impossibly tight asshole.

Nandan had always loved ass play but Indrani had made her ass “Off Limits” early in the marriage. On occasion, she might let him give her asshole a quick rub but she never returned the favor nor allowed him to put his fingers in. Her daughter on the other hand seemed like she was warming up nicely to the action. He began to saw his fingers in and out while continuing to pay attention to her clit with his other hand.

None of this was getting past the attention of Mustaq. He knew the little slut would be wild but it surprised him that her own father had initiated this behavior. Stepping closer to the action he whispered into her father’s ear. “That’s a good action Duttababu, get her all ready for me.”

Nandan was snapped back to reality. With his daughter sucking his cock and all that had gone on here today, he had gotten caught up in the moment. He suddenly realised that his actions had planted a seed in Mustaq’s twisted mind.

And hearing none of this, Rajnandini was now pushing back onto her father’s fingers. Once she got past the initial penetration, she found herself enjoying the unusual feeling. It didn’t hurt that her clit was also getting a massage.

Then looking down at her father’s throbbing cock,she saw a tiny pearl of cum-juice appear at the head. Using her hand, she milked his cock up from the bottom and licked away her reward. Dropping her head back down, she easily swallowed the whole meaty rod into her hot mouth.

And feeling the renewed action on his cock, her father tipped his head back letting out a guttural groan. Looking up he noticed that Mustaq was smiling down at him….. fisting his still hard cock.

Stepping forward, Mustaq then squatted down….. lining his raging hard-on up with Rajnandini’s dripping cunt. He reached over her back, and grabbed a handful of hair….. pulling her head back and off her father’s cock. He winked at her, “You had better ease off there, young stuff. Keep that up and you’re going to have a mouthfull of your father’s hot Cum to contend with.”

Nandan groaned, his daughter’s hot mouth had felt so good and he had been so close…. That’s when flexing his ass, Mustaq began to push forward. Nandan had a close-up view of the black monster trying to impale his little girl. He heard her squeak as she felt the pressure of the Muslim antisocial’s circumcised cock pushing against her pussy-lips.

In slow motion, Nandan watched in awe….. the huze bulbous head disappeared slowly into his daughter’s leaking cunt. He heard her whimper and could feel her legs shaking around his head.

Mustaq paused for only a brief moment then pushed on. Rajnandini had never felt anything this big inside her before. Her boyfriend Akash was small, however larger than her own father (once he was hard). Only the film-producer Kader could compare with Mustaq in length. She felt stuffed beyond capacity.

Pulling back slightly, Mustaq then pushed deeper….. gaining another 2 inches into her impossibly tight cunt. “Relax bitch, you’re going to break off my dick”.

He pulled back again…. nearly all the way out and began sawing back into her…. gaining a bit on each stroke. Rajnandini was groaning now, “Please stop, it’s just too big. You’re hurting me…. take it out, please…..”

But Mustaq had no intention of stopping. Her pleading eyes were serving only to turn him on more. Pulling back again he paused before throwing his full weight at the young girl’s cunt.

“Eeee oweeeeeeee…… uuuuu uuuuu….. maaaaaggoòoo….”, Rajnandini screamed as her body shook with the assault.

However Mustaq was not yet fully buried but he was fucking the girl with purpose. Her head was dropped as he released her hair. Her pretty cheeks became reddening as she gasped at every thrust.

Indrani watched the abuse…. being dealt with her pretty daughter. She lunged forward only to protect her but came up short as Surindar grabbed her by the neck. “Easy there, Mrs. Dutta. It’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Make yourself useful now and suck my partner’s cock while I watch”.

With that he pushed the matured Tolly Queen to her knees and looked at Surindar who quickly placed his cock to her lips. She realised that she was helpless. They were raping her daughter just a few feet from her and she could do nothing to stop it.

Her husband Nandan realised it too. From his much better vantage point, he could easily see that Mustaq’s huge cock sawing in and out of his young daughter. Her pussy almost turned inside out when he would pull back. Her pussy-lips were stretched impossibly tight around his black shaft. He could feel her body shaking and hear her sobs….he could also feel her hot breath at his crotch as she cried over his cock. It was the hottest thing he had ever experianced in his life.

Meanwhile Mustaq was fucking the young Tolly actress in long smooth strokes. Her father could see the intruder’s big hairy balls swing forward on each thrust. On the last thrust Mustaq paused for a second, then buried nearly to his balls. Nandan could see a bead of perspiration dripping down his sack. He heard one final sob then his daughter fell silent though still panting.

“Almost there, Sweetie”, Mustaq groaned, “I know you could take it all, there is only about 2 inches left “.

Rajnandini begged, “No Mustaqda, please stop. It’s too big, You’re hurting me. Your going to rip me up, ruin me for life. Let me use my mouth, I can make you cum with my mouth”.

“Push back” was all Mustaq said.

Then grabbing her shoulders, he began pulling her back on him, sinking his cock further and further into her pussy. Her poor father could barely believe it. Before his eyes he watched as her daughter’s pussy lips met Mustaq’s crotch. She had done it at last. She had taken all the eleven inches of his massive cock into her tiny pussy.

Mustaq sighed as he felt his balls resting against her protruding cunt lips. Pulling back slightly, he then began to set up a rhythm, gently fucking into her. Now that he was fully in, he could feel her begin to relax slowly. He could feel the strangle hold she had on his cock which was gradually loosening.

As he began to fuck into her, he heard the sobs stop and get replaced with tiny grunts. Her father could see that Mustaq’s large nuts were slapping up against his daughter’s puffy pussy-lips on each thrust. The sound echoed in his ears. He began to feel his daughter fucking back. Her sobs now had been replaced with pleasurable moans.

Mustaq was fucking his full eleven inches in and out of her now. On the pullbacks, some of her pussy-juices would often leak out onto Nandan’s face. The smell was amazing. He could realise that his daughter was building towards an massive orgasm. Her moans were gaining speed and pitch.

Mustaq was moaning too….. and Nandan realised that he was going to cum in his daughter’s mouth soon. So to quicken her daughter’s orgasm, he put his thumb back on her clit as he heard the pitch of her squeals rise. He could feel her legs trembling on either side of his head…. then she stopped suddenly.

As Mustaq continued to slam into her tight cunt, Rajnandini began to climax. Her scream filled the room. But this scream was not from pain, this was pure passion. Her father could feel her start to cum.

“Yes, yes, yes…..” She huffed, “Oh Mustaqda, fuck meeeeeeee…. haaaarrrddd…… daddy. …. please rub my clit more…… I’m going to cummmmmmm……”.

Mustaq could feel his load beginning it’s trip up his shaft. So pulling the bitch tight to his crotch, he began to empty his load deep within her. First one spurt then another. Then suddenly pulling back his glistening cock fully from her clutching pussy, he fisted his cock, milking his remaining cum onto her ass cheeks.

Both Mustaq and Rajnandini were breathing like freight trains. Below them, her father stopped rubbing her clit, and Mustaq released his now softening cock, his balls resting on Nandan’s forehead. A remaining drop of cum fell to his face.

Taking his cock back in his hand, Mustaq now began smearing his cum on Rajnandini’s ass, coating it in his juices. Then pulling back he wiped his cock on her father’s face and stepped back slightly. “Clean that up for me, wont’ you Duttababu?”

Without disgusting, Nandan grabbed his daughter’s ass firmly….. pulling her cummy cunt to his mouth. Mustaq stumbled away towards the kitchen…… returning soon with a bottle of whisky, falling into an armchair with a sigh.

Meanwhile Surindar was scull-fucking the renowned actress-dancer, slamming his cock into her throat, making her choke and cough. Then pushing her back he reached down as he pulled his balls out of the way and said, “I want your mouth on my asshole bitch.”

Shaking her head ‘no’, Indrani began pulling back. A sharp slap in the face got her attention. The sound got Mustaq’s attention as well. Taking a long draw on the drinks, he grinned at his partner. “There you go bro, don’t take any shit. If you want your ass reamed, make her do it.” Mustaq said with a chuckle.

Grabbing her silky hair, Surindar then pulled the struggling heroine to the edge of the bed and pushed her back to her knees. Looking down at her frightened face, he felt a surge of power wash over him. Taking his hand back, he slapped her twice…… first on one side of her face then on the other.

Then grabbing her chin in his hand, he brought his face close to her. ” Make me ask you again and it will get nasty.”

He sat down on the bed with his ass on the edge. Leaning back, he hooked his arms under his knees…. opening himself up. Looking through his legs, he could see Indrani’s face, her cheeks red with his hand imprint.

“Get busy bitch”. Surindar blurted out.

Indrani felt nauseous. Surindar had seemed the nicer of the two men. Sure he had raped her but he had not tried to hurt her. Her cheeks still stung from the beating she had just received. She knew by his tone that he meant what he said.

Taking a big swallow from his bottle, Mustaq rose to his feet and approached Indrani. Coming up behind her, he pinched her nose, drawing her head back. The action caused her to open her mouth. He quickly tipped the bottle up pouring the fiery liquid down her throat.

Indrani coughed and gagged fighting to swallow the drink. Mustaq laughed. “Again” he said pulling her head back and repeating the process. She couldn’t tell how much whiskey he had poured down her throat but it felt like a lot.

Then gripping the back of her head, he pushed her towards Surindar who lied on the bed. “Lick his asshole Mrs. Dutta. Get your tongue in there.”

Closing her eyes tight, Indrani tentatively planted a kiss on Surindar’s hairy asshole.

“Make love to it Mrs. Dutta”, Mustaq said whispering in her ear. “Plant your lips on it and French kiss his asshole.” Then stepping back slightly, he gave the back of her head a swat. “Do it!”

Indrani really had no choice. Flicking her tongue out, she tasted the acrid bitterness of his dirty asshole. The smell was strong but not what she expected. As her tongue swirled around the crinkled dark hole, Surindar moaned in ecstasy.

“Oh yea, that’s good, lots of tongue Indudevi.”

Hearing the action on the other side of the room, Nandan leaned up and began once again tonguing his daughter’s sweet asshole. Rajnandini, in turn was watching her mother to lick Surindar’s ass-hole, and began to wiggle her own ass back into her father’s face.

On the other hand, as Indrani became more accustomed to what she was doing, her enthusiasm began to build. Despite the revulsion she had originally felt, when Surindar made his demand, she found the act now to be less repulsive than she had originally thought before.

There was no denying that Surindar was loving it as he moaned, “Yes yes Indudevi….. now my balls, get them nice and wet”.

Surindar was rubbing her pretty face into his hairy crotch….. enjoying the hot salivating tongue of the great Tolly heroine in action. After a few minutes, he pushed her away. Then dropping his legs, he rose to his feet….. bringing Indrani to him and pushing her down onto the bed. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders, as he buried his cock into her wet pussy once again in one stroke.

The force of it took Indrani’s breath away….. no more gentle. Then pulling back out, he lined his cock up to her asshole and began to push.

Indrani freaked. “No, no Surindarbhai….. don’t. Fuck my pussy, fuck my mouth but no, please leave my ass alone”.

Surindar sneered down at her. “Not a chance, I’m going to fuck that beautiful ass… I had a long time dream of fucking a Bengalee woman’s ass…… so you had better relax. If you fight me, it is only going to hurt more.”

Now Mustaq was getting interested. Grabbing a bandana off the nightstand, he proceeded to tie it around her mouth. “I am sick of hearing you whine. This will shut you up.”

Surindar was meanwhile pushing his cock against her unwilling entrance but making no progress. “Just apply a steady pressure”, Mustaq counseled his partner, “She’ll only be able to fight you for a minute.”

Nodding to his boss, Surindar kept up his pushing against Indrani’s ass-hole. He could hear her mumbling through her gag but could make no sense of what she was saying.

Mustaq slapped her face telling her to shut up while Surindar felt the head of his cock push through. Indrani squealed loudly into her gag. ‘Fuck, that hurt! His cock felt like a baseball bat.’

Mustaq was holding her shoulders…. now pinning her to the mattress. And Surindar was sweating from the exertion while Indrani could feel her sphincter muscles weakening. Surindar gained two more inches into her ass…… pausing to let her get used to it. He smiled at his boss…. noticing his cock enter her ass-hole slowly.

Indrani struggled beneath him, mumbling incoherently through her gag…. her eyes big as saucers. But Surindar went back to his work. Pulling back slightly, he pushed on…… gaining another couple of inches. Indrani squealed into her gag continuously.

Mustaq bent down and kissed her lips lovingly. “Now, now, that’s not so bad…. just loosen your ass and cooperate my partner. Yes…. just relax, he’s half way in.”

‘Half way!! He was going to kill me’. Indrani thought as she felt like he was splitting her in two.

Surindar was now sawing in and out of her poor abused ass, gaining a bit on each stroke. Spitting on her asshole for further  lubrication, he said to Mustaq, ” Holly shit, her ass is so tight. You should try some of this Mustaqda.”

“You go ahead Dost, I just shot off in her daughter, I need some rest.” Mustaq winked at his partner and looking down at her. He realised that she wasn’t fighting so much now. Surindar was now fucking into her ass in full strokes more easily. She had relaxed some now….. although she was still whimpering into her gag.

Brushing the hair lovingly from her eyes he said, “If I take your gag off, will you be quiet?” Indrani nodded ‘yes’ and Mustaq untied her gag.

“Thank you”, She said happily.

Mustaq then swung his leg over her head, squatting over her face and asked, “How about you give me some of that tongue action you gave my partner, he sure seemed to like it.”

Indrani smiled in joy as Mustaq dropped his balls onto her lips. She began giving them a tongue bath. She could feel the shudder go through his legs as he groaned, “Oh yea, just like that Mrs. Dutta. Lick my balls”.

Indrani swirled first one…. then the other into her mouth while Surindar continued to fuck her ass. As much as it had hurt at first, Indrani could not deny the fact that the pain was slowly being replaced with something else. It almost felt good.

At that time, Mustaq pulled his balls out from her mouth and presented her with his musky asshole. She knew this was coming and put up no fight, running her tongue around the out side of the dark hole before pushing at it’s center. She felt him shift on the bed….. spreading his legs wider….. offering her easier access.

Reaching up, she pried his ass-cheeks wide apart….. rubbing her face in his crack as she frenched his asshole. His spent up cock was regaining it’s hardness now. He fisted it as Indrani worked on his asshole.

Reaching down, he then grabbed a nipple in each hand and began pinching them, rolling them between his fingers. This caused the celeb dancer to gasp….. sending a rush of hot air into his asshole. He was tweaking the nipples a little harder….. eliciting a similar response.

“Switch with me Surindar, I want a piece of that lovely ass”. Mustaq said.

Climbing off the bed, Mustaq then walked around….. taking the position vacated by his partner. Indrani’s Asshole gaped open. As he watched closely, it seemed to close in on itself. Placing his bulbous cock-head at her opening, he planted nearly half his cock in one thrust.

Mustaq’s cock was both longer and fatter than Surindar but there was no fight left in the great actress. Swinging her legs around, Mustaq climbed up on the bed….. crawling between her legs. He started fucking her long and deep now.

Surindar then walked to the side of the bed….. taking Indrani’s head in his hands and began feeding her his cock. At first she just started to suck him, then remembering where he had been, she tried to push him away. Surindar would have none of that.

“Open your fucking mouth”, Surindar hissed. His cold eyes implied the renowned actress that there was no negotiating. She opened her mouth as he fed her his cock.

“Ass to mouth Mustaqda, just like in the porn movies. How’s that taste Indudevi, Does it taste like ass?” Surindar winked at the matured actress.

Both the intruders now got a kick out of that. Surindar pushed his cock to the back of her throat, forcing her to gag. With slow easy strokes he began fucking her mouth….. while Mustaq was fucking her ass violently.

“Switch now”, Mustaq said and they switched positions giving Indrani a fresh taste of her own ass.

This went on for a while….. with first Mustaq then his partner…. taking turns at her ass and mouth. Pulling his cock from Indrani’s ass Mustaq buried it in her cunt….. two deep strokes and he moved back to her ass.

“Cunt, Ass” Mustaq chanted as he moved back and fourth. “Cunt, Ass, mouth” he said as he switched positions with Surindar.

At one time, pulling out of Indrani’s mouth, Surindar looked over to Rajnandini who was watching the action with great interest. “Come here and make yourself useful Miss Dutta”.

Rajnandini’s eyes snapped up to Surindar who waved her over. Meanwhile Mustaq pulled Indrani’s head off the edge of the bed and pulled her hips to the side of the bed as he pushed her legs towards her head. Then spreading them wide, he allowed them to hang over her head. Being satisfied, he looked at Surindar and noted that her legs framed her face perfectly. From this position her ass and cunt were both easily accessible.

“Miss Dutta, I want you over here, right next to your mother. Straddle her face, that’s a girl.”

Rajnandini complied as was instructed by Mustaq and moved into position….. hovering over her mother’s face. Her own pussy was lined up perfectly with her mother’s pussy.

Then dipping his fingers into Indrani’s well-used pussy, Surindar coated his digits…. presenting them to Rajnandini. “Here you go Miss Dutta, have a taste.”

Tentatively Rajnandini first licked then sucked her mother’s sweet pussy-cream from Surindar’s wet fingers. Then pulling his fingers from the enthusiastic teen’s mouth, Surindar began fingering her mother’s Ass-hole. He rubbed his thumb on her clit while inserting 2 fingers into her stretched Ass hole. Indrani moaned, looking up her view which was blocked by her daughter’s glistening pussy but she could hear the soft moans coming from her daughter.

Pulling his fingers free from Indrani’s greased asshole, Surindar fed them to her daughter. The young girl recoiled trying to pull back but Mustaq was right behind her and held her in place. And Surindar continued to work his fingers in and was soon rewarded with the feeling of Rajnandini’s tongue cleaning his slightly shit-coated dirty fingers.

Few seconds later, Surindar stepped over to Indrani and angled his cock down, pile driving her cunt in one easy stroke. After wetting his dick in this manner, he then entered her asshole. Indrani’s tired, abused, sphincter offered no resistance and he plowed home easily fucking her in long deep strokes.

After few strokes, he pulled out his yellowish cock from Indrani’s ass-hole and grabbed the back of Rajnandini’s head. “Suck” was all he said. Seeing his dirty throbbing member twitching before her eyes, fresh from her mother asshole, Rajnandini was revolted again. She could feel Surindar tighten his grip on her head and knew resistance was futile.

So without seeing any other options, Rajnandini opened her mouth in compulsion and allowed Surindar to feed her his shit-coated cock. He felt her tongue working over the head of his cock. Pushing forward he pressed his cock deeper until he felt the tip hit the back of her throat. As she gagged, he pulled back slightly before pushing forward again.

“That’s a good girl”, He said, “Just swallow it. Don’t fight it and wont gag. When it touches your throat, just swallow hard.”

Firmly grabbing the back of her head, he slowly pushed forward. He could feel her tensing up as he drew close. With a final push, he felt the head enter her throat. He felt her convulse as she tried to swallow. Her throat muscles felt like fingers drawing his cock down. With a bump, her nose touched his crotch.

Then he pulled back all the way as his cock trailed streamers of spit and mucus. She gasped in a lung full of air. “Again” he said, pulling her back onto his cock. This time she swallowed him with hardly a whimper.

After some time, he pulled out of her mouth and went back to fucking her mothers ass. Switching between her asshole and pussy, Surindar became marveled at the different feelings….. each hole offered his throbbing cock.

Meanwhile Mustaq pulled Rajnandini’s face to his cock and began feeding her his dick. In no time she was deep throating him as well. And of the other side, Surindar’s breathing was coming in quicker gasps. His orgasm was rapidly approaching. So pulling out of Indrani’s ass at one point, he grabbed his cock, stroking it furiously.

Then placing just the head of his cock on Indrani’s tongue, Surindar continued to stroke his cock. Throwing his head back he was in ecstasy. Her looked back down into her pretty face and asked, “Ready for your first taste of my Cock-cream, Mrs. Dutta? Hold it in your mouth, don’t spit or swallow. I want to see it first.”

Indrani’s eyes were followed him. Surindar’s fist was pounding just inches from her chin when she felt the first spurt hit her tongue.

“Ah….” He grunted then unleashed a torrent of whitish pent up cum into the pretty dancer’s mouth. After 2 spurts,  he pulled back aiming the balance at her pretty little face, painting her nose, forehead, cheeks, lips and chin with his spew.

“Don’t you lose any” he warned. With her mouth gaping open, Indrani sat back on her heels.

“Beautiful”, She heard his boss Mustaq say “Nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous heroine covered in cum”.

And bending over her, Surindar began to wipe his sticky cum from her covered face, into the overflowing pool in her mouth.

“Share it with your daughter” Mustaq said with a chuckle.

This appealed to Surindar as well as he said, “Yea Mrs. Dutta, Spit that into your daughter’s mouth”.

Quickly he flipped Indrani onto her side and then brought her to her knees along side Rajnandini. “Make a show of it, pass that shit around”.

Indrani was a sight. Her hair waa matted to her forehead with sweat and cum. Chest was heaving and her mouth was opened like a little bird. As her saliva added to the cum, little rivers were starting to escape from the corners of her mouth.

Pushing the mother towards her daughter, the two intruders watched as the matured Tolly heroine drew her face to her daughter. And flicking her tongue out, Rajnandini dipped it into her mother’s mouth…. in the pool of cum….. and gathered in her mouth.

Indrani closed her mouth for the first time and pushed her tongue in her daughter’s mouth and delivered much of the load, into her open mouth. Soon the celeb mother-daughter were French kissing each other with extreme passion…… passing the cum-salivated load back and forth and in the process spreading a lot onto each other’s face.

Suddenly Nandan came close to them and with animalistic groans, he started stroking his raging hard-on furiously. Within few seconds, he screamed in exquisite pleasures as his eight inches meaty rod began to squirt.

The stored-up huze hot cream blasted on his wife and daughter’s pretty faces…… adding his load to the mess. The great mother-daughter made no effort of pulling away from his spraying cum into either of the their mouths. At one moment, he dropped beside them…. as he pulled back his daughter towards him who was gulping….. swallowing what was left in her mouth. His wife followed the suit.

Quickly Indrani reached out as she curled her fingers into the mess which her husband had left on their faces….. drawing the delicious mixture of cum into her mouth. Then she sucked her daughter’s finger clean and repaid the favor. Both girls giggled happily being totally overcome from the tensing atmosphere.

At last Nandan fell to the bed beside them being totally exhausted…… kissing his daughter tenderly as his wife allowed her tongue to clean the interior of her daughter’s mouth.

To be continued……

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