BBC Takes Advantage of Situation in Vegas

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Alternative Version of previous story.

This story happened to me (us) at the end of June in Las Vegas. I am nervous and a little on edge. I was told by a friend to write it out and submit it to this site and another one like it. He feels that others on this site may have gone through something similar and would be able to give advice and feedback over what to do about all of the surreal events.

My name is Mitch and my wife’s name is Megan. We are from Ohio and have been married for 5 years . We have 2 boys ages 4 and 2 and our currently working on a 3rd child.. We are high school sweethearts. We went to college together and were married a year after both of us getting degrees. Megan is beautiful. She is 27 years old. She is a 5’8 blonde with a beautiful smile and personality. My buddies all say she is the spitting image of Sara Walsh (The ESPN sportscaster). I am not a bad looking guy. I am 28, blonde, husky but not fat, blue eyes.

We just went to Las Vegas last weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary and that is where the incident happened. We left the kids with my parents and decided to re-energize our marriage by cutting loose in Vegas. We stayed at a strip resort and were having a great time Tuesday through Thursday gambling. We saw the show Absinthe. We drank daily and made love nightly. We lived dangerously (for us), Smoking Marijuana for the first time since it is legal there. It was all kind of invigorating cutting loose in Vegas. We also spent every day laying out at the pool where we met a couple named Rob and Judy. They were another white couple from the Midwest. They were 10 years older than us but really outgoing and a lot of fun. We went to dinner with them on Thursday night and developed a friendship.

On Friday at the pool, Rob confided in me that he and his wife were swingers and asked if Megan and I would be interested. I quickly responded no way. Megan is very conservative and outside of a blow job she gave to a guy before she met me when she was 14, she has never been with anyone but me. I am the same way, totally faithful, and we would never do this. Rob was totally understanding and apologized and for me all was forgiven. I was however curious about what swingers did and how his wife and he stayed together while being with others. He was very forthcoming in describing their lifestyle and what they did. The more he described the more I was intrigued by how different they were from me and Megan. I still knew that it was not for us and decided not to say anything to Megan about my conversation with Rob.

We went to dinner with them again that night. To my surprise, Judy brought it up jokingly. She told Megan what Rob had asked me and laughed at how quickly I shot him down. Megan’s seemed confused and asked “What is swinging?” When Judy described it she laughed and said she was in Vegas to cut loose but no way in hell would either of us be with someone else. I agreed and so did Rob and Judy and it actually became a relaxed topic of curious conversation. As the night went on, Rob mentioned that a very large Swing club was in Vegas and that they were going Saturday night. He mentioned that lots of couples go and watch without swinging. He mentioned that there were private as well as public places where people had sex. He said you can watch others without participating and it would be very laid back if we wanted to go. We said we would let them know but probably would pass.

On Saturday at the pool Megan and I discussed it. We agreed that we were there to live a little so both of us came to the conclusion that it might be fun to see what this place was like. Our concern was that Rob and Judy would interpret our acceptance of their invitation as we might still be open to swinging, so when they came down to the pool we explained clearly that we were not and accepted their invite. They were totally cool and said they understood and no pressure so we agreed.

That night we started out with a little roulette and drinks having fun before we headed out to the club. We were a little nervous going in. There were other clubs and a gay bar in the same complex. We actually drank shots at the gay bar (The swing club did not serve alcohol) before going next door to the swing club. I was a little irritated when we got there because Rob failed to tell me that it cost $70 to get in, but we were already there so I had to pay it.

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