Aunty conspiracy through a phone call

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My aunt and i stayed together in a single bedroom apartment in bangalore so while we stayed alone we had some chit chat among us about all the stuff so while talking topic came about girls and women so while she was speaking she told about her sisters daughter and she kept on speaking about the academics sports about her sisters daughter.

I was eager to know about the sister daughter while she was speaking she just told me how girls get change while the puberty period likewise she told about her change of her lifestyle suddenly she had lite kind of allergies in her body and she started to show pulling her saree from her stomach so while showing her breast where transparent in light blue blouse without any bra slowly she lifted her bottom part of her saree where her thighs got infected when she lifted it up i could able to see her hairy cunt without any underwear her cunt was every bushy and hard vagina walls slight pinkish colour very dry it was all of a sudden she asked me can we have secret affair since her puberty and age related issue haven’t made her sexual life impressive.

So she asked me can we have secret affair not to be unknown to the family members.I said if you are satisfied in one time what will you do?.She said I will think about sex and masturbate with my sister in law as she also in the same kind of mind.Infact she confessed that they all are like lesbian anyhow they both wanted only me to satisfy and at the same time they don’t want the matter to be leaked.

So she called upon her sister in law intimated her to be here in bangalore.Both the ladies had lot of unusal sexual desires as soon they met each other they started hugging at a point of time they were rolling on the floor grasing their boobs..Seeing it my penis slighty slanted as soon as they lifted their bra up white boobs and brown boobs got to struck in each other 90 degree.After a minute i removed the bottom of thier saree and gave my cock to them and aunts sister in law pussy was in my mouth which was wide opened tip of her clitoris where it was little arousing while my penis was licked in by my aunt.

After that we had sex i inserted my cock in her cunt and had the brown boobs as my aunt was licking her sister in law pussy they both had missionary position sex with me.After which we had dog punch position i had to come within few minutes as they both were very hot..Aged hair but their desires haven’t satisfied hence their skin was very thick and grasing..Aunts sister in law started moaning and started to take out my penis and letting in again..She kept doing this after an hour we had to rest.

Wide lengthy cunt clitoris with sharp edged clits made me fuck them and also wanted me to fuck them even more.
We guys fail to estimate women,they are unsatisfied in sexual intercourse as youngster we must look into them they both wanted only two days of sex.After which they completely satisfied and fullfilled.

Meanwhile we had sex in the floor lying naked a whole day it was like nude beach for two days.
They both figured each other ceased each other body rubbed their booty..As the day went next day morning was little trouble for me since i couldn’t have erection then had to take a pill from a nearby shop after which morning and afternoon went well..
Both had 38inch boobs round nipples bigger in width milking slightly,90 cm waist and both had a plain back not very big large ass.
They had intimate lesbian which stired my sex drive.

After which they had little tears in their eyes since it’s been a very good two days of time.
I left my aunt sister in law in bus station as she left back.Me and my aunt started our daily routine.Took her to hospital got her allergy free.
Now she had asked for solo one to one fuck.

Will complete it and update soon.

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