Uncle bill

After aunt sally told me my uncle had been having sex with his own daughters and had plans on taking the youngest junes cherry i couldnt beleave it. I was busy eating pussy and fucking for the 2 weeks he was gone. I had to figure out how i was gonna catch him in the act if he really was fucking his daughters.

Each of the girls had there own rooms so i snuck in to each room and made sure the curtains had gaps in them so i could peek in from outside. Good thing about there rooms you had to walk through the living room to get from my aunt and uncles room to the girls room.
It was really late and everyone was a sleep when my uncle finally got home. I was awaken by the front door shutting and i just layed still watching to see what uncle was gonna do. He heads to his room, i thought to myself i knew it wasnt true. As i lay there trying to dose off when he came walking through the living room butt naked. Headed down the hall, i roll off the couch and crawl to the hallway to see which room he went to.

It was maries room, i still hadnt had the chance to do anything with her. Shes been spending all her time with her boyfriend. I sneak outside and down to her window and peek in. I see uncle bill standing beside her bed, he has already pulled the covers off her. She slept nude i seen. ( she stood about 5’4, 95lbs. Black hair, brown eyes With 34 c titts, nice wide hips and round ass) i can hear him telling her to wake up,
she looks up and says i told you dad i wasnt doing this any more.
He tells her you little bitch you will do whatever i want you to do as long as you live under my roof now get your fucking ass up like i said.

She looks up at him and slowly gets up, as she turns and sits on the edge of the bed he shoves his long dick into her face. (He had to be 8 or 9 inches long with fore skin, mine maybe shorter at 7inches but i was thicker than him)
She took the entire length of his dick in her mouth without gagging and she let him face fuck her. She was a pro. After several mins he pulls it out of her mouth and has her turn around onto her hands and knees, i cant see to good whats going on but i hear her

yell out not in my ass you know i dont like that.

He says to bad its just to tight sweety. As he begins fucking her i pull out my dick and begin jacking off. I hear someone walking up. Sally says i thought i would find you spying. Are you getting a good show? Let me see.
Oh yes you are as she wraps her hand around my dick and storkes me. She pulls up her gown and bends over backs up toward me. My dick slides in with ease, shes soaking wet. I start pumping her as i keep looking in the window watching uncle bill fuck marie in the ass. I can hear marie cry out be easy, not so deep you bastard..

Aunt sally pushes back into me with each thrust forward. She has her hand on the wall braceing her self as i slam into her.
She starts tightening up squeezeing my dick. All i can say is dam it and ram forward one last time as i shot my load in her pussy.
She stands up turns to me, we better get back in the house before he finishes.
I ask her why is he doing that if she dont want to be fucked in the butt.

“Its because she fights him and resists him and she squeezes her ass tensing up as he fucks her, if she would relax he would get bored of fucking her”
so will he do anything with june or mary tonight. ” no he will come into our room and have me suck on his dick before having me ride him.” Its his routine ” “tomorrow he will prb try and mess with june at some time” anyways better cover up before he walks through.

Few mins later uncle bill walks to his room and shuts his door. I can hear marie crying so i get up to go check on her, marie you ok.
“Get out of here you fucking pervert ”
So i go back to the couch and fall asleep.

The next morning i wake up to marie sitting in the floor up against the couch. ” look im sorry about last night, i was pissed. He does that every time he comes back home. Im always his 1st stop and then its mary and he has started messing with june, the fucking bastard.” I ask why hasnt she told someone, ” cause cops would get involved and i dont want him going to jail i couldnt do that to my mom ” ” he is a peice of shit but hes my dad ”
” i want be living here much longer anyways, oh if you think i want you doing anything with me like your doing with mom or my sisters you have another thing coming buddy ” i ask how she knows about that she tells me they all knew june wanted me to be her 1st that she has had a crush on me for years and once i messed with her she told sally and both of them everything that happened. She says unlike them her boyfriend done what ever she wanted him to do. You do have a nice looking cock but im faithful to my man. I just wanted to apologise to you.

I ask her as she walks away where june was and she says out in the shop with dad.

As i walk into the shop i can hear june scream out it hurts dad please stop. Dont dad its to big.

“Sweety half of it is already in you, just relax and let me do this. Dont you love me” i peek around his giant tool box and can see he has june laying on a table, he is between her legs. As she tries to Scoot away from him he pulls her back into him. She cries out more, it hurts daddy. Please stop. Mommy it hurts. I cant beleave it as aunt sally walks into view and puts her hand on uncle bills shoulder i think thats all your gonna be able to get in her, shes still to small. Just enjoy what you can get into her. He starts pumping her. Aunt sally starts rubbing on junes small breast speaking softly to june telling her to just relax your dad will be done soon.

Aunt sally starts rubbing on her pussy watching her husband fuck there daughter. Its to much and i back out of the shop. Im in shock and pissed at the same time i wanted to get in her tight little pussy myself but now she will be to soar for me to do anything with.

I left that afternoon going home and few months later i heard my aunt sally was pregnant again and so was marie.

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