A Trucker’s Niece

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Denise is 23 and I am 40. We are related as family until this changed one day. The age difference between me and her looked big in past but with the passage of time it started to look less. She is my elder brother’s daughter. There was a time when I used to live near my brother family. He had two daughters Denise and Verna. Then things changed as my brother divorced his wife and married again. I moved to another state and joined a freight firm as driver.

I saw Denise a few years later on a visit back home and it was obvious that she was going to be a beautiful woman. She grew up with her mother, who was a bi and had drug problems. Her mother flip flopped from men to women and from one drug to other. Denise and her sister saw her in and out of love affairs with no stability in their lives. Denise somehow passed her school. I delivered a load of freight to the town she lived in on a Statureday and couldn’t reload til Monday. I hadn’t seen Denise in 10 years so I asked my brother for her phone number and then called her. When she answered I told her to guess who I was and I was amazed that she remembered my voice after so many years.

We agreed to meet at the truck stop restaurant at seven that evening. I recognized her when she walked through the door as she had a lot of facial traits from my side of the family. She was about 5’5″ tall, 120 lbs, long dark hair, smiling blue eyes, well defined tits, nice ass, and a bubbly personality. As she greeted me her hug was extremely clingy and more like that of a girfriend. She was wearing bib overalls and a white sleeveless blouse, obviously braless as a good portion of her tits were visible through the arm holes in the blouse. A man who dropped her off was her boyfriend and would return to get her if and when she called him. Frankly she turned me on as a sexy woman. We ate a light dinner and caught up on things since we last saw each other. After dinner we walked across the street to a lounge and took a table kinda secluded in the rear of the place. She had a margarita and I had bourbon and water on the side. She sat close and occasionally laid her head on my shoulder as we talked. She told me that when I visited her last, she had gotten a girl crush on me. I jokingly made a comment about her already looking grown up at that time. She said that her tits had been played with by a lot of boys since she was young. She had her leg against mine and my cock was hard from the conversation. I ordered us another drink and as the waiter sat the drinks on the table she turned my head toward her with her finger and kissed me open mouthed and pushed her tongue in my mouth. When she broke the kiss the waiter was still standing there.

“Anything else sir?” he asked. I told him to bring the bill. I placed my hand on her crotch as we hurried to finish the drinks. I explained that I was planning to stay at a motel.

“Doesn’t your truck have a bed in it” she asked? ‘It does’ I answered. Well, she said, with a mischievous look, if you don’t mind, I’ve never been in bed in an 18 wheeler. I don’t mind, I answered. With that I paid the bill, tipped the waiter, and we walked back across the street to my truck. I unlocked the door and palmed her ass as she climbed up then scurried to the passenger seat and smiled at me as I climbed into the drivers seat. She spread the curtain to the sleeper berth and checked out the bed.

I started the engine for the a/c and followed her into the sleeper and zipped the curtain. I was excited that my 40 year old ass gonna get some young pussy, but also that the pussy was between the legs of my beautiful niece. She turned to kiss me again and began unbuttoning my shirt as she did. We broke the kiss and I pulled the shirt off as she unbuckled the straps on her bibs. When the flap on the bibs fell her dark areola and nipples were visible through the white blouse. She kicked off her sneakers and stood up and I pushed the bibs down over her hips and let them pile up on the floor leaving her standing in footies and a pink thong.

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