A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

For as long as I can remember, it’s always just been me, my mom and my sister. My dad left before me and my sister were born (we’re twins), and we’ve never even met him. He was a few years older than Mom, seduced her and got her pregnant when she was just sixteen. He bailed as soon as he found out, but to his credit, he’s paid a fairly sizable amount of alimony to my mom over the past eighteen years. And that’s the last I’ll mention him.

Mom’s name is Elizabeth. She’s the best and I love her to death. She works at my high school as the secretary; which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because she’s just a moment away if I need her; a curse because she’s just a moment away if I’m in trouble. Not that I get into trouble much, but it’s hard to ditch class if your mom’s the one who calls your house to say that you missed class. But I have gotten into a couple of fights (more on that later), and while Mom was annoyed and shocked by this, once she heard my reasoning for starting them, she was quick to forgive me.

My twin sister’s name is Rheta (pronounced the same as Rita). Mom found the name in some obscure fantasy book and really liked it. Rheta’s smart, being one of the best students in our small school’s graduating class this year. As well as being quite shy. This combo has led nearly everyone in our year to know who she is, but left her with only two friends. As my sister’s quite beautiful, she’s had lots of guys ask her out, but she’s never said yes to any of them (again, more on this later).

As for me, my name’s Henry (named after my great-grandfather, if you’re interested). I’m nowhere near as smart as my sister, but I still get decent grades. I’m a loner, not really having friends just people that I can ask to play a game of basketball with should the mood strike. I’m not tall or skilled enough to play for the school team, but a game of Horse is always fun. I do however, have a black belt from my local karate dojo which has kept me in decent shape for the past eight years.

This story ultimately begins about six months ago. The three of us were at this cottage we have rented since me and Rheta were six; it’s my favourite place in the world. Sitting on a half acre of land, this slice of paradise is our family’s retreat from the world; it’s on a small hill that goes down to the water, creating a small beach. A line of trees on each side shields the property from prying eyes, not that there was ever any.

It was a hot summer day, barely a cloud in the sky, and only the whisper of a breeze that tantalized cool relief from the day. I was down by the beach, sitting in a lounge chair as I read an old Flash comic from the 90s that had been at this place since before we’d started renting it. I was just about to set it down and head up to the cottage for a bit of lunch, when I saw my mom and my sister coming down the hill with a plate of food each.

But it wasn’t the food that stopped me in my tracks, it was them. Both of them were wearing two-piece bathing suits, something that I’d never seen either of them do before. I watched as their breasts jiggled all the way down the hill; while their tops covered most of their tits, they also pushed them up and together, creating deep valleys of cleavage on both of them. As my eyes roamed down their bodies, I took in their flat stomachs and narrow waists that flared out to wide hips (Mom’s being wider than my sister’s). Their legs were strong, as all three of us would run for an hour on the treadmill we had at home three times a week; Mom’s thighs were thicker than Rheta’s, but she still had a healthy dose of meat to her.

Blood rushed to my cock as they drew closer and I realized for the first time how beautiful my mother and sister were. Or at least, this was the first time that I’d noticed them as hot, sexy females. In an attempt to hide my growing erection, I sat back down on the chair I’d just vacated and pulled my legs up. It was then, as if in sync, they came around my chair and walked over to the two others that sat on the beach, bending at the waist as they stuck their asses out in my direction (Mom’s bikini was barely able to contain her upside-down heart shaped ass, whereas the material on my sister’s was stretched tight over her peached shaped one) as they put their plates down and dragged the chairs so that they were on either side of me. Mom on my left and Rheta on my right.

I suppose I should tell you what my mom and sister look like. And the truth is, they could pass for sisters. Like Mom and her sister, my Aunt Marie, don’t even look this similar. They both have really long flowing black hair that they wear in the same style, most of it’s loosely pulled back into a sort of loose man-bun at the back before letting the rest flow down their backs while they have two lightly curled bangs that hang down and frame their faces. If you’ve ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, think of combining Azula and her mom’s hairstyles and that’s basically what my Mom and sister have. Mom’s slightly taller than Rheta and has bigger boobs (I’ve since learned Mom’s a 40EE whereas my sister is a 36C). All three of us have golden hazel eyes and my sister’s lips are a dark shade of pink that match her areolas perfectly. Mom’s lips are a lighter pink and her areolas are the same colour as Rheta’s (although, in this current moment, I didn’t know these things). As I said, my mother and sister basically look like twins themselves, but where Rheta is firm and pert, Mom is, for lack of a better word, doughy (but in the best possible way).

As I forced myself to watch the lake and not get caught ogling either of them, I tried to think of anything and everything under the sun to get my cock to settle down. I had just found the image of our school’s 85-year-old principal in my memory bank, when Mom ruined all my progress. Holding up a grape before my vision, she teased, “Would my lord like something to eat? We slaved away creating the greatest feast that we could provide for such a beach outing.”

“Mom, you make it sound like we’re his servants,” my sister said, drawing my attention back to her. “It’s bad enough that you forced me into this ridiculous bikini, please don’t humiliate me further by implying that my younger brother is the boss of me.”

“It’s only twenty minutes!” I defended myself. Something completely undone by the fact that Rheta was mouthing the refrain along with me, purposefully making her face look extra stupid to prove that she was better than me.

“I didn’t force you to wear anything, Rhe (my sister’s nickname),” Mom said. “I simply requested that you come out with me and that we spend some time together working on our tans. And besides,” she added as an afterthought, “you and your brother both know that he’s the servant in the household and that teasing him about that fact is something the both of us love doing.” Rheta just nodded along to this in agreement.

Jumping up, my wilting erection all but forgotten, I said, “I’m not your servant! I’m the man of the house! And as such, it’s my duty to ensure that you two are looked after and that any manual chores are done so you don’t have to do them. You two will miss me when I’m gone next year.”

Both of them giggled at this, but Mom just nodded her head. “Yes sweetie, I will miss both of you greatly next year when you go off to college. But not because I’ll be doing all the chores; but because my babies will be gone and I’ll be left alone. The two of you will be out in the world, living your own lives and I’ll be left by the wayside as you forge onwards.”

“Mom, we aren’t going to leave you,” I said as I sat down beside her on the lounge chair and pulled her into a hug.

A second later we were joined by Rheta as she joined us in the hug. “You have nothing to worry about Mom. We’re not big on friends and we’ve already promised to come home every other weekend.” I felt Mom nod to this after a moment, and after another minute or so we disengaged from each other and sat on our respective chairs.

The rest of the afternoon passed without much incident, aside from the fact that I was extremely focused on not getting an erection and/or staring at either of them for more than a few seconds. That was, until after dinner. The way that the cottage is set up is that the sunroom runs the length of the building with an entrance at either end into the cottage proper. There’s three bedrooms, with the middle one being flush with the sunroom and having a window (like a takeout window) into the sunroom. The middle bedroom’s always been mine, and I usually have the window closed, but I’d opened it when we came in for dinner to let the breeze blowing through the sunroom cool off my room so it wasn’t so stuffy tonight.

And apparently, my mom and sister hadn’t noticed. After dinner was cleaned up, I’d gone into the family room, pulled out the GameCube and started to play some Smash Bros. After finishing a fight, I got up to go to the bathroom at the other end of the cottage, not really paying attention to fact that Mom and Rheta were giggling in the sunroom as I walked by my bedroom.

It was as I was coming back that I heard the words that would ultimately change our family forever. “Do you think Henry liked the display we gave him today?” I heard Mom ask, being quite flirtatiously playful.

“That’s disgusting Mother,” Rheta said. “I can’t believe you conned me into dressing so trashy in the first place, let alone that brazen display pulling our chairs to his.” This shocked me to my core: not only had they displayed themselves on purpose, but they’d done it to tease me. “My skin is still crawling from having his eyes on me like that.”

“You’re the one who said he had a big dick after you saw him sneaking out to go skinny dipping the other night. I believe your exact words were ‘fuck my brother’s got a huge cock!’ before you asked me if I’d seen how thick he is.” I didn’t even know my sister knew such language. “So, I simply offered up a way to kill two birds with one stone: see if he’s gay by giving him an eyeful, hoping that he’d give us one as well.” Wait, how long had Mom thought I was gay?

“That’s disgusting Mom,” Rheta reiterated. “He shouldn’t be turned on by his mom and sister, it’s just wrong.”

“Says the girl who went and jilled herself to a massive orgasm after she saw her brother’s supposedly huge cock.”

“I-I-I did no such thing,” Rheta tried to defend herself. Even without seeing her I could tell that she was blushing, which meant she was lying. Holy shit, my sister had gotten off to thoughts of me.

“Your screaming in pleasure as you cried ‘Yes BIG brother!’ woke me up. I had half a mind to make sure the two of you weren’t actually fucking, but after only hearing you for thirty seconds, I figured you were alone. So, I let you be; no need to make things awkward.”

“No, this isn’t awkward at all. What’s awkward about talking with my mom about masturbating to thoughts of my brother; while she goes on about how loud I am, while also bringing up schemes to have him show us his boner without asking for it directly, because that would be just slightly awkward.” As awed as I was by this conversation, the way Rheta just said this, every word dripping sarcasm, was making me double over with silent laughter.

“You’ve been wanting to have these types of conversations ever since your brother got into a fight with that Duque boy back in March. When your crush on him began.” Wait, Rheta had a crush on me? (Quick summary, that Duque boy was in the year ahead of Rheta and I and had been bothering her since the end of Christmas break, trying to get her to go out with him. When she’d rejected him for the who knows how many-eth time, he’d gotten physical with her, demanding she go out with him. Upon seeing this, I did what any brother would do and started beating on him like a madman. We both were suspended for a week for the fight.)

“And when did yours start, my dear perverted mother? We’ve only been 18 for a couple of weeks, and I’ve seen you eyeing Henry like a piece of meat for at least a year now. You’ve been way too excited, and understanding, with all this talk of his dick.” Rheta was right, I realized upon looking back over this conversation: Mom was more into it than she should have been. Which made me wonder, had Mom been eyeing me so luridly over the past while? I certainly hadn’t noticed, but clearly my sister had.

“I don’t have a crush on your brother,” Mom said in a suspiciously even tone. “What you think you’ve seen is simply me realizing that Henry is growing up and that I’m proud of the man he’s becoming. My so-called eagerness is just the mom in me happy that you’re confiding in me about such things and my trying not to screw it up by overreacting in a way that would have you close off yourself from me.”

“Oh, Mom, that’s so sweet,” Rheta said. Did she not pick up on the subtle tone Mom was using? “But that doesn’t answer my question: how long have you wanted to fuck your own son?”

“I don’t appreciate that tone, missy,” Mom said in her most mom voice. “Nor do I appreciate being called a pervert. The love I have for both you and your brother is strictly maternal. Am I blind to the fact that Henry is a handsome young man; no I am not. But I do not have lustful thoughts about him, thank you very much.”

“Me thinks the lady doth protest too much,” Rheta quoted Shakespeare, very much saying what I was thinking myself. “But I’ll take your word for it,” she quickly added; clearly Mom was not impressed. A minute passed where they seemed to be judging each other, and I was tempted to peak through the blinds on the window and see their stare off. Finally, Rheta broke the silence, “But to answer your original question, I think that Henry very much enjoyed that slutty display you insisted we give him. I mean, did you see how quickly he sat back down in that chair; he was probably trying to hide the erection he was sprouting.”

This caused both of them to start giggling again. I knew that I should have stopped listening a long time ago and ignore what I’d heard so far, but as an 18-year-old virgin, my hormones wouldn’t let me. As I waited for the giggle fit to cease, I slowly crept myself towards the window; hoping to catch a peek at them in this lustful conversation. As I pressed myself against the wall at the window’s edge, barely pulling the blinds back so I could look out, I was surprised by the way the conversation next steered.

“Who do you think he was looking at more, me or you?” my sister asked. Despite her earlier claim, Rheta was clearly becoming comfortable with this conversation, and the incestuous nature of its topic.

“Honestly, I think he spent all his energy focusing on not staring that I don’t think he took full advantage of our display,” Mom replied. Seeing the confusion on Rheta’s face at this comment, Mom elaborated, “Since you were so busy trying to catch his dick growing-”

“I was merely making sure that your ridiculous plan actually worked, which it didn’t by the way,” interrupted my sister.

The smile Mom gave to this was both ‘gotchya’ and amused pity. “Like I said, your brother was too busy trying not to get an erection, staring into nothing, for him to choose which of us he found hotter. Although, even if he did pay attention to us, I’m not sure he’d be able to decide.” If that wasn’t the truth, I don’t know what was. Hearing this was making me just as hard as seeing them earlier had, and I had half a mind to go out there show them what they did to me. I probably would have had I been 1,000,000,000% sure that they’d join me in being exposed and down to fuck.

But, alas, I couldn’t cross that line.

We were at this cottage for another two weeks, in which the sexual tension only got worse. It was torture as the two of them continued wearing matching clothes just in different colours. One day black and white, the next silver and gold. The worst was the day the cottagers on the lake all got on their boats, adorned with Christmas lights and putted down the lake as they all celebrated Christmas in July; Mom and Rheta had matching striped red and green bikinis with white snowflakes where their nipples would be, as well as the centre of the crotch on the bottoms (these were also yin-yang-ed so that where Mom’s had a green stripe, Rhe’s would have a red one and vise versa). I nearly came in my shorts when I saw that these suits’ bottoms didn’t cover their full asses, leaving about a quarter of each cheek exposed to my bulging eyes.

How I made it through those two weeks without jumping either of them I’ll never truly know. It was even harder after hearing them (on separate occasions) masturbating to thoughts of me, as I went to dispose of proof of my own jerk-off sessions. Rheta was louder than Mom, but the things that came from Mom’s mouth in hushed tones would have me raging hard again even after I’d already come twice in the past hour.

The teasing slowed down once we returned home and the routine of life set upon us once again. Every now and again, I’d sneak into one of their rooms when I was alone in the house and steal a pair of their panties from their laundry. This was also when I took the time to read the labels on their bras. In my most daring hours, I’d jerk off into the cups of their bras (clean white ones so I wouldn’t get caught) then put them back in their drawers.

Over the next couple of months, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into incest fantasies. Honestly, I tried to focus on my studies (it was my final year of high school after all), but the more I tried to focus, the more I found myself succumbing to my (apparently family-shared) perversions. By the time Halloween rolled around, I’d resigned myself to getting grades that were about one and a half letter grades down from my usual fare.

And this is where my mother working at the school we attended, becomes a curse. My teachers obviously told her about my seeming lack in focus, which led to her confronting me on Halloween. Rheta had decided to study with a friend for the night as she had a test the day after next, so it was just the two of us in the house.

“Sweetie, can we talk about something?” Mom asked over dinner. “Something important.”

Thinking that she was about to bust me for jerking off into her and my sister’s bras and/or stealing their panties, I froze as I looked at her. Nodding slowly, I asked, “Am I in trouble?”

“Not in the sense you’re thinking of,” she answered, causing me to give a look of confusion. She elaborated, “It’s about school.” There was a pause as we looked at each other, waiting for the other to talk. Finally, Mom continued, “Your teachers are starting to worry, your grades are slipping; you seem to be constantly distracted and that seems to be affecting your work.”

Knowing that I couldn’t tell the truth, at least the full truth, I found myself confirming Mom’s suspicions. “I am.” Looking into her eyes, I could tell she wouldn’t break the silence that followed my admission, she wanted a fuller explanation. Heaving a bit of a sigh I continued, “It’s kinda embarrassing, and I can’t really talk about it with you.”

“You can talk to me about anything, honey. Even if it’s embarrassing-especially if it’s embarrassing. I’m your mother, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to talk to me about stuff. There’s nothing you can say that would surprise me: I raised you, I’ve seen you naked, I do your laundry and clean your room; you can tell me what’s bothering you.”

I was really tempted to say ‘yeah right; I can tell you about how I’m obsessed with the thought of fucking you and Rheta’ but I held myself back. Instead, I took a stab and hoped that my next words would lead to the fulfillment of my obsession. “I’m really horny.” The look on Mom’s face as I said that almost made me laugh. The shock that I’d just came out and said it was probably the biggest factor in her reaction as she was like a deer caught in the headlights as she opened and closed her mouth trying to form the words to properly respond to this. “Like all the time; the girls in my classes, Ms. Frost (the sexy MILF English teacher), hell even Alexandria from down the street. I’m constantly surrounded by girls that make me harder than diamonds and I can’t do anything about it. Well, anything more than I’m already doing.”

Mom opened and closed her mouth a few times as she tried to formulate a response to my slightly inaccurate confession. “Well, I know that being a teenage boy surrounded by attractive females is har-I mean difficult-difficult at the best of times. And with this being your senior year and all the pressure I’m sure you feel about applying for college, you’re bound to feel pent up.” Her face was somehow both beet red from embarrassment as well as a frightened pale at having this conversation in the first place. Since I’d brought this on myself, I couldn’t really feel embarrassed, but I got major second-hand embarrassment from just seeing Mom trying to act cool about this whole thing. “Although, I’m not going to lie, you being so antsy is a bit of a relief for me as it means that you aren’t being unsafe with some random girl or girls.”

“That’s because I haven’t had the chance to be, safe or not,” I interjected before she could continue. “And before you say anything, of course I’d be safe; I don’t want a disease or to get some girl pregnant at this point in life.”

“That’s good to hear. The safety part, not the part where you can’t get any.” She stared at me in slight horror as she said this. “Wow, that came out wrong,” she stage-whispered, causing us both to laugh.

“It’s ok, I know what you meant.” I paused as she looked at me, seeking the forgiveness I was giving. “You want me to stay a chaste little boy so that you can keep me all to yourself.” She started to stutter in search of a response to this, before I cut her off again, “I’m kidding, mother. I’m just teasing you.”

“Right, yes,” she said as she finally seemed to regain her composure. “But, getting back to the topic at hand-”

“Oh, low blow!” I teased with a smile.

Mom ignored my lame joke and continued as if I hadn’t interrupted her. “Getting back to what we were originally discussing, I’m concerned about your grades Henry. I know that…stimuli outside of school can be overwhelming at times, but is that all this really is? When you first hit puberty, you weren’t this distracted, so why is everything so different now?” The genuine concern about my wellbeing was truly touching, and probably what made me answer.

“Let’s just say I’ve been focused more on a couple of girls in particular, as well as the fact that I can’t have them,” I replied honestly as I avoided her gaze.

“You can’t have them as in they’re too old for you or they’re in a relationship with someone else right now?”

“Does it matter why I can’t have them?”

“No, I guess it really doesn’t,” Mom said as she placed her hand on the back of my head and began to gently stroke me there. “But no matter who they are, they’d be lucky to have you. You’re smart, funny and handsome; add in the fact that you’re clearly mature enough to put their needs above your own and any woman would be lucky to have you.”

Well, if that wasn’t just the biggest unintended guilt trip in all of history, I don’t know what was. Still, guilt trip or not, that choked me up a bit. “Thanks Mom, that means a lot coming from you.” I put my arms around her and gave her a big hug.

Kissing my temple, she said, “You’re welcome, sweetie. I love you.”

“Love you too, Mom,” I whispered into her chest. “And just so you know, I am trying to focus more on schoolwork; I’m trying to put this obsession behind me. Just give me a couple of weeks.” That wasn’t true, I had no intention of stopping my obsession; if anything, this conversation had only fueled it more. But that didn’t mean I was going to pass up the opportunity to gain some time and brownie points for future use.

Dinner passed without any further incident; but the rest of the night wasn’t as lucky. Even though it was Halloween, very few kids showed up at our door. In fact, I think that only about 10 showed up (the last few were very happy as they got like half of our giant mixing bowl of candy between the 3 of them) but there were still some cool costumes. No, the rest of the night’s excitement came much later in the evening. Around nine, I’d headed up to my room to actually fulfill my promise to Mom and start some work on a project I had due in a couple weeks for my chemistry class.

About an hour and a half later, I hear a gentle knock on my door as it swings open and Mom walks in. Looking down at me on my bed, my laptop and notebook on either side of me, she says, “I think I’m going to turn in. What are you working on?”

Standing up to stretch and give her a hug and kiss goodnight, I let out a loud yawn. “Chem project for Duris due in a few weeks; figured I could try to get a leg up on it.”

“Well, don’t stay up too late, you still have to go to class in the morning.”

“I’ve done all I want to do for the night; I’ll probably just watch YouTube for a bit before going to sleep. Do you want me to wear headphones so I don’t keep you up?” I asked.

For such a normal question, it seemed to spark something in Mom for the briefest of moments. “No, I don’t think that will be necessary,” she said with a yawn. “I think I’ll be asleep in a few minutes anyway. Good night sweetie.”

“Night Mom.” Putting my books away, I sat down on the bed and opened up YouTube. After about five videos by OSP, I switched over to what was fast becoming my favourite porn site: Literotica. Looking at the mother son sex and brother sister sex pages brought nothing new up that seemed exciting to me, so I scrolled down to the bottom and clicked to go to page four.

And that’s when I found it.

The story that changed my life.

The story that changed the lives of my entire family.

A story by the name of ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ by dezurtdawg. Holy shit, is that story hot. By the end of the first chapter, I’d blown my load twice. I wanted to immediately start reading the next chapter, but after glancing at the clock and seeing it was already 1:30, I decided that I could wait until tomorrow night to finish the tale. Gathering the wads of Kleenex I’d used to shoot my cum into, I headed to the bathroom to flush them down the toilet (pro tip, this disposes of the evidence effectively, while also leaving little mess behind for others to find).

Walking as quietly as I could to the bathroom, which is placed centrally on our upper floor, I was startled to hear moaning coming from my mom’s room.

Curious as to what Mom was masturbating to, I eased my way to her door as quietly as I could. I hadn’t heard her masturbate since before the end of summer and I was wondering what got her so hot that she was still masturbating nearly three hours after she went to bed. Slowly, painfully slow, I twisted the knob and opened the door, the sound of her buzzing vibrator now clearly heard. There wasn’t any light on and none coming in through the window, so I couldn’t see what she was doing. But as disappointing as that was, hearing her was just as hot.

“Oh baby, yes. Fuck me, fuck me honey! Oh FUCK, you fuck Mommy’s pussy so good! Oh Henry, your cock is so big, you’re stretching me out baby.” Hearing her call my name was super exciting and had my dick standing at attention in two seconds flat. She didn’t talk much for a bit, just moaning sexily. “YES! Yes, I’m your slut, your Mommy-Slut.” A brief pause later and she continued, “You do. You own my pussy, baby. My pussy, ass, mouth, tits they all belong to you! My son, my Master!” She gave a quiet scream as she called me her master, which covered the moan I gave at hearing it quite well. “YES! I’ll do whatever you say, Master.” It was like she could hear me asking her to do slutty things in her head and agreed to them. “Yes, you can fuck me in school.” “Oh, I’ll bring you whichever teacher or student you want to fuck.” “Yes, OH, you naughty boy, I’ll seduce your sister, tie her to this bed and jill myself as you fuck her into oblivion; then I’ll lick all the delicious cum you’ve left in and on her, saving it in my dirty little mouth, before kissing her awake by shoving your cum down her throat.” Fuck, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth. “Oh, please Master, can I cum? Mommy-Slut needs to come so bad, please tell me I can cum.” “Fuck! Yes, Master, Mommy-Slut will obey; I’m too submissive to disobey.” There was a brief pause where all I could hear was her whimpering and the buzz of her vibrator. But after about a minute she was talking to her imagined version of me again, “Please, Master, can I cum? Mommy-Slut needs to cum so bad, baby; I can’t hold it much longer. Just please, tell this slut what she can do to make you cum faster.” “You like my slutty mouth? You like to hear your Mommy-Slut say nasty things? You like picturing the things I say? Things like: I love wearing the bras you jack off into; feeling your dried cum against my nipples always makes me feel so slutty. Although, I wish you’d use my dainty little thongs, I don’t think I’d stop orgasming if you came in my thong and I got to feel your dried cum rubbing against my clit all day. Or how about: I want to use your jizz as a creamer in your sister’s tea every morning. Don’t you think it would be so hot to know that your sister’s drinking your cum without knowing it, that I sucked you off first thing in the morning, denied myself the pleasure of swallowing and spat your huge load into her tea for her to guzzle down? Oh, you like that idea Master? I could feel your cock get even bigger at that. What if you fucked me in the morning, came in my slutty little pussy and I drained my pussy into Rheta’s tea? She’d be drinking our combined juices baby. YESSSS! Cum in my pussy, Master! OH MOMMY-SLUT’S CUMMING!!!!!!!!”

She went quiet for a long while as she caught her breath from what was clearly a massive orgasm. Without even touching myself, I’d jizzed my shorts; the scenario my mother had painted was so hot and so vivid in my head. If ever I got the chance, we’d definitely would do that. Feeling the stickiness that was now my boxers, I closed Mom’s door and ran to the bathroom as quietly as I could. Trying to stay undetected, I cleaned myself up in the dark, throwing my used toilet paper and Kleenexes into the toilet. I waited another fifteen minutes before I dared to flush the toilet, praying Mom had fallen asleep by then; during that time, I took off my boxers and buried them halfway down into the laundry hamper in the bathroom so that they wouldn’t be on top for everyone to look at in the morning. Sneaking back to bed, I tired to get myself to fall asleep, but my mind just kept replaying the audio porn that I’d just heard.

I’d like to say that when I woke up the next morning, I walked right into Mom’s room and fucked the shit out of her; that I turned all the fantasy that I’d heard the night before into my new reality. But alas, I am not so bold. In fact, I could barely look at Mom that morning. When she asked why I was acting so strange I (somewhat) lied and said that I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night as I’d stayed up later than I’d hoped having fallen down the rabbit hole that is YouTube. I also quickly alleviated any fears that she might have had at this by telling her I’d put my headphones on so as not to keep her up.

I felt really bad that day as we drove home after school; I had promised Mom that I would try more in school, but after last night, I couldn’t think of anything else. Thankfully Rheta and Mom spent the entire drive talking about what Rhe and her friend had done the night before besides study. I was too busy trying to not picture them kneeling before me as they orally worshipped my cock to pay much attention. Getting home, I made a beeline for my bedroom, fully intending to spend the next hour until dinner jacking off to relieve (or was it relive) the stress from last night. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, I started to read the next chapter in the ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ series.

I was about halfway through part three-having blown four loads from the hot combo of the story and Mom from last night-when Rheta knocked on my door saying that dinner was ready. Feeling comfortable that I was safe from randomly sprouting an erection for the next couple of hours, I put some sweats on and went down for dinner. It was during dinner, while Mom was talking about plans for the Christmas break, that my epiphany happened. I could be like the characters in the story I’d read; I could get someone to break into my house and force my mother and sister to have sex with me, thus allowing for my fantasy to become real and not appearing to have raped them in the process. And considering how much we all apparently wanted to cross that line, it wouldn’t really be rape.

Upon having this idea, I came to find myself in a bit of a pickle: in the stories, the characters are all lifelong friends who trusted each other completely; I had no such friends, nor would it be beneficial to start hanging out with someone just for this. So after dinner, I did the riskiest thing on this earth: I made myself a new email and put an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for help pulling a prank on a friend, specifying that there was some sexual components to what I had in mind. Once the ad was live, I forced myself to do some actual school work and wait for the morning before doing anything else with this crazy idea.

It wasn’t until about a week and a half later that I finally got a hit from the ad. I’d feared that nobody used the site anymore, but the guy said he wanted the details of the plan as he was intrigued by a sexual prank war. Having had ten days to truly think this over, I’d come up with an idea as to what I’d tell people that were interested in helping (obviously I couldn’t tell the truth of my wanting to fuck my mom and sis), so I told him that my buddy was a virgin but he and his girlfriend were too uptight about this sort of thing, so I was trying to be a bro by giving him a helping hand so to speak. I wanted the guy to ‘break-in’ and force the two to have sex. Not only would this get them over the hump, but if my ‘friend’ acted the goody-two-shoes that he was and tried to protect his girlfriend, it also makes him seem like a hero to her and not at fault. I said I’d eventually reveal this to them, just not right away as I hoped my actions would be undetected and they’d allow themselves to enjoy the gift of sex. I stressed, bolded and underlined, that this was solely for my buddy and his girlfriend to get theirs, and the guy wasn’t allowed to participate in any way, shape or form. No photos/filming of any kind, and that just to be safe he was to show that he was turning his phone off; my buddy and I would undoubtedly talk about this and I didn’t want to have to track down any loose ends.

Surprisingly, the guy was onboard for all of this, including the not getting involved part (hurray for asexuals with dubious morals) and said that this was such a weird but touching thing that he wasn’t going to charge his normal rate of $5000, but give me a discount of $2000 so I’d only have to pay 3K. It was a bit more than I wanted but, his no questions asked, the discount and general discretion were hard to pass up. Thankfully, I’d had money saved up from birthdays and Christmases and doing some odd jobs for the neighbours every so often. All together I had about four grand in my bank account. I told the guy that it was a deal and that I’d get back to him with a date, time and place, as well as where I’d leave some supplies; he was responsible for concealing his identity. And with that settled, I awaited the Christmas holidays.

During that agonizingly long month wait, I continued to try and improve my grades (which I started to make some progress on), as well as continue to try and spy both Mom and Rheta during times in which they thought they were alone. There was another night where I got to overhear Mom’s filthy mouth, again I came in my shorts just from hearing her words (but this time I had the foresight to bring my phone and so I got to record the whole thing, and that file is saved deep in my computer). But the best thing to happen was when I came downstairs late one night and, sitting on the couch with her hand frantically rubbing her pussy, was Rheta. On the tv was a picture of me from this summer, in my bathing suit, posing like some Greek statue of a muscleman (reverse dab and pointing to the sky) and looking like a dork. “Oh, BIG brother! You rub my pussy so good! Please Henry, stick it in, I need to feel your cock in me. Pound my virgin cunt, brother! Spew your cum on my face and titties so it dries on my face and then pound me again until I’m overflowing with your cum and I can’t walk anymore! OHHHHH!”

Watching my sister cum to thoughts of me was amazing as her body spasms jerked her entire body into a sort of half crunch with every pulse. I was annoyed that I didn’t have my phone with me as this would have been saved right along with my recording of Mom. As it was, I’d have to settle for the memory and hope that I could catch her again in the future. Always have your phone with you when you’re perving on your family; memories fade but videos don’t.

It was the Wednesday before the break when I started to put the rest of my plan in motion. To start, I did something that I’d wanted to do since that Halloween night when I’d heard Mom say it to her fantasy me: I jizzed into her panties, a black pair so that she would see the stain and know what I had done. Her initial claim about knowing I used their bras was a little unsettling, but since neither had mentioned it to me, I assumed it was something that we all enjoyed and thus I kept doing it. I’d waited this long to do this because I didn’t want Mom to think that I’d heard her that night and just done it to tease her; waiting made it look like this was my choice to up the ante. After stashing her panties back in the drawer (on top so she’d see them first), I sent an email to my hired muscle telling him that it was to happen this Friday night and that I’d leave him some stuff in a bush out front, as well as giving him the address. I told him the house was not so secluded that he’d have free reign, but it wasn’t in the suburbs where everyone could hear everything their neighbours did.

Heading down for dinner, I asked my mom and sister if they wanted to have a movie night on Friday, just the three of us, to kick off the holidays.

“That’s a great idea, sweetie,” Mom said, smiling at me.

“Yeah, sounds fun,” Rheta agreed. “What sort of movie though, I don’t want to be watching some Hallmark cheese fest.”

“I agree,” I said. “I was thinking more along the lines of like The Santa Clause movies; still cheesy but a different type of cheese.”

“Just the first two, the third one is terrible,” Mom said in a very momish voice. “I love me some Martin Short, but that movie is beyond saving even by him.”

We both laughed our agreement at that. “Great!” I said. “Movies, pizza and a date with my two favourite ladies; the holidays are going to be great if they’re starting off with this good a bang!” I couldn’t resist the pun that would go over their heads now, but (hopefully) we’d all laugh about this later. Although, they seemed to be absorbed by the fact that I called them ‘my favourite ladies.’

“Ok, nope, change of plans, I’m out. No way am I spending the first night of the holidays on a ‘date’ with my brother,” Rheta mockingly said.

“Oh, but honey, he called us his favourite ladies,” Mom defended in a voice that was clearly meant to be both a rebuttal against Rhe’s claim, while also taking the piss out of me. But I swear I saw a redness to my sister’s cheeks as Mom reiterated this point. “Henry’s clearly excited; take pity on your brother, he doesn’t get many dates. And besides, I think it’s sweet that he wants to call the time he spends with us dates. But if you don’t want to do it for him, do it for me; I haven’t had a date in ages, and to say I went out with two young hotties is really something my ego needs right now.”

“Eww, Mom, that’s gross!” Rheta said.

“You think I’m hot?” I asked at the same time as Rheta’s complaint.

Mom just reached out and grabbed my hand. “You’re very handsome Henry; truthfully I’m not sure why you don’t have more dates. Your looks, intelligence, humour and maturity should have the girls flocking to you.” The look in her eyes as she told me this made me positive that she was including herself in that statement.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said after a moment, unsure of what I was supposed to say to that, before settling with gratitude.

“Ok, that’s just wrong,” Rheta said, ruining the moment. “You two shouldn’t be making goo-goo eyes at each other like that; you’re related for crying out loud!”

Looking to my sister, I felt emboldened by the fact that I knew she lusted after me just as much as she claimed to be disgusted by seeing Mom and me be intimate for a moment. “Loving someone and telling them that they have everything to make others love them isn’t wrong, it’s an expression of that love. And we weren’t making goo-goo eyes, we were simply allowing the love we have for one another to simply continue the conversation non-verbally. Here, let me show you,” I said as I leveled Rheta with a gaze full of my wanting and love for her.

As I stared my sister down, daring her silently to turn away, I saw her cheeks flush. She knew that I was telling her that I wanted to fuck her with this look. And then, surprisingly, she gave the same look back to me. Smiling, I reached out my hand and took hers in mine and gave a gentle but strong squeeze. Rheta’s eyes widened before seeming to gloss over as she turned her head to look at her hand suddenly. But the movement seemed too jerky; had I just made her have a mini-orgasm?

“See,” I said when she finally looked back up to me, “nothing but the love we have for each other, sister dear.” Turning back to my dinner and taking a bite, I continued through my half-filled mouth. “So, movie date with me and Mom Friday night?”

“Yes,” she said in a sort of awed whisper, like she was saying more to just Friday night.

“Excellent,” Mom said, bringing my attention back to her. “Now that that’s settled, about actual Christmas.” From there the conversation was a normal family conversation. No hidden agendas or desires, just discussing what we wanted to do for the holidays and wishful thinking about presents.

After dinner, I went back upstairs and forced myself to do some homework. Now that all the pieces were in place, I had to do my part and prepare. By not jerking off for the next two days. Considering how excited I was about Friday night, that was a tall order. Thankfully, my homework was challenging enough to keep me occupied for the night and I fell asleep fairly early (compared to usual) at 10:45.

When I woke the next morning, I again had to force myself not to rub one out. My morning wood was just begging for attention and I had to picture a gay orgy of guys in their 80s to finally settle down enough. But all that effort was for naught when I came downstairs and saw Mom in her silk kimono that only came down to the middle of her thigh. She was alone, standing at the sink as she looked out the window to the backyard, and she was visibly vibrating.

Walking up to her and giving her a kiss from behind on the cheek, I said good morning, causing her to crumple into the counter. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that she was having an orgasm, but the fact that she was being uncharacteristically quiet, was almost enough to disprove this notion. But when she turned to look at me, I saw the dreamy, far-off look in her eyes, as well as the flush of her skin and I knew that she’d just had a rather substantial climax. Regaining her composure slightly, Mom returned my cheek kiss before ushering us both to the table on somewhat shaky legs. “Morning, baby. You’re up earlier than usual,” she said once we’d sat.

“Ya, I went to bed a little early last night after I did some homework. Are you alright; you seem jumpy this morning and you’re looking a little flushed.” I wanted to know what had gotten her so worked up this morning that my simple greeting had caused her to finish so dramatically. Plus seeing her squirm was a nice little payback for all the times growing up that she’d done the same thing to me.

“I’m fine honey, you just startled me is all. I’m not used to having you awake this early and I wasn’t expecting you to just walk up behind me,” she said with a hint of a blush colouring her cheeks and her eyes definitely avoiding mine. “I guess that I spaced out and you just scared me is all.”

“Really? Cuz from my end it looked like you weren’t scared at all; in fact, it almost seemed like you were feeling a little buzzed as you turned to look at me.” I couldn’t help myself; watching her blush and try to hide the fact that she just came was too much fun to pass up on. “What were you thinking about that had you so spaced out anyways?”

Again, she averted her gaze from me as if she was trying to recall, while also blushing to high Heaven. “Oh, wasn’t really anything in particular, just thinking about the upcoming holidays. I guess I was just excited from being able to spend so much time with my babies one last time before they have to leave the nest.” She got a saddened look across her face as she said this and I could almost literally see the wave of sobriety that it caused in her.

Leaning over, I put an arm around her and hugged her to my side. “Don’t worry Mom. I promise that I’ll be home so much that you’ll want me to leave,” I said hoping that this was both going to be true as well as not. “And I know Rhe will be the same. The university is only 40 minutes away; we’ll be home more than we’ll be at the dorms I can almost guarantee it.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek at this. “Thank you, sweetie. I can always count on you to make me feel better.” With another kiss to my cheek, a quick one-sided hug that mashed her large breast against my arm and a loving smile, Mom stood back up. “What do you want for breakfast, baby?”

The rest of the day, as well as Friday day passed agonizingly slow. Like slo-mo seemed like the Flash, slow. I know that I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help myself from jerking off when we got home Friday after school. The fact that I erupted after barely two minutes of stroking was probably a good thing. Not only did it take the edge off (presumably allowing me to last longer later with Mom and Rheta), the quickness would make it seem that I had just gone up to my room to change into some comfy clothes for the night. I used this window of time to take the supplies outside and leave them in the bushes just outside the front door.

Coming back inside, I returned to my room and sat at my computer. Firing up my secret email, I told my guy where I’d hidden the restraints, as well as the fact that I’d left some extra, just in case. I also said to wait until at least 8:30, it would be dark by then, as well as we’d be finished dinner and most likely have had just sat down to watch the movies (I didn’t tell him that last bit). I also said that he wasn’t to contact me for the next 48 hours, and only then to say how the night went. I informed him one last time that this was to get my buddy laid and that he wouldn’t get the remaining $1000 if he didn’t get some.

After sending this, I headed downstairs to find my sister in the kitchen starting to make some dinner. “Whatchya making? Need any help?” I asked as I leaned against the counter.

“Well, since it’s apparently date night, I thought I’d make my date their favourite meal. They went to all this trouble trying to set this evening up, I figured it was the least I could do,” she said as she pulled a couple blocks of cheese from the fridge.

“Aww,” I teased, “who knew you could be so domestic?” I got a stuck-out tongue as a response to that. “Although, I don’t recall barbequed steaks needing so much cheese.”

“Silly, little brother, you’re not the date I was talking about.” She gave me a slight smile that any other day I know would have been teasing, but today made me freeze in panic. She couldn’t have been planning to leave tonight, could she? “I’m making Mom’s favourite meal.” I gave a loud sigh of relief at this, causing her to laugh. “What’s with the heart attack brother?”

“I just don’t trust your grilling skills is all,” I said, trying to throw the teasing back at her. “But I guess I can trust you to throw stuff into a pan and then the oven.” Looking to everything she had on the counter, I realized that she was making lasagna (most likely to be accompanied with some garlic bread). “Offer still stands, if you need any help.”

Sliding a bowl over to me, along with the cheese and a grater, she said, “Shred the cheese for me; I need three layers, plus some to dust the garlic bread.” Going over to the sink to wash my hands, I stopped on my way back to give Rheta a hug and a kiss on the cheek from behind. Stiffening at my touch, she turned to face me. “What was that for?” she asked with a suspicious tone that I’m sure was trying to hide the blush I could see creeping into her cheeks.

“Just letting my favourite sister know that I love her,” I replied while giving her another squeeze and subtly rubbing my crotch into her lovely and inviting ass, causing her to blush even more.

“Well, since I’m your only sister, that’s not much of an accomplishment,” she said as she abruptly turned back to her preparations. “Now, get shredding.”

Giving her another kiss (this time to the back of her head), I made my way back to the cheese. I had shredded an entire block, as well as half of the other one, by the time Mom came down, having had a shower and wearing her silk kimono. Seeing her dressed so sexily, as well as having been constantly checking my sister out for the past ten minutes, had me sporting a mild hard on. “Please tell me that that is the dress code for date night tonight,” I said to Mom with a wolf whistle.

“That’s our mom, you pervert,” Rheta chastised.

“You were the one calling her your date for the night,” I threw back. “Besides, it’s not a crime for a guy to want his dates to be dressed sexy on their dates. I think it’s actually expected for him to hope for something.”

“She’s in a robe and probably isn’t wearing any underwear-”

“Even better!”

“Eww! Again, I reiterate that she’s our mother. I can’t believe that I’m related to such a pervert so intricately.” Rheta gave a disgusted shudder at this.

While this was all going on, I could see Mom silently laughing at us from the periphery of my vision. “That’s enough you two,” she said with a giggle, fully drawing our attention back to her. “Henry, your sister is right, I’m your mother, not a piece of meat. But thank you for the compliment all the same. And Rheta, your brother is right that seeing the two of us dressed so sexily is the dream of many men. But despite that fact, as my son and your brother he should be more respectful and less lustful in his ogling of us.”

“A very diplomatic response mother,” I responded. “Validating both our points.”

Giving a shrug of her shoulders that said both ‘all in a day’s work’ and ‘yes, I’m that good’ she returned to her mothering role. “No, this isn’t the dress code for tonight. Sorry to disappoint Henry, but I’ve actually laid out the clothes I want you two to wear tonight on your beds. Since it is date night, I thought we’d get dressed up. Don’t worry Rheta, we will all be dressed respectfully. Now Henry, off to the shower while we finish dinner.” She walked up to me and ran her hand across my cheek and down my neck. “I want you to shave as well. Now go!” she said with a wave to upstairs and the bathroom.

I went upstairs to my room, and saw the clothes Mom had laid out for me. It was a pair of navy dress pants and a salmon pink dress shirt. There was also a pair of dress socks with Avengers logos on them, a plain looking black leather belt, and a tie with blue and orange stirpes. There was even a set of silver cufflinks with my initials on them. I had never seen any of these clothes before in my life, so where had Mom gotten them from. With the amount of detail (cufflinks! seriously) I was surprised to find that she hadn’t laid out any underwear for me.

Grabbing a towel after stripping down I headed for the shower. It was there that the thought hit me that maybe Mom didn’t want me wearing any underwear. I mean she’d chosen my belt and gotten me a set of monogramed cufflinks, but had left my underwear choice for me; I don’t think so. Suddenly I had a rousing suspicion that I wasn’t the only person hatching a scheme tonight. Mom had spent weeks over the summer torturing me with the visuals of her and Rheta in matching bikinis, and we all knew that we all wanted to fuck each other (they didn’t know that I knew about their wanting to fuck me, but they were certainly aware that I wouldn’t turned down the opportunity should it arise). My cock couldn’t make up its mind if it found this hot or not as it refused to get any harder than a quarter chub (not that I was completely complaining about this fact, it kept me on my toes).

After I’d finished showering, I quickly brushed my hair and shaved the stubble that was struggling to grow on my face and neck. I was very tempted to see what Mom had laid out for Rheta (and if it was as fully detailed as my own outfit had been), but I urged myself to wait until dinner when she would be in its full glory. Returning to my room, I dressed in the outfit Mom had left me, noticing that she’d also left out my dress shoes and the bottle of La Costa aftershave that I’d had for years. I’ve never really liked dressing up like this in the past, but I knew that when I did, I looked damn good. Giving myself a once over in my mirror, I adjusted my tie, straightened my hair, did the Blue Steel and, feeling confident that tonight was going to be awesome, walked downstairs.

Walking into the kitchen, I gave myself a little strut and did a twirl to give them the full effect. With my back to them, I got a wolf whistle of my own, although I couldn’t tell who it was from as they were both sitting at the table. Facing them once again, I noticed a hazy look in Rheta’s hazel eyes and a flush building up her cheeks. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that my sister was swooning over me. Mom stood and walked over to me and gave me a hug. “Well, don’t you look handsome?” she asked rhetorically.

Smiling what I hoped was a dashingly confident smile, I said, “If this is what I’m wearing, I can’t wait to see what my dates for the evening will be in. The two of them constantly blow me away and I hope that my effort for this night doesn’t go unappreciated.” Mom just smiled brightly at me, that smile alone letting me know that none of this wasn’t being appreciated. “But honestly,” I continued as I looked away from the brilliance of Mom’s smile and into nothing in particular, “it feels a bit excessive. I mean, cufflinks; seriously, who wears these anymore?”

Looking back to her face, I saw Mom smile even wider. “Don’t look at me, handsome; it was your other date that chose your outfit, I just bought it.”

The both of us looked to Rheta as this was revealed. Cheeks red from embarrassment, Rhe just gave a severely repressed smile as she turned to not be looking at us. “You look nice, Henry. Like Mom said, handsome.” Before I could even say ‘thank you,’ Rheta quickly strode out of the kitchen, saying that she was next to have a shower and get ready, adding that if she wasn’t down in 20 minutes, the oven needed to be turned off and the garlic bread put in it to cook while it cooled down.

With a confused look after my sister, I checked the clock before turning back to Mom. “What’s up with her?” I asked incredulously.

“She’s just excited for tonight,” Mom answered vaguely. “Despite her show of disgust earlier, I think that she was genuinely touched that you called her your favourite lady and wanted to call tonight a date. I may have teased you about not getting many dates, but the same goes for your sister. Do me a favour and treat her well tonight.” Giving me a look that seemed to speak volumes that I couldn’t yet comprehend, Mom continued on. “It’s her first time, on a date, fake as it is, so please just be sure to take the time to make tonight special for her.”

Having another moment of panic at what was being said to me (this time due to the fact that Mom was speaking metaphorically as well as literally just now), I simply nodded my head, as I didn’t trust my voice not to be constricted by fear. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as I pulled myself away and went to sit at the table. “So, if Rheta picked out my outfit, when did you buy it? You two didn’t have time to go shopping between Wednesday when I suggested doing this and now, so how long have you been planning this, and what is this?” I asked, hoping their plans wouldn’t conflict with my own.

Sitting across from me at the table, Mom gave me a curious look. “We got these outfits for us over the summer. Rheta had this silly notion that you would want to take us out for the evening to someplace classy; she wanted to get something that said we were sophisticated and sexy.” Mom explained further, “Your sister doesn’t want to admit it, but she has a crush on you and she wanted to have the both of you looking your best for whenever this night came.”

“Wow,” I said earnestly (half because I was surprised that Mom had told me this, and half because clearly if I played my cards right, tonight certainly wouldn’t be a one-off). “Now I definitely need to be the best date tonight. But what about you Mom?” I asked, causing her to look to me strangely. “What are you hoping for tonight? Is there anything I could do to make you feel like you’re on an actual date with this handsome stranger before you?”

Mom laughed at my lame joke, but reached across the table all the same and took my hand in hers. “Just that, baby. Make me laugh at things that make me forget you’re my son.” A smoldering look passed across her eyes, as she leveled another look at me that seemed to say more than just what was being verbally said. My mother was definitely giving me some form of ‘fuck me’ eyes, and I was thoroughly enjoying seeing that expression on her face directed squarely at me.

Before I could no longer hold myself back and just jump her bones however, I glanced back to the stove clock and saw that Rheta’s 20 minutes were just about up. Standing up and going to the cupboard that held the trivets, I pulled one out and placed it on the table in the centre. Moving to the oven, I slipped on some oven mitts, turned the oven off and pulled the lasagna out. Grabbing the tray of garlic bread, I slipped that into the now off oven and closed it. Picking up the lasagna again, I took it off the stovetop and brought it over to the table and placed it on the trivet I’d just retrieved.

I was about to go and grab a spatula to serve the lasagna, when the distinct clack of high heels drew my attention back to the entrance from the hall. Walking into the kitchen in the most graceful way was Rheta. I thank God everyday that I had nothing in my hands to drop, because everything in me just dropped the moment I saw her; my hands, jaw and blood all dropped to the floor as she walked into the room. The increase of blood to my lower half had the typical result of most of it ending up in my hardening dick, and my being painfully erect in two-seconds flat. Even in her bikinis from the summer, Rheta had never gotten me so hard so quick, and I was extremely grateful for the island that hid me from view of both my mother and sister.

Rheta was wearing a burgundy dress that came down just past her knees. Held up by a pair of spaghetti straps, the tight bodice of the dress hugged my sister’s body sensually, while the neckline plunged down below her magnificent chest that stood high and proud. Her lack of bra was confirmed when, like me, she did a twirl and I saw that the back of the dress was open with only a couple of Xs of straps down her back. Her peach shaped ass was, like her breasts, hugged to perfection to showcase itself by the dress. The nylons she wore were black with floral patterns and a thick seam that ran up the back of her legs. Her heels were no more than two inches and the same burgundy as her dress.

As she finished turning, my eyes were scanning back up her body to her face. Her long hair had been lightly curled and instead of the usual bun on top, it was now a loose ponytail (again, picture Azula from Avatar, during the end of the Beach episode). She’d given herself a burgundy smoky eye, and her lips were the same shade of lipstick as the dress. In her ears were stud earrings that held our birthstone (ruby). As I finished giving her a once over, my eyes met hers and she smiled brightly at me.

“…Wow!” was all I could say. Seeing that she had literally made me speechless caused Rheta to blush and give a small smile. The added colour to her cheek was all I could take, but that smile-that too preciously cute smile-had me blindly reaching for the counter to steady myself to keep from being knocked to my ass. God help anyone who tried to ignore the clear advances my sister was sending me, for you’d need help if you missed signs that big and obvious.

I thought it was tunnel vision, but when she put her hand on mine, I realized that she’d made her way behind the island with me and had already grabbed the spatula that I’d been in search of when she came down the stairs. “Would the gentleman be so kind as to escort me to my seat?” she asked, batting her eyelashes coquettishly at me.

I don’t think she realized how wrapped around her finger I was in that moment. I would have pushed Scarlett Johansson into a bus if she’d’ve asked me to right then. I still don’t know how but somehow, I managed to simply offer her my arm, offer her a smile and say, “Right this way, my lady.” Smiling as she took my offered arm, Rheta and I walked to the table where I pulled out her chair, and pushed it in once she had sat down.

It was when Mom stood up that I remembered that she was there, and still in just her kimono. The fact that I’d forgotten all of that should tell you how taken aback I was by Rheta’s appearance. “It would appear that I’m slightly underdressed,” she said as she gave us both a once over. “You two start without me while I go change.” Not bothering to hear our half-hearted attempts to say we’d wait, Mom left for upstairs to change.

Turning back to Rheta, I slid around the table, taking her plate and the spatula with me, so that I could serve her some lasagna. “Say when,” I said as I hovered the utensil over the pan and pulled back to see how much my sister wanted to eat. “The garlic bread should just about be done, I put it in just before I heard you come down,” I informed her, being able to think clearly once I wasn’t looking at her. Making my way back to the oven, I turned on the light and looked inside to see the dusting of cheese we’d put on starting to bubble. Taking them out and dumping them into the basket I just realized Rhe had left beside the oven for this very reason, I brought the garlic bread to the table and put a couple pieces on her plate. Serving myself a similar sized portion of lasagna as I’d given Rheta, I picked up her glass. “Drink?”

Pointing to the cupboard under the island, she surprised me by saying, “There’s a bottle of red wine in the island that should go great with the lasagna.” Neither of us had ever really been big on wine, Rheta rarely having any alcohol at all, so the fact that she was suggesting it in the first place was compounding shock upon shock for this evening.

Giving her a raised eyebrow, I asked, “And what will our other date say about that? And I’m not sure that, if you don’t want to have tonight get too crazy, having wine is a good idea.” Despite my words, I still fetched the wine and the corkscrew to open it.

“It was Mom’s idea to have the wine,” Rheta responded. “And as for not wanting to get too crazy, the wine makes for a great scapegoat.” The look in her eyes was like she was daring me to challenge this, while also saying that tonight was going to get a little crazy. If we only knew.

Popping the cork out of the bottle, I gave that same dashing smile that I’d given when I’d returned to the kitchen, and said, “Well, if my dates wish it, what kind of gentleman would I be to deny the two beauties who deigned to spend their evening with me.”

Hearing me call her a beauty made my sister blush. Bringing over both her glass as well as the bottle to pour both mine and Mom’s drinks, I sat down. “Well, my date said that it was expected that we dress up nice, so I’m just being a good date and dressing nice.”

“Nice is an understatement. When you walked into the kitchen just now, I think my heart stopped for a minute.” I made sure that I looked deep into her eyes as I said this.

“Well,” she said, blushing, “turnabout is fair play, right? I mean, when I picked out that outfit, I didn’t realize how we-I mean, how good it would end up looking on you.” The blush she was giving at this was from the embarrassment from revealing that she thought I looked good; if I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought she was about to say how wet she’d gotten seeing me.

Before I could think of a way to tease her about my hypothesis, more high heeled clacking came from the hallway as Mom rejoined us for dinner. Walking into the kitchen, I was slightly confused at first, for it didn’t look like Mom had changed. Turning her back to us, she gave a sexy grin over her shoulder as she dropped the silk kimono to the floor. The dress Mom was wearing, if it could even be called a dress, was a little black number. And I do mean little, for it barely came past the curve of her ass before stopping just past the tops of her stockings. Where Rheta’s were a sea of kaleidoscopic floral patterns, Mom’s were simply plain, but still had the noticeable seam run up the back of her legs. Like my sister, Mom’s dress hugged her upside-down heart shaped ass perfectly; so perfectly in fact that I was even able to make out each cheek through the clinging material. When she turned to face us, I again had to brace myself to keep from falling over. Her massive breasts were being hugged equally as tightly as her ass was by the dress, that I swear I could make out every bump of her areolae as well as see that her nipples were clearly hard. Looking to her face, I first noticed a tight string of pearls around her throat, then her fire hydrant red lips (which just screamed to me: your cock goes in here), her eyes also had a smoky eye but hers were more a midnight purple, and then finally her hair. Unlike Rheta who’d kept her bun, Mom’s hair was let fully down with the exception of two braids that started just behind her ears, running down the inside of her shoulders, stopping with the rest of her hair at her belly button.

I let my eyes continue to wander down so that I could take in her heels. I’d never say that I was much of a foot/shoe fetish kind of guy, though I’ll be the first to admit that there are some things that can make a guy just swoon like an anime schoolgirl; and my mother was very much working that angle. Even through the black of her stockings, thanks to the open toe of her heels, I could see my mother had painted her toenails a deep sapphire blue which a) was my favourite colour, and b) matched the blue of her fingernails. Combining this with her dress, smoky eye, and pale skin, Mom looked like what I thought an ancient night goddess would look like. Her actual shoes were very much ‘fuck me’ pumps; stiletto heels twice as high as Rheta’s sensible two inches, thin cloth straps that crisscrossed over the top half of her feet before continuing up a third of her shin. Like I said, not really a foot/shoe guy, but my mom was very much playing up the things I liked about them to a standing ovation.

I could tell by the way she walked, that Mom was adding an extra sway to her hips as she finished modelling for us and sat down. “Ahh, excellent, you got the wine,” she said as she reached for the bottle to pour herself a glass.

“I thought you said you felt underdressed,” Rheta said. “That’s not the outfit we agreed on.” My eyes were like a tennis ball as I bounced back and forth between looking at their faces: Mom’s was a mask behind the small confident smile while Rheta’s was alternating between jealous anger and sadness. The two of them clearly had their own plans for the evening, and I wondered if I’d ruined everything by throwing my own agenda into the mix.

“I know,” Mom said as she placed a hand on Rhe’s cheek and gently rubbed it with her thumb. “But don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m actually not doing what you think I am. I may be being a bit more,” she paused as her eyes drifted to me (I clearly wasn’t really supposed to know what they were planning) as she searched for the right word to use, “…obvious than we had discussed, but this is for my own reasons and will not interfere with your plans.” Leaning over, Mom surprised me even more when she kissed Rheta on the lips briefly. “I promise, you’ll still get the present that I promised you over the summer; we never really discussed it, but I have one in mind for you to give me in return.” They both turned to look at me for a second before they looked back to each other. “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Seeing my sister nod slightly, I decided to break the tension. “Ok, let’s eat before this all gets too cold and we waste the night by eating cold food.” My words had their desired effect as both Mom and Rheta gave a little giggle as they looked to me and then their plates. Settling into our seats, I raised my glass in a toast. “I’d like to propose a toast,” I said as their eyes turned to me. “To my beautiful dates, may tonight be as magical and breathtaking as the sight of the two of you.”

Both of them got misty eyed at this, fanning their faces to keep their makeup from running. Dabbing a napkin to her eye, Mom said, “Well, with words like those, it’s hard to believe that tonight will be anything but.” Rheta nodded along with her. We clinked our glasses, drank and dug into the food. My personal favourite might have been barbecue, but I would never deny that my sister can cook. The lasagna was delicious, possibly the best I’d ever had, and the garlic bread was to die for. I had to stop myself from eating too much, too quickly because I knew that it would leave me at less than my best for tonight.

We spent the rest of dinner talking about normal things: plans for the holidays, pop culture, and other such trivial things really. Both of them were being very touchy-feely with me and each other. We finished the bottle of wine, I only had two glasses and I think they had about four each. By the time we’d finished eating it was nearly 8:30 and I was getting slightly anxious about the arrival of my hired partner in crime.

Standing up, I walked over to Rheta’s seat and offered her help up before taking her arm in mine. I then walked us over to Mom and stood her up and put her on my other arm. Leading the three of us into the living room I said, “I do believe there was a double feature on tonight’s program. And with the amount the two of you drank, I wouldn’t want it to be said that I didn’t at least attempt to follow through with my stated plans.”

“Ah, Mom, isn’t he just a perfect gentleman,” Rhe said, turning and putting her free hand on my chest. “He keeps his promises, didn’t make the obvious pun that we were his double feature tonight, and he’s sexy to boot!”

At her words, I turned to look at my sister in shock. But before I could say anything, Mom turned my head with a sapphire blue fingernail. “You didn’t give him the chance to make that pun, Rhe. And if the two of us made it, what’s to say sexy here didn’t make it in his head?”

Wanting to get myself involved in this conversation, I put on my dashing smile and said to them, “This sexy gentleman would never, ever deny the chance to have the two of you as a double feature; no human being would. Because if I’m sexy, then the two of you are about ten levels above perfect feminine sexuality incarnate.”

I felt the both of them tense at my words and I had to wonder why. Looking to them both, I saw twin glassy eyed stares. I set them down on the couch as I went to put the first DVD into the machine. I could hear them whispering, but couldn’t make out the words. Looking into the reflection on the TV, I saw Mom nod her head and say “Yeah…me too” with a dreamy look in her eye. Did I just make them cum with only my words?

Sitting back down on the couch between them, I pushed play on the movie and wrapped my arms around them, encouraging them to snuggle close. Feeling the smoothness of their skin under my fingers was arousing in its own right. Rheta had lain her head on my shoulder; the aromas of strawberries, peaches and coconuts that wafted from her hair was mouth-watering. Its silkiness was teasing my cheek with every micromovement she made. For her part, Mom sat straighter, but had her fingers running along my legs, tracing patterns with her nails. The sharp sensations contrasted well with Rheta’s soft hair and set goosebumps up and down my leg in her finger’s wake.

It was just getting to the part of the movie where Tim Allen starts to become Santa when there was a knock on the door. I was happy that Mom and Rhe had jumped as well as I at the sudden sound. Knowing what was on the other side of the door, my heart started to beat a little faster as my anticipation grew exponentially. Taking a hidden, calming breath, I stood to go answer the door. When I felt Rheta tug on my hand, I gave her a smile and said, “It’s probably just some carollers; I’ll be back in a minute.” Bringing her hand that still held mine to my lips, I gave it a kiss like you see gentlemen do in movies set in the 1800s. “Don’t go anywhere, and keep my spot warm.” And with a wink, I was gone before she or Mom could offer any more resistance. Walking to the door, I opened it and in a clear voice asked, “Hello, can I help you?”

The man was carrying the bag I’d left the supplies in earlier. Turning to look at me, I noticed his ski mask and tinted goggles that obscured his identity. Catching movement at the side of my eye, I barely had time to register the second man before he punched me in the gut and brought me to my knees with an ‘Oomph’ as the wind escaped my lungs. Feeling my arm being forced behind my back, I found myself being marched into the living room as I coughed to try and regain my breath.

“Henry, what’s wron-OH MY GOD!” Mom shrieked as I entered the room.

“Ah-ah-ah,” the man who wasn’t holding me said, causing Mom and Rheta to both fall silent and still. I felt the cold steel of a gun being pressed to my head as an ominous click let me know that the hammer was just an inch away from firing a bullet into my brain. “Let’s not lose our heads now,” he said with a chuckle. “We’ve no intention of harming you, but we will if you don’t behave and do what we say.”

“We’ll give you whatever you want, just please, don’t hurt my son,” Mom said with panicked worry all over her face.

“All we want is a place to lay low for a few hours while the cops get too ahead of us to realize where we are.” Removing the gun from my head, he pointed it at Rheta. As soon as I saw that, I tried to rush him, but the guy holding me put more pressure on my arm, while the one with the gun put the barrel under my chin. “Behaving means no heroics. I will shoot you if there’s anymore funny business. Understand?” I nodded to show my compliance. “Good,” he said, as he once again pointed the gun at Rheta.

“Now, what’s your name gorgeous?” he asked. Rheta just stared at him with more loathing than I’d ever seen in her face, refusing to answer his question. The man gave a sharp, quick laugh. “I can see why your boyfriend here is so fond of you, sweet cheeks. With a fire and boldness like that, makes a man wonder where else you get huffy and puffy.”

I was surprised that neither Mom nor Rheta contradicted him on me being Rhe’s boyfriend. Both had given a raised eyebrow at the comment, but neither had done more than that. I was internally grateful for this as it wouldn’t go against the story I’d given to my contact.

“Ok, if you don’t want to tell me your name that’s fine, I’m sure that we’ll hear it later. But since I need to call you something, how’s about we go with Bitch?”

“Don’t you call her that!” I couldn’t help myself from saying that.

“Easy, Loverboy,” he said without turning to look at me, but I could hear the threat in his voice. “While I commend you on your chivalry, it’s your girl’s own fault for not giving me something to call her by. But, back to what I was doing. Now, Bitch, I find myself in need of a seat. Would you be so kind as to show me where I can get some?”

Standing tall, Rhe pointed outside and said, “The snow plow pushes all the fluffiest snow into the middle of the road; I’m sure even you and your partner would be able to find spots big and comfy enough if you just laid down.”

The man gave a genial laugh as he fought the urge to double over. “Haha! Oh, you clearly have a set on you, don’t you Bitch? Telling us to leave and that we’re fat and stupid all in one comment; I’d be jealous if I wasn’t impressed.” He seemed to finally regain control of himself as, without looking, he turned his gun away from Rheta, and pointed it right at me. “But impressed or not, I grow tired of your misbehaving. I will not explain myself again: obey what I say, or I start shooting.” He paused as he and Rhe glared at each other. “Where can I find some chairs?”

“Down the hall is the dining room,” Mom said when Rheta hadn’t said anything after ten seconds.

Turning his head sharply to look at her, the man waved the gun still pointed at me forward. “Put him on the couch.” At these words I was brought forward and shoved onto the couch, crashing down on top of both Mom and Rheta. “Bring some chairs.”

As I sat up and situated myself between Mom and Rheta, as well as between them and our intruder, I apologized for falling onto them like I had. When they just squeezed my hands in reassurance, I knew that they forgave me. The partner returned to the room with a chair in both hands, placed them in the middle of the room and went to get another. Turning to Rheta I whispered, “Just do what he says and we’ll be fine. I love your bravery, but I don’t want any of us to get hurt.” Playing the part of her boyfriend, rather than her brother, I leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Or, I at least intended it to be quick.

Rheta pulled me back to her when she felt me start to pull away. Surprised by her actions, I was even more startled when she shoved her tongue into my mouth and started using it to wrestle with my own. Nearly losing the plot at this, I went onto autopilot and started to return the favour of making out with my sister. When I heard her whimper for the third time, I also heard Mom cough behind me. “Is this really the time to be doing that?” she asked with a look that seemed both amused and exasperated at the same time; I think I even detected a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Sorry, it’s just-I’ve just-I’ve wanted to do that for months now,” I explained, unable to hide the smile on my face.

“Oh really?” she asked with feigned hysterical interest. “Which part? The making out with the love of your life or doing it in front of your mother and the two armed intruders currently holding us at gunpoint?”

Before either of us could reply to this, said intruder gave a small ahem that very much reminded me of Umbridge in Harry Potter. The three of us turned to look at him, as he waved the gun around as to shepherd us from the couch to the chairs. In a false gentlemanly way he said, “I hate to interrupt this riveting discussion, but if the three of you would all be so kind as to take your seats. Hands behind your backs so my partner can ensure you don’t escape.” I’m sure that had he not been wearing a mask, we’d see a big shit eating grin spreading across his face.

Reluctantly, we got up and moved to the chairs, placing our hands behind our backs, as the silent partner zip tied our hands to the chairs. As we were all secured, a silence fell over us. It wasn’t until about ten minutes had passed that out captor once again spoke and broke the uneasy quiet. “Back up a minute here, Loverboy. You said you wanted to kiss Bitch like that for months; surely you’ve kissed your girlfriend before.”

“Can’t you take a hint, asshole?” Rheta nearly screamed before I could answer. “Take a look at our outfits! Do you honestly believe that we are dressed to the nines like this all the time? We’ve been flirting since the summer, but tonight was our first date.” Tears were starting to flow from my sister’s eyes as she continued. “Tonight was going perfectly, and now you’ve ruined it!”

I struggled against my bindings as I watched my twin’s tears pour freely down her face. Giving a frustrated growl/sigh I said, “Dammit, would you please untie me so I can comfort her!” Not waiting for their answer, I probably scratched the floor to hell as I scooted myself closer to her. Taking the only part of myself that I could move freely, my foot, I rubbed Rheta’s leg reassuringly. “Hey, it’s ok. Fuck these assholes; I’m right here. There’s nowhere I’d rather be, than here with you, looking into your eyes and telling you how beautiful you look tonight and that I love you.”

Rheta had stopped crying as soon as she felt my foot on her leg. But as I told her that I loved her, a fresh batch of tears started to slowly trickle down her face, though I knew that these were happy tears at hearing my words. “I love you too, Henry.”

“Well, I’m so sorry Mr. Henry and Ms. Bitch,” our captor said. “But how’s about I make it up to you? What if I allowed you two to make this night as special as you had planned?” I could hear the smile in his falsely apologetic tone. “Would you behave for the rest of our time together if we did?”

Before Rheta could inadvertently mess this up, I asked, “What do you mean? We can’t have anything happen being tied to these chairs; plus, your presence kinda puts a dampener on the whole mood.”

“I’ve never known a teenager to turn down sex before, have you?” he asked his cohort. The other thug just shook his head. “Come now, Henry,” he said as he placed his free hand on my shoulder and forcing me to look at my sister. “You and your sweetheart just said you love each other. Your first kiss a few minutes ago was quite steamy and I’m sure that it would have ended up with you two naked if your mom wasn’t such a realist and brought you back to reality. Are you telling me that, if I were to untie the two of you, you wouldn’t want to jump her bones?”

Looking to Rheta, I could see that she was just as intrigued by this question as our captor appeared to be. I could see the love and lust she had for me in her eyes. The words she was silently communicating to me made me want to break my bonds and do exactly what he said. But the cold steel of the gun at my back held me in place. I didn’t deign to answer his question.

“Seriously?” he asked incredulously. “That girl is smokin’ hot in that outfit, loves you after less than half a date, has been ‘flirting’-although, let’s be real here, it’s probably been more like teasing-you since the summer, and you’re just going to sit there and not say that you would fuck her? Hats off to you for your stoicism kid, but I’m calling bullshit. I’m willing to bet that since that was your first kiss with each other, the two of you are virgins; and with teenaged hormones the way they are, I’d say that the two of you are just dying to feel each other’s skin against your own.” He looked at me with what I guessed to be a leering smile, based on his tone and words. Nodding to Rhe, he continued, “Look into her eyes, kid. Even I can see the lust in them; she wants you so bad, I’d bet it’s killing her to sit still and quiet and not beg you to take her.”

The fact that I could see the truth of his words in my sister’s eyes was making my cock begin to solidify. I wanted so much to admit to what he was saying, break free from this chair and ravage Rheta like she clearly wanted me to. But I had a part to play in this fiction that I had concocted. “I’m not going to subjugate my girlfriend to essentially being raped for her first time while you perverts watch.”

“Henry…,” Rheta half whispered, half moaned. Looking to her, I say her eyes glaze over for a minute and I wondered again if I had just made her cum with my words. I stole a glance over at Mom to see how she was feeling at all this to find that she seemed to be cool as a cucumber as she watched with avid interest her children dance around the issue of having sex together.

“You really do have her wrapped around your finger, don’t you kid,” he said to me in awe as he watched Rhe as well. “I think she just came from hearing you try to protect her virtue.” He gave a small private chuckle at this. “But, I’m sure you know the saying: you can’t rape the willing. And the pair of you are more than willing.” Turning his attention back to Rheta he asked, “Hey Bitch, do you want your boyfriend here to punch your V-card?”

My sister glared at our captor at once again being called ‘Bitch’ for a moment before turning her attention back to me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before she turned her gaze away from me and hung her head. When she finally looked back up, there were tears in her eyes as she once again glared daggers at our captor. “That was my plan for tonight,” she admitted with hatred in her voice. I gave an internal sigh at having thrown a wrench into whatever she and Mom had planned; I hoped that I’d be able to make it up to them later. “But as I already said, you’ve ruined that. And Henry’s right: to lose it like this would be like being raped. And I don’t want to associate the love of my life with raping me. So shut the fuck up about my love life, take that gun you’ve been threatening us with and then try to shot your tiny dick off. When that’s done, go and try to choke on it!”

This time the man did not laugh. Instead, he pushed away from me and stepped right into Rheta’s face, the pistol under her chin. “Noooooo!” I shouted as I feared he would hurt her.

“Your tongue has gone from amusing to rude one too many times,” he snarled into Rhe’s unflinching face. “I’ve tried to be as civil with you as I can, but you constantly spit it back in my face. The next time you say something not to my liking, I’ll do exactly as you say: I’ll shot Loverboy here’s dick off and force him to choke on it. Do we understand each other?” For a second, I thought that she was going to say something to the tune of ‘go fuck yourself’ with the way she used her eyes to eviscerate him. But after a tense moment, she nodded her head that she understood. “Excellent. Now, my colleague and I are in the mood for some entertainment while we wait out the cops. So, here’s what’s going to happen, Bitch. To start, you’re going to tell us what you had in mind for tonight’s festivities. Tell us all every move you were going to make, so as to excite your boyfriend here. Then, we’re going to put that wicked tongue of yours to even better use as you give him a blowjob. Then, you’re going to fuck him. By the time all that’s done, enough time should have passed for us to be on our merry way. You will not call the police after we leave and we will all live happily ever after, is that understood?”

The gun was still under her chin as my sister tried to use her eyes to cut this man to ribbons. “Yes, sir.” Never before had two words been spoken with such vitriolic venom and hatred in the history of the English language.

Finally removing the barrel of the gun from under her chin, our captor sat himself on the couch. “Excellent! Now, how were you going to seduce your knight in shining amour here? And please, don’t leave out any detail on my account.”

As I was slightly curious about this as well, I looked to Rheta with only mild curiosity on my face. But I knew that she could see in my eyes that I was dying to know how she had intended for this night to go. Looking first to Mom for a moment and then back to me, Rheta began, “Well, as I said early, tonight was our first date; but I had planned this out way back in the summer when we first started flirting with each other. We’ve known each other all our lives; she’s as much my mother as she is his,” she said with a head tilt to indicate Mom, “so I asked her for some help. Not long after our flirting started, the two of us went shopping and it was there that I told her of my desire to sleep with her son. Together, we set about picking out outfits for the two of us that would have us looking classy, but also turn the other on. I honestly had a mini orgasm when he walked into the kitchen and I saw him in the full glory of the outfit I’d chosen for him.”

“I don’t know how I didn’t cum in my pants when I saw you,” I revealed to her, forgetting entirely about our audience. “I was lucky to remain standing, and so thankful that the island was between us so you didn’t see how fast I got hard; nothing has ever made me so hard so fast in my life. Not even when you and your mom were wearing those matching Christmas bikinis for the Christmas in July party this year.” I took the chance to slyly check in on Mom, who had a flushed smile at hearing this.

“Is her mom as hot as she is?” our captor asked from the couch.

“My mother and I could be twins, except she has bigger tits and a fatter ass than I do,” Rheta said. I looked to Mom to see how she took the comments her daughter had made about her appearance, and was slightly shocked to see her smiling almost sweetly at Rhe.

Our captor simply gave a wolf whistle at hearing my twin’s description of our mom. “That does indeed sound maddeningly arousing. So, you and your boyfriend’s mom here got you some sexy clothes, which the both of you found more than adequate. So, what was your next move in your seduction plan?”

Once again giving a glare meant to kill (although this one seemed less hostile than the rest), Rheta continued to elaborate her plot. “As you can see, we were watching a movie, my favourite Christmas movie in fact. In a few minutes I was supposed to signal her,” she said with a head tilt to indicate Mom, “to go to the bathroom. While there, she was supposed to get a ‘text’ from someone asking for her to come over and ‘help’ with something or other. Once she’d left the house, I was going to take my boyfriend upstairs to his bedroom. We were supposed to have our first kiss as we fell onto his bed. After we made out for a few minutes, and I couldn’t take the feel of him so close yet so far in all these clothes, I was going to push myself away. Stopping any protests he’d have with a finger to his lips, I’d give a sexy wink as I stood and make my way to his old CD player.”

“Who still uses CDs in this day and age?” our captor asked, once again breaking the spell Rheta’s words were having over me.

The pair of us glared at him for the interruption. But to keep Rheta from further angering our captor, I explained, “I don’t really use it unless I’m feeling really nostalgic; it’s mostly just a memento of a bygone era.” Turing back to my sister I asked what was clearly meant by the rude interruption, “What music were you going to play, that you couldn’t just use your phone for?”

Despite everything, Rheta actually blushed at this. “I, uh, may have, uh, made a playlist for me to strip and have sex with you. That I practiced a lot to ensure that my timing was perfect.”

Once again, I forgot that there were others in the room as I just stared at Rheta in utter horny disbelief. I could feel my jaw moving as words tried to form, but nothing but my sputtering came out. When after what felt like an eternity but was probably only a minute, my tongue started to work again. “I don’t think I’ve heard you say a hotter set of sentences in my life, and I soooooo, so, so, so want to see that routine. What songs are on that CD?”

Seeming to have eyes only for me, my sister just gave a seductive, Mona Lisa smile, “Wouldn’t you like to know, Big Boy?” she asked rhetorically in a sexy purr of a whisper that caused me to shudder visibly in my chair.

Nodding most enthusiastically, I heard myself give a whine akin to a dog begging for scraps of its owner’s dinner. Rheta smiled bashfully at this, while Mom gave a slight snicker that was drowned out by our captor’s robust laughter from the couch. After about thirty seconds of laughing, he calmed himself to find my sister once again glaring daggers at him. “Oh, cool your tits, Bitch: that whine was hilarious! I was going to let it pass, but I think Loverboy here deserves to know what songs were on that CD. He’s just as wrapped around your finger as you are his; throw your doggy here a bone.”

Deciding to have fun with it for the moment, I looked to her with the best set of puppy eyes I could muster and setting my lower lip aquiver. Rheta, knowing me inside and out from being my twin, couldn’t help the mirthful giggle my posing so over the top dramatically brought out in her. “Down boy,” she said playfully. Fully committed at this point, I gave a whimper to show how she was teasing me like this. Rheta rolled her eyes but gave a smile as she said in a faux authoritative voice, “Heel!”

“Yes, I do like your heels; they’re very sexy,” I quipped back at her. I could tell that she was about to say something about me being clever, when our captor gave another Umbridge-esque cough.

“Right,” Rhe said with a glare that was more mild annoyance than deadly hatred. “As I was saying, stripping playlist.” Turning back to look at me, she continued, “It starts off with ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ by Mötley Crüe, during which I’d be basically be giving a lap dance to the air. Next was ‘Buttons’ by the Pussycat Dolls, wherein I’d strip out of my dress’ top half. ‘Sexy Back’ by Justin Timberlake would see me back up to Henry, just out of reach, shaking my ass and smiling sexily back at him, while also teasing my dress down further. During the next song, ‘Take It Off’ by The Donnas, would see me out of my dress so that I’d only be in my thong and stockings. Nelly Furtado’s ‘Promiscuous’ would see me lose my thong as well as him losing his shirt and jacket; his tie would act as a ball gag. Then ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Def Leppard would come on while I got on my knees and got him out of his pants, socks and shoes, leaving us both naked to hungrily gaze upon each other. To finish off, Aerosmith’s ‘Sweet Emotion’ would set the tempo as I went down on him. I’d love to be able to gauge how he would go down on me, or how we would make love, but as this was supposed to be a surprise, I couldn’t exactly ask him what songs he’d want to do these things to.” Rheta turned back to briefly look at our captor as she finished her rundown of her striptease routine, before returning her eyes to me. She looked both embarrassed and regretful for having told such intimate details to strangers, but I could also see the embers of hope in her gaze as she looked to me for approval in her seduction technique.

She’d only have to look slightly down, as I’d gotten hard as soon as she said ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ was the first song, and the need to release my dick from its ever-tightening confines in my pants only grew with every detail she gave. By the time that she said she wanted to give me a blowjob to ‘Sweet Emotion’ (which is my favourite song, btw) I was ready to blow the load that had been building in me since the start of the night. I tried not to squirm so much as that only caused my cock to rub against my pants, and add that friction to the pyre that was my arousal level.

As I stared into my sister’s eyes, non-verbally begging her to show me that performance another day, the bubble around us was once again broken by the low, but clearly impressed, whistle of our captor. Taking in my surroundings once again, I noticed that Mom was squirming about as much as I wanted to; but as everyone seemed to be gazing back and forth between Rhe and our captor, I think that this went unnoticed by everyone except me.

“Damn Bitch! That certainly sounds hot. And if Loverboy here’s circus sized tent is any indication, he agrees with me. I have half a mind to untie you so that you may show us everything you just described. But I think I have a better plan in mind.” Seeing Rheta narrow her eyes at him, our captor raised his hands defensively. “Whoa! Relax, Bitch; you’ll still get to lose your virginity to Loverboy here. In fact, he’ll even last longer than the two seconds that his current state would allow for.”

Speaking in my own defense for the first time, I asked, “And how do you plan on that? I’m ba-bar-barely holding it together as it is. I don’t think that I’d be able to last having my fly lowered, much less satisfying my woman.” Turning to look at Rheta, I continued, “I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but fuck, you’re turning me on too much!”

She smiled at me as our captor gave a genial laugh at my predicament. “Why, your mom’s going to give you a blow job, of course!” This caused the three of us to stare at him in utter confusion; again, I was sure he was smiling under his ski mask.

“What?!” we asked in unison. Then Mom continued, “He’s my son! How can you even suggest such a thing?” Of course, this was all acting, the three of us knew that Mom was just as horny for me as I was for her. But our captors didn’t know that so we had to put on a convincing show.

“Oh, he may be your son, lady, but let’s be real: I don’t think that fact is going to stop you.” Mom gave an affronted gasp at this. “Ah-ah, don’t get your panties in a twist. I didn’t say you’d enjoy it-although, based on the size of that tent in your son’s pants, I won’t lie and say that you will get some enjoyment out of it. No, I said him being your son wasn’t going to stop you. Because you’d do anything to protect your son, wouldn’t you Mommy dearest?” He paused to allow Mom to understand his question and give an unsettled nod. “Good, because if you don’t give your son a blowjob to help him take the edge off for his girl here, I’ll help his cock go down.” When Mom looked at him in confusion, he just held up the gun. Presumably to stave off the panic that he’d just ingrained in the three of us, he continued, “Relax, I don’t want to shoot his dick off. It’d be somewhere nonlethal, like the arm, just enough to take the blood away from his dick.

“And besides, are you telling me you aren’t horny? You were squirming all through Bitch here’s seduction plan, no ring and you’re home on a Friday night to supervise your son’s first date with his girlfriend who you knew was going to fuck him, and you’re dressed like that!” he said indicating her choice of outfit. “I bet you were even planning on sneaking back in to listen to the two of them fucking, maybe even jilling yourself in the process.”

It was Mom’s turn to glare upon him with a loathing look meant to kill. She looked just like Rheta as she did, I was surprised that the guy didn’t see the resemblance between mother and daughter. “You’re right, of course,” she said with a sneer, the exhale of air from her nostrils really added to the air of superiority that she clearly wanted to embody in this moment. “I would do anything to keep my son from harm, and I’ve honestly been horny all day thinking about tonight. But not for the reason you think, I’m attracted to his girlfriend. I’ve been trying to entice her into a relationship since the summer when we went shopping for outfits. But she’s so blinded by her love and lust for my son that she’s failed to pick up on my numerous hints, no matter how obvious I’ve been.”

“I did pick up on them,” Rheta said quietly, causing us to turn to her. Her head was down, as if in shame and her voice stayed quiet as she continued. “I mean, you said you’d love to see my ass in that gaudy neon green G-string bouncing up and down as I rode his pole. You weren’t exactly being subtle.” Looking to Mom, there were tears in Rhe’s eyes as she continued, “You know how much I love you, and I know how much you love me. But I hope you understand when I say that I needed Henry to be my first: he’s the love of my life, as I am his. I would have come to you, with his blessing, once we’d established our relationship a little further.”

“Oh, fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!” I gasped through deep breathes, trying to hold myself off from cumming in my pants to the mental image of my mom and sister fucking. “Oh shit, that’s a hot mental picture,” I moaned, still having to breathe laboriously. “Fuck…you can…sleep with my mom, on two conditions. First, you tell me all about it afterwards. And second, I get to sleep with your mom.”

“I guess that’s only fair,” Rhe said, smiling at my naughtiness. “She’s been wanting to have you dominate her for like the past year and a half. Half the teasing we did over the summer was at her insistence and I had to rein her in from being too slutty almost constantly.”

Throwing my head back with a muffled moan, my body trembled as I tried to withhold my oncoming orgasm, so much so that the chair I was tied to started to sound like teeth chattering in the cold. I caught a glimpse of Mom to see her thighs nearly shaking as much as my own, and the expression of need on her face. “Ok, if I don’t get out of these pants soon, I’m going to have one awkward visit to the dry cleaners in my near future!” I couldn’t stand the pressure in my balls any longer; hearing that the two of them had confided their fantasies to each other was almost more arousing than the thought of them together.

Hearing the metallic click of the gun, I was brought back to the reality of the situation. “Well, Mommy dearest, what’s it gonna be? Would you rather have your son’s blood on your hands, or his cum in your throat? Time’s up on your indecisiveness.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, untie me!” Mom said. Our captor just nodded to his cohort, who pulled a knife from his pocket and cut Mom loose. Once freed, she slipped to her knees and waddled over to me. “I’m sorry,” she said as she brought her hand up to my cheek. Her tone was morose, but I saw the gleam of glee in her eyes. “I haven’t done this to anyone since your father left me, so I apologize if my technique isn’t up to snuff.”

I was slightly surprised to hear that; surely my gorgeous mother had had dates in the past nineteen years. But it appeared that my confusion was what she was after, as I suddenly felt the cool air of freedom on my hard cock, before the warmth of her mouth captured my entire 8″. I don’t think I was able to last the two seconds our captor was saying I would, for as soon as I felt her lips wrap around my cock about 2-3 inches down, I started shooting. Her mouth lowered further as I kept spewing down her throat until her lips were buried in my pubes. Pulling back to the tip, Mom caught the last spurts in her mouth before pulling off me and swirling it around in her mouth for a moment before swallowing. I had hoped that after blowing my long pent-up load like that I would go slightly soft, but seeing my gorgeous mother willingly swirl and taste my cum in her mouth will keep any guy hard for hours.

“I think that you need a bit more fruit in your diet, sweetie. If you expect your girlfriend here,” she said with a nod to Rhe, “to go down on you, you should at least make the effort to have your cum taste as good as it can. That being said, it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say to you,” she commented more to herself than anyone.

“Fuck Mom, that was hot,” I said between laboured breaths. Uneasily, I turned to look to my sister, wondering how she took this. But I shouldn’t have worried, for if the look on her face was any indication, she was nearly as turned on as I was. And her eyes couldn’t look away from my cock.

Licking her lips, she whispered in awe, “So big…can’t wait.”

Clearly having heard her, our captor gave a bark of a laugh. “Well Bitch, wait no more!” Waving the gun in his hand loosely towards her, he sent his silent cohort towards Rheta. “Wait,” he said before the guy could take a step. “Secure Mommy dearest before they get any ideas.” Mom sat back in her chair without so much as a complaint as her hands and feet were once again secured to the chair. “Just out of curiosity, how excited are you for this Bitch? On a scale of 1-10, how turned are you knowing that Loverboy here is about to fuck your brains out?”

It was a testament to how much my sister was wanting to fuck me that she didn’t even hesitate to answer, nor give any of the venomous sarcasm that she’d used all night on this guy. “3069. Would you hurry the fuck up and cut me loose?!”

Both me and my captor laughed at this. The silent partner jumped at being barked at by Rheta. “Eager beaver, indeed,” he chuckled at his own joke. “But 3069 seems like a both ridiculously random and yet oddly specific number.”

There was a question in his statement about the number she’d given. I knew the significance (or at least, I thought I did), but clearly this guy wasn’t up on pop culture as me (even though Marvel movies were all the rage these days). Rolling her eyes at either the guy’s denseness or the snail’s pace that the silent cohort had adopted since she yelled at him, Rheta let out an exasperated sigh. “I love him 3000, and if I have to explain 69 to you, it would explain why this is the only way you can get your rocks off.” And the snark was back, as was her clear impatience at not having been cut loose yet; I think the guy cutting her loose actually shrunk away in fear from the gaze she leveled at him.

Our captor’s displeasure with Rheta’s tongue had seemed to fade as he gave a laugh at her explanation. “Not to mention, seeing his mom-who you’ve admitted to wanting to fuck-suck him off was super hot, and you’re probably just as ready to burst as he was, right?” She just gave a nonchalant shrug as an affirmative answer.

With a final snap, she was set free as she all but jumped into my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck as her lips attacked my own. Whereas before her kiss had been hungry, this time it was slow and allowed for the passion to build at a more gradual rate. It was after about ten minutes of this gentle consummation of our passion that she pulled away from me. Her lips were barely an inch from my own as we tried to catch our breath, her ragged puffs bursting against my lips. “I want your arms around me, Henry.” Her voice was so low that I could barely hear it over our mutual panting. Seeming to force herself to tear away from me, she looked to our captor. “Please,” she begged. “Please, cut his arms loose. You’ve teased and toyed with us enough, we’re doing what you want, just please, let him hold me.”

I guessed the guy nodded to his silent partner as my hands were soon released, but I hadn’t been able to take my eyes off of my sister’s face. Feeling my hands being freed, I immediately brought them around to hold her close to me. I ran my hand through her silky hair as my hands moved up to her face to pull her into another kiss. This one didn’t have tongue, but I could both feel and hear her moan as my fingers ran through and loosely pulled her hair.

Once again pulling herself away, Rheta turned to our captors. “Turn around!” she said forcefully to them. “You owe us the privacy of this intimate moment, since you ruined it. Let us lose our virginities privately.”

I half expected them to deny this request, but it seemed that they agreed that this should be a private moment for us. Turning around, the pair of them gave us a some privacy. “The faster you get this done, the faster you get us out of your hair,” our captor said as an incentive.

“I’m sorry,” I said quietly in her ear.

“Don’t be, brother,” she whispered back. Taking my hand in her own, she pulled it down her body to the hem of her dress, before placing it on the soaked gusset of her panties. “Ohhh,” she moaned as she felt my hand on her. Whispering in my ear so only I could hear, she teased me further, “Do you feel how wet you make me brother? I’ve been on the brink of the biggest orgasm of my life since Mom pulled your cock out from your pants. I know it was only for a minute, but did you like her mouth on your dick? You know that the two of us are going to do that striptease for you tomorrow when we’re alone. But for right now, I want you to tear my hymen with this monstrous cock.” She licked my ear as she gripped my cock which stood tall and hard between us.

With a brief peck to my lips, Rheta stood up as she hiked up her dress over her ass. It was then that I saw her red lacy thong, as she pulled it aside to reveal to me her smooth-shaven pussy. My mouth instantly salivated as I saw her engorged clit and puffy lips. My cock gave a noticeable twitch which caused my sister to give me a sexy grin.

Kissing me as she once again straddled me, Rhe slowly grinded her wet slit up and down my cock. “Mmmm fuck!” she moaned loudly. “I need you inside me. Lift me up and shove your perfect cock in my tight pussy.” Before I could react, she was kissing me again as her hands brought my own to her waist. Feeling the soft but crumbled fabric of her dress, I lifted my sister up so that her pussy was in line with my dick.

Bringing her down so that just the tip of my cock was at her entrance, I felt Rhe nod as she continued to kiss me, inviting me to bring us both into the world of carnal (twincestuous) pleasure. The moment finally at hand, I both pulled her down as I thrust myself up, tearing through her hymen as our pelvises rested against each other.

“Fffffuuuuucccccckkkk!” we both moaned as the sensations of losing our virginities took us by storm and forced us to break apart from the kiss. The wet warmth that surrounded my cock was better and tighter than I could have ever imagined. The feeling of finally being in her pussy was added to by the spasmodic pulses that caused her muscles to clamp around me erratically.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh FUCK! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your big cock! Yeeesssss! Finally cumming on Henry’s cock!” Rheta near shouted in my ear as a new flood of wetness drenched the tightness that was her pussy. At first, I tried to hold her steady, fearing both that she’d inadvertently hurt herself and/or that the friction would cause me to blow my ready-to-go load. But I was soon just trying to limit her movements so that she wasn’t bucking randomly with enough force to unbalance us from our current seated position. “Oh Henry, oh Henry, OH HENRY!” she moaned as she bounced on my cock, finally seeming to get us into a rhythm.

In an attempt to make myself last a little longer, I jumped at the opportunity for word play. “I think I’d rather have a KitKat right now.”

Stopping her bouncing, Rhe looked at me with a look that bordered on being hurt, before understanding lit up her face and she gave the most girlish giggle I’ve ever heard from her. “Don’t be such a Smarties-pants,” she shot back as she restarted her bouncing. “And enjoy the Mounds that are in front of you.” Winking at me, she simultaneously squeezed her pussy on my cock and nodded to her breasts, revealing which mounds she was referring to with her joke.

Removing my hands from her waist, I took hold of the spaghetti straps on her shoulders and pulled them down. Rheta stopped riding my cock as she removed her arms from the straps as I took a hold of the dress. Slowly, I pulled the bodice down to reveal her perfect tits to my gaze. Her dress now a crumbled slash at her hips, my hands rode up her sides, loving the feel of her smooth skin and the heat that radiated from it. As they slid up, I brought my hands more onto her front so that when they reached my sister’s tits my palms were covering her pink, silver dollar sized areolas. Her nipples were hard and about a half an inch in length as they dragged against my palms as I kneaded her tit flesh sensually. My hands were just slightly bigger than her tits, which allowed for me to firmly grab them.

“Ohhhhh, yeeeeeessssssssss! Squeeze my titties in your strong hands!” Rhe gasped as I continued to play with her breasts. My dick in her pussy seemed to be all but forgotten as she just seemed to be squeezing me whenever I squeezed her tits just right. That’s when I brought my fingers to her nipples and started to twist and pinch them. “OH FUCK!” my sister moaned as an explosion seemed to go off in her pussy. Her hips began thrusting erratically as our groins were flooded with her juices. “AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!” she screamed incoherently, before slumping into my shoulder, her body limp.

Looking up, I saw Mom looking at us with nothing but love and lust in her eyes as she gazed longingly where my cock entered Rheta’s pussy. She saw me looking at her and gave me sexy smile. That’s when I noticed that we were the only ones in the room as the faint sound of the door closing was heard from the hallway. Mom also heard the door shutting as she looked around to notice that we were once again alone. “Bout time those fuckers left,” she huffed out. “Rheta! Wake up and come untie me!”

Rheta gave a jolt as Mom’s voice seemed to revive her to the land of the living. “Fuck!” she swore as she tried to move. “Why am I so sensitive?”

“Earth-shaking orgasms will do that to you, sweetheart,” Mom explained. “Our ‘friends’ have left; so, can you please get off you brother and come untie me so that I can have him fuck me too!” I looked to Mom slightly confused but no less excited that I wouldn’t even have to try to get her to fuck me after everything that had just happened. Looking me in the eye, Mom said some of the hottest words I’d ever heard coming out of her mouth. “The second your sister finishes untying me, young man, you are going to come over here, rip my dress off and fuck your Mommy-Slut until she passes out. Do I make myself clear?”

I could only nod as Rheta spoke over me to respond. “Hold your horses, Mommy-Slut. Henry still hasn’t cum in me yet, and you don’t get to have two loads before I’ve had one!” With that, Rheta started to wiggle her hips and sliding herself up and down my shaft again.

“Fuck, sis! How does your pussy feel so good and know just how to squeeze me even though I just took your virginity?” I asked between our moans.

“Because this pussy was made for you, Big Brother. No other cock is ever going to be in here, except maybe Mom’s strap-on,” she teased with an extra tight squeeze as she bottomed herself out. “I love you Henry, and I don’t want anyone else but you. So, fuck me! Fuck me as hard and as often as you want! Just never stop fucking me! Fuck me until we dieeeeee!” She started to squeal at the end as another orgasm seemed to plow through her, not nearly as intense as the previous, but clearly still quite powerful. After catching her breath for a minute, Rheta looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Putting her hand on the back of my head, she brought my mouth to her nipple where I immediately sucked it in. “OH Henry! Yes, suck my nipples. I can’t wait to feel you biting them as you cum deep in my tight pussy.” Her dirty talk had me throbbing inside said tight pussy, which caused her to give a giggling moan. “You like that idea, don’t you Big Brother? You like the idea of flooding my tight little pussy with your cum and biting my super sensitive nipples so that I can squirt all over you as you do?”

“Fuck yes!” I moaned, as my hips seemed to bounce off my chair into her downward thrusting pussy.

“Ohh, I can tell you’re going to shoot a big load in me brother. But not yet.” Her next words were whispered into my ear so that only I could hear them. “Let’s tease your new Mommy-Slut a little so that she’s begging to have you fuck her as soon as you spew that massive load boiling in your balls into my unprotected womb.” I groaned loudly at her words, as I gave an extra suck to her nipples. Arching her back so as to have more of her chest sucked into my mouth, threw Rheta’s head back as she continued to talk. “Oh, I bet you wish that my titties would swell with milk for you to drink? Maybe I could be your Baby-Mama-Slut; would you like that baby? Seeing your Mommy and sister in a sexy sixty-nine, with our round bellies slipping against each other as our breasts’ leak out milk from being pushed together? Or how about having you fuck us in school, on the principal’s desk as we broadcast it into the entire school over the PA system?” Her silky tight pussy squeezed down on me like a vice as she rode me while trying to tease both me and Mom.

“Ffffuuucccckkkk!” both me and Mom moaned at hearing these words. Mom continued as she squeezed and rubbed her thighs together in an attempt to relieve the pressure she clearly felt, “Hurry up, please. Mommy-Slut needs it so badly,” she whined like a begging child.

Deciding to push my dominance and see if what I’d heard over Halloween was the truth, I ordered, “Stop your whining, Mommy-Slut! Your Master and Mistress are busy and we will get to you when we’re done. If you make one more peep before I cum in Rheta’s tight cunt, you won’t be getting fucked this entire weekend. Understood?” Rheta had stopped her movements once I’d declared our shared ownership of Mom, but resumed them once I was finished making my stand.

Mom just nodded with the most sexually hungry look I’d ever seen. “Good Mommy-Slut,” I praised her. Unable to really stop myself, I continued to push Mom. “Spread your legs, Mommy-Slut; we can’t have you coming before me, now can we?” It was a rhetorical question, but she shook her head no in agreement. “Fuck Rheta, your pussy feels amazing!”

“As does your big cock stretching me out!” she praised back. “Now cum in my pussy brother! Flood me with your potent seed!” Rhe slammed herself down onto me as I thrusted up into her, using all my strength to lift our pelvises off the chair my legs were still tied to.

“Fuck sis…here…I…CUM!” I shouted as my balls emptied into my sister’s tight and welcoming pussy. As she felt me cumming inside her, Rheta’s eyes rolled back into her head and she flopped like a ragdoll onto me. The two of us laid there in a crumbled ball as we panted to regain our breath. Flopping my head back, I looked over to Mom and nearly laughed out loud.

Mom was still sitting with her legs spread, but I could see her thighs quivering as they longed to be brought together. Her face was scrunched up in concentration as she was biting her lip and breathing through her nose so as not to make any more noise. Her eyes were solely focused on my dick and where it disappeared into Rhe’s pussy. Deciding to be nice and end her torment, I said, “You’ve been a good girl, Mommy-Slut; you can cum and speak now.”

Immediately, her thighs squeezed shut and her head was thrown back as she let out an ecstatic cry. “THANK YOU, MASTER!” she yelled at the top of her lungs, causing Rheta to stir on my chest. “Please Master, can your Mommy-Slut have your cock now? I need to feel it in my wet pussy so bad; Mommy-Slut feels like she’ll die if she doesn’t get your cock right now!”

Looking down to see if Rheta had recovered enough to get off of me so that I could go and fuck our mother, I saw her smile. Pushing herself off of me, we both let out a moan as she stood and my half hard dick slid out of her pussy. “I’ll grab the scissors,” she said as she wobbled away, with a hand held to her slit to keep my cum inside. She returned a moment later, handed me the scissors, and flopped onto the couch with a hand still trying to hold my cum inside her pussy.

Cutting my legs free, I stood as I let my pants fall to the floor. Giving a stretch, I stepped out of my pants and walked towards my waiting mother. With a loving look, I gently cupped her face before running my hand into her hair and giving it a sharp tug back. “Suck my cock, Mommy-Slut! Get it clean from your children’s juices. Make sure it’s hard enough to pound that pussy of yours into oblivion!”

“Yes Master,” was all she said. But the look of utter devotion in her eyes spoke volumes more than her words ever could. With that, I released her hair and once again felt the warm, wet, knee-weakening sensations that were my mother giving me a blowjob. She seemed to be taking her time with this one, savouring the moment and flavours of her children’s combined juices. I could tell that she would have loved to suck me off for the rest of the night, but that wasn’t what I had in mind.

Pulling her hair once again to get her to stop sucking, I said, “Another night, I will let you suck me until we fall asleep.” Stepping behind the chair, I knelt down to cut her hands free, before moving to her feet. Standing us both up so that we were facing each other, I continued. “But tonight, I have something else in mind.” Not waiting for a response, I flung my lips onto hers and started to kiss her with a rough hunger that was quickly mirrored by my mother.

Moaning as the kiss continued, Mom’s arms were soon wrapped around my neck as she tried to pull me closer. My hands roamed from her waist to her meaty ass as I pulled our crotches together. I gently lowered us to the floor so that I was on top of her. Bringing my hands to her big titties, I gave them a firm squeeze as I broke the kiss, causing Mom to moan in frustration and pleasure.

“Now, I tend not to let my sluts tell me what to do, especially when they are first pledging themselves to me, but seeing as I like the idea of ripping your dress off you,” I said as I took a hold of the fabric covering her tits. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” With a roar, I used all the strength my upper body possessed to rip a jagged seam down the middle of her dress.

My earlier suspicions of Mom also being braless was confirmed as her wonderfully big boobs spilled out of the torn dress. What caught me off guard was the black garter belt that wrapped around her crotchless panties. “Fuck, Mommy-Slut! You weren’t kidding around; braless, crotchless panties, garter belt, fuck me pumps, and that pearl necklace, you were definitely planning on getting fucked tonight, weren’t you?”

“Your Mommy-Slut wanted to show you how much of a slut she could be, Master,” Mom answered with a voice heavy with lust. Turning herself over, she brought herself onto her hands and knees. “Not to correct you Master, but they aren’t crotchless panties, it’s a crotchless thong; that way, my Master has access to all three of my fuckholes to use as he sees fit.” Wiggling her hips in a tantalizing display, she gave me a coquettish grin over her shoulder.

Grabbing her hips, I said, “And I plan to use them often, Mommy-Slut.” No longer able to resist the temptation, I raised my hand and brought it down onto Mom’s ass with a satisfying smack.

“One. Thank you, Master. May I have another?” Mom immediately said after letting out a soft moan upon being spanked.

I don’t know why, but this sparked a bit of anger in me. With the hand that had smacked her ass, I reached up to her head, grabbed a fistful of hair and sharply pulled her head back. “Who has been training you, Mommy-Slut? Who else has gotten you to pledge you body to them?”

“N-No one, Master. I swear, you and your sister are the only ones with claims to my body. But I have been reading a lot of incest submission stories online, and counting your spanks, thanking your spanker and asking for more seems to be standard procedure. I was just trying to be a good Mommy-Slut, that’s all Master.”

Releasing my hold of her hair, I brought my hand back to her ass and gently rubbed the redder skin from where I had spanked her. “Forgive me, Mommy-Slut. I’ve read stories like that also, and I guess it caused me to jump to conclusions. I’m sorry.” I bowed my head shamefully as I finished my apology, hoping Mom would understand.

When I felt her hand on mine as I continued to rub her ass, I looked up to see her looking at me. “There’s nothing to forgive, Master,” she said with a smile. “Now, which of my fuckholes would you like to use first?”

Smiling, I began to rub my dick back to full hardness in the wet cleft of her pussy lips. “I think I’ll take this slutty cunt first, Mommy-Slut. But rest assured, I plan to destroy that ass of yours before the weekend is out.”

“Thank you Master. It’s been so long since Mommy-Slut’s had her shitter reamed and she’s been looking forward to your big, beautiful cock doing that for so long.”

Every word Mom spoke in these moments were just turning me on more and more. So, I decided to see how filthy my mother could be. Lining myself up to her entrance, I shoved myself in in one single motion, causing us both to groan in pleasure, but held myself still for a moment. Grabbing the two braids she had in a single hand, I gently pulled her head back as I leaned down into her ear to whisper my next commands. “Did you know that I’ve recorded you getting off to thoughts of submitting to me? The things you say with that slutty tongue of yours always get me harder than diamonds. So, while I fuck this wet cunt of yours, I want you to say any and everything that comes to that dirty mind of yours that you are willing to do and/or have me do to you. Make it as dirty and slutty as you can. Because you don’t get to cum until I fill this surprisingly tight twat of yours with my spunk. And if you do cum before I do, not only will you not get fucked or be allowed to orgasm for the rest of Christmas break while you watch me fuck your Mistress through the Karma Sutra each and every day, you are going to go to every teacher at school, while they are teaching, and offer your sexual services to them for the whole class to hear.” As I finished laying out her punishment, should she fail to comply with my demands, Mom’s body visibly shuddered, and her pussy squeezed my cock in a wave-like pattern. “Do I make myself clear, Mommy-Slut?”

Nodding her head as best she could with her braids still in my grasp, Mom answered, “Yes Master, crystal clear.” I started to move my hips in and out at a slow pace, gradually picking up speed as she continued to talk and spew such slutty fantasies. “But I must admit, the idea of walking up to Ms. Frost or Mrs. Blight and asking them if I could lick their pussies is just tempting enough to make me consider cumming right now. But then I wouldn’t get to feel this wonderful cock pounding my slutty holes during Christmas at Aunt Marie’s house making me moan so loud that your aunt and cousin come in to see what is going on and I force my even more submissive sister to 69 with me while you play musical fuckholes with the two of us and Rheta ties up Aurora in a spread eagle on her mother’s bed. Then you fuck your submissive auntie doggy-style over her naked, splayed daughter, only letting her cum when Aurora gives in and finally demands that you fuck her too.” Fuck if I didn’t nearly bust my nut at those visuals.

My hips were going a mile a minute at this point, causing the loud slaps of my pelvis against Mom’s doughy ass to echo throughout the main floor. I tried to focus my energies of tuning out Mom and staving off my climax for as long as I could, but the things she was describing (things that by the very nature of her saying them were all things she was ok with us doing) just couldn’t be ignored. “Or how about, when you’re off at college next year, I seduce Irene Duque and gift her to you for Christmas so that you can film yourself having sex with that jerk’s younger sister as one last ‘fuck you’ to him. Hell, what if I got her to seduce his girlfriend and you can fuck them both while they trash talk him and beg for your cock.

“Maybe the next time we’re at a fancy restaurant, I sneak under the table and suck you off like the good Mommy-Slut I am. And when you’re just about to blow and cover my face with your thick, hot cum for me to spend the rest of the meal with on my slutty face, I flag down a pretty waitress and have you spew it all over her. I’ll apologize for the mess and offer to help her clean up in the bathroom, where I’ll lick your cum from her face, savouring it in my mouth and then kiss her and have us share it. I’ll work her up to the same point I had you at, and when she can’t take the orgasm denial any longer, I’ll tell her that she needs to get her sexiest co-worker, come to our table and have them 69 each other while you jerk off all over their hot bodies. Then I’ll pull out my strap-on and we can tag team them, or DP or spit roast them one at a time.”

Stopping myself because I knew I was just one more slutty sentence from my mother’s mouth away from cumming, I said, “Fuck Mommy-Slut! Those are hot!” Mom just mewled contently and tried to rock herself on my cock before I used my free hand and gave her a solid SMACK on her ass. “Hold still, Mommy-Slut.”

“Yes Master. Sorry Master. That was one, Master. Thank you for spanking me, Master. May your Mommy-Slut please have another, Master, while she gives you more examples of how she can be the best slut for you Master?”

Still catching my breath, I said, “Hold those thoughts, Mommy-Slut. I need to confer with your Mistress and see what she thinks of all this.” I looked to Rheta as Mom whispered her compliance. “You know that I love you, but now that we’ve taken this step, I don’t know how much you are comfortable with these fantasies of me sleeping with other women. I’ll admit that what Mom’s said in the past ten minutes is really hot and the thought of fulfilling each of these fantasies has me ready to blow. But if you just want me to focus on you and Mom, that’s all I’ll do, and just let these remain fantasies.”

Standing up from the couch, Rheta walked over to me before kneeling down at my side. I noticed that the leakage from her deflowered pussy had seemed to stop and that her thighs, tits and stomach seemed to have a dried sheen to them. Leaning in, Rheta brought a hand to my cheek before she kissed me sensually, but chastely. “To say that I know that I can’t have you to myself and that that knowledge kills me a little every time I remember it, is an understatement. While I love Mom and want her to be happy, there is a part of me that will always be selfish in wanting to hoard you all to myself. That being said, the idea of you having a harem with me as your alpha, or a million one-night stands that you tell me about afterwards is also very hot. To be honest, since I’m bi, I’d definitely would want to be in on some of that action. Mom’s fantasies were quite hot, and don’t have to be used using just her,” she said with a sexy wink. “So, I’m going to make you a deal, which I know you’ll accept because only an idiot would turn down an offer this good. Build your harem or have your one-night stands, but every time you do, I want you to let me know that you’re trying to get laid. I won’t stop you, so long as whenever I say it’s our time to be together, you spoil me rotten and love me the way I want to be loved. I may want it rough and mean or sweet and tender, or I might just want you to go down on me for three hours straight and not give you any relief. Hell, I might just want an hour where I worship that beautiful cock of yours. Do we have a deal?”

In lieu of a response, I just pulled her in to me with both hands and kissed her passionately. After a minute of kissing my sister, I pulled away. “You are the best sister turned girlfriend that anybody has ever had!”

She smiled as she reached down and gave quick, light slaps to each of Mom’s ass cheeks, causing her to give a moan and to squeeze down on my cock that was still buried to the hilt in her. “That was one and two, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. May I please have some more, Mistress?” Mom said with a sexy purr to her voice.

Once again taking her braids into a single hand, I gave five rapid thrusts before I gave Mom a harder slap to each cheek. “Was I done with you yet, Mommy-Slut?”

“Oh Master, I’m sorry. I hope you weren’t done with me yet, Master. That was two and three Master. Mommy-Slut thanks you for spanking her, Master and invites and hopes that you’ll do it again.” Finally giving her what she seemed to want, I smacked Mom’s ass twice more on each cheek before landing a finally harder blow closer to the centre along her crack and over her puckered sphincter. The final slap sent her pussy aflutter and almost made me cum. “OOOOHHHH Thank you, Master, thank you so much! Those were spanks 4,5,6,7 and 8, and this Mommy-Slut thanks you for each and every one, Master. Please Master, may I have another?” The desperation was starting to come back to her voice, telling me that if I were to continue spanking her, she would cum just from them alone.

But I still wanted to cum in her snug pussy and have that be what sets her off. Giving a gentle tug on her rein-like braids, I somewhat denied her request. “Not just now, Mommy-Slut. First, we’re going to pick up where we left off. I’m going to give your delectable, fat ass a small slap, but it’s not a spanking, more just something to get you moving and talking again like you were a few minutes ago.” And with that, I gave an upward smack to her ass as I started to get my hips going once again.

“Ohhhh fuck me Master, I love your cock in my slutty pussy,” Mom moaned as we once again began to build up a rhythm. “You know who would make a sexy one-night stand or an excellent addition to your new harem? Your kindergarten teacher, Ms. Black. I bumped into her the other day at the store and found out that she called off her engagement after finding that gay-ass ex of hers in bed with his boss. We agreed to get drinks after the break. Maybe I should invite her over for coffee and offer her the special homemade creamer that my son’s been giving me for the past few weeks. And when she asks for the recipe, you can tell her that you’ll only tell her in her classroom after school one day. Wouldn’t it be so hot and dirty and slutty to whip out your dick in her classroom and get her to choke on it as you mark her as your slutty little teacher whore when you cum on her face and tell her to send the picture to her ex and say that her former student from her first ever class was a better fuck than he ever could be? Wouldn’t you love to shoot your cum into her platinum blonde hair or onto those big pale titties that she tries so hard to hide? You can demand that she meet us at a no-tell motel where she gets to let her inner cumslut out in full force while the three of us fuck her into a drooling mess and cover her with our cum.”

“Fuck, Mommy-Slut, I love that wicked tongue of yours. I think that I’m ready to burst, so I want you to make the next fantasy out of your mouth to be the sluttiest thing you’ve said all night.” I had slowed myself down to where I was using deep, powerful strokes, so that I wouldn’t be cumming so soon.

“Yes, Master. One slutty fantasy to be turned into reality coming up. Did you ever notice that Ms. Ovapasch doesn’t like me very much? Did you ever wonder to yourself why that was?”

“This isn’t sounding very slutty, Mommy-Slut. It’s not even sexy,” I said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Stopping her own movements for a moment, Mom turned and looked at me over her shoulder. “Trust me Master, not only is this sexy and slutty beyond your wildest dreams, it’s going to genuinely rock your world. The reason that she hates me, is you two.” The both of us gasped at this, as we had (at Mom’s continued insistence) always been nice to Ms. Ovapasch and her daughter Alexandria. “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault in the way that your thinking of it; she isn’t so petty as to hate you two, but the two of you are the reason she hates me. You see, before you were born, Jackie and your Aunt Marie were inseparable. If they didn’t have boyfriends, I’d have said that they were dating each other; which looking back now is kinda what they were doing. Shortly after Aurora was born, I went to visit Marie. When Jackie and who I thought was her boyfriend showed up, they had some alcohol with them. Marie told me that I could have some as long as I didn’t get too drunk that I was throwing up later. Some coolers and hours later, Marie gets called to work, and takes off with Aurora, while the three of us continued to drink. Half an hour after that, they’re making out, and my being a horny teenager with a cute guy and a hot girl am trying to get in on the action.”

At this point, I’ve stopped fucking Mom and she hasn’t resumed fucking me since she stopped after I called her out on this not being a slutty story. Which up until her admitting she wanted to have sex with both Ms. Ovapasch and her boyfriend, it wasn’t. “I thought you said that this was a slutty, sexy story, Mommy-Slut? You’re giving me lots of details, but none of them are slutty and I’m starting to go limp in your pussy. So, get to the slutty part, or I’ll punish you more severely than what I said would happen if you came before I did.”

“You mean like the part where while they were making out, I slid under Jackie’s skirt and started to lick her bald pussy and making her break the kiss and moan out how I, Marie, was so good at licking her pussy. Or maybe how I had also pulled out his big cock and was stroking him while I licked her, before switching over to suck him and finger her. Slutty like that, Master? Or maybe how after I had swallowed his cock to the root that he said ‘Oh shit, sis! Not even you can deep throat me like this!’ Yes, the boy I thought was Jackie’s boyfriend was actually her brother! When I heard that I popped my head off his dick and looked between the two of them. ‘Fuck me like you do our sisters and I’ll not only keep your secret, I’ll be your slut forever.’ Forgive me, Master, but I said those words to him, and at the time, I meant them. And he did fuck me, Master, he fucked us both. They made me their slut, and by the end of the day, I was covered in so much cum that I can still feel the layers of it on my today. That’s when Marie got home, and upon seeing me covered and filled with so much cum, snapped. She was so angry at Jackie and her brother for taking advantage of me and all but threw them out of the house. She was so upset that she kicked me out too.

“When we finally spoke again, she apologized for the way her friends had treated me and said that she had cut all ties with them and that they were never to speak to us again. That’s when I told her I was pregnant with you two and she immediately called Jackie and said that we all needed to talk. We met at Jackie’s parents’ house where I learned that Jackie was also pregnant. Marie called Jackie’s parents into the room and told them everything: her and Jackie’s relationship, the relationship between Jackie and her brother, their relationship with me, that both me and Jackie were pregnant with his children, as well as the fact that Aurora was his as well. Long story short is that his family had him chemically castrated and had the three of us sent here so that we’d be away from them but close to each other so that their grandchildren could grow up, not knowing the truth, but still close and potentially in each others’ lives.”

Mom started to push herself on and off of my cock at this point. “You want a slutty fantasy to make reality, Master, why don’t we call up your aunties, invite them over for Christmas, let your sister-cousins know how related we all really are, and you can fuck us all into submission with your glorious, incestuous, cock. You’d have your alpha sister, your Mommy-Slut, a couple of pet-aunties and some sister-cousin-slaves to fuck, one for every day of the week with an orgy every Sunday. Knocking us up so that our big titties get even bigger as they fill with milk for you to drink and feed the daughters you’re going to fuck into the six of us. Wouldn’t you like to have an incest harem at your beck and call for you to fuck, or having us fuck each other with dildos and strap-ons? Isn’t that just the kinkiest, sluttiest, nastiest thing you could think of? And it’s only just a phone call, and spiked drinks away. God, I can’t wait to taste Jackie’s pussy again; she tasted like peaches and I just need to eat that peach again.”

At this point I was hanging on by a thread as I pounded away at my mother’s sweet cunt. Sweat pouring down my face, I finally let go of Mom’s braids and used both hands to power back her hips as I thrusted forward with all my might. “S-S-So close, Mommy-Slut. Talk dirty to me so that I can fill your slutty twat with cum and we can start to plan that dinner.”

“Did you know that your Mommy-Slut hasn’t been on the pill since the summer, and that right now is a fertile day? So, if you blow that huge, hot load boiling in those sexy balls of yours right now and flood my slutty, little pussy, you could be making the first step into knocking up all the women in your incest harem.”

“FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!” I howled as my balls completely emptied into my mother’s apparently fertile pussy. As she felt my sperm flooding her womb, Mom gave a similar cry before having her arms and legs give out on her, causing the both of us to fall to the floor in a heap of sweaty flesh.

It wasn’t for another ten minutes that the two of us did anything more than heavily pant to get any air and strength back into our bodies. When I could finally move again, I rolled off of Mom and onto my back, where I immediately found both my sides to be filled by the two most important women in my life. Wrapping my arms around the both of them, I snuggled them in tighter. With a loud exhalation of breath I said, “Wow, I never would have thought tonight would end like this?”

At this, Mom gave a small laugh. “Oh really? You mean you didn’t plan tonight’s events out since the start of the week when you invited us for a movie date at home, just the three of us?”

Turning my head slightly to look at her, I gave an apologetic smile. “I mean, I’ve been planning this since like Halloween, I just didn’t think it would end the way it did.”

“What’s shocked you?” Rhe asked.

“What didn’t turn out like you planned?” Mom questioned at the same time as Rheta. She continued, “It can’t be the intruders dead set on not noticing the family resemblance between the three of us as they got you to have sex with your sister. Nor could it have been your correct conclusion that I’d want to jump your bones as soon as they’d left and I’d been teased all night long. What about tonight wasn’t your plan?”

Turning away from Mom, I looked to Rheta to see how she was taking these revelations about how deep I was involved in tonight’s goings on. She just gave me a blank look and I knew that to get to see her actual feelings on this, I’d have to tell my truth. “I set this all into motion before I knew that the two of you had your own plans for tonight. I didn’t really realize that until I was getting dressed for dinner and by then it was too late to stop what I had set in motion. I found a guy on Craigslist and told him I wanted to help my buddy get laid with his girlfriend and him being too shy to take that step. I read a story online where a group of friends come up with the idea to stage break-ins in each others’ houses and forcing the friend to have sex with his mom and sister. I told the guy that tonight was a date between my buddy and his girlfriend and that they weren’t to hurt anyone, and stage it so that they would think that getting us to fuck was for his enjoyment. He doesn’t know that I’m the one who hired him, or that Rhe and I are siblings, at least from what I’ve told him in our correspondence. I didn’t know that he was planning on bringing a partner, although that did help sell the illusion of me being overpowered at first, nor was I aware about how mean they were going to be. But I guess staging a break-in requires a bit of roughness to sell the act.

“I won’t beat around the bush; I know that we’ve all been aware that we’ve all wanted to sleep with each other for awhile now. Because I was too cowardly to take that leap and trust that what I was seeing and hearing from you two was the truth and that we didn’t have to involve others, I came up with a solution that I thought would solve any potential pitfalls that might arise from us crossing the line. If it’s what we wanted, great, now we’re over the hump of our insecurities; if it wasn’t, we just try to forget that this ever happened and just outwardly blame it all on the perverts who invaded our home. I’m sorry that I lied to you about tonight and that I ruined the plans that you two had clearly put a lot of effort into.” Turning to look directly at Rheta I said, “I’m sorry that, in a sense, I did rape you and that I took your virginity in such a deceitful way. It was a cruel trick that I should never have forced you to play out, especially knowing that you had feelings for me. I hope that you can see why I did what I did and punish me accordingly.”

Raising her hand, she gently brushed her fingers across my cheek before cupping my face. “I was hurt when I realized that you had organized tonight the way you did. When I figured out that they were here to try to get me to have sex with you, I wanted to pull the rug out and tell them the truth about who we are to each other. But even though I was hurt and mad, I was also thankful. Here was my chance to tell my brother just how much I love him, my chance to actually be with him like I’d spent the last nine months fantasizing about. You kissed me, defended me and treated me like your actual girlfriend, when those two were here and my heart melted because of that. Ever since we got back from the cottage, I’ve been scared that your lusting after me and Mom was just the perversions of a horny teenager. But the way you acted tonight, the love I saw in your eyes and felt in every touch of our skin, I knew that you loved me too. You have nothing to apologize for, Henry my love, for while it might not have been they way I’d have wanted it to happen, tonight will always hold a special place in my heart as the night that you showed me how much you loved me.” Pulling my face down to hers, Rhe’s and my lips met in a gentle loving kiss. “I love you with all of my heart, Henry, and I never want to stop.”

I was blown away by the look of truest love that came from my sister’s face as she said this. I knew that I had to say something, but as to what, I had no clue. My mouth moved mechanically up and down as I tried to find the words. After a moment that felt like forever, I simply told her the truth. “I want to say something to that, more than just ‘I love you, too’. But there are no words that I can string together to show you the depth of my love, gratitude, and understanding of your words.”

Her eyes seemed to search my face before she gave me a small smile and kissed my cheek. “Those words are perfectly enough, my dearest brother.” Kissing my lips gently and quickly once again, she turned my head to Mom and whispered in my ear. “She may be the town’s biggest slut, but she still needs to feel your love.”

Looking over my mother, I saw that she’d been crying while I talked with my sister. “Why are you crying, Mom?” I asked as I gently wiped her tear-streaked cheeks.

“I’ve been lusting after you for so long, wishing that you would make me the slut I crave to be, that I forgot how tender you could be and that that was one of the first things that made me fall for you. I may be what you sister said, but she’s also right in saying that I still need and want to feel loved. Not just as your mother, or your Mommy-Slut, but as your woman. But I can’t ask you to love me like you do your sister, my own daughter. As a mother, I can’t steal my baby’s happiness for my own. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?” she asked, quoting Meatloaf, as a new set of tears fell from her sparkling eyes.

“Shh, shh, Mom. Don’t cry,” I cooed as I wiped the tears away. “You won’t be stealing the love I have for Rhe by asking me to love you as my woman. Because I do love you as my woman; you’re sexy, funny, smart, kind, and so much more. The fact that you’re my mom, and by extension the best mom in the world, is just another layer of icing on the twenty-tier cake that is all the reasons that I love you; and that’s before we add in the hottest sex and wickedest tongue.” Leaning down, I kissed her on the mouth in a passionate but chaste kiss. “Just say the words, Elizabeth,” I continued, using Mom’s name to make a point and causing her to gasp in surprise as she looked me in the eye, “and I’ll love you any way you wish.”

Smiling as new tears threatened to fall from her eyes, she said, “Thank you Henry, for meeting and surpassing all my needs and expectations.” Reaching up her hand to caress my cheek like her daughter had done a few minutes prior, Mom pulled me down into a sensual kiss where I could feel her trying to give me every ounce of love that she possessed.

As the kiss ended, I pulled myself off the ground before offering to do the same for them. Ushering us to the stairs I said, “Time for bed. We’ll talk and fuck some more in the morning.” And with that we made our way to the master bedroom’s king size bed, snuggling ourselves back down to sleep with me in the middle, Rhe on my right and Mom on my left.

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