My Wife and Mother Our open Marriage

Before Dan and I were married, we’d talked about having an open marriage or relationship. I’ve been with well over a hundred men during the years that I’ve been sexually active, and have always enjoyed the attention and the excitement that comes with having sex with multiple partners.

Dan’s had his fair share of sexual encounters too, so we’ve discussed the issue at length. Around ten months or so after we were married, and on Saturday afternoon we discussed the possibility over a glass of wine.

Later that evening, Dan was meeting some of his coworkers for a drink or two. I decided that I’d soak in a nice hot tub of water for a spell then watch a movie or two.

After drying off, I put on one of Dan’s old tank top tee shirts and a pair of undies, got another glass of wine laid on the couch and picked up the remote.

After going through the movies that Dan had previously recorded, I decided to watch (A Million Ways To Die In The West.) I’d seen parts of it prior and thought it looked entertaining, and besides who didn’t love Liam Neeson’s ass!

After watching most of the movie and seeing Liam’s ass, I fell asleep. It was an hour or so later when I heard the front door open and the sounds of laughter. I could hear my husband talking, his son and others laughing. Still half asleep and tired, I decided to stay put and wait for everyone to leave. Dan was still talking as he entered the living room. With the light shining in from the hallway he must have saw me lying there, I heard him whisper “shhh” to the others,

“She’s sleeping.”

I heard his son Drew whisper, “She looks so peaceful dad, she sure is pretty!” Someone removed my covers, I hadn’t thought about the fact that Dan’s old tee shirt was pretty sheer until after he’d removed the covers, I knew Drew and Dan have seen my breasts before so no big deal, but who else was here?

Then I heard a women’s whisper. “She has nice looking breasts Dan, you’re a lucky man. I love her dark areolas and nipples, very sexy Dan.”

Hum, I wonder who that was, I asked myself. I knew he was meeting some of his coworkers I just didn’t know which ones. And Drew, he hadn’t said anything about meeting Drew, hum?

Then Drew said, “Damn dad, how about showing us her tits, she’s sleeping, she’ll never know.”

There was a pause then I heard someone walking out of the room, I heard a kitchen drawer open and close and heard footsteps returning.

I felt a tug on my shoulder strap, “snip” I heard as Dan must have cut my right shoulder strap. Then another, “snip,” as he cut the left strap. I felt him lift the bottom of my tee shirt and heard, “snip snip snip,” as he cut my tee shirt up the middle. When he was finished, I felt him peel back the right side first then the left, exposing both of my breasts. It was exciting knowing that I was the center of all of their attention. I hadn’t planned on this, but I enjoyed being the center of attention.

It was very quiet for a moment , then Drew said, “those are some sweet tits dad, nice!”

Dan said, “yes son they are nice. She’s very proud of the girls, as she calls them.”

Then Drew asked, “You know dad, I’ve never seen mom’s pussy, how about it?

Oh crap, is my husband really going to expose the rest of me right here and now? And who else was present? I listened closely as he snipped one side of my undies then the other. I could feel as he folded back the crotch of my underwear exposing my freshly and smoothly shaved pussy and pubic area. Whew, good thing I’d decided to shave earlier!

So there I was completely exposed and I didn’t have a clue of who all was seeing this! Well damn. I wanted to open my eyes to look, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment, or the excitement I was now feeling.

Then Drew said, “Damn dad, mom’s pussy looks as fresh and nice as the girls my age. Her tits are even nicer!”

“They are nice Drew, that’s one of the reasons I married her,” Dan said as he chuckled out loud.

“What do you think Chase?” I heard Dan ask. Chase… so that’s one of his coworkers present. Dan’s spoken of Chase several times before. She was an architect at Dan’s place of employment.

Dan had said that Chase was over six feet tall and he guessed her weight to be around one seventy or so. He’s had a crush on her and said she was a big beautiful and sexy woman, you know the Amazon type. Dan’s always had a thing for larger women. I’d never met Chase before, but was looking forward to it someday, I just hadn’t planned on it today.

Chase then answered, “She’s beautiful Dan, very pretty and sexy. She has a nice pussy but I still prefer her breasts best. I love the dark coloring and the roundness and shape of her nipples.”

“Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really like her pussy!” Finally I knew the other co worker present, It was Rick, Dan’s boss. That surprised me, Rick and Dan weren’t very close but oh well, I guess it is what it is.

“I like the fact that at this age, she keeps a neat and sexy appearance. She takes pride in her appearance not knowing when or if she’ll be seen.” Rick continued. “I like that!”

For the next several minutes and as I was still completely exposed, they continued talking, whispering as if I couldn’t hear them. Then I heard as everyone said their goodbyes, the front door opened and closed. The footsteps quieted.

By now I’d decided to wait a few more minutes before getting up and going to bed. I’d give Dan time to get ready for bed before joining him. I was horny and excited. I really enjoyed the attention. Little did I know that I wasn’t alone, not by a longshot. Someone grabbed my panties and pulled quickly removed them.

Slowly I opened my eyes to see Drew lifting my legs in the air. His cock was already firm and fully erect. He laid my ankles on his shoulders and forced his cock into my surprised vagina. My stepson was about to fuck me! A Million things ran through my brain, But none of them mattered, Drew was going to fuck me, his mother regardless!

I figured the way he forced his cock into me this would be a rough and quick fuck! But no, once inside he slowed and went with a smooth rhythm, very nice.

He paused long enough to fondle my boobs and squeeze my nipples then started slowly fucking me again. At a much slower rate his cock was in then out, over and over again. It felt good, he felt good. His cock was as big as his dads, and he was every bit as handsome.

Then looking over his shoulder, I got a glimpse of Dan. He was in the kitchen. I strained a bit farther to see Chase, sitting on the kitchen table, my table, the one Dan, Ryan Drew and myself had built as a family project.

Her legs were spread and they were kissing passionately while Dan had his hands on her boobs, softly caressing them. I looked up at Drew, he was watching as my boobs giggled every time his crotch slapped against my thighs again and again.

I reached up and started fondling my own boobs and nipples, this seemed to excite Drew even more. He watched intently as I rubbed squeezed and pulled at my nipples. A bit later he came!

He buried his cock hard and as deep as he could into my pussy. Damn it felt good!

When he’d finished, he started playing with my boobs, Squeezing, pulling and pinching them himself. “You have nice tits mom,” he said with a smile.

After a bit more nipple play, he withdrew and spread my legs wide open and taking his tongue, started teasing my clitious. Damn that felt even better! Like father like son, neither of them was afraid of tasting a little of his own cum just to please me. I liked that in a man.

But what he did next surprised me, he started licking up his own cum, he was cleaning me. He stuck his tongue deep into my vagina, licking sucking and gulping his own cum. Damn that was hot! For a good minute he licked swallowed and tongued me completely clean. When he’d finished, he started teasing my clitious again.

Damn, as I looked back into the kitchen, Chase was still sitting on the kitchen table, her dress completely unbuttoned and open exposing her huge boobs. Dan was sucking on them, her nipples swollen he’d suck then pop them out of his lips. Chase would quickly pull him in again only to latch on once more.

I watched as Dan removed Chase’s panties and pulled her towards the edge of the table. With her legs dangling over the edge, he dropped his slacks, and unleashed his nice fat cock. He was inside her in a instant, Chase moaned loudly as Dan started fucking her. Chase begged for more. ” Oh god Dan, I love your fat cock, give it to me baby, faster harder,” she cooed!

Holding her thighs Dan was vigorously fucking her now, and she loved every moment of it. She squealed with delight as Dan came. But she wasn’t through. When he’d finished, she jumped of the table, shed her dress and bent over taking his still throbbing cock in her mouth. When she had his cock rigid again, she stood up and as she turned around and bent over the table said “Fuck me again Dan, Fuck me harder as hard as you can. Hurt ME!” She almost screamed.

Dan spread her thighs and slammed his cock inside. “Harder” she yelled, loud enough that Drew paused to look. Dan was slamming his crotch against her ass hard again and again.

I had almost forgotten about Drew, he was still licking and sucking my clit, but he was being way too gentle. Softly I told him “be firmer Drew, lick it and suck it like you mean it doll! Make me cum Drew, make me squirt.”

That seemed to arouse him, he took my clit into his mouth and sucked it hard, pulling on it…I came almost immediately, moaning and groning. I released a little fluid, but Drew was there licking and sucking and cleaning me up again, god I loved that.That was very sexy and erotic. A first for me at the age of fifty.

When we’d finished, Drew stood up took my hand and led me to the spare bedroom at the beginning of the hall. We laid down on the bed side by side. Drew kissed me on the lips and smiled, I pulled his head towards my chest. Softly he kissed each of my nipples then began sucking on them, with short and soft sucks. For the next ten minutes he sucked on my nipples, one then the other. It brought back fond memories of nursing my own children years ago.

I kissed his head and ran my fingers through his hair as he continued to nurse, sucking gently on my nipples. This was a closeness I’d never felt with Drew before it was a nice warm feeling. That must have been how we fell asleep that evening.

Waking up the next morning, Drew was still nursing and sucking on my nipples, it was a pleasant and very peaceful feeling! Damn, I wished we could do this all day!

As long as he wanted to nurse, I was going to let him! 😉

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