2021 Brought Surprises 💗💗

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It’s not even been a week and here I’m with one new experience, this year is giving me surprises in the form of insests experiences my readers know me well I don’t play hard balls always take it easy.

This story is one of long term awaited movement I do believe in ” Sabar ka faal mitha hota hai ” but never had expected it to this sugary sweet ❤️. Bahot hogi backchodi, so this story is about my youngest mavshi she is 38 being youngest among all she was never asked about marriage and even she she didn’t care !

Her name is deepali they call her deepa or asmita she had two names unmarried business woman with aspects of 36-28-38 , 5″1ft in height . Has really silky curly hair’s till her knees . She lives 48 km away from my place but still use to visit our place in her free time. I being her fav kid from my young age she allow me to touch her hair’s, those curly hair’s looked like waterfall when set free.

So I’ll directly come to the recent events otherwise the story will become too much long. If uh want detail DM or email me I’ll write it for you guys ❤️.
Last year in lockdown i was stuck with my grandma in her village which is near from asmitas house like 20km away in town, my day where really going gr8 with my grandma story available on website.

3 mnth into lockdown things got bit easy in the village so my parents asked asmita to look after us,she use to call me on weekly basis and talk with grandma asked about her health and all. So week before her arrival she told us she will in village with us to stay with us, this was really gr8 news for me having two Rapunzel in the house 😍. I told grandma she cleaned her room and madhe arrangements for her.

Week later she arrived in the morning I was sleeping, grandma opened door for her she had te they both talked for awhile . Asmita asked grandma about me granny told her i was up in the room but didn’t told her that i was nacked under the blanket. Asmita had this thing of waking me up by pulling off the blanket. She came in the room stood facing me , the morning Bonner was at it’s urge she pulled the blanket and was shocked to see my Bonner . She went out of the room, by the time I was unknown of this scene.

I woke up though grandma pull the blanket, her white hair’s where pn my Crouch and chest area as we had good bang bang tht night 😍 grandma is good lerne I must say, got dressed being my morning routine from the kitchen morning kissi on her checks grandma chubby cheeks and so on. Asmita was in her room changing. Grandma told me to take bath so i went in room to get my clothes which where kept in asmitas room for drying.

I was in my sense pushed the door saw my darlings big bun nacked back ass was staring her for a while she turned her boobs just swing along wow 😍 i can see still feel tht Bonner imagining that scene fuck ❤️. She noticed me and put her hands to cover,i came to senses said sorry and came back to my room . Thinking for what just happened is it real ?

Asmit came in room and shut the door looked into my eyes,
Asmita :- I’m sorry i should have locked the door and even uh should look the door and don’t sleep nacked you get cold .

This was another shock for me , literally I’m laughing now but at tht movement i was totally blank 😶.
Through out the day I didn’t had any eye contact with her , Not even said hi hello. This brought silence in the house at dinner grandma broke it by asking asmita…

Grandma :- what’s the matter you don’t seem happy here , even your favourite kid is yes here . I thought you both would enjoy the space .

Asmita :- No such thing I’m okay ( kicked me under the table ) tell her we chatted while she was sleeping and also played some video games 👀 !!

Me :- yes yes i almost forgot how you shocked me with your gaming skills ( teased her )

Grandma :- okay then you both share the bed , from today onwards he is really good at massage ,he reduced my stress really well in this days and gave me kinking look .

Asmita :- really i would like to experience your magical hands !!

Me :- sure at your service sarkar ❤️

We had dinner i was not in mood to leave my Rapunzel but also was wondering wht more is to come. Soon i was in my grandma room she was laying on our bed I closed the door went to her.

Shubhda :- uh should be with her she is here to be with us give her time .

Me :- yes i know , i have never shared bed any other lady then you I’ll be feel awkward .

She :- Don’t be shy i know you liked her hairs to, go get in their before she sleeps !

Me :- how do you know ??

She :- my hair are not white by standing in sun now !

Me :- I’ll go in few minutes !

I took her head on my laps and opened up her bun she was facing to towords me i lowered my pant my crouch was ready for her mouth full on saliva she begin with kissing slowly on the tip followed by balls, meanwhile i was playing with her hair’s smelling them rubbing them on my chest ❤️. We spent sone time doing this she sucked my cock really well but as soon as i was about to cum she stopped and winked.

She :- now go and spread your love on her hair’s .

Listening to this i was in utter shock but excited. I managed my shaft inside the short and kissed on her lips. I enter my darling asmitas room she was sleeping already, looking at this i thought of smelling her hair’s which where under her blanket, she sleeps like that only covering her full body. Plus point was she had her back on my side so i preferred not to wake her up.

So i stepped in the room turned off the lights and switch on my phone flash light slowly went on her side of bed she had covered her face even jut her hand was out of blanket. Now i had task of understanding how she is sleeping under the blanket and where are her hair’s and how can i access them with out waking her up. Due to morning scean i was getting more excited but had to take it slow. Covered the flash light so that i won’t wake her up and looked towards the edges.

Finally sorted out her pose inside the blanket, her ass was looking super sexy from above the blanket and looked tentative when nacked ! She had kept her legs crossed one ovee the other sleeping on her left hand side right hand under her face to support the head and left under her head. So my Rapunzel hair’s where all on my side of bed just had to struggle to remove them carefully out of blanket without waking her up.

For more details of grandma refer my old story.

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