We both have desires for her friend Ellie

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It was a Wednesday evening, and as was my routine three times a week, I was exercising at the gym. I don’t consider myself a body builder, but my wife, Jenna, and I both believe that being physically fit will keep us healthy and it enhances our sex life. She shows her appreciation for how I keep myself strong and handsome for her. And I likewise show how much I love her and appreciate her hot sexy body.

I work construction. When I was younger, I got plenty of exercise on the job. Now I’m 31 years old, the project foreman, and my work day is filled with meetings, phone calls, directing others, and paperwork. To keep my body in shape, I visit the gym.

As I was doing bench presses, Luke, one of the trainers, was spotting me. We have known each other a year or so. He is fitness junkie and could be the poster boy for the gym. He is big with a chiseled body, not quite a Mr. Universe, but he catches the attention of all the ladies, and is the envy of many of the men.

Some amount of what motivates Luke is having sex with the ladies. His body is a magnet for hot women. Every time I work out with Luke, he is telling me about his latest sexual conquest, what a sexy body she has, and how many ways he fucked her. It was guys’ locker-room type talk, and he always had a story to share.

That evening, Luke was telling me about the yoga class he takes twice a week at a nearby studio. Yoga helps him stay flexible, and there are many hot young women there.

“You should have seen the brunette I had yesterday.” Luke was telling me. “When I saw her in the yoga class with those big tits, I knew I had to meet her. After class I was chatting her up, looking her over. I could tell she was interested in me. I asked, if she might be free later and she said she was free right then, she lived nearby and we could go over to her place. Damn! She wanted me bad. We went over to her place, barely got inside the door and we were making out, hands everywhere, clothes flying off. Next thing I know we are in bed, and I’m on top fucking her. Then she was on top, riding my cock. She had a massive, screaming orgasm. Then she told me to fuck her doggy. I plowed her good and long. She had many orgasms and her pussy could really squeeze my cock. She told me she was on the Pill and wanted to feel me cum inside her. Who was I to deny her? I came like a fire hose and flooded her with my cum. Damn! She was hot!”

I had heard similar stories often from Luke. I suspected they were true, but I never met any of these women, or even saw a photo.

“You know,” I replied. “I’d believe more of your stories if you had proof. Maybe a picture or two.”

“Yeah, buddy.” Luke replied. “I’ll do that.”

– – – – –

Two days later I was back at the gym. Luke saw me enter with my gym bag and he followed me back to the locker room.

“Hey, Blake. I got something to show you. This was yesterday.” Luke said as he held out his cell phone.

Luke had cued up a video. It was a side view of him having sex with the brunette on a bed. She was kneeling on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed, and he was standing behind her, holding her hips as he fucked her doggy style.

I hit play and watched the video. Luke was slamming into her, hard and fast. Her big tits swayed back and forth with every thrust. She was tossing her head and screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Then she let out a howl, froze as she appeared to have an orgasm, and then she collapsed forward onto the bed. Luke, his cock still inside her, collapsed on top of her. He shoved his cock into her a couple more times and then appeared to have his own release.

I looked at Luke and he was looking back at me like a proud father showing off his newborn son.

“What you think?” Luke asked.

“That is fucking hot.” I had to admit. “How?” I asked as I handed the phone back to him.

“I asked her if it was okay to record and she was all in for that. She wanted a copy of the video.” Luke replied.

“But, how did you record it?” I asked again.

“Just put my phone on the dresser and pointed it at the bed.” Luke replied. “Easy.”

“Jenna and I have really good sex.” I said. “But there is no way she will let me take a video, especially if she thought someone else might ever see it.”

Luke was keying something on his phone. Within moments my phone buzzed with an incoming message.

“Just sent you the video. Show that to Jenna, and maybe she’ll change her mind.” Luke implored.

– – – – –

Later that evening I was home with Jenna watching TV. We were cuddling on the sofa, kissing and enjoying each other’s company.

“Let’s watch some porn before going to bed.” Jenna whispered in my ear.

Viewing porn was always a quick way to kick-start our nightly sexual activities. Jenna grabbed the remote and was searching for what she wanted to watch.

Then I remembered the video Luke shared with me.

“Honey, before we watch that, I have something to show you.” I said. “You remember Luke, from the gym, don’t you? He shared with me a video of his most recent sex conquest.”

“Really? A video?” Jenna was surprised. “I wonder what the girl thought about that.”

“You know I’ve told you about Luke’s boasts. He always has stories about the sex he gets.” I replied as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. “I challenged him the other day for proof, and he recorded this. He said that she not only agreed to the video, but that she wanted a copy as well.”

I held up the phone so both of us could see the screen. I pressed the play button just as Jenna slipped her hand into my lap and began to play with my cock.

“Oh! Wow!” Jenna exclaimed as she watched the video. “She’s getting a pounding, isn’t she?”

“Hard to tell if those are screams of pain or pleasure.” I commented.

“Oh, I’m sure she’s loving that. I know I would.” Jenna replied. It sounded like Jenna was getting excited, maybe even aroused by the action.

“You would like hard sex like that?” I asked. “I didn’t know that.”

“You’ve never tried, and I’ve never asked.” Jenna said with a sultry twinkle in her eye. “You’re as much a hunk as Luke is. I bet you could give me as good a pounding as he gave that girl.”

My cock was quickly getting hard, something that Jenna obviously knew. We had watched the video twice. So I turned it off, stood and scooped her up in my arms. She was squealing in pleasure as I carried her to our bedroom. We quickly stripped completely naked.

“Shall we make our own private porn movie?” I asked, holding up my phone.

“Only if you promise that no one else, and I mean NO ONE will ever see it.” Jenna replied to my surprise.

I set up my cell phone on the dresser near our bed, the camera lens facing the bed. I pushed the Record button and turned back towards the bed. Jenna was on her knees and quickly took my mostly hard cock into her mouth while she cupped my balls with her hand.

She backed off for a moment. “I want your cock to be really hard.” She explained and engulfed my cock back into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned just as she gently squeezed my nuts while bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

Soon my cock was aching, I knew I was ready. I pulled Jenna’s head away from my hard rod.

“My turn.” I said as she backed up and onto the bed. I thought I would lick her pussy, to get her wet.

“I’m ready. Fuck me, and fuck me hard. I won’t break.” Jenna implored. Her tone was different, something I had never heard from her.

Jenna had moved to the center of the bed, laying on her back, legs spread wide and knees up. I could see her pussy was wet, swollen, and open. Her body told me that indeed she wanted this.

“This way, or doggie?” I asked, remembering that Luke was doing doggie in his video.

“No! I want it this way.” Jenna replied. “I want to see your face, and I want you to see my face.”

I ran my left hand underneath her and lifted her ass off the bed. With my right hand I positioned my cock at her entrance and shoved inside her in two quick strokes. Damn, she was wet, hot and ready. My hands moved to her hips and I started plunging into her vagina.

Normally we take time with our love making. We vary the position and the speed, sometimes slow and easy, and sometimes faster with more gusto. But we had never been the types for just hard fast fucking. Having her request this showed me a new side of my wife.

“Give me all you got, big boy! Make me scream!. Put tears in my eyes!” Jenna demanded in a way I had never seen her before. If that is what she wanted, I was more than willing to give her my best.

I tightened my grip on her, showing her I was taking control. Then I started pounding into her. As we both were in great shape, we went on, and on, and on. Our bodies were sweaty, our breathing became heavier. The intensity on our faces was incredible. But our stamina was great and neither of us appeared to be close to an orgasm. I was having a great time, and from Jenna’s expressions, moans and groans, she too was having a great time.

Jenna had her hands on her tits and was pinching and twisting her nipples, more than I ever had done to her. I took note of that.

“Come on Blake! Harder! Harder! Do me harder!” her voice was rising, almost a pleading scream.

I picked up the pace and slammed into her with a force I had never approached before with her. And she was loving it. I was loving it. Our physical activity was so incredibly intense, that I could feel my endorphins releasing, making the activity even more pleasurable.

Suddenly Jenna was pushing me back, my cock left her body, and she was turning over onto her hands and knees. I was stunned by her strength in taking control.

“Do me this way. Fuck me from behind.” Jenna insisted.

I wondered what brought on this change of position, but I wasn’t going to argue. I grabbed her hips and slammed my rigid cock back into her.

“Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!” her voice rose louder as she pleaded with me.

I felt like an animal, no longer thinking that I was making love to my wife. This was raw, animal sex. No holds barred. I was slamming into her as fast and as hard as I could. She was pushing back onto my every thrust. Then I realized that she had her hand underneath and was furiously rubbing her clit. She knew an incredible orgasm was coming, and she wanted it so badly.

Our bodies were covered in sweat. The smell of sex was intense. We were noisy and moving so fast, slamming into one another. The whole bed was moving. My cock was aching, but I was still able to hold back until she had her orgasms.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Jenna screamed as her cunt clenched my cock. Her orgasm hit her suddenly. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around my hard cock.

I stopped, frozen inside her.

“Oh God! Don’t stop now! Keep FUCKING ME!” She cried out, and I eagerly fulfilled her demands.

We kept fucking fast for another five minutes. Jenna had a tight, white knuckle grip on the sheets. Her body was tense. And she had one powerful orgasm after another, screaming in pleasure with each. I had never seen her this way.

“Cum for me Blake! I want to feel your fire hose explode inside me.” Jenna implored.

I kept fucking her and she kept up the verbal demands.

“I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Give it to me. Give it to me!” she demanded.

Jenna was even more active, pushing back against me, attempting to push me over the edge, to force my orgasm.

And my cock did explode, suddenly, deep inside her, filling her with my hot sticky cum. I stopped thrusting into her and stayed locked in place. I could feel my cock throbbing, each pulse jetting more of my cum into her. Again and again. We both groaned out loud.

And then I collapse on top of her, our hot sweaty bodies pressed together. Our hearts pounding while we gasped for air. ‘Fuck! That was intense.’ I thought to myself.

After a few moments rest, I pulled out of her and rolled over onto the bed next to her. She threw an arm over my body and pulled herself part way on top of me.

“That was fucking insane.” she said and then we kissed.

We lay there and rested, slowly regaining our composure. We talked about the experience and how it made each of us feel, and how we each loved the hard, physical sex.

“That was incredible, just incredible.” I said.

“Indeed. Better than I expected. You were fantastic.” Jenna replied before kissing me again.

“I had no idea that you would like such hard physical sex.” I said. “Any other fantasies you have?”

“Maybe.” Jenna said coyly. “But I think it’s your turn to spill your fantasies.”

I thought about this a moment, then decided to share my most secret fantasy. I hoped she wouldn’t be angry, and even hoped she might be supportive.

“I’ve had dreams about having a threesome with you and another woman.” I said in a soft voice.

“Mmmmmm.” Jenna purred as she cuddled in closer to me. “With anyone I know?”

Her response appeared positive, based upon the body language and her question.

“Not really.” I replied. “Just someone who is at least half as sexy as you are.”

“I may be open to discussing this more.” Jenna replied in a teasing voice. My hopes were rising.

“Now your turn. Any other fantasies I should know about?” I inquired.

“Some years ago, before we were married,” Jenna began. “I had drunken kiss with another girl. It was actually quite hot. But it was only a kiss. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman.”

“Anyone I know?” I asked, turning her question back to her.

Jenna looked at me, contemplating her response. “Rather not say right now. But maybe…” and her voice trailed off.

“So we will discuss our fantasies in more detail some other time?” I asked, not really expecting a reply.

We were still quite exhausted from our physical sex. Soon we both fell asleep.

– – – – –

The next morning, Saturday, we awoke about the same time. Each of us had been to the bathroom, and now we cuddled in bed, completely naked, and in no rush to be anywhere else.

“We could watch the video we made last night.” I suggested. “I can project it onto the TV.”

While the video was on my phone, we had the ability to use the 50 inch TV on the wall facing the foot of our bed, as a second monitor to play the video. I turned on the TV and made the connection to my phone, and then pressed play.

Jenna was laying next to me, we both were facing the TV, and she was stroking my cock. I think we both were surprised at the video quality, and how hot the sex had been. As we watched, things between us were getting hot. I was soon fingering her wet pussy while she was sucking my cock.

“I want to watch it again, but this time, I want you inside me.” Jenna suggested.

We moved into a doggy position, both facing the TV. I slipped my cock inside her wet pussy and re-started the video. Soon I was banging her from behind as we watched our sex from last night. We had a running commentary about what we had been feeling and thinking each moment.

“Oh, I remember that. I almost came right there.” Jenna said, referring to the point we resumed fucking after switching to doggy.

Watching us have sex, while we were again having sex, was a real trip. I built up the speed and force of the plunges of my hard cock into my wife’s hot box.

“Fuck me Blake. Fuck me harder!” Jenna was saying, almost in sync with her same words on the video. Hearing her double, made me redouble my efforts.

While the sex was not as totally consuming as the previous night, it was still one of our best sex sessions ever. We both had a tremendous orgasm, almost simultaneously, her orgasm triggering my orgasm. Again, I collapsed on top of her.

Watching our own, homemade porn while having sex became our new favorite activity. Sometimes we would have slow, gently, loving sex. Other times we had hard, fast physical sex. Being in great physical condition allowed us to fuck each other for long periods of time. We were loving it, and each other.

– – – – –

I continued my three-times-a-week visits to the gym. Now, more than ever, I needed to build muscle and stamina. I was very focused on the incredible sex that Jenna and I enjoyed. Jenna also had her own workout routines.

With each visit to the gym, Luke would tell me another story about another girl he had sex with. It appeared he was trying to bang every female in the yoga classes. Some women he had sex with multiple times, and others only once. I wasn’t sure if he tired of them and moved on, or if they weren’t interested in Luke’s type of relationship. He was obviously only interested in having sex.

Some of the women Luke had sex with allowed him to video record their encounters. He freely shared these with me. When I asked if the women had agreed to being recorded, he assured me that each one had. Some of these videos I shared with Jenna. But Jenna was more interested in our making our own videos, and then watching ourselves as we again had sex. We had a lot of fun. And I was still amazed by how much Jenna enjoyed hard, physical sex. It was quite a workout for both of us, and we loved it.

One day I noticed that Luke’s pattern of a new girl every week or so, had changed. It appeared he kept talking about the same girl. Apparently the zumba instructor at the studio had caught his attention. He described her a very athletically fit, blonde hair, blue eyes, lean body with a firm B-cup. I knew he preferred large breasts, so this girl had some special attraction for him.

“After my yoga class, I was talking to a girl I once had sex with. She was pleasant and polite, but make it clear that she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t be seeing me again.” Luke began his story. “As we talked, a zumba class started. The instructor was stunning, so energetic and so sexy looking. I stayed and joined the class. She noticed me, and after class we met up. She was really hot looking, and obviously she was also interested in me. I asked her out for lunch. As it was still early in the morning, I planned to come back and pick her up. So later I picked her up for lunch. When I asked where she wanted to go, she told me to take her to my place. We hardly knew each other and she wanted to fuck! I wasn’t going to refuse that offer.”

Luke went on to describe the torrid sex they had. Both loved physical sex and both were in great physical condition. Their stamina allowed them to fuck very hard for the entire lunch hour. And they were now doing this three to four times a week.

I again challenged him for proof, and he showed me a video of the two of them. Incredibly hard sex! He would plow her doggie style. And then she would ride him cowgirl. And the energy she expended riding his cock made her look like a rodeo pro. She really rode him hard.

But there was something familiar with her. I couldn’t see her face very well in any of the video, so I asked.

“Have any pictures of her?” I asked Luke.

“Yeah, here’s one.” He replied as he pulled up a photo on his cell phone.

I was silently studying the photo, trying to not let on that I knew the girl.

‘Oh my God!’ I thought to myself. ‘That is my wife’s friend, Ellie! And she’s married!’

“Know her?” Luke asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” I lied as I replied. “I thought she looked like someone I know, but it’s not her.”

Luke went on to tell me what a wild, sex crazed woman Ellie was. She loved sex in so many ways. They often fucked in five or six different positions each lunch hour. Luke showed me a video of Ellie deep-throating Luke’s larger than average cock. After having him fuck her throat, she backed off and he unloaded his cum into her mouth. She turned to the camera and opened her mouth to show it full of his cum. Then she slowly swallowed it all, in a sexy way. I couldn’t believe this was Ellie, my wife’s friend that I had met a few times. Ellie appeared to be a better cock sucker than my wife. I tried to imagine how good it would feel to have Ellie suck my cock like that.

I decided to not share any of this new knowledge about Ellie with Jenna, at least not for the time being.

– – – – –

Fate would have it that Jenna and I ran into Ellie the next weekend at a gathering of Jenna’s friends who were having a barbeque. We arrived with a six pack of beer and mingled with the group. Jenna and I were quickly separated. I was out back, mostly with the men who were grilling, and Jenna was likely in the kitchen with the other women.

After a while of talking sports with the guys, I went looking for Jenna. I was surprised to find her with Ellie on the back porch, sitting side-by-side, talking apparently about something serious. As I approached, Jenna looked up at me.

“Hey Honey. There you are. You remember Ellie, don’t you?” my wife asked.

“Hello Ellie. Nice to see you again.” I said as I extended my hand. “It’s been a while, maybe four or five years? How are you doing?”

“Hello Blake.” Ellie accepted the hand shake. I think neither of us considered ourselves close enough friends to warrant a hug. “Yeah, at least five years.”

“Ellie is a yoga and zumba instructor.” Jenna piped in. “Apparently doing very well.”

“You’re looking very fit, if I may say so.” I said to Ellie, as I glanced briefly at my wife. Jenna smiled, her sign that I was staying in bounds.

Ellie looked rather hot. Her trim, athletic body was poured into a tight tank top and short shorts that looked like they were just painted onto her body. I kept my eyes on her as I thought about the way she sucked Luke’s cock. I wished somehow I could experience her talents.

“Zumba keeps me busy and healthy.” Ellie replied with a lighthearted laugh. Then she popped up off the sofa and turned to Jenna.

“We need to talk some more. But I need to run. ” Ellie said as she began to leave. “I’ll call in a day or two.”

After Ellie left, I sat next to my wife.

“You two getting reacquainted?” I asked, hoping to learn more about Ellie.

“Actually we just got started when you came out.” Jenna replied.

“You two used to be close, weren’t you?” I asked.

“We got close back in high school. While her parents were separating, and then divorced, Ellie spent a lot of time at our house.” Ellie replied. “She thought of me as her big sister, something she didn’t have at home. Yeah, we were real close.”

“Real close?” I reflected her words back to her, but as a question.

“Remember I told you I once, when I was drunk, I had kissed another girl? It was Ellie I kissed.” Jenna admitted.

“Ooooooh.” I replied back as when a secret has been discovered. “She was the one.”

Jenna left it at that and didn’t further expand upon the incident.

– – – – –

Later that evening, Jenna and I were back home, naked and in bed. It was obvious we were going to have sex. I was looking for signs from Jenna as to how she wanted sex. Recently we were more often having intense, raw sex, my cock pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. But this evening she appeared a bit withdrawn.

“I didn’t tell you everything about Ellie this afternoon.” Jenna began. “You may have noticed that her husband Charles wasn’t there. Ellie and Charles are not doing very well. Looks like they are heading for a divorce.”

“Really?” I acted surprised, although I knew she was cheating on Charles and having sex with Luke.

“It’s even worse.” Jenna again tried to continue. “Ellie confided in me that she’s having sex with other men. And she is loving doing so. She feels so liberated and free. She says the sex is incredible.”

I moved next to my wife as we sat in the middle of the bed. I put my arm around her and gave her a loving, supportive hug.

“And how do you feel about all that?” I asked, probing my wife’s thoughts and feelings.

“I guess I’m happy that she’s happy.” Jenna replied after some thought. “It sounds like she is often having fast hard sex like we do, and she is really loving it.”

I let that set for a moment, and then I spoke.

“I too haven’t told you everything I know about Ellie.” I confessed.

“Huh?” Jenna looked at me, questioning how I could know something that she didn’t know about her old friend.

“One word.” I began, giving a pregnant pause. “Luke.”

“Luke?” Jenna exclaimed loudly. “Ellie’s having sex with Luke? Really?”

“Luke recently told me all about having sex with her.” I began. “At first I didn’t know it was Ellie, your friend, until he showed me their videos.”

“WHAT?” Jenna raised her voice even louder. “You’ve seen video and didn’t tell me?”

“Let me explain.” I was on the defensive. “It was only the other day that I learned it was your old friend Ellie. I didn’t know what was with her marriage to Charles or why she was fucking Luke. I was unsure how you would take the news, so I was sitting on it, hoping to learn more before I spoke to you about her.”

Jenna appeared to accept my explanation. She settled down and cuddled into my arms. She was thinking, so I gave her some time.

“You’ve seen videos? You have them? Can I see them?” Jenna asked, almost sheepishly.

“Yeah, I have them.” I replied. “Are you sure you want to see them?”

“Confession time again.” Jenna said. “Remember I told you I had a fantasy about having sex with another female, but I didn’t answer your question about a specific person?”

“Yeeessss?” I let the response flow slowly out of my mouth. I could sense where this might be going.

“That night I was drunk and kissed her, I had been lusting for her for quite a while.” Jenna confessed. “I still think about having sex with her. I think it would be freaking hot to watch her having sex with Luke.”

I was learning that my wife not only wanted to have sex with another woman, her old friend in fact. I also learned that my wife was a voyeur.

I used the TV remote to turn on the TV and configure it to receive video from my phone. On my phone I pulled up the video, and hit play. Ellie and Luke appeared on our big screen. As we watched the intense sex between Luke and Ellie, Jenna was holding my cock firmly in her grip. I was getting hard because of her grip, and how hot the video was.

When the video was over, Jenna turned to me, still gripping my cock.

“She is so fucking hot, don’t you think? Don’t you just want to fuck her? I know I do.”

Jenna’s questions put me in a spot. Do I respond that I do want to fuck her friend? Or do I say I’m not interested in the person that Jenna thinks is really hot?

“Yeah, your friend is fucking hot.” I took a cheap road out, giving an obvious answer.

“You said videos. Plural. As in more than one?” she asked.

“There is another, shorter video.” I replied. “You want to see it also?”

I knew her answer before it came out of her mouth.

“Of course.” Jenna replied.

I pulled up the other video, the one of Ellie deep-throating Luke, and hit play.

“OH MY GOD!” Jenna exclaimed. “His cock is huge and she can swallow the whole thing? Fucking incredible.”

Jenna’s eyes were glued to the video on the TV, while her hand appeared glued to my cock which she was stroking quite hard.

The video quickly moved on to where she pulled his cock out of her throat, leaving only his cock head in her mouth. Luke pumped his load of cum into her mouth, which she then displayed for the camera before swallowing it all.

Before I knew what was happening, Jenna had pushed me onto my back and was sucking my cock. She was bobbing up and down, attempting to take my cock into her throat. However, she had never before successfully deep-throated me, as she couldn’t get past the gag reflex.

“You don’t have to do that.” I said lovingly to Jenna. “There are other ways we can have great sex.”

Jenna tried one more time to force my cock down her throat. She immediately began gagging and coughed out my cock. It took a moment for her to regain her composure.

“At least I can give a great blow job. I want you to fill my mouth with your hot, sticky cum.” She commanded me. “And record a video of this.”

And she went back down on my cock, licking and sucking on it while fondling my balls. Then she sucked on each of my nuts while stroking my cock. She was a wild woman on a mission, and it was very erotic. I was getting very horny, very quickly. Jenna reminded me with a hand wave to keep my cell camera pointed at her activities.

“Oh fuck Honey. That feels so good.” I moaned as I stroked her hair.

She continued sucking my cock and massaging my balls. I was tingling in pleasure.

“I’m close. I’m going to cum.” I warned Jenna.

Jenna moaned something which I took to mean “Uh huh.”, a confirmation that she wanted me to unload in her mouth.

I felt my balls draw up, a sure sign I was about to ejaculate. Just knowing my wife really wanted my cum, in her mouth, was so hot. I couldn’t hold back. I exhaled, relaxed, and I felt my balls pump loads of my cum into her mouth.

“Oh FUCK!” I screamed. I spurted load after load. It felt incredible. Jenna captured it all. I hoped the video I was taking would do her justice.

My spurts slowed and stopped. I laid my head back on the bed, keeping an eye on my camera to ensure it was still on Jenna. Slowly she pulled back, my cock sliding out between her lips. She stared at me, and the camera while opening her mouth. ‘Oh my god! Her mouth was literally full on my cum.’ I thought. ‘This was so hot.’

She held her mouth open, then moved her tongue around, swishing my cum in her mouth. ‘OH MY GOD!’ I thought.

Jenna smiled as she swallowed my cum. I was totally in love with my wife, all over again. She had done this for me and I so appreciative.

I pulled Jenna’s head to mine, and I kissed her, full open mouth. I wanted to experience my cum in her mouth. One of the best kisses we ever shared.

“Thank you babe. Fucking incredible. Thank you.” I was at a loss for words that fully expressed my appreciation and love for my wife.

– – – – –

That next week I continued my normal routine of hitting the gym after work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As usual, Luke always wanted to tell me about the wild crazy sex he was having with Ellie. I never let him know that Ellie was my wife’s friend. Luke had learned that Ellie was married, but was thinking about leaving her husband. While she could continue to have sex with Luke at his place, she couldn’t be seen in public with him. That was fine with Luke, as he was only interested in the sex anyway. On Friday he had another sex video of he and Ellie, and it was as wild as the previous videos.

That evening Jenna and I watched the video on our bedroom TV several times while we had hard, physical sex. I was still surprised by how horny Jenna became from watching Ellie have sex. I could tell that Jenna really did lust for Ellie, like nothing I had witnessed before in her. After sex, while we were recovering, Jenna told me that Ellie had called her earlier in the day, and the two of them planned to have lunch together the next day. I wondered whether Jenna might make a move on Ellie.

– – – – –

Saturday was another day of work for me. A day of rain earlier in the week, had put us behind schedule and we needed to catch up. I arrived home late in the afternoon. Jenna didn’t say much about her day, and I decided to let her tell me how things went with Ellie when she was ready.

That evening I took Jenna out for dinner and some dancing at our favorite nightclub. This was one of our favorite dates. We enjoyed our time together, and getting away from the day-to-day routine of our working weekdays. I wore slacks and a dress shirt. Jenna was wearing a slinky party dress with thin shoulder straps and a short flared skirt. When we arrived at the nightclub, we parked in the club’s lot. As I held the car door open for Jenna to get out, her skirt rode up and she accidentally flashed her crotch. She was completely bare! No panties, and no pubic hair! I had never known Jenna to do such a thing.

“I saw that view down below.” I mentioned as we walked towards the club, my arm around her waist.

“About time.” she replied back with a giggle.

“I think there is a story behind all this.” I said.

“I’ll tell you later.” Jenna replied.

When we hit the dance floor, Jenna did a twirl which flared her short skirt up, flashing those who happened to be watching. I wondered what had gotten into my wife, not that I was complaining. I love showing off my sexy wife.

We enjoyed the physical nature of dancing, so we spent a lot of time on the dance floor. I could see that Jenna was drawing a lot of attention from other patrons. To me it was obvious that she was dancing and moving in ways that exposed what she wasn’t wearing under her dress. She was playing the exhibitionist and she was loving it. I too was enjoying her being the exhibitionist.

When we finished our last dance of the night, I pulled he into a tight embrace and kissed her right there on the dance floor. With my hand behind her shoulders, I could feel that she also wasn’t wearing a bra, something I had suspected.

“No bra? You are naughty tonight.” I whispered into her ear.

She giggled as she twisted out of my embrace and did one more twirl on the dance floor, flashing her cute ass and bare pussy for everyone one more time. Several people cheered and applauded her. I held out my hand, took her hand and escorted her out of the nightclub, while many people watched.

“You put on quite a show on the dance floor.” I said after we were outside walking back to our car.

“You’re not upset are you?” she replied. “I had a blast.”

I had to admit that I loved how she was the center of attention, with everyone watching her. Jenna was so pretty and so very sexy. And I was so pleased that she was my wife, and that I was her husband.

– – – – –

Soon we were home and we went straight to the bedroom. Jenna was still playful and she insisted upon undressing me. She was a slow tease, touching me, and kissing parts of my body as she exposed more and more of me. When I was naked, she had me lay down on the bed and watch. She took a long, sensual time removing her dress, the only item of clothing she was wearing, having already removed her shoes.

“Only the dress? No bra? No panties?” I remarked. “Not complaining, but what’s gotten into you?”

Jenna moved onto the bed, initially just kneeling next to me.

“I want to tell you about my meeting with Ellie today.” she said. “But first, I want something else.”

At that point she leaned over and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth. That felt wonderful. I knew what I wanted. So I reached over and grabbed her hips, pulling her around and over me into a ’69’ position. I wanted to eat her freshly shaved pussy while she sucked my cock. Jenna was already wet and tasted divine. And her oral action on my cock was quickly giving me a hard erection. It was obvious that Jenna was also getting very aroused. Her pussy lips were swelling and her juices were flowing abundantly, covering my mouth, chin and cheeks. I was loving it. But our oral activities would be just a quick appetizer, before moving on to more serious sex.

Jenna raised up and quick as a cat she turned, moving into a cowgirl position and then lowered herself down upon my cock. She sat there a moment, allowing each of us to enjoy the feeling of my cock fully inside her, filling her.

“Do you remember that oldies song by Ike and Tina Turner? Proud Mary?” she asked.

I nodded that I knew the song.

“I love how they start it slow and easy, then end it fast and rough.” she explained. “That’s what I want us to do tonight.”

I was grinning wide at the thought. Jenna slowly began to grind on my cock. God, that felt so fantastic.

“I had lunch with Ellie today.” she began. “She is one, oversexed, horny female.”

“Really?” I replied while loving the feelings of my cock buried deep inside Jenna’s pussy.

“She first told me about that unfortunate trip to Las Vegas with a group of friends. They all got wasted for the entire weekend, things got crazy, and she ended up married to Charles.” Jenna continued her story as her body continued to slowly move on my cock.

“When they got back, she moved in with him and quickly knew things wouldn’t work out. She is such a fitness junkie, and he hates any form of exercise, other than drinking beer with his buddies. She threw herself into her work as a zumba instructor. Her sex life with Charles has become very unsatisfying. So she decided to find new sexual pleasures.”

Jenna shifted from just grinding on my cock, to slowly riding up and down on me. I was in heaven. I moaned in pleasure.

Jenna continued her story. “Then she met Luke. There was instant sexual attraction and she just knew she had to have him. She says the sex is incredible. She loves how he pounds her pussy, filling her, stretching her, and giving her multiple hard orgasms. She loves sucking cock and drinking cum. She is such a slut.”

I was trying to pay attention to Jenna’s story while she rode my cock, slow and easy.

Jenna continued. “Then out of the blue Ellie changes subjects and asks if I shave my pussy. I told her no, I don’t. And she told me that I should. She told me that I would love the enhanced sensations of a shaved pussy, and likely you would prefer to eat my bare pussy.”

Jenna paused, then asked the obvious question. “So do you prefer to eat my bare pussy?”

I had to admit it. I did love eating her shaved pussy. “Yeah, it’s very smooth, very sexy, and very tasty. I would love to eat your bare pussy anytime.”

The thought made my cock throb, which I suspect she could feel. She smiled down at me with that knowing look on her face.

“Maybe I’ll keep it shaved, just for you.” Jenna said in a sultry way. She sped up the pace of her movements up and down on my cock.

Then she continued. “Ellie also told me that she no longer wears panties under dresses. The feeling of her naked pussy exposed to others is quite exciting. She really gets a thrill flashing herself to others. And she gave up wearing bras long ago. She has small, firm, B-cup breasts and doesn’t really need the support. She loves how different fabrics rub on her nipples.”

At the moment, I was more interested in how Jenna’s hot wet pussy felt sliding up and down my hard, aching cock. Her story about Ellie was erotic, and it appeared Ellie had quite an impact on Jenna. I wondered what else might be in their future together. I had no problems if they wanted to have sex with each other.

I could see that Jenna was becoming very aroused as she told me the story of her and Ellie’s discussion. Jenna was more focused on our intercourse. A sheen of sweat had appeared on her flesh. And I could feel small spasms in her vagina as it clenched around my cock. I thought maybe she was having small orgasms.

I took control of the discussion. “So you decided to shave your pussy and not wear either a bra or panties when we went out this evening. Was that just for me? Or were you planning on exposing yourself to everyone else?”

Jenna looked down at me and smiled. She was fucking me quicker, pushing down harder on my cock so it buried deeper inside her.

“Initially I did it for you.” Jenna said between quick gasps for air. “I wanted to spice things up more for us. But as we drove over to the club, I started considering flashing others. Something about that just seemed so erotic, I just had to try. When I did that first spin and exposed myself, I had such a rush, I just had to continue. I’ve never felt so aroused and excited while dancing. I even thought of us doing a quickie in the bathroom, or even fucking you right there on the dance floor in front of everyone. But I knew we would be thrown out, and maybe even arrested.”

As Jenna spoke, she was slamming down on my cock faster and faster. She was getting really horny while retelling the story of today, and our dancing earlier that evening. I loved her even more when she got horny like this.

“Fuck, I’m so horny!” Jenna exclaimed as she jumped off of me and got onto her hands and knees.

“Time for Proud Mary, fast and rough.” She insisted. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I wasted few seconds to move into a kneeling position behind her spread ass. I grabbed her hips and slammed my hard rod into her hot, wet cunt.

“I’ll give you what you want.” I exclaimed as I began pounding into her.

She cried out in pleasure as she gripped the sheets in her hands. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I started as fast and as hard as I could, slamming my cock into her, my balls smashing into her crotch. Damn! I loved fucking her rough like this, and she obviously loved it also. My endorphins were firing to the max, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

As I continued fucking her, she used a hand to rub her clit fast and hard. She was a live wire, so horny, and needing a good orgasm. And I intended to take her there.

“Harder, Blake, Harder. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Jenna kept encouraging me for more.

I gave her all I had. We fucked like animals for many minutes. We were both gasping for air, and our bodies were covered in sweat. Her pussy was so wet that my cock was creating a squishy sound. The smell of sweat and sex was strong.

And I kept ramming into her.

“OH FUCK!” she suddenly screamed as her orgasm hit. Jenna began shaking violently. Her cunt clenched hard around my cock.

“Don’t stop! DON’T STOP!” she commanded.

I kept thrusting into her. Her body was still shaking and she was losing control of herself. I could feel the intensity of her orgasm in my hands and through my cock.

Then just as suddenly as her orgasm had started, she collapsed onto the bed, pulling my cock out of her. She was breathing heavily, and her body was still trembling.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.” she spoke in a quick, soft voice, almost as if praying.

I sat back on my heels, and watched her in amazement. I felt a swell of pride, having delivered a great orgasm to her. I loved her so much.

– – – – –

The next couple of weeks had a similar pattern. I would see Luke at the gym three times a week and he would tell me all about his sexual activities with Ellie. Occasionally he had another video to share. Jenna was now attending Ellie’s zumba class on a regular basis, and they would have lunch once or twice a week. Ellie was quite open with Jenna about the sex she was having with Luke.

The result was that Jenna and I were often sharing two versions of the same sexual encounters between Ellie and Luke. I knew Luke’s version of each encounter, and Jenna knew Ellie’s version of each encounter. It was a strange situation. We were like voyeurs, in stereo vision.

Somehow we kept our secrets from Ellie and Luke. Ellie had no idea that Jenna and I knew Luke, or that Luke was sharing videos with us. And Luke had no idea that we knew Ellie, and that Ellie often met Jenna and told her all the details of having sex with Luke.

I could tell that Jenna’s lust for Ellie was burning inside her, a flame likely burning hotter with each encounter between the two women.

“You really want to have sex with her, don’t you?” I directly asked Jenna one night after we had sex while watching the latest Ellie and Luke sex video.

“Yeah, I do. Is that terrible? Do you have a problem with that?” Jenna replied.

“Just wish I could be there to watch.” I replied, as I felt a twitch in my cock. I had my own desires for Ellie, which didn’t involve just being a spectator.

“I bet you want to fuck her also. Don’t you?” Jenna said, as if she had read my mind. “She really is a hot sexy woman.”

“You know me so well.” I replied and gave Jenna a big kiss.

Ellie had another impact upon Jenna. Jenna was wearing dresses more often, out in public or when being casual around the house. And she never wore any underwear underneath. No bra. No panties. I also was aware that she was practicing her skills at flashing people in public, just for the thrill of it. All of this make her feel sexier, and she was more easily aroused. Our sex just got better and better. Who was I to complain?

– – – – –

Saturday I again had to work. We’d had more rain earlier in the week, and we had lost another day on our construction project. We really needed to catch up on our schedule, and my crew wanted the work, so as to not lose a day’s pay.

As I left home that morning, Jenna informed me that Ellie was coming over for a visit that morning. The two of them had some things to discuss. I asked “What things?” and Jenna replied, “Just some things.” I didn’t think much about that.

Late in the afternoon I arrived home. Jenna was sitting at the breakfast table, wearing a comfortable summer dress. She wasn’t wearing makeup, and her hair was a bit messy. This wasn’t her usual, as she was almost always fixed up more attractively. I thought that maybe she had a rough day.

“Hello Honey!” Jenna greeted me. “How was your day?”

“Good day.” I replied. “Caught up on our project. How was your day?”

“Interesting.” Jenna replied, and then stopped while looking at me.

I figured this was a set-up for me to inquire more about her day. I also remembered that she had told me earlier that Ellie was coming over for a discussion.

“Interesting? How so?” I replied. “Anything to do with Ellie coming over this morning?”

“Yeah. You could definitely say that.” she replied.

“Okay.” I said as I took a seat at the table. “I think you have something to tell me. I’m all ears.”

“You know that Ellie and I are like sisters.” Jenna began. “I’m the big sister she never actually had. Today was one of those intimate sister-to-sister talks.”

Jenna paused and took a breath.

“Ellie first told me that life with Charles is becoming impossible. Charles told her that he thinks she is cheating on him. She didn’t confirm that, but told him that if he didn’t trust her, maybe they should separate. I think they are heading for a divorce.”

“Sorry to hear that, but I’m not at all surprised.” I replied.

“Then she told me that she is thinking about ending things with Luke.” Jenna continued. “Ellie says the sex is great, but he only does it hard and rough, and there is nothing else in their relationship.”

“So I guess no more videos of her and Luke?” I asked in a joking way. I hoped that Ellie had no idea that Jenna and I were viewing Ellie’s sex videos with Luke.

Jenna ignored that and continued. “Then the discussion really changed.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Ellie asked me if I had done as she suggested, you know, had I shaved down below and stop wearing panties?” Jenna continued. “I told her that I had, and that I was really enjoying the change. Ellie went on to ask for more details, particularly how you responded. I told her about our sex life, how much fun we have together, and the different ways we have sex. She was most interested in your stamina and how much you pleased me with that cock of yours. She also asked a lot about our hard rough sex, and our tender love making, and how we love to fuck while watching porn videos.”

“You told her all of that?” I asked. I was surprised Jenna had shared so much with Ellie. “You didn’t tell her that we watch video’s of her having sex with Luke, did you?”

“Of course not! We were just having girl talk. It’s what sisters do. And we share a bond that feels like sisters.” Jenna replied, as if that made it all okay to discuss.

I just didn’t want any of our sex life coming back to me from Luke, if Ellie told him anything that Jenna told her.

“You won’t believe what she asked next.” Jenna moved on.

“I have no idea.” I said and that was the honest truth.

“Ellie asked if I ever had sex with another woman.” Jenna said in a quiet voice, as if anyone else could hear.

“She asked that?” I was shocked. “What did you say?”

“I told her No, I hadn’t, but that I have thought about that.” Jenna said. “Then I asked her if she ever had. She was sitting right next to me, just as you and I are doing right now. She leaned forward, very close to my face and told me that indeed she had, it was simply amazing, and that I should really try it sometime. Then she kissed me.”

“She kissed you?” I was still in shock. “What did you do?”

“I kissed her back.” Jenna said in a soft sexy voice. “I gave her a full-on, open mouthed, tongue inside, kiss. It was amazing.”

I wasn’t upset or angry. I was just shocked by how quickly their conversation had turned into a sexual, physical thing. I actually thought how erotic it was to imagine my wife kissing another hot babe such as Ellie. My cock was twitching in my pants.

“And that’s not all.” Jenna confessed. “For most of the next two hours we were naked in our bed having sex. Yes, I had sex with another woman. For the first time I experienced another woman eating my pussy. For the first time I ate pussy, and I loved it. We cuddled, we kissed, we licked each other, and sucked each other’s nipples. It was fucking incredible.”

“Fucking incredible.” I repeated the phrase.

Jenna quickly realized that I may be upset or confused.

“I’m not saying that she is a better lover than you are.” Jenna hastened to add. “Making love to another woman is such a different experience. Soft, sensual, intuitive. Not at all the same as the way you make love to me, which is truly the best, or the way you fuck the hell out of me with that great cock of yours. That’s something another woman could never do.”

I was just stunned. I sat there staring at Jenna, not sure if I should be concerned about our marriage, or fully supportive of the experience she just had. It appeared that Jenna could read my mind and knew she had to do something. She rose from her chair and in one quick move she removed her dress, leaving her totally naked in front of me. She took may hand and led me back to our bedroom, where she undressed me and had me stand in front of her, while she sat on the edge of the bed.

“One of my discussions with Ellie, earlier today, had to do with pleasing a man.” Jenna spoke while she held my soft cock in her hand. “She told me how to overcome my gag reflex and deep-throat a cock. I want to try that on you.”

Just when I didn’t think there would be more surprises, here was another. Jenna began licking and sucking my cock, which started to become hard. I could tell that Jenna was doing things a bit different. As my cock grew larger and harder, she lifted up to change her angle of attack. I really doubted that anything had actually changed. I expected at some point that she would gag again.

But she didn’t. She was patient, slow, and deliberate with her actions. My cock grew harder, pressing against the back of her mouth. Then she opened her jaw even more and lowered her face down further upon me. My cock head slid into her throat. Oh my fucking god. That felt so incredible. She slowly pulled back, took a gulp of air, and again went down on me until her nose pressed into my pubic area. My cock had easily slid down her throat.

She was doing it! Jenna was deep-throating my cock. I had never felt anything like that in my life.

“That feels fucking incredible.” was all I could say.

Jenna had her hands on my hips and she began bobbing up and down on my cock. She started slowly, learning to time her breaths between plunges of my cock down her throat. She quickly caught on and was soon controlling our movements while I was face fucking her.

“Oh babe, you are going to make me cum.” I warned her.

“Uh huh.” she mumbled as she continued deep-throating my cock.

I moaned in pleasure. I could feel my balls draw up. I knew I was about to let loose.

“Oh, Oh, OH! Take a deep breath babe!” I urged her.

Jenna understood and took a deep breath which she held while I plunged deeper down her throat just as I began to shoot my cum directly down her throat. I could feel my cock pulsing, and her attempts to swallow, which further stimulated my ejaculations.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” I screamed as I unloaded my balls into my wife.

And she took in all. As soon as I stopped ejaculating, I pulled out. Jenna gasped for air, then looked up at me with a big smile. Her sense of a major accomplishment was clearly evident.

“My god, Babe. You did it. Fucking incredible.” I said as helped her up so I could kiss her.

“You’ve had quite a day. A lot of firsts.” I held her and praised her. “You’ll remember this day for a long time.”

Jenna went on to discuss the details of her first girl-girl sex. Obviously she had a great time.

“Sounds like you greatly enjoyed having sex with another woman.” I said. “Do you think it will happen again?”

“Likely.” She replied. “And likely I will deep-throat your cock again.”

My cock twitched at the thought of her pleasuring me that way again.

“You still have a fantasy of a threesome with me and another woman?” Jenna asked. “Maybe it is time to fulfill one of your fantasies. What about Ellie as a third? I bet she would love that.”

“Really?” I was surprised, and excited by the thought. “You and me with Ellie? I would do that in a heartbeat. I think that would be fantastic.”

I wasn’t concerned that Ellie was still married to Charles, or still in a relationship with Luke. I just knew she was incredibly sexy.

“No promises, but maybe.” Jenna replied with a sly smile.

– – – – –

The work week began and we were back in our routine. Jenna was attending Ellie’s zumba class, but I no indications that they had hooked up again. Jenna and I were still having incredible sex each night. Our routine had become to watch homemade porn videos, either our own sex videos, or one of the videos of Ellie with Luke, and then we would fuck each other’s brains out. The rough physical sex made it easy to sleep.

It was a busy work week for me, one project winding down while another project was starting. I was working late most evenings. My trips to the gym were not on my normal schedule. I missed Wednesday night, but got into the gym on Thursday. Luke was grousing that things with Ellie were not going well.

“I think she’s seeing someone else.” Luke complained. “She appears to be losing interest in me.”

“Well, she is married. She does have a husband.” I said a bit flippantly. I knew it was very unlikely that Ellie was having sex with Charles.

Friday night I worked late and again missed going to the gym, which was okay as I didn’t really want to face Luke again.

– – – – –

Saturday morning I kissed Jenna goodbye as I headed out.

“Just a half day of work on our new project.” I explained. “Then I’ll hit the gym before coming home. You can expect me back about two o’clock.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.” Jenna replied with a sly smirk on her face. I wondered what that was about, but didn’t really think about it anymore.

The morning’s work went quickly. Then I stopped by the gym and worked out. I was glad that Luke was not there on Saturdays. Just as I was finishing, I received a text message from Jenna.

“Waiting for you.” the message said. Attached was a photo of her sitting naked on edge of the bed.

“Just leaving gym.” I replied back.

“We’re waiting for you.” came another message, followed by another photo. This photo was of Jenna and Ellie, sitting next to each other on the bed, completely naked, with their arms around each other.

‘Oh my god!’ I thought to myself. Jenna and Ellie had another encounter today. And it appeared that they wanted me to join them. ‘Would this be a threesome?’ I wondered.

“Be there in ten.” I replied as I rushed out the door.

Eight minutes later I was entering our home and headed straight for the bedroom. It appeared that the girls had been having fun while they waited for me. I could see the bed was a mess.

As I walked into the bedroom, Jenna rose to meet me. We embraced and kissed.

“Let me explain some of the details of our morning,” Jenna began. “Ellie and I were in the kitchen talking about men and sex. Eventually the discussion turned to sexual fantasies. I was telling Ellie how making love to another woman had been a long time fantasy of mine, which she fulfilled last week. She said she greatly enjoyed our encounter and hoped to do it again. Next thing we know, we were naked in bed having a great time.”

As Jenna was telling me this, Ellie had gotten off the bed and was now standing next to us. Here I was, totally clothed and they were both naked. However, they both appeared comfortable with that.

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your wife with me.” Ellie said right before giving me a big, open mouth, full tongue kiss. I could feel my cock twitching in my jeans. The smile on Jenna’s face told me she was okay with what we were doing.

We broke our kiss and Jenna spoke. “So I asked Ellie what her sexual fantasy was.”

“I told her that I’ve always wanted a threesome.” Ellie answered. “I’ve had a lot of great sex with men, and with women, but always just one-on-one. I had a fantasy of having a threesome with a couple, but it had to be with the right couple.”

“I told Ellie that you had the same fantasy, of having a threesome with me and another woman.” Jenna jumped back into the discussion.

“It was obvious what we all wanted to do.” Ellie added. “So we waited for you to come home.”

“Honey,” Jenna began. “I hope you’re ready to have your fantasy fulfilled, because I know Ellie and I are ready for this.”

I kissed my wife, and then kissed Ellie. My cock was quickly swelling and feeling trapped inside my jeans. Jenna began to unbutton my shirt, as Ellie dropped to her knees and was removing my shoes and socks. I was being prepared for sex with two gorgeous women and I was in heaven.

Jenna was rubbing her hand over my bare chest as she resumed kissing me. Ellie unfastened my jeans and then pulled them down, along with my boxer briefs. As soon as my cock sprung loose, Ellie took hold of it and stroked it. Then she paused and helped me step out of my jeans and briefs.

We were all naked, and in the middle of the bedroom. I was standing next to Jenna and we were kissing, while Ellie was on her knees in front of me. Ellie began to lick and suck my cock. I moaned. I was getting very horny.

“You’re right Jenna.” Ellie said while she paused a moment. “Blake does have a very nice cock.”

“Are you ready to have him fuck you?” Jenna asked Ellie.

Ellie responded by climbing back onto the bed, laying on her back and opening her legs wide for me. It appeared that the girls were taking charge, and I wasn’t being asked. Not that I would complain.

“I gave Ellie three orgasms while I ate her pussy this morning.” Jenna said softly to me. Then she challenged me. “Let’s see if you can do as well.”

I got onto the bed and between Ellie’s legs. As I moved forward into position, Jenna had hold of my cock and was aiming it at Ellie’s awaiting pussy. As I slid into Ellie, I was kissing her. I could feel a lot of desire in our threesome.

Ellie’s pussy felt tight around my cock. As I knew she was somewhat experienced in sex, I guessed that she had great control of her pelvic muscles and could hold me firmly. I raised up on my arms and looked down into her face. She had such a beautiful smile.

“So, how do you want this?” I asked as I was slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Let’s start slow and easy.” she replied. “Then we can finish fast and rough.”

“Proud Mary?” I asked, referring to my earlier conversations with Jenna.

Ellie smiled and nodded. I kissed her again, not a passionate kiss, but a gently loving kiss. Then I moved more upright, up on my knees, lifting her ass off the bed. I held her hips while I continued a slow, easy fuck.

Jenna laid down next to Ellie and they were kissing. Jenna’s hand roamed over Ellie’s body, mostly on her firm small breasts. I could sense Ellie’s arousal building, her hips rocking with my movements. I had a very good feeling about all of this. Ellie and Jenna both appeared to be enjoying themselves.

“Blake is a very good lover.” Ellie told my wife, as if I wasn’t listening. “His cock feels really good.”

“Yes, he is a great lover.” Jenna replied. “But I don’t mind sharing him with you anytime you want.”

“I may take you up on that.” Ellie replied.

“You two know I can hear you.” I interjected into their little conversation.

Jenna turned and smiled at me. “We intended for you to hear that.”

Jenna then turned back to Ellie and they kissed, a more passionate kiss. Jenna’s hand moved down to Ellie’s mons and Jenna began to gently finger Ellie’s clit, while my cock slid in and out, almost touching her hand.

Ellie was moaning and rocking her hips harder to meet my cock’s penetrations. Our pace picked up quickly. The way Ellie used her stomach muscles to move her hips was fascinating. She was very athletic, and used her physical abilities to make sex more enjoyable for both of us. Jenna and Ellie were kissing more passionately, and Jenna was rubbing Ellie’s clit more furiously.

It only took a couple more minutes for Ellie’s orgasm to arrive. Her muscles tensed up, and her movements froze for just a second. I could feel her cunt clench my cock tight. Ellie’s arms were around Jenna’s neck as they continued to kiss. Then Ellie rocked her pussy on my cock a few strokes and paused while another orgasm flowed through her. Over the next few minutes, she started and stopped five or six times, having one small orgasm after another. I just held my position, my cock throbbing inside her.

Slowly the chain of orgasms stopped. Ellie gently pushed Jenna away and looked at me in a most serious way.

“Fast and rough.” was all Ellie said. She laid her head back on the bed and raised her legs up and spread wide, in a big ‘V’. The motion caused my cock to pull out of her.

I grabbed her ankles and pushed them back over her upper body, folding her in half, her pussy wide open, pointing up and very exposed. Jenna realized my intentions and guided my cock back into Ellie’s cunt. Fast and rough it was going to be.

I immediately began slamming my cock into Ellie. Taking long strokes, as fast and as hard as I could. I was spread eagle over her. My legs straight and spread open. I was up on my toes. My hands were on her ankles which were above her head and spread wide. I used my whole body to pull out and then thrust back into her. I could feel the head of my cock slamming into her cervix.

Ellie screamed in pleasure. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Jenna sat off to the side, watching intently as I banged her friend. Soon Jenna became a cheerleader. First towards me.

“Fuck her Blake! Fuck her! Slam that cock into her. Do it! Do it!” she insisted.

I was grunting and groaning, using all the physical strength I had to fuck Ellie. Ellie was attempting to thrash about beneath me, but I had her held tightly in place. Her pussy was mine and I was going to use it as I liked.

“Take that cock! Take that cock!” Jenna was now cheering on Ellie. “Cum for us! Cum for us!”

“Oh God! Oh God!” Ellie was screaming. Her face was flushed and her eyes bulging wide open. She was panting for air.

I wondered if I was too hard on Ellie, but quickly had my answer.

“HARDER!” Ellie screamed at me. “FUCK ME HARDER!”

As a man, I wasn’t going to leave my partner wanting for more. So I dug deeper into my body for more energy and was slamming into Ellie harder and faster.

“I’ll give you more!” I hissed while I was giving her all I had.

The whole bed was shaking violently from our activities. Jenna had risen up on her knees, leaning over Ellie, urging us on.

“Fuck her! Fuck Her! FUCK HER!” Jenna was directing me.

It took all the stamina I had to continue the torrid pace. Bam! Bam! Bam! I slammed into her.

“Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!” Ellie cried out rapidly, followed quickly by a ear shattering scream.

“AaaaEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Ellie screamed in a long howl.

I could feel her whole body shaking violently in my grasp. She was covered in sweat. Her hair was a mess, her makeup was running. I slowed just a moment.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! DON’T . . . FUCKING . . . STOP!” Ellie commanded.

I quickly resumed slamming my cock into her time and time again. We carried on another minute or two. Her body kept shaking, her cunt was squeezing my cock, and she was screaming the whole time.

Then just as suddenly, she cried out again. “STOP!”

I immediately stopped, and held her in the doubled up position. She closed her eyes and was gasping for air. Her cunt was still clenching my cock. It felt fucking incredible, but I hadn’t cum.

Slowly we relaxed and I brought her legs back down to the bed. I pulled my cock out and sat back on my ankles. My cock was still hard, and covered in her fluids. Jenna practically dove for my cock, licking and sucking all of Ellie’s fluids from me.

“Damn! You’re hard as a rock.” Jenna said as she pulled her mouth off my cock. “You haven’t cum yet?”

“Not yet.” I replied simply.

“Think you can do to me what you did to Ellie?” Jenna asked while holding my throbbing cock.

“Only one way to find out.” I said with a sly grin on my face.

While I had expended a lot of energy fucking Ellie as hard as I had, my physical conditioning allowed me to still have more to give. I had barely broken a sweat. And I had been so focused on Ellie’s orgasms, I hadn’t gotten close to my own orgasm.

“Fuck me this way.” Jenna said as she flipped onto her hands and knees, doggy position, with her ass turned towards me. “Slow then fast.”

I had been watching Jenna, especially her extended hard nipples, and knew she was quite aroused. Indeed her pussy was very wet and I easily slid into her from behind. We both were facing towards Ellie who was recovering and was watching us with interest. As I began slowly sliding my cock in and out of my wife’s pussy, Ellie got up next to Jenna and was kissing Jenna on the mouth while playing with Jenna’s nipples. I knew Jenna loved that.

Jenna and I had fucking in this position so many times, I could read her body movements. She would rock back upon my cock a bit faster when she wanted me to speed up. And she was doing that already. Kneeling behind her, holding her hips in my hands, I began thrusting my hard cock into my wife’s cunt faster and deeper.

I could hear Jenna moaning into Ellie’s mouth. And Jenna was pushing back onto me even quicker. Obviously we weren’t doing slow-and-easy very long, but were racing towards fast-and-rough. I was game for that.

Jenna needed to breathe, so she broke her kiss with Ellie. Ellie was now the cheerleader.

“Fuck that cock! Fuck that cock!” Ellie was urging Jenna on. “Take that hard, fat cock deep into your cunt!”

I sped up a bit more, slamming with a good rhythm into my wife’s sloppy pussy.

“Oh God that feels good.” Jenna was saying between gasps for air. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I continued to pick up the pace of my thrusts into her. Ellie had moved her hand down Jenna’s stomach and was now diddling Jenna’s clit. Ellie and I looked at each other with grins on our faces. Together we were going to pleasure Jenna in a fabulous way.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” Jenna was moaning in pleasure.

The three of us kept this going for several minutes. I was pacing myself, and my wife, by slowly increasing the speed and intensity of our movements. A sheen of sweat covered Jenna’s body. I also had a bit of a sweat forming. We were all breathing in long, slow, deep breaths.

Jenna lowered her head and dropped her upper body. Instead of holding herself up on her hands and straight arms, she had lowered down onto her elbows.

Ellie somehow changed what her fingers were doing to Jenna’s clit, and Jenna quickly reacted.

“OH!” Jenna exclaimed, and then shoved back even quicker on my cock.

I looked at Ellie and grinned again. Ellie had this expression as if she was thinking about something. She pulled her hand out of Jenna’s crotch, and then laid down on her back, her head next to Jenna’s body.

Jenna was unsure what was happening and turned to look at Ellie who was now attempting to scoot underneath Jenna. When Jenna realized where Ellie was going, Jenna raised up on her knees to allow Ellie to move underneath her, into a ’69’ position. This move pulled my cock out of her pussy. Once in place, Jenna went back down onto her hands, her face buried into Ellie’s crotch.

As Ellie began to lick Jenna’s clit from underneath, I slid my cock back into Jenna’s pussy. Quickly we were all back into synchronized movements, I was fucking my wife from behind, Ellie was licking Jenna’s clit from below, and Jenna was eating Ellie’s pussy from above, when she wasn’t gasping for air.

I took a firm hold on Jenna’s hips so as to minimize the movement of her clit with regard to Ellie’s mouth. I went directly into overdrive, slamming my cock as fast and as hard into Jenna’s pussy, as I had earlier done to Ellie’s pussy.

“Oh GOD!” Jenna exclaimed in pleasure. “You two are going to kill me!”

I kept up a rapid fire pace of thrusting my hard, swollen cock deep into my wife’s very wet pussy. I could tell that Ellie had better control of her vaginal muscles and could hold me tight. Jenna was not as tight, more of a sloppy fuck. But I loved it. I occasionally could feel Ellie’s tongue on my cock and balls whenever I pushed Jenna too far forward. Ellie was also holding on to Jenna’s ass, trying to maintain the position of her mouth on Jenna’s clit.

The bed was rocking. All three of us were moaning or groaning. I could tell that Jenna’s pussy was flowing fluids, likely covering Ellie’s face. The smell of sweat and sex was becoming more obvious.

“Cum for us baby. Cum for us.” I was encouraging my wife.

Jenna replied with loud moans of pleasure and occasionally utterances such as,

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. OH FUCK!” Jenna repeated these many times.

I could also hear squeals of pleasure from Ellie. It was obvious she was having a great time.

I was slamming as hard as I could into Jenna, while trying to not move her clit away from Ellie’s mouth. We kept this pace up for maybe five minutes. I sensed that everyone was beginning to tire.

I had one other trick to push Jenna over the edge. I stuck my finger into my mouth to lubricate it. Then I leaned back a bit, allowing me easier access to Jenna’s ass. I shoved my fingertip into her asshole up to the first knuckle.

Jenna exploded!

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Jenna cried out as a massive orgasm hit her.

Her pussy tighten around my cock. Her body trembled uncontrollably. I suspect she unleashed a flood of fluids, as I heard Ellie cough a moment as she choked on those fluids.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Jenna kept repeating as her orgasm continued on and on.

Then I felt something totally unexpected. Ellie was licking my cock and balls. She reached behind my butt and stuck a fingertip into my ass.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I screamed as a powerful orgasm hit me.

My cock was spewing cum like a fire hose into my wife’s already sodden pussy. My body trembled and I held on tight to Jenna’s hips. I knew Jenna felt me cumming, as she replied with a loud squeal.

I fired off at least ten loads of my hot cum into Jenna’s pussy. Then I collapsed back onto my heals, my cock pulling out.

From that vantage point, I could see Ellie eating Jenna’s pussy with an intense passion. My cum, along with Jenna’s fluids were flowing out into Ellie’s mouth and she was eating all she could. I could see that Ellie’s face was covered in fluids. This was so hot to watch!

I just sat there as Ellie continued to lick and eat Jenna’s pussy. Jenna would clench her pussy, making more fluids flow out of her pussy and into Ellie’s mouth. I was mesmerized.

Suddenly Jenna lifted off of Ellie and sat next to her, facing her. I then could see that Ellie had not swallowed everything, but had a mouth full of cum. She sat upright, next to Jenna and they quickly kissed, full open mouth, lips sealed together, as they swapped the combined sex fluids back and forth between their mouths.

After several erotic minutes, the girls stopped and swallowed what was left. Both of them has fluids all over their faces. They looked at me with big grins.

My cock had been pulsing again at the erotic sight. More flows of more cum dribbled out my cock head and down the side of my cock. The two girls quickly cleaned my cock for me.

We all kissed one another and eventually laid down together, Jenna in the middle between Ellie and I.

We rested, each thinking about the events of the past few hours. I knew for me, it was an incredible sexual event, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I wondered what the future held for our relationships.

Several minutes later, I had a clue.

“Ellie had some other news today.” Jenna said.

“Actually the reason I came over today,” Ellie began, “was to tell Jenna that I’ve finally decided to divorce Charles. As we are living in what was originally his place, I think it appropriate that I move out.”

Jenna jumped in at this point.

“Ellie needs a place to stay.” Jenna said. “At least for a short while.”

“You may not believe this, but I didn’t expect any sex today.” Ellie said.

We all laughed.

Then Ellie continued. “I just wanted to ask if I could stay here for a while. Jenna said that I had to ask you. Blake, may I stay here?”

I looked at Jenna, who had a hopeful expression on her face. She was nodding her head in the affirmative, hoping I would agree and say ‘Yes’. I smiled back at both of them.

“If you living here is going to this much fucking fun,” I spoke slowly and deliberately. “You can stay as long as you like!”

Both girls squealed in excitement and pleasure. We all hugged and kissed one another.

We had just shared an incredible experience. I hoped it was the beginning of a great new chapter in all our lives.

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