Unpredicted surprise encounters

Dear Readers,

This is my first real incident recorded in writing. So, I humbly request you to apologize, if there are any grammatical mistakes in this story, as this is my first story ever written.

Preface to this story: Got married just before lockdown and it was arranged. It was done in traditional Kerala style. This incident happened a year ago during first lockdown.

Let me introduce to the characters of the story: Myself (Karthik), my wife (Karthika) and
close cousin from my wife’s side (Kalpana). Karthik is 5’11 with 7″ inch tool, Karthika is 5’1 with Bust 36 inches, Waist 32 inches and Hips 36 inches having pink nipples, at last Kalpana with Bust 32 inches, Waist 26 inches and Hips 32 inches having brown nipples. Karthik & Karthika are in late twenties and Kalpana in late thirties. Now, I guess you will get the characters shape, size in your mind. Since, it is completely a real incident don’t expect sex all the time and fun right-away. Before marriage both of them didn’t speak & get an understanding together.

It was a traditional custodian marriage. Let me explain for those who don’t know how marriage happens in God’s Own Country. Only few important ceremonies explained. First it is “Dakshina Kodukkal” ie. ceremony is performed by the bride and groom, right before they leave for the wedding venue. They seek blessings from all the elders of the house. The Dakshina is a symbol of the elders’ blessings. Then, it is “Kanyadaan” i.e., it begins with a ceremonial welcome for the groom and his family, followed by the bride’s beatific entry. Then, we get down to the serious ceremonial tasks. The family priest takes his post and performs the holy ceremony, with the bride’s father handing over his daughter to her husband (literally). Finally, “Pudamuri” in this ritual, where the groom gifts his bride a saree on a platter. This symbolic gesture marks that he would forever act as a provider for her.

Then, I don’t want to bore you guys with lots of intricate details about marriage tradition. Let’s get into the story. It all started with marriage and lockdown helped a lot. Karthik started to indulge in some forms of sex at a very young age, though never had sex before marriage i.e., virgin. Karthik is a hardcore fan of watching porn movies, then ejaculates & sleeps off daily. He learnt lot of techniques through watching videos, but never had any real hands-on experience.

Karthika was a studious girl from childhood and she never indulged in any forms of sex before marriage and she has very less idea about it. Kalpana had run away from her home and married a guy who was literally in streets. Karthika’s family had abandoned her due to this act and she never had any real connection with anyone in the family except with Karthika. Karthika used to speak with Kaplana a lot from her childhood and became very close sisters.

As per the family tradition after marriage, Karthik had to go to Karthika’s home for first night and stay for 5 days. Karthik was well prepared and was waiting for that moment for many years now. Karthika was clueless about first night, so as usual she goes to Kalpana to discuss about it. Kaplana was shy, so she just said to her superficially about it. Though Karthika didn’t understand anything clearly agreed to the explanation from Kalpana instead of asking too many doubts.

It was finally the time of Karthik’s life i.e., first night. He was patiently waiting for Karthika to come to the room for enjoyment. Then she finally came after an hour’s wait. Karthik read lots of stories online about how to make it a memorable night of the life. So, he was chatting with her for an hour. To his surprise she started to feel sleepy due to tiredness, so instead of losing his long-awaited moment to go in drain, he started to press her left side breast directly with hand. Karthika pushed him away and he became clueless to what is happening. Then he started to kiss her, but she didn’t respond back. He became frustrated, then he removed all his dress and tried to remove her saree. She saw a guy naked for the first time, but didn’t get excited & resisted, so he slightly pushed and removed her saree with force and it got slightly torn. Karthika became furious and shouted at him and he too became angry. Karthik’s all theory lessons failed him and he didn’t know what to do in that moment. Later, he apologized to her and shagged as usual in front of her eyes and slept off. Karthika was seeing someone shagging for the first time, but still it didn’t reduce her ferociousness a bit.

To know what happened further read the next part. Splitting the story so it is easier to read rather than being a monologue. Hope you enjoyed it & curious about, how event turns out.

For the next three days, cold war between Karthik & Karthika was going on and both of them was turning the faces to each other, even though lots of relatives in the house spotted their unusual behaviour for newly weds. In order to break the jinx, Karthik decided to fall at her feet and atleast accomplish his long awaited bucket list in his mind. Karthika had narrated about this incident to Kalpana and she also suggested to Karthika to enjoy first night, otherwise it will be missed forever. Both of them decided to make it happen, but each of them didn’t knew.

Then in the night, both of them faced each other but didn’t say a word to each other but was looking at each other. Karthik & Karthika thought to apologize without telling to each other, but both of their ego was clashing with each other. Another 20 mins passed away by looking at each other.

Karthik decided it is enough and let me break the ice. He started to apologize and to his surprise Karthika also said the same thing simultaneously. Then like their first day together after marriage, they both started to talk again for more than 30 minutes. Suddenly he realized talking too much is ruining his moment, so he stopped talking and started to getting in action. He started to lip kiss her and to his surprise she reciprocated. The moment his hand touched her skin, both had goosebumps, and body hairs erected instantly.

Karthik got his joy, then he started to press her to the wall and catch the breasts. He started to kiss her breasts with clothes on and he didn’t want to make the same mistake of trying to remove her saree. Then by looking at it, she removed her saree. Karthika was nervous & cautious about it, as this is first time for her to let anyone else see her naked.

Karthik was trying to make a move on her i.e. remove her blouse but she was resisting indirectly. Both was orally licking & kissing each other all over the body with dress on. After more than 30 minutes of oral sex, Karthika said she is feeling tired because of oral sex and wanted to sleep. Karthik was thinking today as his usual day ie. masturbate and have no sex. It didn’t happen the way he imagined in his mind. Karthika slept off immediately after the act, but Karthik was thinking about his sex starvation and was not getting any sleep.

While thinking about it, he got an idea i.e. ejaculate on Karthika’s mouth during sleep. Karthika goes into deep sleep usually. So he decided to remove her panty during the sleep and he touched her hairy pussy. He became afraid thinking what if they were any consequences to his actions, so he stopped touching and started to ejaculate in her face. He wiped the sperm all over her face due to fear and slept off.

In that moment, he forgot to put the panty back on and she got up with odd smell. She woke him up by 4AM and asked why is my panty down in the floor & why do I get a odd smell. Karthik was caught red handed and he was clueless. So he came up with a story. He said to her that during sleep you got up and asked to touch your vagina & play with it. She didn’t believe a word and again became furious. Situation was again going out of control.

Karthik said he can prove it. Karthika asked to prove it. He asked her, do you know what is the odd smell, you were asking me about. She said no. He told her it is sperm and it is in your face, that’s why you were able to smell it. Karthika face turned really red and she started to scold like did you rape me. Karthik had no other option, other than to tell the truth about what happened, instead of leaving it to escalate. So he told the whole truth and that has slightly pacified her, but she still angry.

Karthik started to beg to her and asking her to given him another chance to show the enjoyment of sex. She said she is not comfortable with it. Then they both woke up from bed and again silent treatment continued between them for another 2 days. Today was the fifth & final day of staying in Karthika’s home. Karthik thought something atleast has to be done on the final day. After boring day with the relatives, it became night and both of them came to bed to sleep.

Karthik started to change things differently today. As usual they both talked but today he decided to talk about sex alone and not about different topics. But she didn’t indulge in those talks, due to her anger. Today he asked her to remove saree and put night dress for one night and she agreed. She removed her saree, then her blouse and finally her petticoat.

He saw her for the first time in bra & panty. He couldn’t control his urge which was there for many years now. He pushed her towards the bed and exerted some force. She started to scream, bite and push him, but that didn’t work. He started to unleash the beast within him. He tried to remove her panty but it tore completely. He was mesmerized with her pussy looks.

He removed all his clothes by catching her in one hand. He left his finger inside her virgin pussy and she gave a loud moan. By that time as his face was having nail scrap marks. In this moment he was not having hard erection. He tried to insert against her force, but he was not getting mood. All he was able to do is finger fuck her and kiss her breasts with bra.

All got settled in few moments later and she started to cry. She threatened him of police complaint and he became very scared. Karthika told everything to Kalpana. Kalpana decided to be the pacifier for us both. Next day morning lockdown was declared. Things started to go from bad to worse very quickly and nothing was going my way after marriage. Kalpana said she will not tell about anything to our parents, if Karthik listened to me and he agreed, since he had no other choice.

Due to lockdown, all the family members was in the house and Kalpana too came to our home. Kalpana said she will come in the night and discuss about this matter. The whole day went discussing about pandemic and night came. She never came to discuss and thought tomorrow she might show up. We both went to sleep without talking to each other as usual. Around 11PM someone knocked our door and Karthik opened it, since Karthika slept immediately. He became stunned when Kalpana showed up and she said now everyone slept outside, so we can discuss privately here.

Kalpana woke up Karthika and asked what is the matter between you both. You both are recently married and you need to have sex every hour. Karthik & Karthika was maintaining pin drop silent. Karthik was nervous about what might happen to him. Kalpana was forcing him to open up and Karthik started to cry & told everything to Kalpana. Karthika was silently listening to it. Now Kalpana said it is your turn. Karthika said she is afraid to have sex due to the pain and that’s why was avoiding Karthik and pushing him away. Karthik finally realized it is not him and it is her. Both of them knew what was going with each other.

Now, Kalpana asked both of them to shake hands and have sex now. Karthika said no immediately. Then Kalpana said, I will stay here until you have both have sex. Finally, after very long 6 days, things started to brighten at Karthik’s end. Then, Karthik also requested to Kalpana to watch because she will dodge me. Kalpana agreed and asked us both to remove the clothes. Karthik told shall I kiss her and remove it passionately. Kalpana said why not. But Karthika’s face became frown.

Karthik started to kiss her but she refusingly kissed. Karthika now started to say that she is shy because Kalpana is looking. Kalpana said she will close her eyes, but she insisted her to go and sleep. Karthika said she wanted to take bath before doing anything. Karthik immediately refused and Kalpana too agreed. Karthika was feeling lonely and instead of kissing passionately, she removed all her clothes immediately. Karthik’s was astonished by the looks of Karthika, since it is the first time, he is seeing a naked woman in real life apart from watching in videos.

Karthika started to cover her body with her hands. Kalpana ask her to remove and allow Karthik to play. Kalpana immediately took bed sheet and covered her body. Then, she immediately went to bathroom & said she will take bath and only come out. By that time, Kalpana asked me to completely remove my dress and go on the bed. Karthik removed all his clothes but to his surprise instead of Karthika, Kalpana was watching with jaws dropping. Kalpana started to comment you have dick size more than average. Karthik said thanks and he felt shy, so he went inside the bedsheet and was waiting for her for more than twenty minutes.

Kalpana started to knock the door and Karthika said was afraid to come out. So, Kalpana said you only come out, let’s discuss about it tomorrow. Karthika agreed and finally came out after twenty minutes of convincing. The moment she came out wet without clothes on, Karthik came out of the bed and started to hug Karthika and she turned back. He then caught her breasts, then Karthika ran towards the bed to find bedsheet. Karthik took the bedsheet that was covering her and in that moment adjusted her leg in the bed. He started to enter her from back. But Karthika’s was tight and he was not getting hard on due to turn-offs from Karthika. This Kalpana was watching and she asked Karthika to suck his dick.

Now Karthika started to say, Karthik’s dick is very big and I have never done anything like it. Kalpana said, I’m here, just suck it, nothing will happen. Karthika just licked it for a moment and said it smells very bad and hate it. Kalpana became tired of games played by Karthika and said let me show you how to suck it. Kalpana then asked Karthik to get up from the bed and stand. Karthik stood up and Kalpana went on the floor to suck. Karthika was saying to Kalpana, Karthik is my husband and how can you suck her. So Kalpana said why don’t you do it now and I will leave here. Karthik thought it is now or never with Kalpana, so he said, she will say like this only and will never accept.

Karthika said she will do and asked Kalpana to get up. Karthik said let Kalpana do it and show you, how it is being done, since she is experienced and you are going to it for the very first time. Karthika was looking perplexed and Karthik pushed his dick in Kalpana’s mouth. Kalpana too like it and started to take it completely inside her mouth. Karthika by seeing this was hitting Karthik in his shoulders.

Kalpana was sucking his penis for close to 10 minutes and Karthik was about to cum, but he didn’t want to tell her. He wanted it in her mouth. So, he said to Kalpana, I will lie down in bed and you continue and Kalpana agreed. While he was about to cum, in that excitement he caught Kalpana’s breasts tightly. Kalpana pushed it and also sucked without letting go of it.

Karthik squeezed it tightly and ejaculated his cum in her mouth. Kalpana started to say, I hate to drink cum and Karthik said spit it in Karthika’s face, since she liked it, when it was done earlier. So, Kalpana spit it in her face and wiped it all over it. Now Karthika said, I wanted to suck and she bent over to do it. But, Karthik’s dick was all pumped out. He was not getting a proper erection.

While she was trying to suck, Kalpana was trying to clean the sperm with tissue paper in her mouth. Karthik saw an opportunity and he lip kissed her and she too gave it and said, I’m your aunt and this is the last, also won’t tolerate anything further. Karthik said okay and kissed her with love and Karthika saw erection. She didn’t understand what was going on, but Kalpana noticed it.

After this act, she said, I’m going to my room to sleep and we will continue tomorrow. Karthik was thinking, it is now or never. So, he said, after we both fuck, you can go and sleep. Kalpana became furious and Karthik re-iterated that “I meant it is me & Karthika and not you”. Kalpana became pacified and now she asked Karthika to fuck.

Kalpana asked Karthika to lie down in the bed flat and asked Karthik to go on top, as it is easy for her. Both of them said okay. Karthik went top on Karthika but erection was not happening again. Then, Kalpana from behind caught his balls and Karthik got erection. He then started to insert inside Karthika. When his dick head went inside she shouted it is paining and stop it. Kalpana was saying it won’t be painful, trust me. But Karthika was adamant and stopped it.

It was about to sunrise, so Kalpana said, we will continue later. Karthik was very disappointed, while Karthika was relieved. While Kalpana was about to open the door, Karthik hugged Kalpana tightly and kissed her while pressing her breasts. Kalpana enjoyed it but was disapproving, though she was completely dressed. Then everyone went to sleep, but Karthik was thinking about this day as though it was his first night memorable.

Karthik was waiting for Kalpana in the night, but she didn’t show up. Few days passed but Karthik’s mind was exploding with thoughts of Kalpana. Again Karthik tried to make a move against Karthika, but she said she will not do anything until Kalpana shows up. He tried to speak with Kalpana about this, but she avoided.

Kalpana thought lockdown would be lifted and she would escape here, since she didn’t like Karthik’s approach of having sex with her instead of Karthika. So Karthik decided he would make a move tonight. Around 12PM, he went outside his room and noticed whether everyone was awake or asleep. Then he went near Kalpana’s bed. He went behind Kalpana and hugged her from back. This woke her up. She pushed him away and started to shout mildly, so that eeryone won’t wake up.

She said go to your room and enjoy with Karthika. Karthik said she is not agreeing and I want you. By listening this she slapped him and said “are you listening to what you are talking”. Karthik then blackmailed her like I will tell to your everyone what happened between three of us, if you didn’t come inside now. She was thinking for a while and then decided to follow him to his room.

Once she came to the room, Karthik started to kiss her. Kalpana was angry but she kept quiet and silently pinched Karthika in her legs. Karthika woke up and Kalpana said we will continue with the remaining lessons. Karthika refuted her and said she is tired today & wanting to sleep.

Kalpana became furious and asked Karthik to insert banana inside. So Karthik obliged & took the smallest piece. Karthik was trying to undress her, immediately Karthika stopped him and asked Kalpana to do it. Now, Karthik said you also do the same to me i.e. undress me too. Kalpana rejected initially but then agreed. While removing the underwear, Karthik made sure his dick was felt by Kalpana’s hand.

Now, Karthik started to insert the banana inside of her. Karthika was still saying painful. Kalpana said then you both try tomorrow and I leave now. Karthik said nothing doing today and it has to be done today. He insisted Kalpana to try inserting it and I will try kissing her.

Kalpana started to insert and she never complained for initial few moments and again started. Karthik told to Kalpana, may be since you are clothed, she is not getting mood. Kalpana asked in a husky voice “What”. Karthik told to Kalpana just be in panty & bra. It will just increase her mood. Karthika too said, we can try like that. Finally, some green light from Karthika in his favour. Kalpana agreed and she removed her tops & pants.

Now again she started but it lasted more than previous but Karthika again shouted. Kalpana said you will never enjoy and Karthik said why don’t you lick it instead of inserting it. Kalpana agreed to it and since it was a small bed, Karthik said try 69 position. Kalpana was in 69 position with Karthika. By looking at it, Karthik had a hard erection. Karthik asked Karthika to suck his dick and she agreed. Scene was Kalpana was sucking Karthika’s pussy & Karthika was sucking Karthik’s dick.

While pushing in her mouth, since they were in 69 position, place was very less. Karthik saw an opportunity and instead of pushing in Karthika’s mouth, he was slightly hitting it in Kalpana’s ass. Kalpana was noticing it and was shifting it here and there. Karthika refuted her ass movement, since it was causing discomfort. Karthik removed his dick from her mouth and started to kiss Karthika. While kissing he was catching her breasts in one hand and was trying to insert his finger from other hand in Kalpana.

Immediately Kalpana stopped licking and got up and said it is enough. Karthika said it nice and please continue. Karthik then slightly pulled Kalpana’s panty down and asked Karthika to lick it. Karthika & Kalpana said no together, but Karthik said to Karthika you need to reciprocate it. Karthika said okay and Kalpana didn’t say anything. Karthik then pushed Kalpana’s head towards Karthika’s pussy and asked to continue licking.

While they both started to get the hang of each other, Karthik slowly removed the panty of Kalpana towards her knee. While Karthika was licking, he inserted his finger inside Kalpana’s pussy. She shivered and moved, so he took his finger off. Then, Karthik asked both of them to switch i.e. Kalpana to be down and Karthika on top. During that switch, Karthik removed Kalpana’s panty from her body without much struggle. Now only her bra was there.

They both started to like it and became kissing, fingering and licking each other. Karthik saw a window of opportunity and he pushed Karthika’s face & slowly inserted his dick inside Kalpana. Kalpana thought it was Karthika’s finger initially and didn’t say anything. Karthik started to push forcefully and that’s when she realized. Kalpana tried to turn, so that Karthik will take his dick off, but he kept a stern hold on to her and Karthik started to explain sex to Karthika and this how you do it.

Kalpana started to enjoy and was moaning and Karthik was pointing this as pleasure. By hearing those words, Karthika said I too want it. Kalpana said enough, now you try with Karthika. Karthik said ok and pulled Karthika away from 69 position and started to insert inside of her. She was not even agreeing to insert completely inside.

Kalpana saw this and gave her breasts to Karthik to suck. Kalpana was ecstatic and was moaning loudly. Karthik gave her love bites and Kalpana asked him to insert of her & was saying don’t cum inside of me. Karthik said okay, but he wanted to cum inside her. So he asked Karthika to sit in Kalpana’s face to distract her.

In another few minutes, all his load was inside Kalpana’s pussy. Kalpana became very angry and keeps on repeating the same, “I told not to cum inside me”. Karthik said lets clean first, then lets talk. Karthik took her to the bathroom and was cleaning. Kalpana face lost its glow. Karthik wanted to bring the old josh back. The bathroom was very small and only one person could fit at one time. So Karthik sat on the comode after closing the lid and asked her to lean on him, so that he can clean.

Karthika was curious into what is happening inside & was peeking inside as it was jam packed. Then she managed to squeeze herself inside to watch completely. When Karthika turned her back, she pushed Kalpana and she sat on top Karthik. During that time power went off and it was dark inside the tiny bathroom. Karthik again got a hard on. When Kalpana was trying to get up, Karthik caught her down and inserted again in the ass. Kalpana shouted with a loud moan and Karthika asked what is happening. Kalpana said I sat in the tap mistakenly and it caused pain.

By listening to it, Karthik started to push further and further again. Kalpana was bitting Karthik’s fingers instead of shouting. More than 5 strokes happened and generator power came back on. Karthika saw the movement and started to ask what is going on. Kalpana said nothing. Karthika then asked her to get up. When she asked Karthik’s dick was inside Kalpana’s ass. Kaplana was getting up but, Karthik was not letting her too. Then Karthik said, we are fucking in the ass.

Karthika said “Yuck”. “How can you do in that place”. “It is disgusting”. Kalpana then forcefully got up and pushed Karthika towards me. Till this moment didn’t get a chance to fuck Karthika. Karthik took her with both hands. Kalpana pushed her again and Karthik adjusted himself to enter her. Karthik entered Karthika’s ass and Karthika screamed loudly with anger scratched the back of Kalpana. Karthik was not letting go of Karthika and was pushing further & further inside.

Karthika was hitting Kalpana and got up with brute force against Karthik. Then Karthika said she wanted to go out of this bathroom. Kalpana was trying to go out too. Karthik caught Kalpana and let go of Karthika and inserted again in Kalpana’s ass. She moaned and was making her ass tight to enter. Karthik slapped her ass, so that it would loosen a bit. That worked and Kalpana enjoyed it.

After few hard strokes, again all the loads was dried inside her. In one night all her holes was filled with cum. Kalpana was saying not even her husband has fucked her in the ass. Then Karthik became tired and helped Kalpana to get dressed. But Karthik wanted to insert inside both the holes of Karthika too. They heard the cock’s sound and it is time get milk.

Karthika was trying to dress up & collect the milk. While she was going out of the room, Karthik thought of fucking Karthika & Kalpana again, but he his body was not supporting. So, he was sucking both her breasts and was inserting banana inside both the holes together. Kaplana & Karthika liked it, but both became very tired and was completely exhausted. Kalpana was repeatedly saying, I want go to sleep and take rest. Karthik was not allowing that to happen. Kalpana was saying for more than four hours we are doing this and this is the limit.

Karthik agreed, but his concern was he will never get another chance again with her. By the time, he was leaving her to go to sleep, someone was watching us for sometime now. We both thought it was some shadow, since Karthika opened the door earlier for getting the milk. But to our surprise it was Kalpana’s unmarried daughter. We all became shocked and covered ourselves. We pulled her in our room and said, don’t say it to anyone.

The things happened after this unexpected incident will be narrated in a different story. Stay Tuned Guys. Do comment and provide your feedback. Once again forgive for language mistakes. Hope you enjoyed this story and started to shag by thinking about it.

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