Sex with girl in college

Hi, this is me again, 28 years old, presently residing in Bangalore. 

Speaking about myself, I am a chubby guy. Nevertheless, I was always successful in talking to women because of my good communication skills. Then my good academic record, good professional life and the fact that I was extremely rich attracted the girls.

This story happened in 2017 when I was 22 years old and was pursuing a professional degree in Bangalore. Talking about the girl, she was my immediate junior in the master degree. Let her name be Sarah (name changed). She was whitish in color. She was like 5.4 and her figure is 34-32-34

Sarah knew me through a mutual friend who really liked me and annoys me every now and then. So, I initially started talking to my junior girl Sarah about that mutual friend who liked me, and we used to bitch about her that she was annoying and all! I never had any sexual feelings for Sarah because she was in a serious relationship

On a fine day, I was having a late-night conversation with Sarah and I said that I have never kissed someone in my life (which was a lie). To my surprise, she said I will kiss you because you are cute. Being an avid reader of sex stories, I had the audacity to take further steps

I said, Lets meet tomorrow in the hotel. We fixed the time of after the classes but couldn’t materialize because when I called her, she was with that annoying friend

Then we talked online and planned to go to a hotel the next day. I bought the condoms, and my junior girl came to a specific place from where we headed towards the hotel. On the way, I was really confused as to what was going to happen because we talked about a kiss, not about having sex. We proceeded anyway

We reached a hotel and entered a room. Then I locked the door and jumped into the bed. I said, Sarah, come. She smiled, removed her shoes and laid beside me

I asked, Are you shyShe said, no and straightway started kissing my lips. Then we smooched for like 5 minutes

I came on top of her and started licking her neck ears and giving love bites in the middle. I then went down and kissed her boobs. I licked her nipples over her bra and made her bra completely wet. she was getting excited. She took her bra strap off her shoulder, pushed the bra down, and guided me to suck her boobs. Sarah was making sounds like, Aah! Ah Along with that, I was pressing my junior girls breasts while licking her

I was surprised to see her 34C lemons. I started passionately sucking them and giving them hard bites. I gave her so hard bites that she was moaning like,Aiiiii mummy, ah..aaaaahhhhhhhhh, dhireeeee, bas amannnnnnn, dhire se karo, ahh ahh ahh

I kept on sucking for like 10 minutes. Then I sucked the rest of her body and her navel button

I suck her boobs hard. While her boobs were inside my mouth, I was rolling my tongue over her nipples. Nisha was moaning loud and pushing my head hard on her boobs. I suck her boobs, bite her boobs and nipples one after another. I suck and bite her boobs so hard that her boobs had dark red bite marks.

Now it was her turn to suck. Sarah removed my pants and shorts. My 6.5 inches thick tool was straight onto her face. She started sucking my dick and balls. I was holding her and controlling everything. After about 5 minutes, I came into her mouth. She managed to engulf it.

I went down further and kissed her stomach and navel. I rolled my tongue around her navel, and sarah was jumping. I then went further down and reached her panty line. I kissed her all over her hips, pulled her panty with my teeth.

I spread her legs and went in between and started kissing her pussy over her panty. Sarah was moaning loudly. Her panty was completely wet with my saliva. Sarah was completely naked now. I spread her legs again and went in between, and started licking her pussy.

Sarah was moaning loud and pulling my hair in a way to guide me more deep inside her pussy. I continued the same for 10 to 15 minutes and then went up to kiss her. I was kissing her passionately. While doing so, I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy and started fingering her.

I quickly wore a condom on my dick and straightway inserted my dick into the junior girl pussy. She was wet that it went inside in one stroke. Then I started to slowly bang her in the beginning. She was making sounds like, Ah! Ayiiiiii! Ah ah ah aaaaa..

After stroking slowly for 3-4 minutes, I was sure that she was ready for more hard strokes. I held her legs and placed the same on the back to gain more control. I started stroking really really rough. Her moans intensified and she started moaning like, Ahhhhhhhh ayiiiiiiiiii dhire amannnnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhh dard ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh mumyyyyyyyyy ah aaaaaaa ah” .

I increased my speed and she kept on moaning, Yesss babyyy, Aaaaahhhh, yesss fuck me, Aaaahahhh Mmmmmmmmhhhh and I was like in heaven by her moans.

Her voice was so loud that someone even knocked on our room door probably signaling us to reduce the noise! But we were not in a position to care about any such request. So I stroked for like 10 more minutes and she came

After that, I hardened my strokes which were obviously more painful for her. I came in 3-4 more minutes and then I lied over her for five minutes

After that, we cleaned ourselves with the tissues (which were available) and started cuddling and smooching. We were all set for the second round. In the second round, my junior girl came over to me and we stayed in that position for like 10 minutes

When she seemed tired, I shifted back to the missionary position, stroked for 10-15 more minutes. We came together at that time

After that, we had one more shot in the doggy position where she was screaming like hell. We have two more shots before we finally called it a day.

Girls and especially ladies are free to mail me at [email protected]. For sex chat and dirty talk on voice call through Gmail hangouts

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