Secret affair with my sexy reader

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Hi to all readers. This is Mr. K (pseudo name) from Bangalore and I am working here from many years. I am here to share one of my interesting experiences here and it happened several months ago.

I had received few good responses via email from some readers. One of them was a female reader (let’s say Karen) and she told me that she liked my story and when I asked where she is living, she said far from Bangalore. We continued to chat for few days and later she told me that her boyfriend is working abroad. So she feels lonely and misses the physical love from her boy-friend. Karen was in her late 20’s and after few days, she revealed that she is also in Bangalore only. She wanted to know if I am trustworthy before letting me know her whereabouts.

Karen told me frankly that she would want to meet me soon and she was tired of the social norms where she has to hide all her desires and live according to her orthodox family beliefs. However her inner desires was to live freely and do whatever she wishes to do in life. She was ready to love and be loved from the one she trusts.

Once I gained her trust, it was not a difficult task for me to ask her to meet her. After a few days, when her parents had gone to near-by town for a marriage function. Karen told me that I can come to her place and we had whole day to make love. So I headed to our meeting place which was at a coffee shop and I had picked up the protection on the way.

When I met Karen, she was decent looking but her assets were in great shape as she was little chubby. She was easily having 36 breast size and which she had also mentioned in our chats. I was not at all disappointed as she had the right curves at the right places. We went soon to her place without talking much there.

Karen had dressed in Sari which she had asked me before-hand. Once we were in her place, she quickly locked the doors and dragged me to her bedroom. Karen wanted to seduce her and not directly go to love making. She told me that we must imagine it is raining thunderstorms outside and that she is actually scared of thunder.

We both sat on her bed and she came close to me saying that she is getting scared. I told her not to worry and pulled closer to me. She pretended to be even more scared when I told that the thunders are getting louder. I tried to pat her but intentionally put my hands inside her blouse from behind and told her that my hands are stuck. She started to laugh and told me it is up to me to do what I want. I used my other hand and removed the blouse completely. There was no resistance from her. While doing this, I intentionally kept my other hand inside her bra and told her it is not coming out. Karen was getting hotter and did not say anything. So I tore her bra and showed it to her before throwing it away.

Now she tried to cover her assets but I told her it is too late. Her lovely melons were finally set free and it was looking so sexy. We then kissed our lips like mad and our tongues meeting each other. We broke the kiss and she told me her nipples are feeling itchy. I told her I will ask them and started to kiss her nipples but she insisted to suck them hard. I was giving all my attention to one of her breasts. She pushed my head towards her boobs and told me to give attention to other one as well. I sucked both of her breasts nicely and she was moaning a lot. In the meantime, I pulled down her skirt and she was only in her panty now.

Karen was getting uncontrollable now and I pointed at the bulge in my trousers. I asked her to set it free and find out the reason. She obliged and pulled down my trousers and underwear. I told her it is her lollipop and she must lick it to enjoy the taste. She then gave me a lovely blowjob and I exploded in her mouth after few minutes. Now it was my turn and pulled down her panty which was already wet. She had nicely shaven pussy that was dripping with her juices. I kissed all over her pussy and she was enjoying it crazily as it was first time to be kissed there. I inserted my fingers inside and made her to explode with her juices which I licked clean.

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