Rich Girl is forced to marry a poor abusive misogynist drunkard

So you come from a rich family…. like a really rich family… where you dont need to do a single thing…. because your house is full of servants and all your life all you did was ordering others that you need this to get done….. and as you were rich you never focused on studies and now when you are an adult you are just an illiterate who just knows english…. so people think you are highly qualified while all your degrees are just there because of your fathers money…… and you never cared about anything other than your looks and figure…… because you knew…. you have enough money to live like a queen without even working ever in your life…. and if you marry someone he is also going to be mad rich… so you dont have to work at his house too….

But here comes a twist in your life when you were partying once with your friends in your friends house with a weird dress code , which was marriage….. so everyone their was dressed as either a bride or groom…… including you….. you were in a traditional red bride saree…. with lots of gold ornaments all over your body…. and a lot of make up……. and in this bridal look you were enjoying the party but a lot of people their were using drugs…… you didnt mind them doing that because it was normal fpr you to see people doing that …… but suddenly police raided that house…. everyone tried to run away from that house including you….. so you ran away from that house in your bride dress….. and after running for half an hour you looked back and felt that you are safe now…….. but you were deep into the slum area….. and a group pf raged people were coming to you…… so to safe yourself you hid your face with ghoonghat….. but those guys stillgrabbed you and started pulling to somewhere …..

Actually those people were angry because one of those guys was going to marry a girl from that area but she ran away in her brideal dress…. and as you were in ghoonghat they didnt realise you were someone else…..and when they started taking you to the place where the wedding was about to happen….. you were shouting to leave you ….. but they thought that you are that girl and you still wanna run away from the marriage…. and after reaching the place of marriage …… you realised he was about to force you to marry him and you started shouting… dont wanna marry …. and again they misuderstood it….. and according to the rituals….. the groom was supposed to see the bride’s face on his first night….. so they forcefully married you to him even after you kept shouting to leave you…..

the bride’s real family knew that you weren’t their daughter and they brought someone else and now they are forcing you to marry him….. but they were too scared to something…….. and this way you got married to me…. a daily wage laborer ….. who owns a small , smelly house ….. i am a drunkard , i abuse a lot… i am a full time misogynist and pervert …. who checks-out every woman who passes by me….but thinks that his future wife(you) should keep herself covered all the time….. you were scared a lot and didnt want to marry him…. but you had no other choice………..

What will happen to you next ? will you reveal your identity…? will you ever be able to accept him as your husband ?


if you want to discuss anything about the story or share your personal experiences or stories…….

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