Daughter excited over Mothers big bush

I just had to share this experience somewhere and I’m happy I found this. I’m 53 and the mother of a 19 year old daughter. When COVID hit, she needed to come home from college until things got better.

About a week after she arrived, she was out at her friends house. I had spent the evening taking a shower and then reading for a while and enjoying a few glasses of wine and wound up reading some erotica that made me horny. One of the stories actually was about a mom and daughter taking a trip to see a sick aunt. They stayed over night in a hotel on the way and that turned taboo.

I was surprised that this got my libido racing. I had never thought about a mother daughter before but the mom was described as having this huge bush and her daughter was quite surprised. I hadn’t shaved in probably a year as I wasn’t dating and wondered how my daughter might react. I started feeling guilty about my thoughts , but just couldn’t stop reading it until the end. By the time I finished, I could feel myself getting wet.

It was around 11pm and I heard my daughter being dropped off by her friend. I was on the couch and was just wearing a t-shirt and this is where I’m shocked what I did. I was on the couch and I turned toward the coffee table and put my feet up. Now, my pussy was in full view for anyone sitting across from me. I guess the wine gave me some courage.

I could feel butterflies in my stomach as she entered the house. Right then, I said to myself,” what are you doing?” I convinced myself it was innocent because I wasn’t doing anything obvious and she certainly would have a choice to leave the room or stay.

She came into the living room and sat down across from me. I could feel myself getting really nervous. I had my book in my hands and my legs were open enough where my open pussy was in full view. I asked her how her evening was and when I looked up, she had her head down looking at her phone, but she was really looking at me through her bangs as though she didn’t want me to see her.

Just as I was about to say something, my daughter said,” mom, do you know that I can see under your t-shirt?” I then said,” oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware. Now, I’m embarrassed, you must be grossed out.” She then said,” no, I’m not.” I said, oh, that’s good, but I should probably put something else on. “ She said,” that’s ok, you don’t need to. “

With that comment, my head was spinning and this felt surreal as right then, I knew that she must be getting excited and I certainly was. This was so weird to me. When I think back on it, I believe that it was the taboo part of this that turned me on. I had always been on the edge of taboo and morality and this pushed me to the taboo side. I still remember how I felt when I knew she wanted it to continue.

I could actually feel myself dripping down the inside of my thighs. I then said,” if you don’t want me to go change, can I assume you like looking?” She simply said,” yes.” With that, I leaned back and slowly opened my legs wide as I looked right at her. I said,” sweetie, this is turning me on, are you ok with that?” She said, “ yea mom, I’m feeling like that too.”

Knowing she was turned on, I wanted her to see all of me. I put my head back, closed my eyes and slowly pulled my knees back to my chest exposing all my hair that traveled down between my thighs up to my asshole. I’ll never forget hearing her involuntary whisper saying, “ oh my God mom, oh my God. “ I then said,” I hope you’re ok with this. I’m turned on showing you.” With that, she got up from her chair and came over and sat on the coffee table facing me. Now, she was just a few feet away from wet cunt.

I laid there with my legs wide open not saying a word and she just stared. A full five minutes must have gone by and I could feel my wetness on the couch cushions. I then said,” I can feel my pre cum.” She said,” I can see it coming out. “ With that, I pulled my lips open so she could see inside me. I was so hot I wanted to squirt. I said,” sweetheart, I can cum and it looks like I’m peeing.” She said,” mom, you can squirt?” I said,” yes.” She then said,” that is so hot.”

I said,” I need my vibrator, do you want to go to my room? “ She stood up and headed toward my room. I laid on the bed and she sat on the end facing me. I got my vibrator from the night stand and began to buzz my clit. My daughter said,” I want to see you cum mom, I want to see it come out.” I said,” I will baby, I can feel it coming. Keep talking to me sweetie. “ She said,” mom, your cunt is turning me on.” That was it, it pushed me over the edge and I squirted .

The first stream landed right in front of my daughter and the second one actually hit her chest. Right then, she leaned in close to my pussy and the third stream hit her face. I had just cum on my own daughter. The bedspread was soaked as were my legs. I was breathing hard. I had just masturbated for my daughter and it was the hottest I’d ever been.

My daughter stood up and said she was going to her room. I asked her if she was going to masturbate about me. She said that she was. I asked her if she would just do it right here. She took off her clothes, leaned back on the bed and began to masturbate her shaven cunt. I had never seen anyone shaved and It was turning me on again. I said,” sweetie look at my pussy while you masturbate. She did and within a few minutes started to cum. “ I said, “ cum for your mom baby. “ Her hips began to buck and she moaned loudly.

Afterwards, I think we both sat there in disbelief. We both loved it and have masturbated together several times since and I assume we will continue.

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