The Great Sen Family : 10

While Aparna was busy with Prankrisno beside the garage…… Sanjit and Munmun were trying to normalize Pallabi’s semi-conscious state. In the luxury guestroom of Munmun’s bungalow, Sanjit struggled to bring his sister Pallabi to a sitting position on the bed. In order to do that he would have to remove her tank top as Munmun had instructed him to do that. And during that, Pallabi stirred a bit and mumbled softly.

“Oh Dada, I feel awful, what happened?” She asked woozily with her eyes still closed.

“It’s alright Poly, you’ll be fine…you just had a little too much too drink!” He replied as he held her limp body in his arm and removed her top from her body.

“Poly, I’ve something to tell you and it’s important. Do you understand…… you hear me?” He asked his sister…. putting his arms on her shoulders. He shook her gently, as he had taken her tank top off fully from her body. He then put her laying length ways on the bed with a pillow under her head.

Pallabi could only respond by nodding her head slowly and looking up at him through narrow slits in her eye lids. Knowing he had her attention at least for the moment, he explained the situation. Even he told her about his leaving and told her to follow Monadi’s instructions fully…. no matter what that would be.

“Do you understand what I’m telling you, Poly? It could be very important for our future!” He told her as she struggled to stay awake. She listened to what he was attempting to tell her. She mumbled something again and nodded her head once more.

“That’s a good girl Poly, now you can go back to sleep. I know Monadi will take good care of you and I’ll see you later when I get back from my shooting.” He told her….. kissing her lightly on the forehead.

She mumbled again incoherently and nodded approvingly, then turned her head
to one side. She then fell back into the alcohol induced haze which she took before and drifted off to sleep once more.

Sanjit took one last look at his sister’s petite body ……wearing only skimpy a bra and skirt. Her medium size boobs were tightly encased in that white bra. Her skirt was ridden over her smooth thighs and he could clearly see her panty covered swollen mound. It could hardly contain the dark patch of her silky pubic hair on the mound of her pussy. Suddenly he felt a small stirring in his groin which he ignored instantly….. as he covered her quickly with a sheet.

“Monadi is really going to serve you properly. Damm, I wish I could be here to watch that hot show!” He whispered softly as the imaginative lewd pictures started racing though his perverted mind.

He tried to picturize the scenario of Monadi taking comfort and pleasure from his sister’s young body. She would surely participate at her ministrations…… during the night of passion that was yet to come between the two of them.

“I know she’ll take good care of you, Poly, but I sure wish I could be here to watch her doing that to you!” He whispered softly with a naughty grin on his face as he stroked his already hardened cock though his pants. However within minutes, he got up from the bed slowly….. still enjoying her semi-naked form.
_____ ____ ______ ______ ______ ____ ____ ___

When this was going on between the Chatterjee siblings in the guestroom, Munmun walked over to her maidservant Mala. However Mala alias Parveen at that time was busy in serving drinks to the VVIP guests in the hall. The party was still going in full force.

“Mala honey, put your tray of drinks down for a minute and follow me. I’ve something to discuss with you, OK sweetie.” Munmun told her…..looking at her eyes seriously and walked out from the room.

“Yes Didimoni, right away!” She replied with a pleasant grin.

She then followed the famous heroine into a small room…… which normally Munmun used as her office. Once they had entered the small office…. Munmun closed and locked the door behind them. She turned to the slightly smaller girl and slipped her arms around her small waist.

Then looking at her dark eyes and holding her, Munmun said, “You know what my plans were for you tonight, don’t you sweetie?”

“Yes Didimoni, I think so….. the same as the other times. No Didimoni, you needn’t to be worry.” She replied bowing her head slightly to show her submissiveness to her employer. She smiled shyly…. remembering their other nights of passion together.

“Well that was my original intention, honey, but something has come up and the plans have changed a little.” She told her.

“Just tell what I’ve to comply,” Parveen asked eagerly.

“I’m sure I can count on you being just as cooperative with my request for your special services as the previous times, right honey?” Munmun said…… as she noticed the look of disappointment on the pretty girl’s face. Parveen realized that there would be a change of plans for the night.

“Did I do something wrong… to displease you, Didimoni?” She asked nervously.

Mala was fully aware that there could be serious repercussions…. coming from her husband’s side if any type of offenses she would possibly commit. Her husband Prankrisno was no doubt a loving person but with a very stern manner in his small family.

“No of course not, honey!” Munmun replied quickly seeing the tense on the young girl’s face. “It’s nothing at all, like that, Mala? She assured the frightening maid. Her hands slowly dropped from the young girl’s waist to her firm ass cheeks as she squeezed them gently.

“I just need to return a favor for a special friend of mine, honey. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind….. well, helping out a little. Would you be willing to do that for me, Mala sweetie?” Munmun asked softly.

Coaxing her teen maid, she brought her right hand from the back to the front. She slid it under her short skirt to gently cup and caress the soft mound of her pussy. However all the times, Munmun looked into her dark enchanting eyes seductively.

Mala only sighed deeply as her Didimoni’s fingers pulled her thin panties to once side. She then felt her Didimoni’s finger sliding slowly up to her knuckle into her already wet pussy.

“Oh Didimoni….. yes, it would be a privilege to help you….. in any way I can!” She managed to say between gasps. Her hips started to move in unison with her Didimoni’s thrusting finger. It was sliding in and out with a wet ‘puch-puch’ sound now in her dripping pussy.

“Wonderful honey, loyalty like that deserves to be rewarded. I’ll tell your husband that I want you to move in with me and my husband as our live in maid. However, you will be paid handsomely for your services, sweetie….. what ever they might be, OK honey?” Munmun told the teen wife hoarsely.

However the girl’s eyes were now all but closed. She was taking deep shallow breaths from the well known Tolly actress’s relentless fingering to her tight pussy.

“Ohhhhhh…… yesssss…. Didimoni… anything you say…!” She managed to say. Munmun felt her teen pussy spasming and tighten around her thrusting finger as she moaned slightly…… lowering her head….. and reaching a mini-orgasm quickly.

“That’s my sweet baby!” The Tolly glamour queen whispered into the teenager’s ear as Mala’s head slumped forward. She rested her head on her Didimoni’s shoulder….. breathing rapidly.

“Did you have a good cum, honey?” Munmun asked softly…. taking her pussy juice soaked finger out.

All the fingers of Munmun were already coated with her maid’s musky pussy-juices. She brought them to her nose as she inhaled it deeply…….. then to her mouth to lick and suck the tasty juices.

“Oh yes…yes, it was wonderful Didimoni!” She replied in a rasping whisper.

“Wonderful honey. Now let’s get about taking care of that little favor I was asking about. You know I have a stud brother, you’ve seen him several times, who is just dying to meet you baby!” Munmun told her as she led her out the room and down the hall to where Bumba alias Sanjit was waiting excitedly.

“Bumba, here comes your sweetie and Mala, this is my handsome brother cum friend who was dreaming you for quite a time. He thinks you’re as beautiful as his sister Pallabi.” Munmun told her with a smile as they walked into the bedroom.

“Thanks Mam, you are very kind to say that.” The teen maid said coyly….. lowering her eyes from Bumba’s excited stare. “And it’s my pleasure to service you Dadababu.” She stood in front of him timidly….. her panties were still soaked from Munmun’s brief fingering session.

“Oh I’m sure the pleasure is going to be all mine, Mala honey!” He told her with a knowing grin.

“Why don’t you two use my bedroom up the hall to get better acquainted, Bumba? In the meantime, I could see `my’ little `baby’ resting well. I wouldn’t want to disturb her, she’s got a long night ahead of her!” Munmun said…… looking up at Bumba with a shrewd smile and a wink….. adding his excitement.

“Oh Monadi, you’re so sweet to let us use your bedroom,” Bumba couldn’t hold his excitement.

“Yes….. you’re my sweet brother, so why not use my bedroom for your little fun…. won’t you honey?” She said looking at him first and then at her maid.

“One thing more Bumba…. before that, don’t forget to lock the doors…. so you won’t be disturbed. I’m quite sure that my lovely new live-in-maid will be able to meet any need you desire. It would be able to get you a good night rest too, ” Munmun told him as she watched the two walk out the room together.
____ ____ _____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ___

After they were gone and the door was closed, Munmun walked over to the bed. Pallabi was resting there comfortably…. laying on her side and facing away from her.

Then sitting on the side of the bed and leaning in towards her, Munmun pulled the top of the sheet slowly. The pale skinned shoulders of Pallabi were exposed and back….. along with her swollen bra encased tits….. to her lustful gaze.

“It shouldn’t be very long now, before I get to taste all of your sweet juices, baby.” She whispered as she ran her hand down one of Pallabi’s arms. She cupped both of her perky tits….. tried to close them….. and squeezed them forcefully. She smiled with satisfaction as her actions brought a soft groan from the girl’s mouth.

“I know that must have hurt a little honey? Munmun said with a grin.

But the teenager gave no response and stirred slightly, as Munmun lowered her lips. She kissed her pale shoulder and neck softly, before covering her with the sheet again and leaving the room.
____ ____ ______ ______ _____ ____ _____ ____

As she walked down the hallway to join the ongoing party again, she stopped momentarily. She put her ear to the door of her bedroom and a satisfying smile came to her face. She could clearly hear the soft moans and muffled grunts of passion…… coming from inside the bedroom.

All the while the pervert Tolly heroine was visualizing in her minds’ eye that Bumba laying between Mala’s legs. He might be sucking the maid’s sweet pussy or fucking her vigorously…… filling her with his nice thick cock.

Then continuing on to where the party was being held, she thought to herself, with a crooked smile on her beautiful face. “What a night this has turned out to be….. it’s really not even started yet!”.
______ _______ _______ _______ _______ ___

As she entered the big hall where the party was going on, the first person to greet her was Sandhya….. Sandhya Roy. The dark haired 35 yrs old woman and the great actress of Tollygunge was there with her husband Tarunbabu and Rahamat’s company.

“Well, hello lovely, where have you been so long, I haven’t seen you for most of the evening?” The distinguished looking older celeb told her affectionately with a sweet smile. However she lowered her eyes quickly to the deep cleavage of Munmun….. prominently displayed by her low cut sleeveless thin blouse.

“Hi Sandhyadi, are you enjoying the party?” asked Munmun with a cheerful voice as she bent forward and touched her feet with her right hand….. showing her true respect to the older actress. “Actually Pallabi isn’t feeling well…. helped her to move away in my guestroom so that she could take a rest.”

“Pallabi, I mean Rita’s daughter…..that’s fine…..,” The childless actress said blessing the No.1 glamour queen of Tollygunge….. became highly impressed by her decency and politeness. However, all the times, Munmun noticed that Sandhyadi was checking her body throughly, specially her semi-exposed boobs. No doubt, she was enjoying the older celeb’s lusty stares at her perky tits.

“The party…oh yes, of course. It’s a wonderful party, Mona,” Sandhya replied smilingly.

Then moving in closer to Munmun, the dark eyed talented silver-screen artist leaned over and whispered, “Please Mona, come to this side.”

With a pleasant smile, Sandhya took her hand and moved towards a deserted area. Then quickly looking around, she resumed, “It’s been a while now Mona dear…do you think we might be able to share a few minutes…alone, this evening?” Fixing her lustful eyes with a look of longing on her face, she said…… her request seemed more like a pleading.

“Yes Didi, it has been a while, hasn’t it?” Munmun supported the busty lady with an understanding smile.

She then tried to reminisce about how the sophisticated looking woman’s passion was filled in whimpering that day. She had been moaning almost to the point of tears, as she endured taking a full length of ten inches cucumber in her pussy while Munmun’s tongue poked in her dirty anus.

Her shapely, rounded, tight ass had jiggled with Munmun’s clever ministrations as Sandhya’s hysterical moans filled the room. Lastly Munmun too was rewarded by her…. gorging herself on Munmun’s tits, pussy and ass hole….. with Sandhya’s relentless tongue and lips.

“Sure Didi, we could get together, but I’m afraid it will have to be brief….. would you be alright with that sweetie?” Munmun asked as she stepped forward. Then she pushed her round, firm tits into the older celeb’s larger and softer ones….. while looking seductively into her eyes.

“Anything Mona baby… just anything at all… and that would be better than nothing!” Sandhya pleaded softly. However, all the times, she was licking her own dry lips excitedly with her tongue as she looked down into Munmun’s deep cleavage with sheer lust.

“Fine Didi… give me a few minutes to mingle a little and say ‘Hello’ to my hubby. I’ll meet you in our special room, the one we used last time. Could you remember the last time, we were together while my hubby was on his `Official Tour’ out of Kolkata, OK honey?” Munmun asked her with a sly grin as she led the plump actress to her office-based small room.

“Didi, if you don’t mind, just wait few minutes….. I won’t be late,” saying that she moved towards the door.

“Yes of course… but as you mention about time deficiency, be quick Mona, please…. hurry…. OK?” She pleaded again as Munmun walked out hurriedly.

Anyway, within a matter of few minutes, Munmun made her way seductively amongst the slowly dwindling crowd. Soon she noticed her husband….. coming towards her as she uttered a brief ‘Hi’. She could feel he was now pretty well inebriated from all of the alcohol he had consumed during the evening.

Then she made her way quickly down the hall and towards the back of the house. She stopped briefly to check if Pallabi was still sleeping comfortably. Her heart started pounding and her mouth went dry noticing her.

She looked quickly on the form of the girl tucked under the thin sheet….. then walked out of the bedroom reluctantly. She realized that the time was approaching fast when she would be alone with her. She has all night to feast on every part of her lovely, young, petite body.
____ _____ _____ ______ ______ _____ ____ ___

“Oh Mona dear, you’re finally here!” Sandhya whispered huskily as she stood from the sofa…. waiting in the dimly lit room when Munmun walked in and closed the door behind her. “I was worried something or someone might keep you from coming. I want to be with you so badly!”

Saying that the horny actress tried to push her fingers into the top of Munmun’s low cut blouse. She attempted to slip her hand inside the braless blouse to caress her warm supple tits.

“Didi, like I told you earlier, we’re pressed for time…. so that we just can’t do it all. We would rather spend the little time we do have together…. I mean eating my pussy, sweetie?” Munmun proposed the talented actress whose persistent hand managed to get inside her blouse and squeeze her firm tits.

“Of course I would… I lay awake at night and dreamed about licking your sweet pussy. It’s been such a long while now, Mona! Please honey don’t make me beg…. take them out for me baby. Just let me suck on your sweet, thick nipples for a little while, it won’t take long… I promise!” Sandhya almost begged in whiny whisper.

“Oh Didi, you’re absolutely ravenous tonight, aren’t you! I guess a few more minutes won’t hurt anything? But I’m worried you’re going to rip my blouse and destroy my makeup!” Munmun said giggling softly, “Just…give me a sec…”

She herself then pushed away the Anchal of her expensive Saree from her shoulders and quickly unhooked her blouse. She let her front open blouse just hang from her shoulders…. as her milk white perky tits displayed fully on the bright light of the room.

The two half-inch brown nipples of Munmun’s tits stood erect on the center of her one inch radius wheat-color areola. Sandhya instantly lowered her head and sucked one of the large, dark nipples into her mouth. She licked the whole areola throughly….. sucking the nipples greedily….. and moaning softly, as though she were taking nourishment from it.

“Didi, you’ve been ‘Bi’ for as long as I’ve known you. Just out of curiosity, have you ever sucked a teen girl’s titties?” Munmun asked softly.

She was now really enjoying the forceful pull of Sandhyadi’s mouth on her tits. She sucked first one nipple….. then the other one and lastly the whole areola….. deep into her wet, warm mouth.

“No… but I’d jump at the chance… you know my friend Mithu….. she did that once with Laboni. She said it was the most sensuous thing, she had ever done!” Sandhya replied in a muffled tone of voice.

She was persistently sucking on Munmun’s rubbery nipples. At the same time, her free hand worked feverishly to hike her Saree-Saya up and bunched them around her waist. Finally letting her nipple slip from her hungry mouth, she bent down to lower her panties and said, “I’m so hot…. I can hardly breathe, Mona darling,”

The “Baba Taraknath” known actress Sandhya Roy whispered hoarsely, as she helped Munmun step out from her lacy panties, “Hop up on the bed honey, so I can taste that sweet pussy of yours, baby!” And without wasting a second, she quickly dropped on her knees in front of Munmun….. on the plush carpet.

“You really are hot this evening, Didi….. I so wish we had time for me to suck your sweet pussy-juices. I love to hear you moan, when I lick that dirty asshole of yours with my tongue!” Munmun replied in a feverish whisper as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Once again, she tugged her bunching Saree-Saya securely over her abdomen and sat on the bedside…..hanging her legs as she slowly laid back on the soft bed. Then spreading her legs, she lifted her knees upward so that they almost touched her bosom. Sandhya looked at her semi-naked splaying body lustfully and in just a matter of seconds, she removed Munmun’s bright red panties from her legs completely.

Munmun gasped softly as Sandhyadi buried her head between her smooth thighs. She moaned softly while her respected Didi made slurping and sucking sound. She lapped furiously at Munmun’s already moist, steaming hot pussy with her lips and tongue.

“Oh dammit… Didi, you’re still the…best lover I’ve ever had!” Munmun whispered with a hiss.

Munmun clawed at the bed cover with her finger nails….. her breath coming in shallow spurts. Sandhya put her hands underneath both of Munmun’s knees and pinned her legs back to her shoulders. Now she could have access Munmun’s wide-open cunt more easily. She lapped at her pussy with her snaking tongue…. like a thirsty dog drinking water from a cold bucket of water on a hot summer day.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Didi, my dear darling Didi… no one can eat a pussy like you do,” Munmun groaned in sheer delight.

She then pressed the back of Sandhya’s head to her cunt and arched her back. She started to cum violently….. and went completely limp. She licked at her dry lips with her tongue….. breathing heavily as Sandhyadi’s eager tongue searched out every nook and corner of her pussy….. not missing a drop of her sweet nectar.

Munmun’s breathing finally returned to normal as she lay on the bed like a dead person. Her legs were still up and bent at the knees while Sandhya continued her licking and lapping at her puffy mound. She licked and sucked the inside of her pussy throughly to make it neat and clean.

“Didi, as much as I hate to say it, I’m afraid this is all we have time for, darling” She said lifting her head off from the pillow. She then looked at the dark haired actress’s head between her legs…. planting soft kisses continuously on the thick outer lips of her pussy.

At last she asked in a troubled tone of voice, “Are you going to be alright… Didi?”.

“I’ll be fine Mona dear…but, it’s really sweet of you to ask that.” She replied getting off of her knees and sitting on the bedside next to Munmun.

“Thanks Didi…… I can’t wait to suck my best lover’s pussy, but we’ve to go back to the Party,” Munmun said in a apologizing tone.

“Did you really mean… what you said, just a second ago?” Sandhya asked….. modestly looking down into Munmun’s eyes. “I mean about… me being the best lover you’ve… ever had?” She added softly, in the quiet of the dimly lit room.

“Of course I did… every word of it, Didi. Because not only as a lover; I respect you….. treat you….. adore you like my own elder sister, ” She said softly but emphatically, as she got up from the bed and started getting dressed.

“Mona, my sweet baby….. I love you too,” Sandhya’s eyes moistened in emotional love…… hearing Munmun’s respect for her as she looked at Munmun’s sparkling eyes.

“After all of this time together… you have to know, there is more than just the sex between us… you do know that, don’t you, honey?” Munmun asked caringly as she quickly finished her dressing and makeup….. preparing herself presentable for the party.

“Well I was hoping so… but you’ve never verbally expressed those kinds of feeling towards me, Mona. I know I’m getting older and you have other… well, younger women at your disposal.” Sandhya replied demurely.

“Yes, actually I’ve never expressed my feelings to you `verbally’ as you put it. But I had that feeling since I first see you at the reception of my marriage. Yes Didi, I’m fortunate enough to be able to see other women too……. but you’re awesome,” Munmun said with a knowing grin on her face.

“I can guess that too…. with such a glamorous look and hot body, you don’t have any problem to find out more lovers,” Sandhya smiled.

“But, I’ve never thought about any of them, as `my’ woman, honey?” Munmun said softly as she leaned over and kissed the great Tolly personality lovingly.

During the kiss, Munmun could taste her own pussy-juices on her lips, before taking her by the hand. She smiled softly…. walking out of the room together, to join the other guests. Soon both the hot actresses mingled with the other guests. Both of them, however realized that It was getting very late and people would be leaving.
_____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ __

“You guys be careful when you drive for home, OK?” Munmun reminded the last one couple of her guests at the end of party as she led Aparna and her husband to the door and waved them good bye.

“Thanks for the great party…. we really enjoy it…. OK, goodnight,” Aparna said smilingly as the loving couple moved to the parking lot.

“Oh…..what a wonderful and exciting night, I thought it’d never end….. it just 10:00 only,” She thought to herself quietly….. as she returned to the empty hall.

After that, she told Prankrisno to close and lock the main gate of the bungalow. She was in eager anticipation of her next adventures…. still yet to come. Yes, it would be with Pallabi, Bumba’s sister….. awaiting her in the first guest bedroom.

“Well I guess I don’t have to worry about you for the rest of the night, do I? She asked herself….. chuckling softly as she quietly opened her bedroom. He looked in on her husband who was passed out in a drunken stupor and was snoring loudly laying across the bed.

After closing the door of her bedroom from outside quietly, she walked towards her office-based small room. She then decided to take a nice strong mixed drink, before taking few minutes rest to the guest bedroom. She wanted to enjoy Bumba’s lovely teen sister’s body at her leisure….. for the rest of the night. But before that first she wanted to check the hall…. all the tables, chairs, sofas and other amenities must be scattered here and there.
____ ____ ______ ______ ______ ______ _____ _

“Oh honey, that’s enough for one night, it’s time for you to get some rest! Your husband would clean this place up in the morning, OK sweetie?” Munmun said as she caught sight of Mala picking up some debris left over in the hall where the party was held.

“But Didimoni, it’s my job. Don’t you want me… to be how you say, the `live-in-maid’? My husband is waiting outside for me…. should I go back with him?”

“No honey of course not, that’s not what I meant Mala. You’re not going anywhere, honey. From now on, you’re going to stay here with us. “Did you say that to your husband? He maybe outside as you say….. waiting for you, honey?” Munmun asked curiously.

“Yes Didimoni, my husband said he would like to talk with you about this, if it’s not too much trouble for you, ” She said coyly with a twinkle in her pretty dark eyes and an insightful smile on her face.

“I think we both know….. a `word’ isn’t what he’s after, don’t we honey?” Munmun said…. embracing her teen maid around the waist and drawing her close.

Mala couldn’t say anything….. just nodded her head.

“I might be using my mouth, but I don’t think it’s going to be to speak.” Munmun whispered into the pretty teen’s ear. It caused them both to giggle giddily as Munmun playfully tweaked one of Mala’s nipples though her white T-shirt.

“Yes, Didimoni…” She said shyly….. lowering her head and continuing to giggle softly.

Munmun turned and started to walk off towards the glassed rear entrance of her home. She then remembered Aparna’s closeness with her Odisan Cook cum gardener, Prankrisno Mohanta while talking with him closely.

“Anyway, I think like your husband is quite free with Aparnadi…… even he feels so frank and smiley….. do you notice that, Mala?” She tuned back to the girl and asked.

“Yes Maam, I think he shouldn’t be so close with her…. it’s embarrassing, anyone could notice….,” Mala said with a slight jealous tone.

“You shouldn’t be worry, honey… it’ll be fine. It’s OK….. her coming in here and have some talk with your husband never damage anything. Anyway Iatter I’ll have a `word’ with your husband, OK? And you should let your husband to enjoy Rinadi’s company. I think you wouldn’t mind that!” Munmun grinned shrewdly.

“Yes Didimoni….. as you wish,” Mala said coyly and giggling softly again.

“And one thing I forgot to mention….. tomorrow, early in the morning, I’m going to Darjeeling for three days outdoor shooting. Your husband is going to drive the car… so don’t miss the daily jobs. However you can go back in the evening to look after your husband’s mother….I mean your mother-in-law shouldn’t be alone in this age.”

“Yes Didimoni, she wasn’t feeling well since her husband’s death two yrs ago…. and don’t worry…. I’ll never miss your instruction…..,” Parveen alias Mala said….. bowing her head.

To be continued……

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