Rashmi: the lucky charm mallu

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Further story goes like this,
So after the incidence of making Arun understand and sorting out the problems between Rashmi and him, things went back to become normal.

After 3 months of that incident one morning I got call from Arun.
ARUN: Hello! Bhai.
Me: Hi Arun, tell what happened?
Arun : Bhai , I needed a help. We have exam from Tuesday next week. Can I have your room for fortnight to exams, i.e., on Monday night? I am bringing Preeti with me. If you agree only then we will go for it.
Me: (then I remembered the promise I made to him) ok you can I will crash in some friends room that night. Don’t worry much. And study hard.
Arun: thanks bhai, see you bhai.

Then after that on Monday morning Arun came to visit me and had the talk with me for a while. i assured him that he can have my room for night. And I gave the spare key of my apartment to him and sent him off.
In evening I left my apartment and went to my batch mate Ajay’s home to crash for the night. He told in home that we both are working on a project for the night and I will be sleeping in his room for the night.
So that night was settled and we all spent the night peacefully. Me and Ajay after dinner had a joint together, watch a blue film together and jacked off on some tissues and slept nicely.
So next day i went to my apartment late. As I knew them (Arun and Preeti), were having exams from 9 am onwards. So I went home at 10.30 am after having breakfast in Ajay’s home. I saw the room was messy. They had a wild night, anyone who will see the mess they created can judge it easily.

So I cleaned all the mess and threw all the things out except their books and clothes. After all the work I went to have shower and was having bath. While bathing I saw at the window a designer panty of peach color of Lamoure Company. It was soaked with love juices and was smelling really dirty. I took it and was about to threw in hall and came out of bathroom to hall and sat on sofa and was relaxing a bit and was watching GOT season 5.
After watching 2 episodes I was getting bored, then came the intimate scenes of actors of GOT. It started to arouse me. And I was rock hard in my jockey. And I wanted to jerk off badly. Then I saw that peach colored panty of Preeti and took it and sniffed it, at the moment that aroma smelled me sweet and I took off my Bermuda and boxer of and became naked from lower half of body. And rolled that panty on my hard dick and stated stroking my dick. And I paused the video on the TV where I can see the Actress Boobs and was imaging her in my arms and was stroking fast and I cummed in her panty and soaked it again and threw it on the pile of the Preeti and Arun’s clothes.

And I went washroom to clean myself and when I returned I saw Arun was sitting on my coach. He came after his exam got over. We talked a bit about how the exam went and all. After 10 minutes he thanked me and took all the books and clothes and went.
That evening I got a call from an unknown number which I ignored as I was having cigarette and was talking with my friends on the tea stall. I went back to my room and made dinner and was resting a bit and while having dinner I remembered about the unknown number call. So I called on that number, a girl received the call and said her name is Preeti , she thanked me for the help and asked sorry for the trouble they both caused. I assured her it’s no big deal and we talked 5 minutes about exams and I wished her Good Luck and cut the call.

After 2 weeks I got a call from Preeti at same time in evening when I was in Tea stall. I again ignored it.
After 1 hour I again got her call, I received this time and talked a bit. After 5 minutes of talking about how all her exams went and all, I bid her good bye and was about to cut the call. Preeti said she wants to talk about something. I told her to go on.
Preeti: Bhai I know you jerked on my panty, when I received the clothes on that day from Arun , it was wet and I knew I kept it in your bathroom window to dry. So it can’t get wet again, even if it could get wet by water. Water is not that thick as thick was your gizz. Hehehehehe .
I was taken back and I said sorry to her. And told her I was watching GOT and got carried away when saw the intimate scene.
Preeti said it was okay. And she confessed that she licked my Gizz and liked it. And was looking forward to it have more.
I knew where it was leading, and I asked her she can have more , but she is Arun’s GF.to that she said bhai I am not going to marry him in future. So I am open to non-monogamous relation.

Then I said its okay with me. Then she asked can she come to spend the night. I said “neki aur puch puch”. She giggled and cut the call.

This is the second part of the Rashmi: the lucky mallu.

Stay tuned. I will post the further stories; keep sending your valuable feedbacks. And the lady who wants to spend some nice time in belgavi city of karnataka can contact me on my email. [email protected].

And from this story I already got a feedback from a married lady resididng in tilakwadi belgaum., lloking forward tom meet more ladies. 😉

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