Oops, no dinner!

My wife, Lorna, is in an extremely short dress. It isn’t long enough to even cover the very bottom inch of her firm ass. The dress is backless and low cut, with just a strap that is tied at the back of her neck to keep it up. Lorna has big tits that are unencumbered by a bra. Her tits sway under the thin fabric of the dress, much like some puppies playing.

My skirt is longer than my wife’s, covering my ass plus a couple of inches. My tits are covered by a red silk top. We are accompanied by one of Lorna’s black boyfriends.

It was early fall, and the weather was still on the warm side. Actually a bit hot. Neither Lorna nor I were wearing panties, letting the breeze swirl up under her dress cooling her pussy, and up under my skirt, cooling my balls and dick. Yes, I am a very feminized cuckold.

Lorna’s boyfriend, Dom, liked to show some ownership, and thus had his big black hand on Lorna’s hot ass as we walked into the restaurant. Due to covid-19 restrictions, other dinners were seated at tables that were spread apart. But every eye settled on Lorna’s tits and ass (depending on their viewing perspective) or on my short skirt, or on Dom’s firm grip on Lorna’s firm ass.

We were shown to a table by a male server who had trouble looking away from Lorna’s tits. Her tits are fabulous. We ordered then waited for our food. While waiting Lorna notices a young guy doing his best to look up Lorna’s dress. We are home nudists and don’t mind people looking. Lorna smiled and opened her legs to give him a better look. She likes cock teasing white boys. She fucks only black, however, so this guy had no chance, but she smiled at the thought of the idea of him going home and jacking off to the memory of her.

Dom noticed the guy and also how Lorna was teasing the guy. Dom put his hand between Lorna’s legs and began to play with her clit. Lorna loves her clit being played with, and after a few minutes of the black fingers massaging and fingering her clit. She had to bite her lip to keep from cumming.

We were served out dinners, with the servers looking down Lorna’s top at her tits. I was pretty sure he could see her nipples. His eyes also slipped down to Dom’s fingers between her legs. There was a very distinct bump in the white server’s pants as he took his time serving us.

After dinner, we barely got in the door before Dom had Lorna’s dress pull up and bent her over and began fucking her from behind. As he fucked, he kept slapping her ass. I knew I was going to get a delicious dessert and sure enough, after about 10 or 15 minutes Lorna came hard, followed by Dom letting loose with a massive load.

When he pulled out, I quickly got behind Lorna and licked my wife’s pussy of all the cum leaking from her, then turned and cleaned Dom’s cock, sucking the last few drops of cum from him. Dom patted me on the head and told me I was a good girl.

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