Birthday Sex – 2

Ok hello again readers. I am Ram. Got good response from the last story Birthday Sex. So I’ll just continue from where we left. As soon as Ashu came in she saw us three(me, vijay, priyanka) sleeping naked. Birthday Sex – part 1

She said ‘WTF guys, she’s your friend and you did this shit to her on her birthday really?’. We couldn’t say a word. I said ‘She actually wanted it and agreed to this’ and Ashu said ‘So what? You just strip her and do this?’ But honestly she didn’t seem angry but more kind of left out and jealous. Her eyes kept running towards my crotch and Vijay’s. He said ‘Are you really angry cuz we fucked Priyu?’. She said ‘Ofc yes what else?’. Oh i dunno maybe because we left you out he said. She didn’t say anything.

Me and priyu started laughing. I got up and pulled Ashu onto bed. She sat infront of us three. Priyu said ‘It’s ok babe, sorry if that’s the reason but you can join us now’ and she rubbed Ashu’s face with her thumb and slowly kissed her. When they broke the kiss Priyu said ‘you’re the only one with clothes here, take care of that boys I’ll just come back’ and she went to the washer room. Watching them kiss got us boys all ready again and so we started stripping her off.

Now Ashu is not as slim as Priyu. She has bigger boobs, bigger ass. She’s around 33-28-34. As soon as we removed her top and pant we started kissing her all over her chest. Slowly Vijay unhooked her bra and out popped her beautiful boobs. We laid smooth kisses on her boobs and she jumped up when my lips touched her nipples. We started sucking on them like little babies hungry for milk. Her nipples were very sensitive, she kept on jerking a lot during our suckling. Priyu came out and she cleaned herself fully. ‘hey hey don’t leave me now’ and she just tapped Ashu on her crotch and she came like a fountain.

Her panties became wet on spot and she blushed. I said ‘Ha so you’re a virgin as well i guess’. She replied ‘Um actuallyyy…. No’. I was surprised ‘Wow who’s the lucky guy’. She pointed at Vijay. Priyu reacted before me ‘What? You.. Vijay? And you never told us? Not once???’. And i joined in too. ‘Yeah and u too Vijay atleast you could’ve told me’. They were silent Priyu said ‘That’s it you both deserve punishment, Ashu since you’re pussy is so sensitive guess what, Ram will finger you for 15 minutes’.

I was like ‘I will? Yes yes i will!’ So i removed her soaking panties and spread her legs. I rubbed it slowly first enjoying her reaction and then rammed my middle and index fingers at once. She screamed and closed ger legs immediately and was asking me to stop moving so fast. Vijay caught one leg and i caught the other amd Priyu caught both hands and sat on her face. ‘Enjoy my pussy babe’ she said. And i started fingering slow to fast adding each finger until i put my whole fist inside. She squirmed like a worm and it took all 3 of us to keep her steady. After 15 mins she was breathing so heavily and there was a wet patch on the spot her pussy had been.

‘Wow you gushed like a fountain haahha’ i started laughing. She started hitting me ‘Not funny you idiot although i did enjoy it. Now Vijay’ s turn he hates licking pussy so come now lick our pussies.’ He immediately backed away’ No No, I ain’t gonna do that’ and I’m like ‘Bro wtf? Go on you’ll love it’ but no he doesn’t accept so i say ‘Fine if you won’t lick them they won’t suck your dick right girls?’ and Priyu says ‘We’ll definitely suck him in the heat I’ve got a better idea how about you watch Ram fuck Ashu for 15 mins?’. And he agreed and went and sat in the chair stroking his cock. Ashu said ‘Uh uh no touching your dick, or else it won’t be a punishment’.

Now that was something tough to do. So i went and kissed Ashu as my hands played with her butt. She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me her ass facing me. And i said ‘Hey ash is your ass virgin?’ She said Yess so i pointed my dick in her butthole and rammed it inside again. She screamed loudly amd started hitting me on chest again ‘Idiot idiot that hurt atleast you should’ve told me’ I said ‘Yeah like you told us about Vijay’ and i started moving. We selected that position because it would give Vijay the view of everything. My dick rummaging Ashu’s ass, her boobs bouncing like hell. He was really in hell watching such scene yet not touching himself. After 10 minutes Priyu came and started licking Ashu’s cunt. She was on all fours with her ass facing Vijay and i guess he couldn’t take it anymore cuz he too got up and rammed his dick inside Priyu’s ass. She said ‘Ahh bhenchod slowly’ and we started pounding their ass holes with no mercy.

In middle i pulled out and put my dick in her cunt. She moaned even louder and we didn’t stop at all for 30 mins straight. I went back to her asshole as i was about to cum. Both their assholes were full of our jizz. Then Ashu reminded us of the cake, none of us were in the mood to eat. We had 2 cakes now so i said ‘Neither of us want to eat it soooo i have an idea. Priyu use ur nipples to try and cut the cake, atleast just make a line we’ll celebrate’. So she made a straight like on the icing using her nipples. And then we threw her on bed and rubbed the icing all over her neck, boobs, waist and armpits. There was some icing left which i rubbed onto Ashu’s boobs.

I threw her onto the bed as well. Me and vijay started licking the icing off Ashu’s tits first. After she was clean of icing we shifted to Priyu and cleaned her off with our tongues. She went to get a shower again. By now our dicks were erect again so we dp’ed Ashu. She was screaming non stop as we violated both her holes. Vijay was fucking her pussy and i got the asshole. I pulled out and tried pushing it inside her pussy along with Vijay’s cock. By now she was shouting stop stop no no. But we were in no mood to listen and it went straight up. We fucked her double vaginal non stop until Priyu came freshly showered. We didn’t give her a chance to rest also. Vijay just pulled her onto bed and rammed his cock in her asshole. I too did the same and Priyu was fucked double anal. To keep her from shouting Ashu kept kissing her. It was very very tight and we both came inside her asshole at once. Her butt and eyes became red but she said she was ok.

We laid both girls on bed. Me and Vijay were on opposite sides. Priyu’s legs were facing me and Ashu’s towards Vijay. The girls faces were right beside each other and they kept kissing giving us energy for 1 last round. I pushed my cock into Priyu’s cunt while Vijay did the same with Ashu. We fucked them really really fast and kept playing with their bouncing boobs. I was hitting her G spot and her pussy kept spasming and milking the shit out of my balls. From seeing Vijay’s facial expressions the same was happening to him too. And finally we couldn’t hold it, we unloaded straight in their pussies. After that i fell right on top of her chest. All of us were tired and heavily breathing. We got up and laid on next to the girls. I said ‘We just came in you guys. What if you get pregnant?’.

Ashu replied ‘Don’t worry i know someone who has pills.. We’ll get it done.’ Vijay said ‘Thank god’. I said ‘Alright girls from now to the public me and priyu, Ashu and viju are partners but when it comes to sex, no partners find a hole dig it in’. All of us laughed and then later me and priyu went to shower and afterwards Viju and ashu did. We had dinner and then the girls went home. It was the best day in my life…

Thanks for reading guys. Feedback at [email protected]

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