My sexy auntie and her armpits

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Let’s not waste time.i am. 18 year old M, and I have an aunt who is 44 year old. She has a daughter, and her husband is abroad. She is very sexy, and has nice and sexy ass and thighs.

One day, I became very horny. I decided to jack off in her underwear, and I started searching for it. I went inside her bathroom and saw a used underwear. I took it and saw that it was full of pussy juice and hair. I immediately jerked off and thought of her sexy body.suddenly, she opned the door, as I forgot to close it. When she saw me, I became scared and cummed into it. She started to give me a smile. She said that it was normal for kids my age to feel like this, and she came closer to cock was throbbing. She holded it and squeezed it. She said that it was very big. She then spit all over my dick and licked my dick very nicely. I still remember the feeling. She spit more and more untill my dick was full of her spit. I came again, and this time into her face.

Then she undress her sexy churidar, and I saw that she had hairy armpits. I put my dick in her armpits and rubbed. I smelled her sweaty armpits and omg the smell was so good. I licked the sweat on her armpit so nicely, then I used her sweat as lube and cummed again on her sexy armpits. Then she said that we should stop, but I didn’t listen. I undressed her, and I could see her panty, I licked it and sucked it’s sweat. I slowly licked her pussy hair very nicely. She had fat thighs and I licked them very nicely. Then she showed me her asshole. It was so smelly. I stocked my tongue inside it and licked it so bad. It smelled horrible but I love it. I locked her thighs again, and then I fucked her. Her pussy was so wet.

I cum once more onto her sweaty pussy, and then licked the sweat off her back. I licked her face off of sweat, and then licked her godly smelly armpits once more. After this, I jacked off in her dress once more.

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