My mom’s secret affair

Hello friends ,

I am rohan from bareilly uttar pradesh . There are 3 member in my family including me , my mom and my dad . my name is rohan and i am first year bsc , my dad’s name is amit he is 42 years old And he is at the manager level in the bank so that he is busy throughout the day , sometime they keep working on the laptop till 2 o’clock in the night.

Heroine of this story and my mom’s name is kavya his age is 38 years But no one can tell by looking that his age is 38 years , The reason for this is that she goes to the gym every day and takes full care of her body . Mom is very sexy and beautiful looking , he always Western and wears only sexy dress like jeans top, skirt, mini dresses e.t.c And sometimes she also wears saree in wedding or party, that too with backless blouse.

Story Hero and my friend Raj his age is 26 years and he is my senior in college , We are very good friends but He never came to my house because before that we did not know each other, we became friends of each other in college.

The story starts on the day of my birthday , In the morning mom came to my room and said while removing the blanket

Mom: Wish you a very very happy birthday my son

Me : thank you mom

Then mom gave me a kiss on the head more early get up Fresh and asked to come out for breakfast. When mom was going back to the gate, I saw mom’s ass was looking in perfect shape from the nighty.

then i came out to have breakfast after taking a shower , Mom was making breakfast in the kitchen and then Raj’s call came to me.

Me : hello

Raj : hii
Happy birthday brother , God bless you

Me : thank you brother

Raj : ok bye

Me : bye

Then mom brought breakfast, then I had breakfast

Mom : whose phone was it

Me : College friend and senior to me too, was wishing a birthday

Mom: Well, did you invite him to the party or not?

Me : Haven’t done it now but I will call there is one more, he has to invite too

then i got a call from dad

Dad : happy birthday my lovely son

Me : thank you dad

Dad : Ok son i am driving see you in the evening

Me : ok dad

Then mom went to her room to take a bath and I went to college there everyone wished me a birthday and also gave a small party to my best friend.

Then I came home and After changing clothes and sitting in the lobby, then mom also came and mom brought bread for me to eat, after that I finished the meal.

Mom: Son has to do decoration too, Let’s go to the market, we will bring cakes and decoration items too.

Me : Ok mom, you get ready then let’s go

Then mom went to get ready and I waited there After about 15 minutes mom came ready and then we went to the market
First we took the decoration items and after that we took the cake from the bakery shop and ate one of the pasties there , and then come home

Then together we finished the decoration Mom went to her room to get ready and I went to my room. After about 20 minutes I got ready and came out and after a while mom also came.

mom wore a party wear sexy dress , Open hair, light makeup, bold lipstick was applied. Mom was looking very sexy, Mom’s ass was looking great and boobs also.

After a while Raj and Anshu also came, then I introduced both of them to mom.

Raj : hello aunty

Anshu : hello aunty

Mom : hi Raj , hI anshu , how are you both?

Raj : I am fine , you say

mom : i’m fine too

Then mom went to the kitchen and we started talking, after a while mom called

Mom : Rohan come

Me : coming mom

Then I cut the cake and first I fed mom dad and then I fed Raj and anshu .
Raj started the music, everyone started dancing, everyone danced for about 15 minutes. While dancing, Raj was watching mom’s jumping boobs. maybe mom knew but she kept on dancing.

Then we sat down and started talking After a while the servant came and told mom that the food is ready and put it on the table.

Mom: put it on the table

then we ate dinner And after sitting for some talk and after a while I took him to my room, talked some there and around 11 o’clock he went to his house.

Everything was fine for about a month , around 5 o’clock in the evening I got a call from Anshu and said that I want to meet you.

Me : come home

Anshu : It’s a little urgent, come to the park

Me : ok I’m coming

I told mom that I am going to a friend’s house and I went to the park, Anshu was sitting on one side, I also sat down.

Me : hey tell me what to talk about

Anshu : i don’t know how to tell you

Me : tell me what’s the matter

Anshu : Rohan, your mom and Raj are having an affair

After hearing this from Anshu’s mouth, my cock got stuck at once.

Me : what rubbish are you saying , how do you know?

Anshu : Raj told me all this, for the rest of the information, you should check your mom’s mobile phone.

Me : It’s okay bye, no one should know that you told me this

Anshu : No, I will not tell anyone, if I know anything further, I will tell you that too

Me : okay bye

Then when I reached home mom was in the kitchen, I went to mom and said

me : mom where is your phone

Mom : is in my room maybe it is on charging

Then I went to the room and opened the mobile, there was a password in it, Then I went to mom and mom gave me the phone unlocked, I went to mom’s room again with the phone and I opened WhatsApp and searched Raj’s name but got no result found.

Then I dialed Raj’s number on the keypad, then the number came in the name of son’s friend. Then I opened the chat on whatsapp and read a little, I was completely shocked Anshu was right about the affair of mom and Raj.

The chat started with asking for the birthday pic, but now it has reached a long way , after reading the chat, my cock was out of control because mom had replied with such sexy and romantic words.
(Chat is very long so I can’t expand it here if anyone wants to know about chat then email me)

I was completely hard after reading the chat, so I entered mom’s bathroom and closed the door. Mom’s bra panties were hanging on one side, I took off the panties and started smelling I can’t describe her scent which was absolutely insane

Then I masturbate while smelling the panties and Putting that panty there and came out, I came out of the room and saw that mom was in the kitchen, then I went to the room again and opened the cupboard, then there was a lot of mom’s bra panties in it.

I picked up a pair of bra panties which I found sexy and hid it inside my t-shirt and went to my room and hide it in such a place where mom will not know.
It went on like this for a few days, I used to masturbate 1-2 times a day while smelling mom’s bra panties.

Once upon a time mom and I went shopping, that day mom wore a wine colored western dress and had glasses and open highlights hair, face was also glowing, looking completely sexy.

First of all we went to Saloni showroom because mom had to take lehenga, then from there mom took a lehenga and then went to a mall , Mom parked the car and we had just landed by then Raj and his mom also arrived Then we spoke hi hello to each other and Raj introduced his mom to my mom.

Then we went inside and shopped for 1.5 to 2 hours and then drank coffee in the mall And talked about, Raj’s mom had some work nearby, so she left, so my mom made a plan why not watch the movie.

Raj: It’s a great idea till then mom will also come

Then we went inside only the ticket but there was no such crowd so we sat in the 5 row first I entered then mom and then Raj , After about 30 minutes I saw that mom’s hand was near raj’s cock, maybe she was caressing him.
Then when I came out after watching the whole movie, I deliberately said that

Me : Movie was not that great, didn’t enjoy anything

Raj : You may not enjoy it but I really enjoyed the whole movie, I wanted to watch one more movie
( He was saying all this looking at mom and listening to this mom was also passing naughty smile)

Then we came home and I took off my clothes and went straight into the bathroom and masturbate, smelling the panties on one side and thinking about the theatre on the other. then took a shower and fell asleep on the bed

Then I woke up around 5 o’clock and came out and saw that mom was sitting in the lobby, and looking at something in mobile phone while moving hands in open hair, I also went and sat nearby then mom looking at me said

Mom : Get up my son , have a sit , I’ll bring you something to eat

Then when mom was going towards the kitchen, what was mom’s ass looking amazing from behind, Mom wore a knee-high nighty in which her ass was in perfect shape Then mom came with a sandwich, then we both ate and talked

Mom : Shrey! Have you got any call or message from raj?

Me : No one has come yet but why what happened mom?

Mom : you don’t know

Me : No I don’t know, what’s the matter?

Mom : Raj’s call came and he was saying that my sister (akriti) is getting married on November 10 and you must come, I will send the invitation card soon.

Me : so what did you tell her

Mom : i said ok i will come

I knew why he was calling mom to the wedding and Here mom was also wanting something, so mom also said yes that I will definitely come.

When we were having dinner at night, mom talked to dad to go to the wedding, then dad said that I will not be able to go, both you and Rohan go away .

After all, the day has come when Raj’s sister was haldi. Raj’s call to mom has already come , then I called Anshu and asked about the plan

Anshu : Just know that his sister is also supporting him

Then I went to mom’s room and saw that mom was only wearing a white bathrobe and wet hair was wrapped in a towel, seeing that scene my cock was tearing my underwear , then I said being kind, I’m sorry mom.

Mom : It’s ok my son, tell me what to talk about

Me : nothing mom just came to see if you are getting ready or not

Then I came back to my room and went to the bathroom to take a shower and then got ready and came outside in the lobby.
After about 5 minutes mom also came, mom wore dark green saree and back less blouse and open hair, also did makeup and wore high heel , looking very sexy

Mom: shrey how am I looking?

Me : Mom you look so beautiful

Mom : thank you my son, then go now

Me : Let go

Then we reached Raj’s house by car in about 20 minutes, then mom parked the car till Raj came out and he said hi to me and mom

Mom : Hello Raj, how are you?

Me : I’m fine , what about you?

Mom : I am fine too

Then we went inside, first met his mom and his sister was in the room, then Raj took us to that room , Sister was running her mobile then got up seeing us and first mom hugged and said

Akriti (Raj’s sister) : Hello babhi , how are you?

Mom : hii sweetheart , But why bhabhi ?

Akriti smiled a little and while pointing towards raj said that from brother’s side.
Hearing this, all three started laughing and then said Raj.

Raj : Akriti you are too naughty

Mom : So are you less naughty than akriti?

Akriti : Wow bhabhi you told the whole truth , Looks like you know its wickedness very well

Mom : And what if your bhabhi doesn’t know, will anyone else know?

Akriti : this is also true

By then Raj’s mom and some other ladies arrived to call Akriti, as it was time for Haldi
Then Akriti took mom along too and I also followed behind.
Then mom got busy in haldi event and mom also applied turmeric to her and also took photo with akriti, then everyone applied turmeric to her .
Then when everyone applied, she went to her room with mom to wash the turmeric.

Came out after about 10 minutes and then everyone sat down and started talking, Raj and I were sitting on one side and talking.

Me : You didn’t invite Anshu to the wedding?

Raj : Have called man but maybe he will come only on the wedding day

By then dinner was ready and then everyone had dinner together.
After that I went to mom and asked to go

Mom : Yes son it is just going on once meet akriti and say bye

Me : ok mom

Then we went to Akriti because she was in her room.

Mom : ok akriti now we are going, we will meet on the wedding day

Akriti : Where are you going bhabi? , I have to talk a lot with you, today you will not go anywhere, you will stay here

Mom : Please understand Sweetheart

Akriti : You will not agree like this, it seems that only brother will have to be called

Akriti called Raj, after 1 minute he also came

Raj : today you guys will stay here no one will go home

About 5-7 minutes continued like this and in the end mom agreed and I too

Then Akriti took us to a room on the third floor, there were two beds, one single bed and the other double bed with white bedsheets on both.I deliberately lay down on the single bed, pretending to sleep
Mom and Akriti were sitting on a double bed and talking, after about 5 minutes mom thought I was asleep

Mom : I don’t have clothes to change

Akriti : So what happened bhabhi, Raj won’t let you wear clothes tonight anyway
Well today he is very excited

Mom : akriti you are also very wicked

By then Raj also came and brought nighty for mom along with it.

Akriti : Take bhabhi , your nightie has also come
Go raj once tell mom that I am going to sleep ,Till then bhabhi should change

Raj : ok

Then Raj went downstairs and mom went to the bathroom to change
Till then the raj has also come

Raj: Now you too go to sleep

Akriti : I’m leaving, why are you so quick?

Then she left and raj locked the door and lay down near mom

Raj: Baby do you know how much I was yearning for this day?
I wish you were my wife, I would never let you wear clothes, day and night you were in my arms ah ahh

mom : Tonight I am with you, fulfill your desires and do mine too

Raj: Neither you nor mine will be complete at once

mom : I also know that whenever you get a chance, you will pounce on me like a hungry lion.

Raj : Hey my dear, you just keep giving chances

Then Raj opened the robe of mom’s nighty and started pressing her with hands and then lifting mom and taking off the whole nighty, seeing her smooth and milky body, Raj’s mouth was left open , as if he has found paradise

Raj : Oh wow kavya tonight i got lottery

After saying this, Raj started sucking mom’s boobs, then he took his lips to mom’s lips and started sucking one by one.
After sucking for a while, took the mouth to the side of the mother, first smelled it and then raised the arm and started licking it.

After sucking for about 2 minutes, Raj was about to open mom’s bra when suddenly someone came and knocked on the door.

Mom : Who can be this time?

Raj : don’t know who will be ,get dressed quickly and open the gate

Mom : You go and hide in the bathroom

Then mom got dressed, Raj went and hid in the bathroom, then mom made her hair tie and went to open the gate.
When mom went and opened the gate, I came to know from the voice that Raj’s sister had come

Mom : Akriti you , could not call that I am coming

Akriti : sorry bhabhi , I should have called earlier and then came

Mom : Tell me what happened, why did you have to come?

Akriti : To give this (condom), Raj gave it to me and I forgot to give it back
Well where is raj ?

Mom : I told her to hide in the bathroom

Akriti : oh wow sharp mind

mom : well now will you go back or not? Your brother is in the bathroom, he has to take it out too

Akriti : oh sorry sorry , ok bye

Then Akriti went and took the lock of mom’s door and went and took out Raj by opening the bathroom door.

Raj : who had come?

Mom: Akriti had come, to give this (condom)

Then Raj grabbed mom’s waist from behind and applied it to his chest and said

Raj : It is good that it was given earlier, otherwise it would have to be done without it.

Then Raj took off mom’s nightie and threw it down, now mom was only in bra panties, Raj also took off own t-shirt and lower, his long cock was yearning to come out of underwear

Raj : Baby, you can free it with your own hands.

Mom : Why not , from today I have as much right on it as you have

Raj : Baby, I also want you to establish your right on me as well

Mom : Right on you has been established from day one

Then mom sat down on her knees and started putting down Raj’s underwear, as soon as Raj’s 6 inch long cock came in front of mom, she said after seeing him

mom : oh wow raj , It’s bigger than shrey’s dad

Raj : Ohh really , Once you take it, you will forget your husband’s (cock) forever.

Then mom took it once in the mouth and sucked it out and then took it again and sucked for 30 seconds, then both came to the bed and Raj lay down and mom again started sucking and sucked for about 5 minutes

Then mom herself lay down and Raj came near her feet and threw off the panties and seeing her shaved pink pussy, Raj’s senses were blown away.

Raj : ohh wow kavya , your pussy looks virgin

Mom : so break its virginity

Raj : Don’t worry my queen

Raj spit on mom’s pussy and put his cock inside and started hitting

Mom : ahhh ohhhh baby you don’t know how much I was suffering for this

Raj: ohh my baby, so don’t you take husband’s

Mom : No

Raj : why didn’t he survive

Mom : If he had breath, why would I take yours?

Raj : So what happened my queen, your husband is a pussy, if I were your husband, I would only keep on romancing
How can anyone leave such hard stuff

Mom : So will you keep on talking now or is there something else?

Hearing this from mom’s mouth, Raj took mom’s feet to his mouth and putting his full weight on mom’s feet, started pushing cocks inside and out.
It’s like killing mom, mom was moaning loudly and screaming too

Mom : Raj please slow down ahhh ohhhh oh god oh my God I’m in a lot of pain ahhh shhhh baby

Seeing mom making a sound, Raj put his hand in mom’s mouth and he started banging harder. For about 1 minute, he banged mom at the same speed and then took out the cock to change the position.
When Raj took the cock out, Mom got a sigh of relief, both of them were taking long breaths.

Mom : you took my life away

Raj : Hey my queen it’s just the beginning look ahead, how do I bang you all night , see how I become the bosom of your pussy

Then Raj slapped on mom’s ass and lay down on the bed

Raj : come on baby jump on it

Then mom came over Raj and grabbed his cock by hand and put it in the pussy and slowly started jumping.
Raj was also pressing mom’s butts with both his hands and sometimes slapped too.
After a while, Raj tilted mom on his side and grabbed mom’s hand with his hands, then Raj started to fuck while increasing the speed.

Raj was playing mom’s entire band, along with mom’s pussy, the face also turned red.
Mom was just telling Raj to slow down and was also moaning
But where was Raj going to listen, he was just busy fucking mom

After playing mom for about 10-15 minutes, Raj turned mom upside down and again increased the speed and after 1 minute took out the cock and all the cum dropped on the floor .
Mom and Raj both were breathing fast

Mom : Raj today you have done wonders so fast you know how much pain I felt today

Raj : What should I do kavya baby I can’t control seeing you

In talks, Raj took his hand on mom’s ass and said while pressing her

Raj : Ohh wow kavya baby it’s so soft , Did your husband fuck your ass or not?

mom : he did not fuck the pussy properly what will he do with the ass

Raj : Ohh really, then give me a chance, I’ll fuck like you’ll never forget

Mom : But on one condition , please slow down this is my first time and the pain will be too much

Raj : Don’t worry, my queen will do it slowly, (Slapping Raj mom’s ass) Now quickly come to the position, seeing this killer ass of yours, the cock is yearning to go inside.

Seeing Mom’s ass, Raj’s cock was really in full swing, Raj took it in his hand and pushed him back and forth a couple of times, which made him more excited, Mom said looking at the cock

Mom : oh my God ! Seeing its enthusiasm, it seems that tonight it will make my condition worse Won’t leave me even to walk

Then mom came in doggy position, after that Raj kissed on the hole of mom’s ass and then got down from the bed and brought lotion from the drawer, applied a little on his cock and on mom’s ass.
Then Raj spread his mom’s butts and set his cock on the hole.

raj: So get ready baby to go to heaven

mom : yes i am ready just do it slowly

Then Raj thrust the front cap inside at once and immediately the voices of mom also started coming out.

Mom : shhhh shhhh ohhhh ahhhh very painful raj shhhh ahhhhhh

raj again applied a little lotion and slowly moved inwards, less than half the cock went into mom’s ass, after this raj gave a loud blow without telling mom, only ahhhhh came out of mom’s mouth
There was still half a cock left to go in but mom was already in a lot of pain

mom : raj please take it out i can’t take it , i am in a lot of pain , ahhh ohhh shhhh

Raj : Shout slowly otherwise Raj will wake up

Mom : Raj I’m in a lot of pain

Then Raj grabbed mom’s waist and hit him hard , Almost the entire penis was in mom’s ass , But this time mom was not tolerated so she wanted to take out the cock but Raj held mom tightly so she could not move

Mom : Raj please take it out or else this your cock like horse will definitely take out my life

Raj, without listening to anything, grabbed Mom’s hair with both hands and started fucking.

Mom : Raj aahhh please slow down shhhh ohhh fuck

Raj : Quiet bitch, you know how much you have tormented me, tonight I will make you feel like you will be able to walk properly in the morning.

Then Raj increased the speed, the sound of pachh pachhh was echoing in the whole room.
Now maybe mom was having fun too, that’s why she was saying

Mom : Shhhh fuck me baby ahhhh ohhh

After banging vigorously for about 5 minutes, Raj took out the cock and Slap on mom’s ass and turn her back, kiss her lips for 10 seconds And then he lay down himself and gestured to mom to come up And mom also immediately came up and grabbed Raj’s cock and took it in her ass , It was only halfway that Raj shot upwards from below, so that the entire cock was completely inside at once

mom : ohhhh ahhh OMG raj ahhhhh

Then mom started jumping on Raj’s cock and Raj was mashing mom’s ass and in between was also slapping on the ass.

Mom : ahhh Raj I’m in pain uhhh

Raj : baby, pain is fun

Then Raj held both the hands of Mom in his hands and spread it and then started hitting sharply from below.

Mom : ahhh yeah fuck me hard , ohhh fuck uhuhh

Raj played mom at the same speed for about 3 to 4 minutes , Then Raj took out his cock and asked mom to lie down on the bed.
Mom immediately tied her hair and lay down on the bed , Then Raj came on top of mom and deposited the cock in mom’s ass in a powerful shot.

Mom : Ohhhhh shhhhh, please slow down Raj, I have to go home in the morning, lest I can’t even walk in the morning

Raj: So what happened my life, I will pick you up in the dock and drop you

Then raj was probably about to leave, so that speed was increasing.

Raj : baby it’s gonna be mine

Mom : Take it inside, I want to feel it

Then Raj shot 4 to 5 shots and while moaning left all the sperm in mom’s ass , And then took out the cock and lay down on the bed

Raj : ahh ahh, Kavya you are really an angel of beauty , My heart’s wish is that you always remain in my arms like this, I love you my sexy queen

Mom : Love you too my baby

Raj : Well tell me, did you enjoy it or not?

Mom : It hurt a little but it was fun too, never had so much fun before

Raj : Want more fun or not?

mom : not anymore, it’s 2 o’clock, have to go home in the morning

Then both of them went to the bathroom and maybe they even romanced inside because the voice of mom laughing was coming out and saying what are you doing, leave me

After about 10 minutes, both of them came, then mom started wearing nighty, then Raj said

Raj : baby don’t wear it tonight i want to sleep with you in this condition

Mom : ok baby as you say but I also have one condition that you will also wear nothing

Then both Raj and Mom came on the bed and took a blanket from above, wrapped up with Mom.

Raj: oh my god, it’s like walking to heaven

Maybe Raj was stroking mom’s ass and mom was telling him

Mom : There was some shortage earlier ,Who can’t even hold your hands now

Raj : What should I do baby, you are so sexy and tough

After talking like this for a while, both fell asleep and I also fell asleep.
When I woke up in the morning, only mom was on the bed and she was wearing a nighty too. Maybe both of them had got up before I got up, that’s why the raj had also gone and mom had also put on clothes

After a while someone knocked on the door, then mom got up and went and opened the door and saw Akriti was standing at the gate, maybe she had brought tea.

Akriti : good morning my hotty bhabhi

Mom : good morning

Akriti : I thought bhabhi must be tired at night, so why not give her some tea and refresh her

then both came to the bed

Akriti: So how was your night , did you sleep or not?

Mom : I will never forget this night, you people have served me so much that

Akriti : I didn’t know anything special, but looking at the bedsheet and your condition, it seems that Raj Bhaiya has done too much service.

Mom : Talk slowly, if Shrey listens, there will be a problem

Akriti : oh sorry sorry , by the way he is sleeping now

then after 1 minute i got up too

Mom : good morning my son

Me : good morning mom

Then we started drinking tea and started talking.

Mom : Son, how was your night, did you sleep well or not?

Me : i slept so well

Akriti : But your mom has been riding all night

Me : How to ride at night , I did not understand

Mom : Son, don’t pay attention to it

Me : please tell mom I want to know

Mom : I don’t know, ask Aakriti everything

Me : If you have done horse riding , how would Akriti know whether you enjoyed it or not?

After hearing this from my mouth, Akriti started laughing looking at mom, then mom got shy.

Me : tell me mom

Mom : yes son i did because i couldn’t sleep

Me : it means you enjoyed riding last night

Mom : Yes son, I had a lot of enjoy , if it’s in my hand , I will ride that horse everyday and have enjoy .

Me : But mom why did you do it only at night , why not during the day

Mom : he was not free during the day , so he got me done at night

Me : Come on , it doesn’t matter whether you do it during the day or at night.

Mom : Well if your questions are answered then go home

Me : Yes mom, dad will be waiting

Mom : You wait outside till I change clothes

Me : sure mom

Then I came out and went down to the ground floor and saw Raj was drinking tea sitting on the sofa, I also went to him

Raj : hey brother , good morning

Me : good morning

Raj : And tell me how was the night

Me : Well done , you say

By the time mom also came , we came out of the house.

Mom : shrey , what survey are you doing that is taking everyone’s details

Me : this one asked me earlier

Mom : Son , it was Raj who got me horse riding last night

Me : Raj got it done

Raj : Yes man , Your dad hasn’t even touched the horse from months

Me : How do you know that dad hasn’t touched from months ?

Raj : it’s a simple matter , If your dad had done it , why would your mom ride my horse?

Me : That’s also true

Mom: Son, now go if you have been surveyed

Me : yes mom

Then we sat in the car and Raj said bye and when he came a little far from his house

Mom : Don’t do this horse riding talk in front of dad

Me : ok mom

After a while we reached home, mom went to her room and I went to my room

Further story will come in the next part, till then bye bye

mail me to give feedback, my I’d [email protected]

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