My Elder sister lust

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Hi friends I am Navin from trichy Tamil Nadu My family consist of 3 members myself my Elder Sister and my grandma My dad is working in Dubai My mother lost in accident before 6 years Telling about my sister Her name is Divya age 27 she is modern girl finish his PG and waiting for job at home she uses to wear sleeveless shirts where I can see some hairy flesh on his armpits and sometimes clevage while she bends and she also wear saree below her navel her navel is so Deep and hole.

Her vital status 38 38 40 At one fine night my sister was sleeping I was passing by her room I saw her she was wearing pink colour sleeveless Banian and shorts up raising his hands and showing his armpits and navel I went to her room and smelled her armpit which was smelling sweat+perfume smell makes me mad and saw her navel which was deep Since I can’t control as my dick tented up I touched her navel and spit my saliva on her navel she got and I was frightened and ran towards my room I was frightened up by 10 min I got a msg on my phone

Guys few part of story I going to tell in Tamil
Akka:Dei en room Ku vandhu ena Panna
Me:onnum Ila ka
Akka :en room Ku vaa
Me : enaku thukkam varudhu po ka
Akka :Nee ipo varala nan Patti Kitts soliduven nee en room Ku vandhu ena pannanu

I was frightened and went to her room To my suprise en Akka verum bra and jatty oda ninna en echi Ava thoppul la valinjutu irundhuchu
En Akka ketta unaku ethana Nalla indha palakkam nu nan apdiyae ninaen En Akka en pakkathula vandha I was sweating very badly even the AC was ON Akka nan onnum panala Ka nu sollitu irundhen but she touched my dick my Akka said idhu edho solla vurumbudhu Pola and my Akka said dei nee kulikkum bodhu ethana naal olinju ninnu pathruken theriyuma nethu Kuda en jatty ne Kai adikkuchu kanjiyae theluchu vitilae andha jatty dhan potruken da after hearing I was in heaven without hesitation I was moving my lips towards her lips she pulled my head and kissed me wildely she asked me yen da en akkul la mondhu pakkura nan sonnen enaku pudikim Ka na nakki paarkata nu Ketan she said dei ne oru nasty fellow da Ava karutha akkul ah nakkitae irundhen she suddenly removed my inner and gave a blowjob with saliva shining on my dick and I removed her bra hook and chewed his breast and other side in pressing and bitted her brown nipples and she was moaning ahhhhhh shhhhhhh mmmmm then we were in 69 position and chewed his dark haired pussy and slowly enter his gspot she was shouting like hell and then I liplock her and tear his virgnity and fucking hard for 10 minutes and I was about to cum I removed and splash my cum on her navel hole after that I asked shall we try anal without hesitation she said you are my husband and I am your wife Then went on doggy style teared her asshole and splash cum on her asshole itself Till now I used to kick her armpit fuck her like my wife

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