My Cousin Sister Loves Dick

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My Cousin Sister (Sylvia) And I (Jack). This is Based on a true story but I changed our real names.

Sylvia is 3years older than me, When I was 10 years She Moved in to live with Us At My Home, The House was small We were Sleeping Together (Me and Her) on a sponge in a kitchen. One Day at Night while sleeping, She took my hand inside Her pants and hers into mine. I pretended to be asleep. She Seemed to enjoy it A lot Coz She did it Every night. I was Young and Scared to make a move. We Never Had Sex that time until she left to live with her Mom.

After 9 years, in 2017, I was 19 and She was 22, She came to visit for holidays. Now our house is big And Have My Own room,When I saw her I didn’t feel like she is my cousin sister I only wished to Fuck Her, On the 31st of Dec My Mom went Away for the whole of January. That night We at a Club, She was so drunk and I decided we should go. I saw a big opportunity to Finally get her pussy. When We Arrived At Home, In the bedroom I couldn’t hold myself I kissed her and Stripped Her, She was saying “NO,Stop, We are cousins” And I was Very Horny I didn’t stop without a condom, I fucked Her So Hard And Slept Naked together till morning, I woke up first and We didn’t talk about it For almost 2 days, 3rd day She Came to me and Asked me ” Did you have sex with me ? coz I don’t remember but I did Feel my vagina” I was a bit nervous and said “No” She replied “don’t lie” then “I said Yes” And She said ” Okay Don’t Tell anyone else about it” and I was Feeling Happy.

After Few days at Night She was in another room and I was in my room. She texted me on Messenger with Disappearing Convo. She texted
Her “Hi Can We Talk ? ”
Me “Yeah Sure What is it?
Her ” I was wondering about what happened that day, tell me about it.
Me “I Also don’t remember clearly”
Her ” Okay How was it ? ”
I got Horny same time
Me “So good, I enjoyed”
Her “I am curious to find that out by myself, do you mind?
Me “lool Stop making me horny, Now I am hard. ”
Her ” Geez Man I am Wet, Come this side”
Me “I am Coming”

I went to her room I found Her Standing, We kissed, Got fully Naked and Fucked Her hard. She told me I am Fantastic and After that Night We started to do it every time we have a chance. Now We are apart She is working Far from Home. I believe Our Secret and Connection Will Always be there, We Will Always Fuck Everytime we get a chance. We will grow old doing it.

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