Mom in Bus

Hello Everyone today I would be sharing one of my incidents with my aunt on the bus. I am a 19 years old boy with a 6 inch thick tool in my pants..

Now let me describe my aunt. My aunt’s name is Sheela and she is 35-27-36 a perfect milf material.

At first I had seen her getting fucked by uncle in the hall and bedroom but this incident was totally different.

So lets begin the story….

After completing our trip in Chennai we ( me, my sister , aunt , uncle and my parents) decided to go back to Mumbai by bus. The day we were going to travel it was raining heavily in Chennai and due to which we reached the bus stand late but luckily we made it to catch our bus.

Our Bus was an AC – sleeper coach bus. We had booked 3 double beds seats.
Uncle and Aunty had the upper seat…. I and my sister had the one below it(lower berth) and Mom and dad had their seat opposite to ours(Lower Berth)….

Once we all seated on our berths we had some small talks and since everyone were extremely tired we decided to sleep…

We all drew our curtains to avoid the bus light hitting our eyes… Soon the bus driver also switched off the lights and then….
I heard some mild laughing noises, those sounds were like someone was getting intense and immense pleasure but was unable to express it.

I opened my curtains and to my fucking sight I saw Mom and Dad’s shadow within the curtains..
Since it was dark inside the bus but the street light was entering from the window which made the shadow visible.

By the shadow I could make out that dad was on his knees and mom was sucking his dick making gagging noises.

Soon once my dad was erect he placed mom in doggy pose and started fucking her.
I was able to hear : “ Padd , padd ,fatt ,fatt , “ noises and it made me very horny as fuck.

I was so horny that I wanted to open their curtain and pump my mom very hard and keep dad as a cuckold.
But I was enjoying seeing them and began stroking my cock, just then I remembered that my sister was sleeping next to me, I panicked and looked behind at once, but I was relived when I saw her in deep sleep facing the window.

Just then mom’s moans grew lounder… Ahhhhh… Ouuu…Issssshhhh…Gaaayyyi…..Mmmeeeinn…toh aaj…

Mom : Thoda dheere karo bahut tej jaa rahe ho… Aaaahhhh !!!
Dad : Teri chut bahut gili hai, Mein apne lund ko nahi rok pa raha hu jaan !! Oohh Yess !! Fuck !!

Mom : Haayye thodi sharam karo tumhari beta beti baju mein hi hai aur tum.. Aaahh…
Dad : Toh kya hua ? muje abhi bas teri chut se matlab hai bass…

Mom : Tabhi aap itne saalo se isi chut ko toh cho…….. OK SHIT FUCK !!!! aAAAHHHH !!!

Then suddenly…

mom immediately bend front and starting rubbing her pussy very fast , she was having an intense orgasm and then she squirted on the bed very badly that the spray of her cum was audible to me !!!

Dad : Saali Kutti idhar hi paani chodna tha tuje ? Puri bedsheet kharaab ho gayi ab hum soyege kaha ?

Mom : Toh Jungly ki tarah meri chut kyu maari ? Mein rok hi nahi payi.. Fuck !

Dad then forcefully pushed mom down and inserted his dick in her ass and started pumping it with forced…

Mom was helplessly holding her ass high as my dad was pumping and then at last she gave a loud moan along with which dad cummed in her ass !!

Mom : Kitni bar bola hai Gand aram se mara karo, chalne mein dard hota hai.

Right then dad gave a good spank of tribute to mom’s ass and smiled seductively.

After around 15 mins of this scene the bus conductor announced that the bus will be halting for 30 mins and the passengers can have their dinner if they wish to.

Hearing this both my parents and aunt and uncle started to move out and called me as well.
I could not got along with them or they would have seen my naughty BONER, hence I said that I will wake my sister and come down.

Once they left I woke up sister and told her to go down, once she left I checked that not one was watching me and opened the curtains of my mom’s berth, my heart was racing so fast that I could hear my heartbeat in the silence..

As I drew the curtains I saw the place where mom’s had squirted , it was still wet and on the other side I saw thick white fluid (semen) which would have dripped from mom’s ass after their session..

This made me extremely hot and i then started to lick the bedsheet where mom had squirted and started to stroke my cock simultaneously.
It was a heavenly and seductive smell and the thought that it was my own mom’s cum made it even hotter.

Just then I remembered that it had been time since my sister went out and someone can come to check, hence I increased my speed of stroking and remembering mom’s moans cummed very hard on the window, then I cleaned the window as it was my mom’s berth and zipped back my penis and proceeded out.

After around 45 mins the conductor called everyone back to the bus as they were ready to move.

Just then while climbing the bus my Uncle slipped from a rock while climbing the bus and was in great pain.

After we went inside the bus, he was in great pain,hence could not climb to the upper berth and then we decided that aunt and uncle will shift to the lower berth and I and my sister will move up. sister had already gone to sleep and hence aunt suggested that instead of disturbing my tired sister I move up and uncle can rest down.

We all agreed.

This was the end of part one dear horny readers. Stay tuned I’ll try to publish the part 2 very soon. If there are any feedbacks please drop a mail here. ([email protected])

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