Matt’s Stepmother, Amy, catches him with his Stepsister

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If you didn’t read all of the last book, A Step Apart: Strained Relationship, here is a recap! Matt has spent the majority of the month experimenting and practicing new sexual skills on his stepsister, Stephanie, while her mother is away. Dealing with a fast arriving decision on which college to attend, Matt joins Stephanie at a house party with her roommates at her university. There, Matt’s popularity with the ladies causes Matt and Stephanie to confront their desires for another. The following weekend Matt and his Stepsister are in various stages of undress when they look up to see Amy, Matt’s Stepmother, staring in shock at them.


There are times in people’s lives when pure dread sinks their teeth into one’s back like a predator. When they know their life as they know it was coming to an end. As Matt scrambled to pull his jeans up and push his erection back down into his boxers, he had one of these moments. Luckily for him, at this very moment, his stepmother was more intent on chasing down Stephanie who ran into the hallway with her clothes. It was pure pandemonium coming from Stephanie’s bedroom. Someone was crying while the other was cussing and throwing things. Matt tried to zip his pants up and nearly synched his shaft in the metal.

“Ah ah, fuck! Fuck it.” Matt whispered to himself and tried to make a break for the door while it was still clear. His erection still throbbing, pointed out his unzipped pants but he couldn’t deal with that right now. He cleared the hallway and was half way through the kitchen when the tumbling of clothes, bags, and people came rumbling down the hallway. The tornado that was their argument pushed past him and he saw Stephanie shove outside with her hands full with two bags and some of her clothes. Amy chased Stephanie outside but stopped at the edge of the steps shouting.

“We are going to talk about this!” Amy screamed. “You aren’t welcome back here until we talk about this, young lady!” Stephanie threw her car in reverse and drove away, allowing silence to overtake the house again. The sound of Stephanie’s car engine puttering to life then driving away left a strange silence which meant he was alone with his step mother and she could turn her anger towards him at any moment. He wondered if he could maneuver around her in the doorway somehow and make a run for it. He was faster than her for sure, but he couldn’t count on his speed with this damn erection that refused to leave.

Before Matt could make a decisive decision, Amy stepped back inside to see the pathetic sight of Matt defeated with his chin low and hands cupped over his crotch. She stared shaking her head silently for a moment then just when Matt was going to announce him leaving, Amy pointed back to the living room. “Go,” was all she said.

Matt had the briefest hesitation but the sternness of his step mother’s expression made him retreat further into the house. Sitting in the same seat where he was before, Matt stretched his t shirt out and pulled it below his crotch. Amy entered the room and sat on edge at the adjacent lazy boy. Her mascara was darkened and ran on the edges of her eyes. She dabbed at the corner of her eyes with a corner of her shirt.

“Did she talk you into this?” Amy finally asked. Her voice was low and calm. Matt weighed his options. As much as he’d spent the past months beating his chest about being a man, right now he felt like a child who just was caught breaking his mother’s vase. His natural instinct was to lie. To put the blame elsewhere. It didn’t matter where as long as it lessened the punishment on himself. But another part of him, his mature self, he supposed, spoke louder inside of him. It said to be honest and to do what he could to protect Stephanie. After all, he truly was the one who started all of this.

“No,” Matt admitted. “I did. I started it all. It was all me.” This seemed to catch her by surprise. She shook her head half laughing to herself. It was about the same time as she pulled an open bottle of wine from her purse, Matt realized she was slurring her words and her eyes had an inebriated droop to them when she blinked.

“Jesus Christ- this family…” Amy laughed as she drank from the bottle. There was a loud buzzing from his pocket and instinctively Matt pulled his phone out. “Is that her?!” Amy yelled standing up. There was a brief shoving that occurred as she tried to take the phone from him, and he attempted to guard it. But when the commotion caused his shirt to raise and expose his erection, he relented and let Amy get ahold of his phone so he could re-cover his shaft.

Amy stood in daze, slightly stepping backwards as she stared at his crotch. Taking another drink, she sat back down and went back to shaking her head. She looked at his phone and laughed to herself before tossing it on her purse beside her. “How long have you two been-”

“Not long,” he answered.


Matt only nodded in response.

“Has she- have you came inside her?” Amy asked.

The vulgarity and directness of the question took Matt by surprise. He stuttered not knowing what to say.

“Don’t lie to me, Matt,” she warned. Matt finally nodded a defeated nod.

“Jesus Christ…” she said again. Then seemed to realize Matt was her step son and back tracked some. “Look this was just a lot to process and it- a lots happened tonight. It’s not you- I like you a lot. You’re a good kid, but your dad…” Amy struggled for a long moment on the proper words to use. “I don’t want your dad any more involved in my family than he already is. He was a fucking nightmare of a mistake.”

“I get it,” Matt admitted. “He’s a prick.”

“Yes, he is,” Amy sighed with a bolt of laughter that caught Matt by surprise. He felt the head of his cock twitch as it refused to back down beneath his shirt. Amy took another large gulp of wine from the bottle she had in hand. “It feels so good to hear someone else say it. It’s like, confirmation that I’m not crazy.”

“No, no, he’s a bastard. I’m definitely on your side,” Matt correctly guessed that this was something she wanted to hear. He was in fact ‘on her side’ but most importantly of all she wanted to keep her happy at this moment so he wouldn’t get in any more trouble.

Amy sighed rubbing her temples, Matt could almost hear her internal monologue of conflict arguments. “You’re nothing like your father…” she finally said, then perked up to clarify, “and that’s a good thing.” His step mother gave him another I look of approval. This one lingered inordinately long. The alcohol behind her eyes obvious as her rosy pink cheeks turned to him slightly. “You never had any date after coming here, did you? You were all dressed up for my daughter.”

The way she asked this question was not accusatory. Her voice was soft and interested with the slightest of smirks in the corner of her lips. Like maybe she thought it was cute or attractive. “Yeah…” Matt said softly.

“I didn’t have a date either,” Amy admitted proudly as she leaned back in the chair. She slouched so much in the chair that her long V of her blouse bunched and pulled to the side nearly almost allowing one of her breasts to be exposed. Matt tried not to stare but he could tell the only thing keeping her shirt in place was just the nub of her hard nipple that was just barely covered. “I know, I know, I felt bad lying to Stephanie, but it looks like she was lying about more than I was.” Amy shrugged playfully.

“If you weren’t going out on dates where were you going every Saturday night? You were gone all night, usually,” Matt asked.

His step mom answered with a seductive and mischievous smile that she pressed into her shoulder as she shrugged. “I go out to the club with some girlfriends.”

“All night?”

“No, not all night… there’s always a guy out there that at least looks worth my time,” Amy half laughed. “What? Didn’t know your step mom was a slut?” Amy asked taking another large drink. “I’m single… attractive…”

“Yeah,” Matt agreed more eager than he intended. Amy smiled at him and stood up. Taking one last swig she handed the bottle to Matt as she sat in the love seat beside him. Right where Stephanie once sat. Matt gave her a look as if asking permission to drink and she gave the bottle a nod and sat back smiling. Matt took a long gulp. So big in fact a small dribble came out the corner of his mouth.

Amy giggled wiping the drip of wine from his cheek with her thumb and then hummed a moaning sound as she sucked it clean from her fingertip. The same sound her daughter made when she sucked my finger.

She eyed his hand that remained on his shirt, keeping it stretched over his crotch. “Look, I’m not pissed that you two were fucking- err sorry,” Amy covered her pink lips that slurred almost every word and giggled. “Having sex. Well, I’m a little mad. But it’s not like you two grew up together. You’re just two teenagers left alone for too long, I guess… anyways, I- what I don’t like or want err what I’m upset about is you cumming inside her.”

Matt didn’t mean to roll his eyes when he did. He knew it would come off as a teenager ignoring the words of their parent. In reality he rolled his eyes because of how uncomfortable it was to hear his stepmom say ‘cum’ to him when he still sat there with his erection sticking out. He thought to try and push it back in his pants, but if nothing else it had grown since sitting down and he didn’t want to draw any extra attention to it.

“I know I know,” Amy waived her hand at him. Her finger tips brushing and lingering on his arm. “You probably have had tons of adults preach to you about safe sex. And it might not seem like a big deal now but… Stephanie is 19, she’s in college, she’s got a lot going for her. I don’t want her getting pregnant and I especially don’t want her getting permanently stuck to your father. I know it sounds bad but-”

“I get it…” Matt said, his pouting eyes low in his lap. Matt will constantly be judged based on his father. Caught in the middle of the few good qualities and all of the bad. Not successful in business and not someone to consort with because he’s an asshole.

“No, don’t be like that,” Amy consoled him by caressing his shoulder, her butt scooting closer to him. “I like you a lot. I mean if you were… and it’s not just me. Can you imagine if your dad found out about this? How pissed he’d be?”

Matt was nodding to himself. He hadn’t put much thought into his father finding out. He was never home long enough to even know where Matt was, let along what he was doing. Perhaps, Matt hadn’t thought this through as much as he should have.

He didn’t want to be rude and pull away from Amy, but the tender way her hand cupped to his triceps and slid up and down didn’t help his throbbing erection. At least not in a way to make it go away. After a protracted silence, Matt heard a snicker leave Amy’s lips. Like she had just had a light bulb of a thought ignite in her head. When her eyes did finally return to him, they had a devious twist to them. Her hand cupped to his arm and pressed harder as it slid around his neck like she was massaging his upper back.

Matt remained frozen. His eyes wide on his lap as his drunk stepmother slid her other hand across his chest, he instinctively tensed, flexing his chest as her hands met on the other side of his neck. Carefully, like a precise strike she lined her lips up and kissed Matt’s neck just below his ear. This kiss was wet and soft, and her breath was warm enough to send tingles down his spine. Amy’s lips worked wonders on his neck. Licking and sucking, her teeth nibbling on his ear lobe until she snaked her head in front of his. “Wha-what are you doing?” Matt blurted out.

Amy pushed her lips together and gave him a knowing smile, “you know what I’m doing… relax…” she cooed as she carefully leaned across him. Her warm cheek brushing softly against his as she kissed and bit his neck under his other ear. Matt could feel her large breasts press into his chest as she leaned across him. Allowing his back to relax back into the cushion, he couldn’t manage to take the tension out of his arms. This was a scenario was not what he expected from this conversation.

When his stepmother pulled away from his neck, she lingered hovering over his face. “What? You don’t find me attractive?” She asked with a curve of a smile in the corner of her lips. Matt could smell the fruity wine coating her breath. It complimented the rosy conditioner that permeated from her hair. It was an odd question for Matt. Not just because she was his step mom but because he had honestly never considered her in that regard until that moment. Any time he thought of her he immediately associated her with his father which made attractive an unlikely describer for her. But of course, Amy was sexy. Her slender hips and ample breasts with her long legs and scattered tattoos painted across her arms and back. It was as if Matt had realized how attracted to her he was at the exact moment she asked.

Amy raised an eyebrow when she saw his eyes flicker to her wide-open cleavage as he struggled to find the right words. Her smile grew wider as she leaned back enough to let the straps of her dress fall to the sides off of her shoulders. With her head cocked to the side and her sexy hair brushed over to one side, Matt’s step mom stared at him as her dress fell to her naval exposing her plump perky breasts.

Amy gave a small laugh at how adorable Matt probably appeared staring in wonder at her perfect body. He could see her well sculpted abdominal muscles as she did. “You like what you see?” She asked.

“Yes,” was all Matt managed to say.

“Do you want to taste them?” Amy asked lowering her breasts to his lips. Her fingers combing through his hair, he parted his lips to as he took her right nipple in his mouth. Amy went silent for a moment as she leaned her head back and sighed. “Mmmm… that’s it… you like my tits? Huh? Ahhh… yes, rub that tongue on my nipple, mmm just like that.”

His step mother’s hand cupped his cheek and brushed his chest. After a few moments she lowered to his side forcing his lips off her. She pressed her lips into the crook of his neck where they had begun. This time her right hand rubbed and danced down his chest to lap where she peeled back his shirt from his grip. “Mmmm what do we have here?” Amy asked, her breath hot on Matt’s cheek as she whispered in his ear.

Matt felt his step mother’s hand wrap around the base of his shaft and begin to slowly stroke to the tip and then back down. “Mmmmmmm,” Amy purred in his ear. Her other arm wrapped around his shoulders as her lips and forehead rolled against this of his head. Like she wanted to be on top of him. “Y-you’re a big boy aren’t you, Matt? Mmmmm you’re my big boy…” Amy moaned as her grip tightened on his shaft and turned from petting it to pumping.

“Gah…” Matt groaned and turned into Amy. Their lips met and instantly she was moaning in the kiss. Her tongue pushed inside his mouth and intertwined with his as she pushed tighter to his body. He could feel her pumps happening with a stronger and faster purpose to them. She sprinted jacking him and he started to pant. Her lips- her hand it felt so good…

“Mmmm! You like that baby? Huh? Getting jacked off by your step mom?” Amy asked between kisses. She started panting, too, as her focus switched to his cock. She pulled away from the kiss and raised just enough so his mouth went to her nipple. He instantly put his mouth there and began sucking on it. “Oh, good boy, suck that nipple. Mmmm look at that fucking Pre-cum you’re leaking, mmm.”

Matt didn’t know how she did it but every twist and pump on his shaft felt better than the one before it. He was fighting to not cum from just a hand job from her and she knew it too. Her hand slowed after a moment and changed to slow methodical, massaging pumps as she spread his pre-cum down his thick shaft.

“Mmm now, Matt,” his step mom started. Her breath labored as she pumped him. “I know you want to cum, baby. I can feel you throbbing my hand. But I need you to understand something first- ahh…” Matt bit down on her nipple as she spoke causing her eyes to roll and her body to briefly melt into Matt’s side. “You’re not allowed to see my daughter anymore. Not here or at her school. Not at all.”

Matt pulled away from her breast as he registered what she was saying. Amy took this opportunity to slide her way down into his lap. Her pussy lips just inches away from his throbbing shaft. “Now I know you’re a strapping, young, hormonal, adult teenager. And I know it will be difficult for you to restrain yourself when you’re so backed up down here…”

Her words lingered just as her hand did dragging up and down his shaft. Her lips pausing just far enough away to kiss the bulb of his cock. Matt watched her toying grin as she bit her lip after every kiss. As if she had to force herself not to shove the whole thing in her mouth. “So, this is the deal, I won’t tell your dad about what I caught you doing with your step sister and you won’t go near her anymore. And anytime you’re horny and just can’t seem to get this hard-on to go away, I give you permission to call me to take care of it.”

Amy stuck her tongue out half way and let the tip lick from his balls, up the base of his shaft, and circle his urethra. He watched as a long glob of pre-cum stretched from her tongue to his cock. “Deal?” She asked.

Matt would’ve agreed to just about anything in that moment. “Deal.” Amy stuck her hand out to shake his, but as soon as their hands touched the head of his cock disappeared inside of her lips and she pulled his hand down to the back her head as she sucked on him. He couldn’t help but groan as his step mother slid her lips up and down his shaft several times.

He felt the bulb of his cock drag on her tongue and knew he was about to cum. His hand on the back of her head, Amy looked up to see Matt’s eyes rolling backwards as she pumped his shaft hard and fast. Her lips refusing to leave the tip of his cock. Her eyes staring at him as she felt his shaft flex in her palm and the explosion of hot cum covered the roof of her mouth.

The feeling was overwhelming for Matt. As he continued to cum inside his step mom’s mouth she refused to pull her lips from his cock. Her tongue flicking long laps across the tip it caused Matt to pull away and shrink back. The feeling was so intense, it felt like it would never stop and part of him wished it wouldn’t. Finally, after what seemed like a life time, Amy lifted her lips from his cock with a growl of a moan having swallowed all of her step son’s cum.

“Mmmm yummy,” Amy hummed wiping her lips of the saliva that remained. “Now, let’s put that tongue of yours to use.” Amy slid the rest of her dress down her smooth thighs revealing her naked body.

Amy shimmied her hips free of the dress and let it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it. There were many things that have happened in Matt’s life that he never thought would happen and never considered possible. His sexy and intoxicated stepmother standing naked in front of him was one of them.

As she crawled up his body, she leaned over allowing her swaying breasts to dangle before his eyes. Her hand reached between his thighs stroking his limp shaft slowly as she stepped up onto the couch. Matt remained still like a passenger in a ride. Not in control and not knowing how to act. When Amy had stood on the couch with both feet- one foot on each side of Matt’s hips, Matt saw Amy teeter to her side and back. Instinctually, Matt flung his hands up to her hips and grabbed her, steadying her.

Amy giggled and leaned forward so her hands balanced on the living room wall. “Nice grab,” she smiled down below as she flung her long hair over her shoulder. Matt looked up at her and realized his hands both gripped her butt cheeks with his thumbs hooked around her boney hips.

Without another word she lifted one leg and looped it around the backside of Matt between him and the couch backing. Matt could smell the hot odor of her sex. He could feel the heat irradiating on his mouth. He felt fingers comb through his hair and give a slight push forward, encouraging him to taste her. Matt parted his lips and as his mouth touched his stepmother’s shaved pussy, he pushed his tongue forward like he was kissing her passionately. His tongue swirling and lapping on the outside of her lips and clit before he angled his head and pushed his tongue deep inside her.

“Ohhh fuck, ohmmmm!” Amy purred. Her hands raised to her breasts as she leaned back. For a moment, she tensed realizing she would fall, but quickly felt Matt’s firm grip on her hips tighten into a lock. He held her in place so she couldn’t move even if she wished to. “That’s it- lick that pussy.”

Matt’s tongue found a rhythm as it lapped, digging into her pussy over and over. With one of her legs up and over his shoulder he felt her hold synch tighter as her legs squeezed around his chest. Tasting her dripping wet pussy, Matt moaned into her. His hands moving with a mind on their own, they coaxed her thighs and the small of her back.

“Oh don’t fucking stop!” Amy’s voice sung. He could feel tremors course through her thighs and every now and again her hips would suddenly dip and fall on his tongue, face fucking him with her wet pussy. “Oh, yesss… tongue fuck me, baby. Tongue fuck your filthy fucking stepmom! Ahhh!”

The words she moaned excited him to no end. He felt his grip on her body tighten as his tongue dug deeper inside her. The dribble of her juices ran down his chin as she began to hump and grind on his face. Amy’s eyes were closed, and her fingers pinched and pulled on her own nipples as she cried out.

Matt let his chin, lips, and tongue take the abuse as she rode his face. Her moans becoming louder and more guttural. One of her hands snaked behind his head to steady him as his tongue fucked her. His stepmom was getting close and he could tell. The speed and smoothness that her hips moved became stagnant and they shuddered as her breathing became panting and out of control.

Matt seized upon this moment to wrap his lips around her clit. A move that very nearly sent them both tumbling to the ground as Amy screamed and for the first time, her hands that were continuously pulling him closer were now pushing on the top of his head for release. “Oh god! Fuck! No no no no. Ahhhh!” Amy squirmed.

Through all the writhing and commotion Matt was able to keep her hips held against his lips. He worked his tongue against her clit and licked circles around it then hummed as he made a long-wet lap against it. Amy gasped a long, deep breath and he could feel her thighs shaking. “Ohhhhh…” She cried out almost sounding in pain. Matt could feel her thighs begin to close around him as his licks became faster and shorter.

“Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Amy moaned as she lost complete control of her hips and her hands slammed down on the back of Matt head. Matt did his best to control his breathing as his stepmother seized on his face.

“Ohmygodi’mcumming!” She cried as her hand mushed her bouncing hair to her face and she trembled. His tongue locked to her clit and made rapid licks on it as he felt her juices stream down his chin. It was a long moment before Amy made a sound and when she did it was a long gasping breath and several shudders. “Oh god… oh god…”

After the tensest of moment relented, Amy’s thighs unlocked from his face and Matt could breathe normally again. Immediately, he went to work making long messing laps with his tongue on her drenched pussy lips. She quivered a moan and had to catch herself on the back of the couch. “Shhhit, ohhh…”

Amy collapsed to Matt’s lap. Her entire body limp and malleable in Matt hard body hold. She fell in a twisted way with her knee to her chest as her mouth dropped to Matt’s lips. Their kiss was messy and wet. Their tongues intertwined as Amy moaned at the taste of her own juices on his lips and chin.

Matt, still breathing heavily, brushed her hair out of her face behind her ear as his head slid down to her chest. Squeezing and massaging her thick left breast, it made Amy sing a moan as she twisted in his lap and put a knee down on the couch on either side of his hips. It wasn’t until this moment that she- and he, both realized how hard Matt’s cock was throbbing as his head stabbed her ass cheeks beggingly.

His stepmother broke the kiss in shock and panted like an animal. Her face showed a jumbled mess of thoughts still lost from the powerful orgasm as her palm found his shaft. He felt pre-cum oozing down his shaft as she pumped it and he flexed back. Without a warning she sat down on him. Feeding the bulb of his cock inside her pussy lips, his stepmother’s vagina swallowed his cock whole.

Amy’s arms wrapped around his neck tightly as she screamed, “oh my god! Shit!” The palm of her hand covered her eyes then slid to her mouth as she realized how loud she screamed. Her hips seemed frozen on him where she sat, so Matt took it upon himself to separate some so he could thrust back inside her. Slowly and only partially at first. “Ohmahd!” She cried from under her hand. “Ah! Ah! Ahh!”

Matt pressed his mouth on her breast he fondled. His lips wrapping around her nipple as her pussy still digested his cock. After a moment he felt her hips come to life. Circling and grinding on his shaft. Working him around so his cock nearly popped out of her pussy but then she quickly sat back down on him.

It was this motion that made Matt groan, “Oh fuck!” His moan only prolonged how good the motion felt. Her hips rolling on the head of his cock again and again.

“You like that, baby- ahh… You want to do it for momma?” She moaned into his ear. “You want to cum inside someone so, badly don’t you? Ahhaaa mmmm…” She moaned as she bounced teasingly and slow on his shaft. “Are you close for me baby?” She asked in a seductive voice. “Do you feel hot tight your slutty fucking mommy is?” As she spoke the word tight Matt could feel her pussy’s grip on his shaft tighten as she flexed on him. He groaned which she giggled to while still working her hips in a faster circle. “I want you to cum inside me, baby. I want that cum so badly… mmmm… I’m all tied up inside so it’s safe to cum in mommy.”

Without warning her hips started to bounce up and down on his shaft. He felt her hot wet pussy pull all the way off then slam back down. “Oh, fuck,” Matt clenched.

Her tits bounced in front of him as Amy moaned on top of him. Her hips bouncing on his shaft aggressively as she flexed her whole body. “Oh god oh god oh god! Yes, fuck me just like that. Like that like-” Her tight ass bouncing faster and faster on his shaft, he couldn’t hold out any longer. His throbbing cock pierced deep inside his stepmother as he shot strings of hot cum deep inside her. “Yes yes! Cum inside me baby… mmmm just like that…” Amy purred as she felt her stepson fill her up.

They stayed still for a long moment. Matt’s eyes were closed and Amy’s tits were pressed to his chest as they held each other. After a few moments, his hands relaxed and released his stepmother.

Before Matt had realized what had happened Amy was on her feet and getting dressed. He stayed seated, bewildered and watching as she left the room without even looking at him. Like he was a piece of furniture she was done using. Eventually, Matt was dressed and left the house, still in a daze of what just happened and where he was. Amy had gone to the bathroom and when he heard the shower turn on he thought it was a good time for him to leave. Matt almost forgot his phone and ran back inside and snatched it off of Amy’s purse. When he made it to his car, he sat down, and looked at his phone before starting it.

’22 Missed Calls from Stephanie’


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