Long Jet Black Oily Hairjob

Hey guy’s ik ikr it’s been really long seens I had posted my last story :- My Muslim Tenant and her mangoes

Been stuck In the circle of life 😅 seen then. I still have those mangoes in between no doubt NW they hav become bigger coz she got pragent 😉

This story has lil background it brings from my childhood when I didn’t even understood what my dick could do besides susu 😂. I was in 4th STD it was my winter season I used to skip school coz for cold. My parents used to go for work. Grandma was nly person who used to look after me really well ❤️ we used to watch TV or play card’s, one day she was seating with the semi Frozen oil in her hand it look like white substance as if cum which I didn’t know back then.

I asked her why you holding it like this nd what is it, she told me it’s oil it becomes like this in winters. I got curious so I asked her wht you will do of it she said she will apply it to her hair it’s good for them. I came near nd told her give it me let me do it nd spread my tini tine hand’s she smiled nd said you don’t be all to do it. I was silly I told her I do it myself to my head I can do it to you also,she then put a Lil on my hand nd told me seat behind nd slowly apply it all over her head I was like okay

I was NW applying the oil nd could sense I’m enjoying the touch of her hair so I slowly touched her hair on my face sniffed them tht made me more excited coz I was feeling such attraction for the 1st time so it become a routine for years until her dead. She passed away when I was in 9th till then I had done multiple hairjob while giving her head massage never used to cum still enjoyed the oily hair rubbed on my dick while I enjoyed the fragrance of oil I made me feel so good ❤️

After her passing I used to think how could I get another some with waist length thick silky wave hair ❤️ I used to get turned on whenever I could see oily hair, it become a turn on for me. Soon to my luck we got a tenant her husband had photography studio nd sun used to be at day school I was in clg by the time. This lady she is 5ft 34year old 32C-28-30 lady with thick Longhair till her waist always in briad which looked like a rope but a silky nd shinning one 💕

Few weeks passed by I could see her much, one fine evening she came down to our place to talk with my mom I saw her thick oily hair, was turned on wanted to touch it lick it sniff them do all the kinky stuff but couldn’t 😭 . I decided to do it for real as soon as possible, started noticing the in our time so tht I could get space do my work. In few days I noticed her husband nd son leave at 2.30 after lunch then she used to leave around 4-4.30 for the shop.

So tht was my gap, next day I came back from clg around 2 has lunch n was waiting for her husband nd son to leave but to my bad luck only husband left that day I was getting desperate NW I wanted to feel her hair in my hands on my body ❤️ couldn’t control I went to their room saw from window she was sleeping 😀 her son was beside her watching TV.

I knocked on the door her son opend the door I went in he asked me to join for cartoon show I was like okay he was in 6-7 th at tht time. She was deeply in sleep 10-15 I was their but was nt watching the show I was watching her snake like thick oily briad which was jus beside her son. Suddenly he got up nd told tell my mom I’m going to play it was 3.30 already. As soon as he shut the door I went nd locked it came on bed sat right beside her oily hair snake.

The oily thick bridal was all mine nw no one to stop me from enjoying myself. She was facing the wall I leaned towards her head sniffed the hair oil smell it was plan cononut oil it turned me on the boxer got everest kid of look I was still sniffing her hair opened my shirt 3 buttons gently touched my chest on her head it was so sexy thing for me the oil stamp got on my chest. To luck she was in deep sleep so didn’t felt it. Slowly lowered the boxer her oily hair snake had rubber at the end I slowly took the end in my hand nd pulled it up near my mouth nd put it my mouth it felt sexy oily exp I was having fun ❤️

Removed rubber by mouth started biting her thick briad it was oily the fragrance was making me horny af I wished to turn her nd push her against the wall n put my dick in her mouth deep down her throat till she chocks nd gags while pulling her long oily jet black hair to my face smell them while she is bagging for mercy. Rn I had opened up her braid till bra strap point.

Those semi kind of hairstyles it looked sexy ❤️ I put her hair on my face sniffed them I was getting horny I lowered my boxer my dick was so hard wrapped her oily jet black hair on dick covered up my balls even it was feeling so good I came close to her opend my shirt completely wanted to feel her hair all over my body. Rubbing her oily jet black hair all over my chest neck face also strocking my dick in them my body started to smell like her hair oil it was almost 4.15.

I had forgot abt time her alarm rang nd I was fucked 🥺

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