Lockdown sex

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Hello Readers , Keep your doors locked and your dicks and pussies ready to jerk it off ..

Day 1 of the lockdown happened without warning. She rang the doorbell 5 times to wake me up.

As I groggily opened the door in my track pants and t-shirt, she was standing in her usual immaculate style. Almost perfect figure, neatly dressed in a white churidar and yellow kurta.

Her big black eyes were rimmed with kajal, thick silky hair in a loose braid till mid-back, perfect lips with only lipgloss, simple rings in her ears and a smooth complexion that closely matched the golden color.

She was quite tall, almost 5 feet 7 but maintained herself like a college girl, probably because she was a vegetarian I thought, remembering her name: Deeksha.

“Mom left parathas for you guys,” she said, handing me a Milton box.

“Oh and vicky, If you missed the morning news, today is bangalore lockdown,” she added.

It took me a while to register the details. Our city was under curfew because of some epidemic. My flatmate was out in Bangalore with his family, so I just ate like a hog and finished all 6 parathas in the next hour.

When I checked my email, I was not required at my bank till further notice. Nice, I thought, a much needed break after 2 years of working alone, even short holidays never felt like vacation, always packing and planning to travel back and forth.

After MBA this is my first job, and it hardly matters that I’m out of state or spending 30% salary on for this two-bedroom flat in IndraNagar, I’m just lucky to have this job.

Since childhood, I had invested my time and energy in playing cricket, ending up with a great physique, 5 feet 10 with a V shape body, yet nothing to show in academics. I decided not to shave, after all, the stubble looked good on my cheeks.

After I had showered, I changed to shorts and a half sleeves shirt, then went back to return the box.

She looked worried. “Is everything fine?”, I asked curiously.

“Ya all good,”, parents are stuck in mysore, they can’t travel back to bangalore so they’re going to my mama’s place .”

“Ok, ya, they can come back tomorrow, there’s a direct flight from mysore, even Mohan is stuck in Bangalore,” I said referring to my flatmate.

I had known Deeksha for 2 years, more like, had a crush on her. But any interest would have never worked out. She is maybe 5 years younger, just graduated from B Com, is North Indian, I am from the south, and most importantly she wanted to go abroad for studies. Still no chance I thought to myself, and turned back when she offered me tea.

“What will you eat at night?” she asked while making tea.

“Haven’t thought yet. Maybe Maggie”, I said.

She told me to come and get chapati with Aloo curry. I thanked her and left.

I totally forgot about the dinner offer, got drunk and slept after failing to find Maggi.

Day 2 – the curfew was extended for 14 days, this time I got the news myself from TV.

Groggily I knocked on the opposite flat door to see if I can get any Maggi or anything basically. She was in shorts and a sleeveless tank top, giving me an electric shock. I was trying to think clearly. Is it the same person! The babe in front had smoothly waxed legs and arms. She said to come inside and close the door.

Then she told me to go down to the kirana shop across the road from our building and bring some stuff that she ordered already.

“If you want to get food, you have to come on time and if you get drunk, then stay at home,” she ordered in her usual commanding manner. She was looking so nice for the first time, with her hair open, hanging till her waist.

I could see the outline of her firm breasts which didn’t need any cups to hold them in place.

As she turned around to give me leftovers, she took her hair with the left hand and moved it to front, exposing her sexy neck. Wow! I thought to myself and noticed the lack of any bra straps, confirming my theory that she didn’t need any bra to hold up her tits.

I got a strong erection and excused myself quickly.

Slowly, we got more friendly the next day. She came to my flat and made me clean up everything. I got more and more erections looking at her exposed legs in shorts and skirts. Whenever I got a chance, I would rub against her.

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