How I made my stepmom orgasm for the first time in her life

Hi everyone, my is Anonymous and this is the story of how l had sex with my stepmom,
It all happened my dad left home for two months and l was the only child left at home, l was about 21 years and endowed with a 12 inches dick. Enough introduction.

I was lying down in my room while my stepmom was in the kitchen cooking, I was on the internet reading some erotic story as l wont like to watch because l love the sound on every time l watch but my headset spoiled 2 days ago, I was so horny that I just had to jerk off, but l slept off immediately without remembering to clad and remove the story from the screen ( I didnt clean up the sperm) after about 3 hours I woke up and look around to discover how much I have fvcked up, anyone could enter and tell what had happened hours ago inside the room. I looked over the table and saw my food and figured my stepmom had dropped it there and she knows what had happened, well I cant change it so l worry less, I ate the food and check time it was about 7:30PM and I just had a movie to watch so I went into the living room to get set without thinking what my stepmom would say on getting there I saw her in a lingerie revealing her curves I was like wtf, but she was using the tv and she was holding the remote, it wont be nice to tell her to quit what she doing for me but l guess she figured it and asked if I am cool I said nah and she walked up to me and caressed my cheeks down to my chest but my dick was the first to react she looked down and saw it I bet she never saw it upright she only saw it when down, I told her l got a movie to see but she told me to choose between the movie and she,

I didnt understand her at first but she explained with a kiss and it was so sweet that it doubled m,y erection then she asked me again to choose between she and a movie I didnt answer instead l switched off the light and everything went darks, her white teeth made me know she was smiling, then we both got to the three sitter and she grabbed my dick to start jerking me off and sucking the shit out of me, I was helpless on the chair left with no energy,

l was supposed to suck her too but l had no strenght to stand up and suck but instaed she sitted on my face since l was lying face up then l sucked till l regain some energy and she squirted all over my face.

then we both got up and standing facing each other then she pushed me to the wall and started kissing me, l was supposed take charge then l turned her and her back was facing the wall instead,

l kissed her till l was so horny and ready to destoy since we both naked l took her left leg up and inserted my dick, l heard her moaned it give me a good feeling, I started thrusting in and out

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