How a roommate exposed Panty Fetish of an International student in Canada – Part 1

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I am a 25-year-old guy who came to Canada as an international student and now working full time here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I live in a basement of a Gujarati couple as a paying guest and two more Gujarati girls are renting the rooms upstairs. Both of them are 18 and reminds me of how in search of sex experience I was at that age.

One of those girls(Devika) has a boyfriend back home so she is always busy talking with him on the phone, but another girl (Jhanvi) is fun to hand out with. Mostly we eat our dinner together and on weekend nights we watch movies together. She even shares about all the guys she has a crush on in University with me. I believe she thinks of me more as her brother than a friend because of the age difference and she even calls me “Bhai” sometimes. But I am the type who feels hornier when a girl says “Bhaiya”.

I love smelling worn panties and even try them on ever since I hit puberty. I love that scent woman leaves behind after wearing it. That sweaty/dirty smell from the crotch area turns me on, unlike anything.

Sometimes when the bathroom upstairs is occupied and Jhanvi is in rush to get ready in the mornings she uses my bathroom to take shower. There is no way to peep into the bathroom but luckily once she forgot her dirty clothes in the bathroom after a shower. I could not believe my luck when I realized I have a panty of her in my hand which she wore overnight. I was on cloud nine for the entire day. I was sniffing and licking it like a hungry dog. I even wore that and rubbed my dick on every possible millimeter of that leaving such a manly smell of precum on it. My brain was already working on how to get more opportunities like this.

The laundry for the whole house was in the basement only. This incident happened three weeks ago when Jhanvi came to the basement to use the laundry but my clothes were already in the washer. So she left her laundry bag there and went back. She gave me a different smile while leaving and strangely did not even exchanged Hi. I couldn’t be more careless about that and went straight to a laundry room to find out so many dirty panties in a bag. I never get so horny even when I am about to have sex.

She had quite a collection of lingerie there for an innocent-looking 18-year-old mixed with her other clothes. Most of them were briefs that can cover part of her ass cheeks. I could not believe that I am playing with her panties that she wears while I stare at her ass casually. Ladies who are wondering, YES every day we see the borderlines of panty on your butt cheek over your pant or one piece. One of them was a very fancy silk thong with a cute little knot on a navel area, there was no way I can cover my full hard 7.5-inch long dick with it.

I started smelling them all. While I started wearing all of them one by one, I put the most smelly purple color silk bikini type thing over my face. Because she was short, she had a huge round ass. (Ass is something that I adore the most in women and even though I get attracted to tall girls with long thighs in general, her ass was a big part of my attraction towards her). I even rubbed my asshole wearing each panty, to more vividly imagine that my asshole is touching the same piece of cloth that her asshole touches every day. I took a few pictures of myself wearing those in different poses. I could not get enough of them and felt like I should gather some courage and keep one panty with me. The plan was to put it back when she does laundry next time and even if she finds out meanwhile I was pretty sure that she won’t talk about private things like this with anyone(Only if I knew better..). So I kept wearing that purple one because I thought she wore it most recently and put my shorts on the top. Made sure that everything is as it was and left.

I came to my bed and started jerking off my hot rode over that super soft silk. Half of it got wet by my precum. While I was stroking my dick over it, in my brain I was imagining her rubbing her clit wearing the same panty while fantasizing about me. Suddenly I heard footsteps of her coming downstairs and did not get a chance to wear the shorts. I only covered myself with the blanket while acting like I am busy on my phone. She went straight to the laundry room. My heart was pumping fast and I was hoping that she finds out nothing about what I just did. But to be completely honest with you all, part of me was hoping that she finds out(Maybe that is the reason deep down why I kept one panty with me). Part of me was hoping that this incident will result in some sexual tension between us and something similar happened only not the way I expected.

It took her longer than usual but when she came out I saw somewhat frightening boldness in her eyes. She came directly to me and asked if I have seen one of her panties. I was acting like I am dumbfounded and said no. She then politely asked if I can check my clothes whenever I get a chance as it might get mixed with them. I replied I will do that and asked her how was it? She sat next to me on my bed and answered while looking for something on the phone that it is a purple color silk panty and to my biggest surprise she showed me the mirror selfie of herself wearing that panty in a changing room. She had her t-shirt on in the selfie. She added I took this selfie when I bought it just to see how my ass looks from behind wearing it. I was blown out by the fact that I am wearing the same panty at the moment underneath the blanket that she is wearing in this selfie. My body was shivering with a mixed feeling of lust and fear. I couldn’t resist complimenting how well-shaped her ass looks which she agreed to with great confidence(Receiving compliments with confidence is another thing that turns me on). While leaving she added it was one of her favorite panties to wear with jeans and she would be very happy if I somehow find it.

I could not figure out if she is genuinely this innocent or just trying to get things excited between us. Whatever it was I already felt like my fantasy is coming true by talking with a teenage girl about her lost/stolen/borrowed panty. I will share what happened later that night and how my panty fetish got exposed by her in my next story.

Looking forward to feedback at [email protected].

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