Hot Neighbor Turned Craver!

Hi readers! Thank you so much for the response I received to my previous story. Just made me realize how many unlucky women out there don’t get the opportunity to enjoy and satisfy themselves. I hope I have been able to contribute through my story.

On to the next story, now, about my hot neighbor. This was one experience that I feel I should definitely share – the experience with an aunty in the neighboring building. A small brief about me: I am from Bangalore, however, was in Kolkata at the time, have an average build body, 5′ 9″ height, and a 7″ salute to you pretty women out there.

Well! March 2020 happened! Lockdown isn’t the best of things to happen. But, for all those fearing a second one could happen anytime soon, please don’t lose hope! There are amazing opportunities at hand too.

We have been living in a residential complex in Kolkata for a long time now. For education, I have mostly stayed away from home. But there have been phases that I spent a good amount of time here.

In the building opposite ours lives a couple with a child. They had moved in a couple of years back. Their daughter was just about to complete school now. The lady was a little worried about the future that her daughter was to pursue.

She got to know from an associate that I have a good track record. So she approached my family, and an informal exchange took place. She asked my mother whether I could go down to their place and help them with a few options and provide guidance.

Frankly, friends, I really did not know about the existence of this bombshell at this point in time. So I went over to their place a little reluctantly, pressed the doorbell. And man! Was I surprised, or was I surprised?

To my absolute delight! There she stood, a few inches away from me, this lovely lady in her mid-40’s. White as milk, soft as silk! My eyes were definitely having a feast. It was afternoon. She wore a gown that was just covering her knee, quite a v in the neck.

But she did have an inner inside. 36-30-36! Need I say anymore? Even the ladies would have their tongue out for this by now. She definitely caught me awestruck. With a slight blush on her face, she asked me in. I walked in. I followed her into the living room.

Yes! I wanted to see her plump swaying across from her tight body-hugging gown. But I also wanted to make sure that she did not see my junior appreciating her so openly. It was as if it would just tear right through.

She was alone at home. Her husband was out on business. Her daughter was out with her friends. And that made it just her and me in that closed apartment. She asked me to sit in the living room and then walked up to the kitchen to get me some water.

My eyes were just glued. Glued to that swaying plump going up and down, just up and down. The more I was looking, the more difficult it was getting to resist. I had my hands placed in a manner where my hard-on would not be visible to her. Not that it could completely hide it as I had my pajamas on.

When she came back, I was trying to avoid eye contact. She offered me the water, and I had no other option but to raise my hand. I did try to cover as much as I could. But she moved her eye in the direction as soon as I took my hand off and reached for the water.

She tried to hide her smile, but I sensed it. Then I took a pillow from the corner of the couch and put it on my lap. I could see that with the nature of her smile changing into a more decisive one. As I was new to her and lived in a society, I had to get a hold of myself to ensure that nothing goes south from here.

We started discussing the main agenda, i.e., her daughter and where she is headed in her career. This woman really had a lot in mind for her daughter. It seemed like she was trying to live her own dreams through her daughter. Throughout the discussion, I could sense the sadness in her voice.

She had been forced to give up on her career after passing her college with distinctions. Her family did not let her pursue further education leave aside, getting the opportunity to work. But she did have big dreams for her daughter. Her eyes were getting wet while we were having this conversation.

She was seated adjacent to me on the sofa. I moved towards her slowly so that I could help her out. But, all I could manage was passing a tissue. Well, I know what most of you all will be thinking. Dude! Tissue seriously? But frankly, I had to play it safe.

I had to let the lady pave the way and induce me to offer myself. So yes! The start had to be with a tissue. But guess what? When luck finds its way with you, you just need to take a back step. While I was handing the tissue over to her, she moved her hand towards mine, and the exchange was not just that of the tissue.

There was the first contact – a slight touch of the palm on the fingers. But the warmth just enough to send sensations through me. We both looked up at each other. There were sadness and dissatisfaction in those innocent teary eyes. We shared a moment there just with the eyes, and then the doorbell rang.

We suddenly came back to our senses. She wiped her eyes and made her way towards the main door. I was only starting to recover from the trance. I, too, excused myself and made a move towards the washroom – just some time off to let things sink in and stabilize.

I could definitely sense the tension building up, right from the entry to the water to the tissue. This woman, who was now leading my fantasies, was not looking for just some advice for her daughter here. I prepared myself to take some initiative now.

As soon as I unlocked the washroom door, I could hear her sobbing. I came out to see that she wasn’t there in the living room now. I took the courage and moved ahead. I saw that the main door was locked from the inside. I could hear the sobbing noise in another room.

I reached the door, and there she was lying on her back on the queen bed of her room. Trust me! All I could think of then was I got to nail this hot babe today. She was there crying. But more importantly, she was lying on her back in a gown.

It was now revealing half of her thighs, and the shape of her ass was just fucking perfect! One of the bigger and rounder speed breakers which, for a change, men like riding. Her face was drowned in the pillow, and she didn’t know I was there.

I could just pull down my pant and enjoy myself to this to the fullest! And trust me, it was a very difficult temptation to resist. But what I realized, friends, was that this seemed like a classic case of ‘calling for more’ from a guy. She knew I was the only one around in the house.

She locked the main door. She lured me in by the noise of her crying and then positioned herself in such a way on the bed that just made things pretty clear without any direct signs. The inside of me was extremely delighted. But I wanted this woman to crave intimacy. I wanted to hear it from her mouth.

So I didn’t show her any eagerness. I slowly moved closer to her. I called out to her softly, “Are you fine?” I enquired, maintain a negligible distance but no touch yet. But she did not reply and instead dug herself into the mattress’s comforts just a bit more.

I said in a loud whisper, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine now.” She just started crying a little louder now. Just perfect! The invitation was gleefully accepted by me. I was patient this entire time for this green signal, and now I was not going to waste a moment.

I put my hand on her back and started rubbing it most gently. She responded by moving with the rub and adjusting to the comfort of my hand on her back. Seeing her in comfort, I moved my hand to her lower back and moved sideways, covering the spongy love handles.

I could sense her movement and breath. The sobbing had paved the way to deep breaths now. I pushed her into the middle of the bed, making way for me to lie down close to her. She still maintained her position facing the opposite direction. I moved into a position, locking her back to my front.

I laid my laid on the pillow, my chest stacked to her back. I had my hands moving on the side of her body, just below the boobs, right down to the side of her thighs. I could feel the weight on those melons right from the touches below them. I had not pressed myself into the ass yet.

Teasing and pleasuring is something I love. Instead, I made my rubbing more firm yet gentle such that she now started to move her body back into me. Man! Must I say, this unsatisfied lady wanted this very bad! She instantly felt the poke get into her.

She adjusted to perfectly let it acquire the shape on her ass. I moved my head to rest it on her left shoulder, took my hand to her stomach, and pulled her into me. She left a very slight moan as I poked into her body completely now. I took control of the grip now.

I put my leg on top of her legs and was halfway on top of her in a sideways position. I moved my face onto the side of her neck now, my nose tucking into the neck. Just moving up and down a little with gentle nudges. She started shaking slowly.

With the nose tickling her and my tight grip on her body, I could sense the restlessness in her. I left a soft peck on her neck. I saw that she closed her eyes hard now. I moved the swivel of my hands upwards towards those huge melons which were crushing onto the other in that position.

As soon I held the grip of her boobs, she let out a loud moan and held my hand on top of it. I wasn’t really sure if she started me to stop. But she definitely made an attempt to not make things very easy for me. But, I wasn’t going to back down now.

I squeezed more firmly, battling her hand, and slowly increased the intensity of kissing on her neck. The woman started tucking at me with some vigor now. She pushed away at me and turned around to face me for the first time in all this while. There was pure lust gleaming out of those dreamy eyes.

Her eyes were almost calling out to me to take her on a ride that she will cherish throughout life. She pushed me down on the bed, got on top of me cowboy style. She now leaned into me, pecking at my neck and licking right from the chest to the back of the ear. I liked it.

It was making me harder and having felt the hard she was sitting on grow further. She started to rub herself rigorously on me, and we engaged in a very passionate lip-lock. She was going wild and started using her tongue just seconds into the kiss.

Before we knew it, we were like hungry wolves biting into each other’s lips. She pulled herself up after 15 minutes of that lock. She pulled me up and took off my t-shirt while wrapping her legs around my back. I took the chance to get a nice feel of her back and her thick thighs.

We engaged in another lip-lock soon. She was moving her hip as to hump with the closed on. She just didn’t want to stop rubbing her clit against my dick. I just loved every moment of her passionate kiss. I moved my hand towards her stomach to untie the knot on her gown.

She instantly made some gaps and facilitated my move. But did not stop eating my lips for a second. I pulled open the gown to reveal her huge round boobs barely holding onto her red-laced bra. The nipples were clearly visible through the translucent view.

A perfectly well-shaped pussy through the sticky and wet thin red panty. And it struck me that this bombshell had it all planned all throughout. She played this daughter card just to get me to her place. She understood that I had grasped this great master plan of hers.

She flung her gown off, moved up onto her knees, pushed me down onto the bed, and pulled down my trousers. And her eyes popped up even bigger. I still had my underwear on, though. She lounged onto me and whispered in my ear, “Hey handsome, I have been waiting for this. I am all yours!”

The sultry rhythm to that ‘all yours’ was not resistible anymore. I immediately turned her around and laid on top of her, took off the bra, in just one hard pull. She gave a light smirk to that one. Then I attacked those huge melons with my hands and my lips. She moaned in excitement.

I was squeezing her boobs with one hand and licking and suckling the other with equal excitement. She pushed my head into her titties and tried to make me suck them entirely into my mouth. I continued sucking her nipples, and in the meanwhile, I started to move my hand downwards.

I skipped into the panty and grabbed hold of her plumpy peaches (ass) now. God! They just wouldn’t fit into my hand. Those fucking round meatloaves were just inviting to me squeezed harder with each squeeze. And she was now screaming in pain. I

Slowly moved me down. Licking through her cleavage, all the way down to her navel, just plain gentle licks with the tip of the tongue. I could feel the shiver start to move her body now. I licked around just above the panty line to get to her more desperate for a while.

She had been trying to get me to her wet pussy. I slowly moved onto her panty and pulled it down to reveal the clearly shaved skin there. And just to tease her further, I moved down to her inner thighs. On the way down, I just used the tongue in and out at places to give her shock sensations in between.

Each soft-touch in and around the pussy felt like heaven to her. She shrieked each time the tongue met skin. I continued the gentle licks and bites around the inner thighs, and she was going mad by now. She was trembling and shivering in excitement and was trying to force my head into her pussy.

She cried out to me, “You are making me crazy fucking teaser, just fuck me!” I wanted to tease this hot babe a little more for having planned this so smartly. I wanted to tease her more to beg me to drill her down. After a few more minutes, she couldn’t take the tease anymore.

She begged! She pleaded, and she abused. It was making me feel more turned on. I finally removed my underwear after she begged me. She openly accepted that she had been craving for me from the day she had heard about me from her daughter (this would make for another story).

This made a new opening for me. So I decided that I would not tease her more and give her the satisfaction she has been craving for a long. I put on a condom, and I slowly entered her tight pussy. This was indeed a testament to her lack of satisfaction in her life.

I pushed my way through, and with a hard thud, I got into her completely. And what a moan! I started fucking in missionary slowly. She moaning loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. Her moan got me an adrenaline rush, and I started to drill this hottie faster.

I could see the tears of pain and pleasure roll down from her eyes. Now she was literally screaming. Amid all the screaming, she was clawing onto me and just letting herself out. I said to her, “From now, I will have you whenever I want.” She said in a panting and moaning tone, “Yes, baby, I am all yours!”

I fucked her for a good 20 minutes and more. The final drilling for the last 15 seconds. She literally cried in pleasure. I moved over onto her side, and she instantly just turned towards me and hugged me so tight. It was just the start for many more all through the lockdown.

I got her to reveal that it was her daughter who had suggested to me. And then, on one of the days, I found her daughter at home. Well, that story is for another day.

I really hoped you all liked the story that I shared. Please reach out at [email protected] or hangout. Whether young or old, looking for some fun – online or offline, don’t think twice before reaching out to all those ladies out there.

Privacy and satisfaction will never be compromised. Waiting to hear back!

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