Ghazal’s dream

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Ghazal was sleeping in her bedroom with her husband. her menstrual days were drawing near. Ghazal was dreaming in her sleep. she was in a very big and decorated room in the dream. There was a large Victorian-style bed. It had a pink velvet sheet on it. Ghazal was lying on this velvet bed wearing a red bra and underwear. And along with this, she wore red colored scokting on his thick and lush legs.

Ghazal’s big and plump boobs could not be controlled by her bra. It looked like her boobs would tear this red colored bra. Ghazal was sleeping even in dreams. The face of the sleeping Ghazal looked even more innocent. The mole on Ghazal’s lips was making her more sensual today. she looked no less than a queen. Suddenly a big door with two halves opens in this room. A large shadow enters the room. He was a very muscular man. There were no clothes on his body.

A large, thick piece of flesh hanging between the legs of a muscular man. It was his cock reaching his knees. his cock was one foot long and four inches thick. His cock was also very muscular. He went closer to the bed where Ghazal was sleeping.

He came and stood on the bed of Ghazal. Now he was looking at her beautiful body. In this red lingeries, Ghazal looked like a maiden from heaven. A her big boobs and a her body curves can excite anyone’s penis. The boy’s cock was erect. stood full length. Ghazal raised both his hands and was shocked. she seemed to be awake And opened his eyes like a lake.

In front of Ghazal’s eyes was a one foot long and four inches thick cock. which was very tight. On which there were thick and very hard muscules on it. Ghazal got scared seeing such a cruel and powerful cock. A scream came out of her mouth. she had never seen any cock other than the small penis of the moon. So Ghazal had to fear this cock. she quickly got up and sat down.

Ghazal put her hand over her mouth and looked at this horrible and powerful cock in amazement. In front of the her, there was a cock that could tear the ghazal’s small pusst badly. her eyes were fixed on this cock. The young man was standing quietly near her bed. Ghazal restored her senses. And she looked up and saw the young man. she felt another shock. That man was none other than Ghazal’s cousin dawood.

Ghazal was shocked to see dawood. Began to take care of herself. she placed her hands on her boobs. Ghazal was trying to cover her boobs with her hands. But her very big boobs, were about to be hidden with these hands. Ghazal folded her thick white milky thighs. she looked at dawood and spoke angrily.
dawood, you have done me a disservice. You will be shameless.

Ghazal turned his face away. she realized that he was not in his room. It was a beautiful room. This room looked like an old porn movie set. dawood stepped forward and placed his hand on Ghazal’s thick thighs. she sighed in embarrassment and tried to remove dawood’s hand from her thighs but dawood did not remove her hand. He spoke in a clear and sweet tone. Ghazal Baji Don’t worry, it’s not a reality, it’s just a dream. No one will see us here.

Ghazal said to dawood with hatred. Leave me alone, get out of here. But dawood gripped the ghazal’s thighs tightly. And he stretched her legs and straightened it. And he climbed on her with his heavy and abundant body. Ghazal’s body was helpless under dawood’s body. dawood started kissing the ghazal with love. she was trying to avoid his kisses by turning away her face.

dawood was kissing the ghazal like crazy. she was trying to save herself but it was not possible. With one hand, dawood freed the gazzal’s big boobs from the shackles of the bra. he prssed her boobs very hard. she was feeling sexual heat inside her. But she did not want to be unfaithful to her husband even in a dream. dawood came down and started sucking the big nipples of the ghazal.

Ghazal’s boobs were actually empty of milk. But now in this dream milk was coming from the breasts. Ghazal herself was surprised that her milk had dried up after the birth of her daughter. But now her breasts were full of milk. dawood was happily sucking milk from one her boob and squeezing the other boobs vigorously. The milk from the other breast of the ghazal came out like a fountain and fell on the bed.

dawood was sucking both boobs of Ghazal in turn. Ghazal’s milk was sweet and thick. he must have drank one and a half or two kilos of milk from Ghazal’s boobs. she was enjoying the sucking of dawood. Ghazal was trying to control herself but now the situation was beyond her control. Despite not wanting the ghazal, a storm of semen erupted from the her pussy. Which soaked the ghazal’s underwear۔

now dawood left the boobss of the ghazal and started kissing the her belly. The ghazal began to falter. And then dawood took off her underwear. Ghazal’s cleanly shaved pussy was in front of the dawood. she put both her hands on her pissy. And spoke. please Not dawood.
But where was the dawood stop۔ He forcibly removed Ghazal’s hand from his pussy. Now her sweet little pussy was in front of dawood.

Ghazal’s small and innocent pussy was in front of him. And that pussy was obviously crazy. dawood was going crazy watching Ghazal’s pussy. dawood placed his lips on Ghazal’s pussy. A sob came out of Ghazal’s mouth. he started kissing and licking her pussy. dawood was feeling the warmth and delicacy of Ghazal’s pussy. he had been licking Ghazal’s pussy in every way for a long time. she was helpless. She was just holding her boobs and pressing it.

dawood licked Ghazal’s pussy for a long time. she was no longer stopping dawood. The ghazal was beginning to be enjoyed. Ghazal had forgotten that the person who was doing this to her pussy was her brother. she was squeezing her boobss and bouncing, which was causing milk to flow again and again. dawood was also licking her soft pussy, hiding his head in her thick legs. dawood was trying to open Ghazal’s pussy with both hands۔

The ghazal was over. she is about to ejaculate. she now began to sob loudly. Ghazal’s pussy was flooded with semen. dawood understood that the ghazal was now ready for fucking. he got up and sat on his knees between her legs. Ghazal was trying to control herself. But the ghazal was getting harder to control. she shook her head in denial and tried to stop dawood. Ghazal understood that now he has started inserting his one foot long cock in this pussy.

Ghazal wanted to stop dawood. Ghazal said to dawood. Please don’t do that. I am your sister. dawood replied. You are not my sister, you are my cousin. And I’ve been crazy about your pussy for a long time. The ghazal wanted to stop dawood verbally, but when he lifted both legs of the ghazal and placed it on his shoulder, the she did not resist. ghazal said, Please don’t do it dawood that your cock is too big. My little pussy ruptured. dawood replied, Ghazal Baji Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. Even if you’re pussy explodes, there will be temporary pain because it is a dream. When you wake up in the morning, your pussy will be in the same condition as before۔

Ghazal’s pussy had released a lot of semen. her pussy was ready for fucking but she was still hesitant. dawood had wet his cock well with the semen coming out of Ghazal’s pussy. Now dawood was sure that his cock would penetrate into Ghazal’s pusst with oily semen of ghazal. dawood placed his cock on Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal was scared of dawood’s penis. But her pussy was struggling to have sex.

dawood placed his cock on Ghazal’s pussy and jerked. The tip of dawood’s penis penetrated Ghazal’s pussy. A painful scream came out of her mouth. she felt that her pussy had ruptured. Ghazal began to screaming. dawood was watching the painful mood of the ghazal but he did not feel sorry for the ghazal. she also knew that when a man gets a pussy, he becomes ruthless and just a pussy rides in his mind. Ghazal had not yet had a chance to recover when dawood struck another blow.

Another scream came out of Ghazal’s mouth. Ghazal started jumping out of bed. Ghazal wanted to come out from under dawood. But dawood’s thick cock was stuck in her pussy. Tears began to flow from Ghazal’s eyes because of the pain. This time dawood took out a little bit of his cock and jerked it with full force. his entire penis was in Ghazal’s small vagina. Now the ghazal began to throb. dawood’s cock touched Ghazal’s womb very hard. Seeing the state of ghazal, dawood stopped for a while and started loving ghazal.

dawood was kissing the ghazal with great love. He was kissing Ghazal’s tear-filled eyes. he was consoling the ghazal as well as warming it up. dawood’s cock was in Ghazal’s pussy. he was pressing her breast with great love. The ghazal was heating up. Gradually the she warmed up despite the pain. Now dawood slowly began to move his back, causing his cock to move in Ghazal’s pussy.

In Ghazal’s small pussy, dawood’s cock had penetrated completely. Ghazal’s tight pussy tightly clung to dawood’s cock. her pussy was so tight that dawood had to push hard to move his cock. Slowly Ghazal’s pussy was loosening. The movement of dawood’s cock was intensifying in Ghazal’s pussy. Now she was beginning to enjoy a little more painful.

dawood had now accelerated his pace. Now his cock was moving in Ghazal’s pussy with some speed. Ghazal’s boobs were now bulging from the shocks of dawood’s intercourse. Ghazal’s milk-filled boobs were bouncing like jelly. dawood had fuck with many pussy in his life, but the pleasure that was giving him the pussy of ghazal today never came to him. Ghazal’s tight smooth and juicy pussy is the best pussy in the world۔

Ghazal also started shaking his hips while dawood fucked her. dawood was understand that the ghazal wants to have pounding her pussy fast and loud. he accelerated his cock. Now dawood’s cock was moving rapidly and forcefully into Ghazal’s pussy.he continued to fuck the ghazal for fifteen minutes. Now he removed his penis from Ghazal’s pussy and turned her into a horse. Ghazal’s thick ass butts was up.

dawood inserted his cock into Ghazal’s pussy again. This time, his cock got a little stuck in her pussy but went inside. ghazal hurt a little but the she endured. A slight sob came out of Ghazal’s mouth but this time she endured dawood’s cock.

dawood began to move his cock in Ghazal’s pussy again. In front of dawood were the thick buttocks of Ghazal’s anus. The thick and soft buttocks of the ghazal were shaking like a jaly with the jerks of dawood. he was even more excited to see her shaking buttocks. He began to fuck the her even more. dawood would take his cock out of Ghazal’s pussy and insert it quickly. his cock touches the uterus of the ghazal with force. Ghazal was really enjoying doing this.

The ghazal was reaching the limits of pleasure. she was very close to ejaculation. A few more strokes of the waz and the ejaculation of the ghazal was ripe. dawood was constantly thrusting his cock into Ghazal’s pussy. Finally, the first ejaculation of the ghazal took place. her vagina ejaculated semen. The white semen of the ghazal would fill her thighs and dawood’ cock. she dropped his head on the bed after extreme ejaculation.

After ejaculation, the ghazal felt as if life had passed from his body. she did not have the strength in her arms and legs to remain a horse. Ghazal fell on the bed. The ghazal lay upside down. dawood’s cock was still in the her pussy and the cock was throbbing inside the ghazal. Just as the ghazal fell on the bed, so did dawood fall down slowly. dawood did not let his sexual intercourse break. he was running his cock in her pussy in the same way.

dawood continued to fuck ghazal. In Ghazal’s semen-filled pussy, the loud running of the dawood’s cock was creating the sound of “Kachp Kachp Kachp”. And dawood’s body was making a very loud noise when it hit Ghazal’s buttocks. “thap thap thap.” The sound echoed throughout the room. dawood slowly lay down on top of the ghazal. Waz continued to fuck the ghazal for fifteen minutes.

Ghazal was a noble and innocent housewife but dawood was fuck ghazal as if she was a whore. Ghazal had never had intercourse with anyone except her husband all her life. her husband wasim used to have intercourse with his small penis for a maximum of ten minutes. poor Ghazal could not even think of having such intercourse in a dream. Ghazal ejaculated once again from the passionate fuck of dawood.

Ghazal’s pussy was flooded with semen. dawood felt that Ghazal’s pussy was overflowing with water. he took out his cock and wiped his cock and ghazal’s pussy from the bed sheet both inside and out. he noted that her vagina had changed a lot after fucking. first ghazal’s pussy was small and closed. But now it was open. There was a small hole in Ghazal’s pussy and now there was a big pit.

Ghazal’s pussy turned red from repeated fucking. dawood knew that Ghazal’s innocent pussy was badly damaged by his cock. he brought his mouth to Ghazal’s pussy and took a big kiss. he laid the ghazal sideways. And he himself lay on the side behind her. dawood grabbed one leg of the ghazal and lifted it and inserted his cock into her pussy from behind. And slowly started moving in ghazal’s pussy.

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