Friend lover ne baga sukham ga dengena

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Ekka story loke vasthe, thana peru sravani. Height, weight mottham sarega thana body parts ke thagattu untadi, inka chepali ante thellaga tammana la untadi.

Structure vachese โ€œ32, 26, 28โ€. Abbha naku piche akedi thanane chusenapudalla. Ma frnd valla pilla ne kalvataneke velinapudu nanu teskavelevaddu thoduku. So, vallu matladukuntunte nen a ammai structure chusthu na sulli balle ga pisukunevane. Ala prathi sare jaruguthu vasthundi.

Sem end exams vachenai nen room lo undevane, ma frnd and valla pilla different colleges. So college last day kavadam tho vaddu na room adigenadu. Nenu sare ane cheppi ma friends ne baiteke pampi nen room lo undepoya.

Apudapudu ammailane techukunevallam, vaddu vane pillane ade 1st time ma room ke techukodm. Evaru a ammai ne techukuna mem share cheskonevallam and group sex cheskonevallm. Condition ok aithene sex ke ma room lo allow chesevalam.

Ala vane pillane techukunadu nen pakkake pilche chepina nen room lo front room lo untadi. Nv lopala cheskondi ane, ekka baga cheskuntunaru vallu. Naku piche akepothundi asal apukoleka poye velli door sandulo nundi chusanu.

Abbha 69position lo baga chekuntullu. Ma frnd aithe puku chekuthu notlo sulli ballam ga kuchuthundu gontuloke poinde anukunta. Naku piche lesthundi nen door mundu nilapadi vallu sex chusthu sulli kotukuntuna,

Na sperms baga vedi medhi undi emo 1minute ke mothm chemindi door medha. Konchm door hole lo nundi lopala padinde nen chuskolle ventane ma friend door tesendu, nen am telinattu akada water tagutuna. Ma friend em chesthunv ra ane adigendu! Em ledu water kosam vacha anna, mari sulli pant baita ala vachendi a sperms anti adigendu.

Nenu calm ga una vaddu kpm ga chuse am matladakunta velli door veskone baga dengechukuntullu. Sounds vasthunai naku mood agaka velli malli chusthu na mobile lo record chesthuna.

Anthalm vaddu oka 2rounds veskunaru ma frnd ke out aipoinde stamina kuda poinde adi baga chekuthundi. Inka kavali ane baga mood tepisthundi, but ma vadeke mood vasthundi kane sulli levatle baga try chesellu but levatle.

Naku ardam ainde ekka ela kadu ane nen calm ga hall lo kruchone una. Vallu fresh up ave vachellu nen ala chuse chuse ekka dachukolekka adigesena. Natho dengechukuntava ane ma frnd kotend, a ammai amo 50, 50 ga ok but not ok laga. Becoz ma frnd unadu ane amo. Nenu am adugaka calm ga una, vallu velipoyaru.

Nenu ma frnd pillake msg chesena fb lo, thanu nit 10 ke reply echendi. Ala casual talk cheskuntu sex topic ke divert chesena, apudu ekka start chesena adagatm ala enjoy chesav, baga denginada me boyfriend, ala dengechukunaru ane.

Thanu bagane cheskunam but half ye chesenadu me frnd. Entha try chesena me frnd modda levale ekka ela sukha pduthado emo peli tarwata antu chepukochendi. Nen chat chesthune oka 3times kottukunna ekka ala chat chesthu na sulli pic pampina.

Em response evale malli kotukone na sperms pic pampi chepina, netho cht chesthu nenu 4times kotukuna ekka netho sex chesthey inka ane sarllu ne pukulo koduthano anna. Amatalu baga nachenay thanake but m telinattu.

Thanu me frnd vinte hurt avthadu ane sollu chepindi, nen ninu chusena room lo adigenapudu me boy frnd lekapothe ok anedaneve kadha mare epudu anduku time waste chesthunav anna. No nv sarega matladu antu teduthundi baga pogaru porike anukunta, puku la sulli kadu rod petti dengali anukuntu.

Nen ekka record chesena oka 2clips pampi. Nen okadene chusanu kabati aduguthuna, mare edi andaru chusthey andaru adugutharu kadaha alaa annesareke. Knchm discussion tarwata ok but me frnd ke telvadhu andi.

Sare mari epudu 11 avthundi vastava nen pick up cheskunta annau anthey. Sare ane ramanadi, nenu ok ane velina thana chuse lopalike ramanadi nen knchm doubt tho velina intlo evaru leru. Veli direct ga bedroom loke veli padukuna.

Thanu ane lock cheese chocolates inka ice cream teskone vachendi nak knchm doubt ga undi but, happy ga una. Anukuna ammai ne dengabothuna ane e. 12 avendi thanu naku bday wish chesendi.

Nen shock avena. Knchm uneasy ga feel aina, cake cut cheese eddram tinamu chocolates tintu ala matladukuntu terrace paike vellam. Varasham paduthunte paina naku weather baga mood ga undi and varaham lo

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