Family Pictures with Mom

My mother was wearing a bikini by the backyard pool. She laid on a lounge chair with the sun shining down on her body. It was unusual, because mom rarely goes sunbathing, much less uses the pool. Now, for the last month, she’s by the pool every weekend. Proud to show her body and large breasts.

She’s a scientist, by the way, that works in a laboratory and is involved with different projects relating to the human body and mind. We’re both tech geeks, so once in a while she tries to explain her work to me.

While I was eating breakfast in the dining room, I noticed mom putting on her robe before coming back inside the house. There was a calm, yet tense look on her face. She reached in her pocket and handed me cash when she got inside.

“Here’s a $100,” she said, handing me the money. “Treat yourself, invite a friend to the mall, buy lunch, and maybe a new video game if you want.”

I couldn’t remember the last time my mother randomly gave me cash. Especially since I graduated from college last year and got a part-time job, earning my own money. She seemed adamant that I take it.

“You’re giving me free money? You must be in a really good mood.”

She nodded. “I’m in a fantastic mood and I want the house to myself. Put it that way.”

Her smile was friendly, but oddly deceptive. Lately, whenever she was home alone, things were often rearranged in the living room. A part of me wondered if she had a new exercise routine, that maybe she does yoga or aerobics and has to move furniture around, but she’s never mentioned it.

There was more clarity to the situation when I saw her in the kitchen before heading to work the next day. She was wearing a typical blouse and office pants as she drank coffee.

“Have you ever heard of a Neurolink?” she asked, taking a sip of the beverage.

“Does it have something to do with brain function?”

“Correct. We’re working on a device that can help control brain functions, designed to help people with phobias and inner-struggles. Sounds cool, right? Technically this research is supposed to be a company secret, but I felt you should know.”

There was a smile on her face, and for good reason. She was always proud of her accomplishments and they meant everything to her. For this, I had the feeling that there was something more.

“That’s awesome,” I replied. “Do you have any phobias of your own? I mean, have you tested it out or something?”

It was my subtle way of seeing if this was the reason she’d been acting strange. She caught on to my question, as she always does. By the look on her face, she wanted to be coy, yet truthful about her experience.

“You might notice some changes in my behavior. Nothing drastic, but enough to make small improvements. I’m a perfectionist, after all. And you’re right, we’ve been doing extensive testing in the lab and I’ve run tests on myself. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe and it could possibly make us rich.”

She continued, “But money isn’t the biggest thing — it’s about helping people be the best version of themselves. If that means pushing boundaries here and there, I’m fine with that.”

“Now you’ve made me curious,” I replied. “It sounds like something out of a movie. Can I see it?”

Mom blushed and sipped her coffee. “Sooner than you think.”

Our relationship changed forever on what should have been an ordinary day. She was about to leave for work and gave me a tender embrace before heading towards the door.

“Have a good day! Love you!” she said with a hug and a kiss, followed by a rub to my shoulder.

“Love you, too,” I replied.

There was anxiety on her face, but a twinkle in her eyes. It was the most conflicted expression I’d ever seen. I didn’t know what to think of it, but then again, everything was strange since the Neurolink project.

Before leaving, her eyes glanced over to the living room table, then she left in a hurry. Was it a subconscious reflex? Was she hoping I’d look there? Or wouldn’t look? There was a lamp on that table and family photos in frames.

Could there be a sentimental reason? One of the pictures was of mom and me. The other picture was of mom with her parents. That must have been it, I thought, mom was probably going through some things and thought of her parents.

I went to the table and what I saw shocked me to the core.

A family picture was swapped for a nude photograph. Not just of any woman, but mom. I picked it up for a closer examination. I could tell the picture was taken recently, based on mom’s current haircut.

In the photograph, mom was naked, sitting on the living room couch, posing for whoever was taking the image. Her tits looked big. Her legs were spread with her hands resting on her knees and her posture was upright. There was satisfaction on her face, which showed that she was a willing participant.

This was bizarre. I had a difficult time understanding how the picture got there. She knew, she must have known — it was the reason she was acting strange that morning, and the reason her eyes drifted towards this photograph.

Perspective: The Mother
Sarah answered the door. It was her boss, a punctual woman who was always in control. They communicated through text messages to make sure that her son wasn’t home. Something like this needed strict privacy. Her son didn’t suspect a thing. No one in the lab suspected anything, either.

When the door closed, Sarah got naked while her boss remained dressed. Her outfit was neatly placed on the couch. Other days, it would be in various places, like a nearby table, or piled on the floor. The variety kept things lively.

As usual, her pink nipples turned erect from the exposure. The sensations of doing something like this always felt new, despite her familiarity.

“How do you want me?” Sarah asked.

“I bought something for you. Place it on the living room table and sit on it. I think it will make for a marvelous photograph.”

The boss reached in her pocket and handed Sarah a wrapped gift. Unraveling it, Sarah discovered a dildo with a suction cup attached at the base so it could be placed anywhere.

Naked in the living room, Sarah attached the dildo to the table. She’d never used a sex toy before because she was always too embarrassed to buy one. Now that she had one in her possession, it was yet another opportunity to explore.

She lowered herself and was penetrated by the sex toy. The feeling was electric, as she hadn’t had sex in a while, and the boss snapped pictures. It was yet another new experience in their unorthodox relationship.

“Just like that,” the boss said. “Keep going. Up and down. You look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“I always do.”

She fucked herself in the sanctity of her home. The camera was persistent, capturing everything, all her movements and facial expressions.

Approaching an orgasm, she kept her eyes on the camera. This was the new version of Sarah, the one that’s fearless and sexually liberated. The old Sarah would never dream of even showing a nipple to the camera.


Behind the veneer of a proper woman, Sarah had a side of herself that was carefully guarded. Since the early days of her sexuality, she fantasized about her family and the fantasy remained with her.

It was a gift and a curse, from accidentally finding her father’s porn collection decades ago. Their family was in the process of moving to another city and she found the collection in the attic, buried beneath a pile of books. There was a 70s-style book with a torn off cover, and the short stories it contained were pornographic.

She noticed buzzwords as she flipped through the book. Words like, ‘mom, dad, sister, brother…. fuck… suck… cum…’ These were incest stories.

It was a horrifying thing to uncover, especially in those days. She’d always viewed her parents as God-fearing people. People to be revered because of their wholesome qualities. Her dad was a man of the community. Her mother was a pillar at church.

Knowing her dad liked incest literature was a difficult pill to swallow, but she centered herself, doing her best to view her parents as normal people. She wondered if mom knew about this. It was most likely a perverted secret that men kept amongst themselves, she thought.

Sarah never got the answer to that question, but before they moved, she would sneak in the attic to read as much as possible. Being a fast reader meant that she was able to absorb a lot of content. Her sharp memory kept those stories in her imagination.

After they moved she never saw that book again. She assumed dad tossed it out.

Nonetheless, the stories persisted in her memories, causing her masturbation fantasies to grow from ‘normal’ to something lascivious. From that point forward, her sexual desires revolved around family. Either a fictional idea of a family, or her own family.

She justified these masturbations through the lens of ‘intellectual curiosity.’ It was her attempt to understand human sexuality. In more personal ways, it was her attempt at understanding why her father would have such material hidden in the family attic.

In more recent years — nearly three decades later — her secret habit became easier with the rise of social media. Only this time, the new object of affection was her son; a vibrant young man who was active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It seemed like every week there was a new image to rouse Sarah’s interest.

At night, in her bedroom, she’d indulge herself. Sitting in front of her computer screen, she’d lean back and review Nick’s posts. If there was anything interesting, she’d get a towel and place it on the seat, then she’d sit bare-bottomed.

Two fingers were all that were needed to satisfy herself as her eyes fixated on the picture of her son. She’d imagine kissing him, being there with him in that picture, sucking his cock… fucking him. Did that make her a bad mother? No, in her opinion. It’s the mind indulging itself, she thought.

Her orgasms would always be strong and she kept a box of tissues on her desk. When it was done, she’d return to her normal self, whatever that was. Educational plaques on the wall and science books on the shelf were her identity.

Now, after coming home from work, the first thing she did was check the naked photograph placed in the living room. It was something her boss instructed her to do, leaving a naked photo ‘hidden in plain sight’ for a while.

The presumption was that Nick would never find it. This was meant to be a mental exercise, something to stimulate her in new ways. She had extensive conversations with her boss about the psychology of exhibitionism and incest, how the taboos blend without effort.

Her memory was sharp and she noticed that the naked photograph had shifted ever so slightly. Yes, it had been moved. Her son looked at it.

A sinking feeling grew in the pit of her stomach. She’s been caught. Her secret was exposed — to her son of all people. She silently cursed her boss for asking her to go this far. But in the end, she consented.

It took a few moments to accept the humiliation burning within. Things like this are never easy. Normal parents don’t leave nude pictures of themselves in the living room as an experiment.

Now she had to deal with the consequences. Sarah decided that the best approach was to take things head-on. As a single parent, she prided herself on having an honest relationship with her son.

Sarah called her son down the stairs then sat down. She was still in her work clothes and made no attempt to hide the photograph on the frame. In fact, she turned the frame so it would be more prominent.

They sat on the same couch and her son’s eyes darted at the picture frame. The tension in the living room was one that never existed before.

“I’m sure you have a million questions,” she said.

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Would you rather ask me? Or should I spare you the pain and explain everything?”

“I think we can skip this,” he said. “None of this is necessary. Really, it might be better if we skipped this.”

“Actually, it would make me feel better if I explained everything. Otherwise, we’d always have this dark cloud hanging over us.”

“Okay, whatever you think is best.”

She opened her briefcase and took out a large folder that was stuffed with papers. Then she handed it to her son.

“This is what I’m working on,” she said. “It’s confidential information from the lab research that I’m involved with. I want you to read it later.”

He accepted the big file. “What’s it about? Would I be able to understand it?”

“Skim through it. Much of that is written in plain English so you should be fine.”

As her son listened, Sarah explained that the research she’d been doing revolved around the ability to alter one’s personality. Particularly people being unhappy with their overall well-being, relationships, and sex lives.

She further explained, “There’s a way to reverse the shortcoming in people’s lives. Our research has a way of expanding the human mind and it’s groundbreaking. Read the documents I’ve given you, then you’ll have a better idea.”

“I guess that explains why you put that picture there.”

Blushing, her son took a glance at the naked picture so prominently displayed on the table. If there was ever going to be complete honesty between them, it had to be now. She wanted her son to read the documents with a full understanding of how powerful the Neurolink is.

Sarah explained things in greater detail. Going back to the inception of her sexual fetishes, she told Nick about her father’s book and the years of incest fantasies that followed.

With great reluctance, she confessed that she masturbated to Nick’s facebook and instagram photos. It was the ultimate humiliation, but seeing her son’s reaction was even more taboo than her frequent masturbation sessions. This was raw and untamed. It was the culmination of her life’s experience.

Her pussy was on fire and she sat with her legs crossed. She thought this confession would be pure torture, instead it was sexual torture at its finest. She’d never been so aroused in her life and her face was almost red.

Going by the look on her son’s face, the mortified feeling was mutual.

“Are these really your thoughts?” he questioned. “Or has the Neurolink done something to you?”

“Read the file, then we’ll talk afterward.”

“That should be an awkward conversation,” he replied with a small smile.

She noticed her son’s eyes shift to her nude photograph on the table beside her. Instead of brushing it off, she decided to take things head on.

Reaching over, she held the photograph and looked at it. The nude image was beautiful and she understood why her son had an interest. The picture made her look and feel like a sophisticated porn star.

“Did you like seeing it?” she asked, rubbing the photograph.

“It was a big surprise, that’s for sure.”

“Answer me, I was honest with you. Did you like seeing this picture?”

“Kind of, yeah,” he replied with hesitation. “I mean, it’s like a beautiful work of art.”

She gazed at her son. “Go ahead, take this. Do whatever you want with it. Toss it in a drawer, throw it away, keep it on your desk. It’s up to you.”

Their relationship changed when her son accepted the photograph and placed it inside the folder. Her initial reaction was that it would be tucked away somewhere to spare themselves of further embarrassment, but she figured Nick would use the image when necessary, to jerk off when needed.


The first thing Sarah did in her bedroom was turn on her computer so she could email her boss. She was still dressed in her work outfit when she sat down to explain everything that happened. Her thoughts and confessions.

In many ways, this was a combination of work and pleasure. She’d never felt such intense feelings of arousal. And this also piqued the scientific side of her brain, which wanted to explore this further. To delve into the deepest, darkest parts of the human mind. Learning about the limits of human sexuality.

She changed her clothes and tried to relax. When she got an email reply from her boss, it was true to form. Her boss never missed a beat and was as methodical as ever. Sarah took a deep breath and readied herself for whatever came next.


Perhaps it’s time we expand the parameters of this research, both in terms of scope and location. Here’s what I want you to do.

1) Attached is a contract/application for your son to sign. He will be hired as a research assistant and will be paid for his work at home.

2) Once your son’s job is processed, he will be privy to more confidential information, and you will be expected to be naked at home all the time. This includes your backyard pool area.

We will discuss this further in the lab Monday morning.



Even with all the sexual moments they’ve shared, her boss’s emails were always written with the utmost formalities. The points made in the email were so direct that Sarah didn’t know how to process these requests.

She opened the attached file and saw a job application, non-disclosure forms, and legal notices. The offer was the real deal. Never did she imagine working with her son on the Neurolink project.

After printing the forms, she went to her son’s room. It was tough because her son had a naked picture of her. She wondered where the picture would be placed. Part of her hoped it was tossed out, another part hoped it would be sitting on a table beside his bed.

The papers Sarah gave her son were spread out. Nick had been studying them. No sign of the nude photograph though. Her eyes scanned the room and she was disappointed that the picture was put away.

“You look like you’re studying for an exam,” she smiled.

He smiled back and shrugged. “In a way, that’s kind of true. This research is interesting stuff. It reads like a science fiction book.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“Is that why you came here? To check on me?”

“We’ll get to that. But I’m wondering, where did you put my picture?”

“Away in a drawer. You’ll be mad if I left it out. Plus it would be weird.”

Sarah took a deep breath. “Go ahead, put it on your desk.”

“Why? How come?”

“I’ll tell you in a moment.”

She watched Nick in a state of confusion, then she saw him open the drawer to get the picture. The sight of Nick holding her naked photograph in a frame will always be unsettling. When he glanced at the naked image, Sarah felt her pussy twitch.

The photograph was placed on the desk with the image facing the room. It made Sarah’s heart pound to see her secret in the open.

“Thank you,” she said, holding up the job application. “I emailed my boss about what happened. She wants to offer you a side-gig.”

Nick seemed amused by this, which made Sarah feel relieved that she wouldn’t be hounded with more questions or disgust.

“I already have a part-time job,” he replied.

Sarah put the job application on her son’s bed. “Now you’ll have another part-time job. Look it over. It’s easy work. You can do it at home, plus the money is good.”

“Does this bother you? You seem… I don’t know… like you’re pressured to do these things, if that makes sense at all.”

“Keep reading those research documents,” she said. “Then you’ll understand. It’s complicated. The truth is, the research is scary, but as a scientist I have to know where it leads.”

She refrained from telling her son about the massive orgasms she regularly experienced as a result of this research. Somehow she knew that her son understood. The wetness between her legs became an aroma that filled the bedroom.


It was Sarah’s first time naked in the backyard. As soon as her robe was removed, she felt the morning air against the skin. She felt the warmth of the sun on her big breasts. This is what true freedom is, she thought.

Would her tan lines finally disappear? Ever since she started sunbathing for the last month, tan lines formed on her body. Her skin turned a shade of tan, but on her bikini area, her skin was pale white in the shape of triangles. A standard bikini tan line.

Her pink nipples turned erect as she tossed her robe aside. She wondered if neighbors would see this. Every once in a while, she’d notice men (young and old) spying on her. Sometimes it would be obvious. Sometimes they’d hide behind a curtain or peek through blinders.

The only thing certain was that Nick would see her like this. It would be their first time experimenting with the new rules of the house. Her heart pounded in anticipation. She wondered how her son would handle these emotions and awkward tension around the house.

Sarah’s boss already processed the paperwork, which meant that her son was officially an employee of the company. Earlier that morning, Sarah forwarded the information and responsibilities to her son.

Her life was going to change as she laid on the lounge chair by the pool. She did her best to relax under the circumstances. This was her first time being nude outside and the feeling was startling.

She heard her son’s footsteps and she managed to stay calm. The sun was shining on her body. The pale white skin of her tan lines was reflecting under the sun. Beads of sweat were forming on her chest, making her tits glisten for her son’s viewing experience.

The footsteps slowed as they approached her. Hesitancy is always a factor when it comes to incest, she thought. She appreciated that her son was a modest and upright young man. If there was anything in life that she did right, it was raising her son.

“I got the email,” he said, with a voice that nearly squeaked.

Sarah kept her eyes on the blue sky. “Good. You’re officially a man of science. You should be proud.”

“You’re naked.”

Her son’s voice was shaky, as expected. In many ways, being naked in front of her son was easier than expected. It’s the power of science, she thought, which had given her the courage to do these things. The old Sarah would have had a meltdown from this experience.

“Next week I’ll take you to the lab,” she said, looking at her son. “You’ll see some amazing things. Then you’ll understand how this happened.”

“Will you be naked in the lab, too?” he asked.

Sarah blushed. “Do you want that?”

“I’m just kidding. But who knows? This whole thing is like living in an alternate universe. I mean, just look at you.”

She was amused at her son’s tepid response and fidgeting mannerisms. Her son’s eyes drifted towards her large breasts, then his eyes drifted away so he wouldn’t look like a pervert. It’s a normal reaction for any son with a naked mother, she assumed.

“I’ll be like this for a while,” she said. “Not forever, but a while. The research is ongoing.”

When she sat upright, she noticed Nick’s eyes fixated on her chest as she moved. Her posture was straight and she let her breasts point forward. Her pink nipples sparkled under the sunlight.

“I’ll go back inside and eat breakfast,” he said with a deep gulp, mesmerized by mom’s big tits.

Nick didn’t move right away, his eyes were still transfixed.

“My boss instructed me to give you a blowjob,” she said in a business-like manner.

There was a moment’s pause.

“Are you going to do it? What did you say to your boss?”

She waved for him to come near. “Stand in front of me.”

As expected, she watched Nick freeze, before hesitantly taking steps towards her. They both knew they were doing something irreversible. That their relationship would change forever.

When her son was standing in front of her, eyes gazing so closely at her breasts, she looked up at him. Then she touched his shorts, rubbing the crotch area so she could feel the shape of her son’s penis. It was halfway erect and stiffened as she squeezed.

She continued to rub. “Part of what I’m teaching you right now is the importance of diligence and dedication. Hard work is essential if you want to succeed in life. To answer your question about the blowjob, I’ve never declined any boss in my life. I always get the job done.”

Her fingers pulled at the waistband and her son’s penis dangled before her eyes. It became fully erect in moments and pointed at her face.

“Are you actually going to… suck it?” he questioned, unsure of what he wanted.

“Do you want me to? If this is too much, I won’t do it. I’ll leave the project because our relationship is more important. If you’re okay with this, then we’ll proceed. It’s your choice, because you’re my son and I want what’s best for you.”

Sarah tilted her son’s thought process in a certain direction by looking him in the eyes and holding his cock. She held onto the shaft like it was a handle. She even stroked it a little. Her soft fingers went up and down, not as a handjob, but as a way to gauge his interest.

“I think you’re right,” he said, while mom stroked his dick. “Science is important. Following through with a commitment is also important. We’ve signed contracts and we should honor them.”

“Even if that means putting your penis in my mouth? Even if I have to be naked around the house? And our backyard pool?”

Nick squirmed as his cock was squeezed harder. “Yes, if necessary.”

When she took her son’s penis into her mouth, it was a revelation. Her tongue slathered the shaft. The tip of her tongue circled her son’s head and even went inside the small opening to taste the pre-cum. Nick’s moan let her know she was doing things right. She always does this right, but for her son, it was special.

When she took it deeper into her mouth, near her throat, it was a moment of clarity. She may have done this without the research. The Neurolink brought something out of her that was already in existence. In many ways, giving Nick sexual pleasure was bound to happen. It’s always been her path.

As she bobbed on her son’s dick, she wondered if her boss knew this outcome all along. It must have been the reason her boss edged her to put those nude pictures around the house as a way to torment her deepest, darkest desires, she thought.

The cock touched her throat and she wondered if peeping neighbors were watching. At this point for her poolside weekends, certain neighbors knew that she’s out here in a bikini. They also knew she’s a mother and Nick is her son.

Would anyone catch her? She anticipated that possibility the moment she read her boss’s instructions. As she sucked, she decided to embrace any form of voyeurism because it’s part of the research.

She hummed a tune while sucking off her son. It’s what men love. The vibrations of a woman’s throat does wonders for a blowjob and she made her son groan. Her hands were on Nick’s legs and she could feel his body starting to buckle.

Her right hand worked the shaft while she sucked hard and deep. The end was near because a man could only withstand so much.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Nick asked with confidence. “Mouth, face, or breasts? Your choice.”

She loved her son’s change in demeanor. It amused her to think that some women need the Neurolink device to change their mindset on sexuality. For men, all that was needed was a great blowjob.

The cock plopped out of her mouth. “Cum down my throat. Actually… do it on my tongue. I want to taste you.”

Sarah went back to sucking and her hand strokes finished her son. Her son moaned loud enough to potentially alert the neighbors. Either her son didn’t care or was unable to control himself. Either way, they were both in sexual heat.

After her tongue was filled with hot, morning cum, she pulled her mouth away. A trail of fluids hung from her lips and she used the back of her hand to wipe it. She looked at her son while she was naked with a mouthful. Her son looked down at her, enjoying the sight.

She gulped in one shot, looking her son in the eyes.

“I can’t believe we did this,” Nick said with eyes of disbelief.

“The research I’m working on is the real thing. You’ll see what I’m talking about when I bring you to the lab.”

He smiled, “I can see it working right now.”

They both looked down at the drooling pussy between Sarah’s legs. It was embarrassing, but then again it was a sight they’d both have to get used to.

“Now go have your breakfast,” she said, licking her lips. “I’ve already had mine.”

“Thanks, mom. You’re the best.”

With their relationship forever changed, neither of them knew how to act. Before, her son would have just gone inside the house to have breakfast. Now, her son awkwardly bent down to kiss her on the forehead.

After he went inside, Sarah stood and looked at the pool. She let the sun shine on her body. By this hour, the sun was strong and her tan lines felt like virgin skin being touched. In a month or so, the tan lines would be gone because she knew she’d be naked outside all the time.

She dove into the pool and savored the sexual heat she was still experiencing. It took a while to process the fact that she’d blown her son. While treading water, she realized how her sexuality had come full circle. It made her smile. Then she started to swim, fueled by the protein Nick had given her.

Perspective: The Boss
It’s mid-morning and Sarah is taking a rest after her son fucked her senseless. There are looming deadlines in the office because of upper-management, so she hasn’t been sleeping well. Nick has a part-time job somewhere else, so he left the house a few minutes ago.

While looking like an angel during her nap, Sarah lays naked on the living room floor. Her pussy leaks cum. I watched the whole thing when it happened. Her son is a stud when it comes to sex. Or maybe they’re just compatible because of their mom/son relations.

I take the moment to admire my handiwork around the house. Sarah’s home is supposed to be decorated with wholesome family photographs in every room. Pictures of her with Nick. Her parents. Siblings. Nieces and nephews. Holiday photos, vacations, family gatherings, you name it.

Now the photographs have been replaced by images I’ve taken. At this point I consider myself an interior decorator. An incest connoisseur. Someone who has taken a woman’s sanctuary and turned it into something that serves as a constant reminder of her debauchery.

For instance, in the living room, right next to the couch, there is an image of Nick sitting down while Sarah is on her knees giving him a blowjob. It’s a simple image, so elegant, with such eroticism. Above the fireplace is a close-up of her vagina after a sex session, which means she was stretched and filled with cum.

I assure you, as titillating as this is, it’s for the sake of science. The goal is to push Sarah to the extreme, then I record her reactions. It’s the best way to test the strength of the Neurolink. She knows this, which is why she agrees.

Just a few weeks ago, Sarah hosted a family party and I used that opportunity to test the limits of the device. I put the original family photos back in their frames so that everything looked normal. But behind each wholesome family photograph, are Sarah naked, sucking cock, or being rammed from behind. Some pics showed Sarah with her eyes closed enjoying the sex, other pics had her looking directly into my camera.

She told me there were close calls, where someone in her family would pick up a framed photograph to look at, not knowing that Sarah’s blowjob photos were directly behind it. She told me it made her so uncomfortable and tense, sometimes making her sweat. But she managed to play the good host and stay calm.

The only exception was Sarah’s bedroom. Every photograph in a frame was hardcore. Our hope was that no one would enter her bedroom, or if they did, they wouldn’t look closely at anything.

During the family party, Sarah’s bedroom proudly displayed images of her pussy filled with cum. Facials. Her tongue glazed with orgasm while she looked directly into my camera. The most explicit images in our collection.

Some of the pictures are on her desk, while others are on her dresser next to her mirror, makeup, and other beauty products. There’s a close up blowjob picture right beside her bed, next to the lamp and clock.

I like having the best pictures in her bedroom because it’s the first thing she sees in the morning, and the last thing she sees before falling asleep at night. She also looks at them while she works or gets dressed — a constant reminder of who she is now. It is her evolution as a woman.

But did anyone see it during the family party? Who knows. Sarah hosted the party and grilled in the backyard. She had no way of knowing for sure, and according to her, everyone acted normal. Her opinion is that no one saw it. Secretly, I hope someone did.

This is Sarah’s new life and I’m proud of having a hand in creating that. I think she is better with these changes. She’s more confident and relaxed. That’s what good sex and limitless orgasms do to a woman. Her son is thankful as well because he gets the benefit of having a hot mom to fuck.

If someone comes to visit, Sarah knows the drill and she swaps the explicit photographs for all the ‘regular’ ones. When the visitors leave, the incestuous photographs return to their rightful place. She’s told me what a rush she has changing the photographs.

Her email reports are detailed and intense. I masturbate to them regularly. I love that she’s in tune with her emotions. She’s always been a critical thinker, which is why she’s the best researcher.

When she awakes from her morning slumber, I say that we have more work to do in the lab. She says she’ll be ready in 10 minutes. She walks naked to the upstairs bathroom for a shower. With each step, cum drips down her legs. She uses two fingers to wipe the mess and she eats it.

The End

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