Always make her smile (Mom – son)

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It was such a shock when my dad died. I’m in my 30’s and my dad was late 60’s. My Mother is early 60’s but her appearance hasn’t changed since she was mid 40’s.

I came back to live with Mother after my Dad died, I felt she needed somebody around the house to keep her company. If I’m being honest, I was glad to come back home, my Mother and I have always been close but lately I have been feeling stronger feelings towards her.

It was a week after the funeral, Mother had been quiet and sad ever since and I hated not being able to cheer her up. Finally I found a way and we would both get what we wanted.

It happened one evening. My Mother had finished her shower and came downstairs in her comfy bath robe. I was sat watching t.v and she came and sat next to me.

“Hello Jay” she said

“Hi” I said

“What are you watching?” she asked

“Just an old movie” I answered

“What’s it about?”

“World War 2”

“Is it any good”

“It’s alright, kinds of soils the ending when you know who’s going to win” I joked

“Hahaha, You always know how to make me smile” she said, taking my hand in hers.

“I like to see you smile, It makes me smile too” I replied, locking her fingers into mine.

We looked at each other for a moment, both smiling and happy. Then something changed, I could feel my heart racing, my blood pumping faster and faster. The expression on her face had changed, the look in her eye.
‘Does she want this?’ I thought, ‘Is it just me? Is it all in my fantasy or does she feel it too’

She leaned in towards me and without thinking I leaned into her. With her free hand she caressed my cheek and we kissed. A soft and tender kiss at first, but the more we got into it the more intense the kissing became.
I put my hand on her waist as our bodies began to grind together, her big and soft comfy robe against my loose pyjama bottoms and t-shirt. We stopped as she grabbed my t-shirt with both hands and lifted it over my head with one fluid motion. I reached for the cord of her robe and pulled it loose, it hung to the floor as her robe was now unfastened.
We kissed again as she ran her hands over my back and I put around her waist inside of her robe. Her skin was soft and warm, like she had been snuggled under a duvet.
I gently ran my hands up to her shoulders and eased he robe off. Our lips still locked together.
I pulled away to allow her to remove her robe completely as I took down my pyjama bottoms.
She was magnificent, her soft pale skin defied her age, her soft curvy breasts remaining firm and supple. Her stomach, while not flat, curving in, giving her a waistline to be admired. The slight tuft of hair that covered her vagina looked both secretive and inviting.
She turned around to put her robe aside and her buttocks stood there proud and firm. She was everything I wanted in a woman, Looks, kindness and a warm spirit.

We both stood there, in all our glory, admiring each others bodies. Hearts pounding, sweat beginning to form on our skin from the heat we shared.

“Oh my” she commented “You are quite the specimen”

“Thank you” I replied “You really are a vision of womanly beauty”

“Oh my boy”

She embraced me in a hug. My erection was pulsating between or stomachs. She pulled back from the hug and we kissed once more, our hands dancing over our bodies. She cupped my face and kissed deeper and deeper. I caressed her buttocks as I pulled my waist in to meet hers. We fell back onto the sofa, her on top of me, sealed in a lovers embrace, she began slowly making her way down my body with kisses. My neck, my chest, my stomach until she stopped, staring at my stiffness.

She gently rubbed her hand up and down, kissing the head softly, before slowly licking the base from bottom to top. I couldn’t contain my pleasure as I groaned into my breath.
My excitement increased and she put her lips around me and sucked my hardened member. I locked my eyes with hers as she bobbed her head up and down, making gentle slurping noises that drove me wild, her subtle moans adding to my elation.
She released my throbbing penis as she made her way back up my body. My throbbing length saturated in her saliva.
She lifted her knee over and straddled me as we kissed. All the while she had one hand guiding me into her.
She raised her hips above me and slowly descended onto my cock. She began to grind her hips as I entered her.
We broke our kiss as I cupped her breasts in my hand. My grasp barely covering the base of them. Her nipples hardened at my touch. I took one breast into my mouth, gently flicking her nipple my tongue. I began to kiss her breasts, softly,going from side to side, one to the other and back again.

She leaned down and kissed my head as our bodies entwined in ecstasy. Her hips moved faster and faster as our lust grew and grew. sweat began slowly running down our skin from heat and exhaustion. Finally my Mother could do no more, she stopped, panting for breath. She collapsed down on top of me. I kissed her cheek and neck as I shifted myself from the sofa, not letting her go, our bodies still linked together.
I laid her onto her back and she crossed her legs behind me. I leaned in and kissed her passionately as I began thrusting in and out.
My hips felt like they were working independently from the rest of me. I didn’t need to think, they just pushed forward. Faster and faster. Harder and harder I thrust, our flesh clapping together like a one person applause.





One final push was all it took. We both stared intently at each other as our skin glistened with sweat running off.
Our eyes locked as we caught our breath. Suddenly this woman I was transfixed by was more than just my Mother, more than the woman who raised me, took care of me. This was the woman I was meant to be with, the woman I wanted to wake up next to, sleep next to. Be with. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

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