Seduced my mom

I am Rohan Jaiswal as our family lives at Kanpur ,we are from a business dad is too busy in his business as my sister Renu is of 14 years and my mom Julie is a house wife but her modern cultures of western countries and her dressing sense have made two kids inhuman in our Indian society.she loves to go to club as she wears vulgar dress and drink wine also,her behaviour with us is formal in relation.she is a 35-36 years lady as I am just 18 years old and its an incidence happened 6-7 years ago as I was studying in class 10+2 .one evening my mom left us for a party at a local club as we both brother and sister is in home and dad have moved to Lucknow due to business work.we both have dinner together at 09:15 pm as I walked to my bedroom to sleep but I have to open the door as my mom will come late night from a I am on bed with my mobile as I am reading an incest stories and it’s a story of stepmom and son as my penis is getting harder ,I started thinking about my mom julie.a lady of 35-36 years with her lovely face and nice physical appearance’s,I have never seen her nude as her nude thighs and legs have been caught in my eyes .after reading story I slept as I put my mobile near my mobile and my eyes opened as mobile started ringing and I can see mom’s no.flashing on mobile I walked to open the door as I can see car parked in the corridor but mom is not there ,so I walked towards car as I can see her in backseat of she opened the door as I ask him…….

“what happened mom ,come out .”

As I can smell alcoholic flavour there ,she came out as she is in drunkun State and now she put her arm on my shoulder as I took my mom inside home.she is semi unconscious as I walked to her bedroom and than make her sit on bed ,now she asked me……..”Rohan please do one thing
(Rohan)yes mom
(Julie)I want to change my dress , so took out a night gawn from my wardrobe and change it please.”

As she slept on bed ,I removed her sandals from legs as I put her legs on bed and now took out a yellow coloured transparent gawn for my mind is dirty as I pushed the door and now sit on bed as I hold my mom’s waist and make it sleep on middle of King size bed.she is looking hot in her sleeveless kurti as well as leggings,now I put my hand on her waist as I pulled down her leggings to remove it ,she is smiling……..

“Rohan put a towel on my nude thighs , don’t look at your mom’s nude body.” Now I put my hand on her tops as I lifts it up and than took out of her hot body.she is in her undergarments only as I am rubbing my palm on her thighs as well as legs ,she asked……

“Rohan are you making your mom hot as well as horny
(Rohan)no I want to give you a nice massage as you are too exhausted in party
(Julie)oh I see you are looking my nude body,don’t do it my son ,I am your mom
(Rohan)sure but I will not cross my limit .”

As looking at Julie in her panty and brassiere is making me hot as well as I took a pillow and put it under my mom’s head as she is smiling…….

“Rohan ,now I am fine ,put my gawn on my body and leave my room .”

As I slept near him and put my hand on her breast to press hard and she hold my wrist as she is trying to put away my hand from her I am pressing hard as my mom is showing her resistance and lastly ,I leaned on her top as I started kissing her face and body is on her top as she is trying to push me away but I am kissing her lovely face and her soft boobs is pressing on my Julie is lying under my body as I am kissing her lips and lastly she left her resistance as her hand is now rubbing on my back.I took her lips in my mouth to suck as she is moving her palm on my back and now things changed as our blood relation turned dirty.julie have become a hot lady for me as she pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it ,I can feel her hand pulling down my Bermuda.I removed it as I left my mom’s tongue.
Now while sitting near her face ,I hold my long cock as I am rubbing it’s glans on her lips and my mom is looking at me as she opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in her mouth to I am on my knees infront of her face as I hold her hairs and fucking her mouth hard ,after a while Julie took out my cock from her mouth as she sits on bed and now pushed me ,I am lying on bed as my mom Julie put her hand on his back to open the lashes of brassiere.she took out her panty also,now we both are nude as she leaned her face on my penis and started kissing it.she have removed it’s skin as her lips are loving my penis from base to shaft and than like a matured lady,she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it as my hand is pressing her soft boobs hardly.julie started swinging her mouth fast as I am screaming in joy……..’oohh aahh suck it hard.”and after a while ,Julie took out my wet cock as her tongue is licking my hand is pressing her breast as her tongue licked it till I walked to washroom.coming back on bed , I can see my mom Julie sleeping as she have put a sheet on her nude body to cover ,now while sitting near her waist ,I put a pillow under her round dome shaped ass as she asked…….

“Rohan will you love my glory hole?
(Rohan)sure my whore mom
(Julie)say me a whore or Julie not mom.”

As I uncovered her nude body ,she spread her legs wide as I can see my mom’s vagina ,it’s glittering like pearls as it’s shaved and vaginal mouth have developed black mounds on it as it’s a sign of long journey in sex and looking at him ,I put my face down as my lips are kissing her vagina with my hand moving on her waist to tummy.I can smell its natural odour as my lips are on her softest part of body as I can put my tongue in between her distracted Julie put her fingers as she opened the vaginal mouth and my tongue is licking her glory hole ,my long tongue is moving inside vagina as I have hold her waist tightly……….

“oohh aahh uumm lick my vagina fast .”

As my penis is fully erected ,I am not going to leave her without fucking my mouth took her labias to suck as she have hold my hairs tightly and I am sucking it wildly till my mom Julie pushed my head looking at my mom ,I can see her reddish face with smile on it and she walked towards washroom to urinate.
Julie is just double of my age as I have took him to bed from car in a drunkun State as my hands have touched her sexual organs ,she gave me a chance as she asked me to change her dress.I have masturbated my penis lot of times while imaging my nude mom or some classmates but never got the touch of a gal or mom Julie is lying on bed as she smiled…….

“now put your cock in my vagina ,my son we both have started a new journey towards physical love and satisfaction.”

As I sits in between her thighs ,I hold my penis and pushed it in her vagina ,my 2/3 Rd penis is in her cunt as I hold her waist and started fucking my mom with speed and power.she is getting the penis of her son as I am penetrating her vagina hard and I know her personal life as I can guess she have too many bed partners for her physical while fucking my mom ,I came on her top as I am fucking her with speed ,she hold me in her arms as her lips are kissing my face ,her soft boobs are brushing on my chest as she started bouncing her ass fast and my penis is now too hot as well as hard.julie is giving me immense pleasure as she is bouncing her sexy ass and my penis is in her hot and dry glory hole as we both are enjoying fuck.she is screaming in pleasure……..

‘oohh aahh uumm Rohan,fuck me hard and pour your cum soon.” As my penis is pounding her vagina with speed ,my penis ejaculated sperms in her vagina as I kissed her lips and while my penis is in her vagina ,I slept it for some time as I can feel her vagina also pouring cum inside.after some time ,we both have a nice bath together as Julie……..”keep it secret my son,we will enjoy more.” As I walked towards my bedroom .

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