Ex Gf banging fantasy 1

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Hey Gangbangers and this is my 1st story of my Ex gf that I am sharing in public and yes, it’s all true and hot. I am Harish and I’m doing my final year B tech in a college in Chennai. My girl friend’s name is Swathi and she is doing her MBBS in Pondicherry. We have been together for 4 years now. Let me tell you guys about her and trust me she kind a girl how will give you an erection the minute you see her.

She is 19 years old, is about 5 feet 3 inch, a medium fair complexion and has amazing 32 30 32 body structure. A perfect round boobs were you will want 2 bury your face as soon a u see it and a sexy ass that you can never miss. She loves 2 wear clothes that are revealing and shows her perfect body and she love people looking at her.

During our school days we often used to have a late night talks over phone and our topics will be mostly on sex and our fantasies. it was during that time I figured out her lust for black, big dicks and her fantasy to have sex with group of guys, to fuck a stranger and to have sex in beach and we used to imagine and fantasies having a group sex and I really loved to imagine her getting banged by group of guys

So since then I have been waiting for a chance to just sit and watch her get fucked by few guys with big dicks and to hear her moan in pleasure. Pondicherry is about 120km from Chennai and it takes about 2hr to reach. so i used drive to pondy (Pondicherry) to see her almost every weekend and we took a room and every day we had sex.

She has sometime confessed to me about few guys in her college with whom she wanted to sleep with and also about wanting to have sex with 2 or 3 guys at a time and one thing in our relationship is that we never hide anything from each other and she lost her virginity to a guy named Jay in her 10th grade and she told me how she enjoyed her 1st dick even though it was small.

It was our 5th Anniversary of being together and as usual I decided to go and visit Swathi in Pondy but I thought of giving her an anniversary present. At that time 2 of my friends Suraj And Ram told me about their plan of going to Pondy at that moment I knew just what present to give her. I have known Suraj and ram for 3 years Suraj is 5″8, well built and is a good looking guy with brown skin and Ram is 5″7 and is average built.

We 3 often hang out together and they know about Swathi and have also told me how lucky I was to fuck her. So I asked my friends to join me and Swathi that weekend and they immediately agreed. I kept it as a secret for me Swathi as I wanted to surprise her and I told her that I will be coming to pondy on Friday evening and have already booked a room

And I told her to wear something really sexy and reviling and to be ready for the best percent and weekend in her life. I could feel the excitement in her voice and her promised me she wear the sexy dress. I and my friends decided to start from Chennai at 6 pm on Friday and we packed our bags and took the ECR road. I could already picture what was going to happen and all that wild imagination gave me a big hard on.

It was a quick journey and during the journey we spoke about our sex experience with ours girl friends and what girls like and it was only sex and sex all the way. It was about 8pm when we reached our room and told my friend to her ready soon and those we are going to a bar and Swathi is also coming. Suraj asked me whether Swathi is going to stay with us at night of will she go back to hostel.

I told them that she will be staying with us in same room and that was enough to get both of them pumped up. It was 9:30 by the time we got ready and reached the bar. It was one on the best bar in pondy and always had the best guys and girls in city. We took a table and ordered some drinks. Swathi was on and I could see my friends excited every second.

After about 10 min she walked through the bar door and I could see half the bar turning and looking at her and she walked straight to our table. She was wearing a sexy sleeveless top and I could say just by a look that there was no bra under it and her lovely boobs took a perfect shape and her cleavage was beautifully seen. She wore a mini skirt till her perfectly toned thigh with heels and showed her ass tight and hot.

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