Brother caught sister by browser history

Hello guys this is Rahul. I’m 23 years young good looking person. This is the story how I fuck my sister. Ok let’s go to the story.
My sister name is Akhila. She is 21 years with gorgeous and attractive look. She is 5.7 inch tall and her size is 34d-30-36. My favourite part is her sexy boobs and hot big ass.

I watch porn and read stories regularly and masturbate by thinking my sister. She can show her hot cleavage many times. She can wear a t-shirt and shorts at house everyday it makes me more hungry on her.

One day her phone was having some problem she gave it to me. And I checked it and said it takes more than a day. But it’s a small thing. She said it’s ok but the data in my phone is important. I said ok.

Then I ask her a password for lock screen and also for apps. She first refused and finally she gave me everything. Then she left from my room. First I switch on her mobile and fix the small problem. Then it’s boring to me. So I thought to watch some porn but my phone battery is low then I have an idea that I watch in my sister’s phone. Then I open a browser then I type just X many of the suggestions are shown then I was shocked and go to browsing history I got double shock it contains full of porn videos. Then only I remembered that she said the data is important so I go the video player I got another shock that she makes a video of her own undressing, fingerring and some nude photos and videos are there. Then I go to her whatsapp there are some groups for sex. But the thing is all are girls and all are become admin. In that group she chat that she also want to have sex. All other friends of her in that group having sex experience except her. Then I share all the videos and photos in that group to myself and press delete for me from her phone. And I also share her own videos to my whatsapp. So this is the chance to fuck her. My longer dream is now came to real. In the evening time she came to my room and ask about the status of her phone. I have the another mobile with the same model and same colour and said it’s going tomorrow you got your phone. She said ok with sad face. The next day my parents went to native for some marriage function. My sister have some exams so she can’t able to go so I asked to my parents that I can stay here with her. Then only they got Happy.

Then went earlier because the train is started at 6.00 am it was 3 day travel to my native so my parents return to house after 3 weeks or a month. After they left from my house I went to my sister’s room and knock the door. She opened the door with half sleep. She is wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts. She ask about her phone. Then I entered her room she asked me continuously. Then I talk about her whatsapp group, browser history and gallery videos and photos. She got shocked and got angry on me. She shouted on me. Then I go near to her and I gone to tell this to our parents. She pleaded me don’t tell this to parents i can do anything for you.

This is the perfect time to execute my plan. I said repeated me what you telling now. She repeated me again that she can do anything for you. Then I have a devil smile and lock all the door and go near to her ears and said I want to fuck you. She refused it. Then I blackmailed her. She have no choice so she accept it. That’s good my dear sister. Go to washroom and get fresh then we start. She went to get fresh once she left from washroom I go and hug her tightly and started to kiss her lips. First she is not interested with this but later i gave a long and deeper kiss she enjoys it then she enter her saliva into my mouth we exchanged our saliva for few minutes. My dick got soo hard. She also feels that. I wear a t-shirt and boxer. I slowly removed her T-shirt she wear a pink colour strapless bra. It is beautiful to see her cleavage with hot shoulder. Now I remove her shorts. She is in matching colour for bra and panty. Then she remove my boxer and touch my dick over my underwear. Then she remove my whole dress and make me nude. Then I also remove her bra and panty she is also nude in front of me. She is dusky look when she becomes nude.

Then we hug eachother her boobs is pressing my chest and my dick is touch her waist. Then again we kissed each other but this time for half an hour. Then she put her knee down to rub my dick. She rub my dick slowly. My 7 inch dick is in her hand. This is the first time another person touching my dick. She gave me a nice blowjob. I got cum all over her face and her mouth also she swallows it for some time. After that I grab her big melons. I suck one of the melon and pressed the other. I pressed it harder and bite her thick nipples she shouted. Then I have a liplock to control her. Then I continued with sucking her boobs. It was nice and soft. I drank some milk from her boobs it’s taste is good.

And I put her to lie on the bed and I take my 7 inch dick and placed into her hot clean pussy. It was hard to insert then only I confirmed she is still Virgin. Then I insert my whole dick inside her she moaned like ahhhh come on fuck me fuck me…. Then I start to fuck her slowly. She said make it fast. Then I increased my pace. After several positions I said I am going to get cum. She take my dick again and lick it and rub for some time then I spread my cum all over her body.

Then she go to washroom to clean everything I also entered her washroom then we both bath together in bath tub. We have a small session there. After we complete the bath we both go to sleep together and nude too. Then I fuck her till my parents return. Then return after 1 and half month.

After a month we built two rooms in first floor. I make the plan for this room. So I built a single washroom which is bigger. And this washroom connected with our both bed room. This is advantage to both of us. Because our house is under CCTV surveillance. So I planned to build a common washroom which is connected with two bed rooms. But my parents stay at ground floor because they had some knee issues. Me and my sister take a seperate room but at the night time we slept together. Then we make some videos and get it safe in my laptop. After that we got fuck daily till her marriage. After marriage I don’t have a chance to have sex with her. But some kisses and blowjob are still going.

Thank you for reading this hope you all are enjoying this story.

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