Well being a trucker I finally got local job. Well my wife was very faithful to me as I was her.

One day we texting on the phone. So I asked her if she ever thought about fucking another man. At first she said she had but never had put any thought into it. I said ok be honest with me do you want to. She tells me why would I want to ruin our marriage. I said ok but tell me. She said yes and asked why.I said I was just being curious. She said ok but why would you ask me if I would want to do that. I said because I did
So the more we text be more explicit the conversation came.

Then I said to her about another man dick in her pussy and filling it with cum and went on. Well she told me to stop it because it was wet and very horny. Then she said do you want me to. I said maybe. She be honest with me. So I said yes I did. She said are 100% positive and serious about it. I said completely.

Well I got home from work and we talked about it more. I can’t believe how dripping wet she was as we talked about it. She said that we could go to a bar and take separate cars this way we could go in separately and she could get picked up and I can watch her leave with the guy who is going to be fucking her.I said ok then I would leave and go home.

So that Friday evening I helped her pick out to wear and get dressed. She I said I can’t believe you’re helping me get dressed to go out and get fucked by another man. I said that I wanted her to be sexy for him. She said ok are you sure that you are positive about this an I said yes asking if she was very sure she was. Without hesitation she yes. About hour later we left for the bar.

We went to a bar close to home she went in first and sat at a small table then I went in an sat bar so I could see her. I remember her saying before we left I don’t if I get picked up being 44 yrs old. It was about 10 minutes later that a black younger guy sat down talking to her. He must have said something about her wedding rings. They talked a while and then started to kiss an feel each other.I was very excited about it and loved it. Well it wasn’t long after that they got up and he took her hand and left. So I walked out. I seen her following him in her car. So I went home to wait for her. Thinking about about her and him.

Then about 3 hours went by I got a text from her telling me that she was on her way home. Well she said that she wanted me to be completely naked in bed waiting for her because she was going home in a few minutes.

I was in bed waiting for her when she came. I could tell she enjoyed very very much. Well she walked over to the bed kissing me passionately I could taste his cock and cum in her mouth .

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