Best Friend Ditty

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Someone quoted the line “Friends are the Family you choose”. I don’t exactly remember his/her name but I can guarantee that whoever quoted this understood life, people & relationship better then anyone else.

Hi I’m Karan, Male 26 from Pune. (Name & Location Changed). I currently work as a freelancer and had been in some really interesting professions. This story is about my time with my Friend Kritti, Female 26 from Pune (Name & Location Changed). She is one the few people in my life whom I can hand over a loaded gun and can trust her with my life.

We are friends from our college days. It’s not some movie type friendship that start with some fantasy & crazy incident. How our Friendship started I don’t even remember that. It just started one day we met next day we were talking comfortably with eachother and since then we developed a deep respect, love, care and honesty for eachother. We share a lot of stuff, we almost share our lifes. It’s like talking to yourself when I’m with her or when we chat and talk.

So back to story, It was the month of March in 2020 COVID19 outbreak didn’t started then and the World was still a free place. Kritti was in the town attending a marriage function. It was just before the Holi festival that she called me and we talked for a good amount of time. I had to buy some traditional dress for Holi as I was going back to my hometown for Holi celebration. I told her we can meet tomorrow and she could help me with shopping. Things were usual as always we talked, disconnected and we’re back to our routine.

Next day I decided to give her a suprise, I took my side bag and kept some mini bottles of Jack Daniels and some quality weed. As she mentioned earlier on call that she missed the fun and taste of liquor. At evening 04:00 PMi took my bike and went to her home to pick her. We went to Some malls and shop, bought dress and other items and while returning it was 05:30 PM. I asked her if she was free, she said yes, then I took her to one of .y favourite spot where I usually go to smoke joint and watch the beauty of the city and get connected to the calmness of the nature. I took her to one of the the city’s Water supply tank which is 15 story tall. She said I was crazy and this was not a new thing to me. She always mentioned how idiot and crazy I’m. We reached the top of the tower and sat there I was holding her hand with care that she don’t feel fear of hight as I was there for her In case if she get fear. We sat there watched the Sun set and watch clouds howering over us. We saw people and cars which seems tiny from the hight we were. I took out the bottle of Jack Daniels and gave it to her, She smiled and said “Yar I missed it so much” I made a pack and gave her we were enjoying the smooth liquor and the sensation of floating in the sky. I made a joint and started to smoke, She asked for a puff, I shared.
The liquor and the weed started to show it’s magic. We were feeling light and like God & Goddess while sitting above everyone.

She kept her head on my shoulder and we were talking, She told about me about the marriage function and how she missed her man. We talked about our job, our other friends, college and other things. Then she was going to lay her head on my lap and I said don’t do it. She asked why, I said it might trigger something. It was a funny statement and she laughed and teased me saying control kuch nahi hoga. And then she laid her head on my lap, “Someone truly said the Flesh knows no boundries, it will react to Flesh”. As he head laid on my lap my Naughty boy started to wake up. Why wouldn’t it afterall Kriti was a beauty, fair, tall, correct amount of flesh on correct place. She was cute as a baby and hot as a Greek Goddess at the same time. She was 32B-28-34 Even a blind could get an erection by without watching her. Her voice was as melodious as Cuckoo bird’s. Her eyes glittered with happiness. She hair was smooth like the best quality of silk and her aroma was heavenly they any man would forget his existence when she was near him.

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