Aunt is willingly seduced by husband’s nephew

My feet were killing me. Wearing the high stiletto heels was not a good idea. I knew that I had a full day of meetings most of which I led standing up and presenting to my all-male team.

The power suit with the white blouse with a plunging neckline, blue blazer and short skirt was not the most comfortable clothing for this all-day meeting marathon. I wore it to show the contrast of my sexiness and management command.

The intent was to weed out those whose attention could be distracted by my appearance. They would be cut.


I was always in control and command of every situation especially when it came to sex. I demanded to be pleased the way I needed and the way I commanded. My husband, who had 20 years on me, sometimes couldn’t keep up with his trophy wife. But he complied when he could and most times, he needed a pill to get hard.

We were down to the last set of meetings. The 11-hour work day was drawing to a close when the text notification that my flight had been canceled came through.

Then my secretary called.

‘Guys, I have to take this call. My flight was canceled, and Julie probably has a new plan for me. Be right back.’

Knowing those guys, they were talking about me once the door closed. I left my other phone which had the voice recorder going. I was using it in all the meetings. They knew that. It helps with note taking.


‘Julie, what do you have?’ I assumed she knew about the cancellation and had a plan.

‘Bad news, No flight tonight but there is one at 11 AM tomorrow which I booked for you in first class in your favorite seat. That should give you some time to close out loose ends in the morning versus today. I can imagine how exhausted you must be.’

She was referring to the firing of Jim and maybe others based on the recording.

I wasn’t sure about which hotel you would like tonight. I know you weren’t happy with the room service last night.’

She is so good. I hired her 10 years ago when I first started my practice. She has been a big help as we grew to a multi-city, well respected firm.

‘Given your nephew lives 2 blocks from the office, I thought you might want to see him, or stay with him. I remembered that you and Robert have stayed with Jamie multiple times.

Uh-oh, while we spoke, I have been monitoring the hotels close to you. Now they are all booked probably because of the weather cancellations.

Oh no, the closest open hotel room is 30 miles away close to the airport. Jamie maybe your only choice if you wish to easily return to the office in morning and make your 11 AM flight.’

She is so smart. I didn’t think of the Jamie option, probably because it was too risky. Jamie was just about my age. He was successful in business as well. His condo was amazing. He had it together. He harnessed his smarts, good looks, athletic build, and powers of persuasion to score in business – and the ladies.

Every time we visited; he had another stunning girl friend who always spent the night with him. Some of the women were more vocal in bed than others. On occasion the noise would wake up Robert and I in the middle of the night. Jamie must be good.

One time, Jamie and I were alone at the country style breakfast table. For a moment, I sat there admiring the guy while eating the fantastic eggs benedict he made from scratch. I could not resist asking.

‘Jamie, you really seem to have it together. You have the complete package.’

He stood up and walked to refresh his coffee. He was wearing white spandex workout shorts and a tight-fitting matching shirt. The shirt accented his well-muscled chess, the shorts were pulled tight around his muscled cheeks. When he turned I saw the outline of his huge cock. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to a totally different view of Jamie. No longer my husband’s nephew, but now a male I desired. I tingled with excitement with this new perspective and the sudden onslaught of sexual desire.

‘Yes, I have the total package,’ he said as he looked down to the tight outline of his huge cock.

‘Maybe someday you will come and appreciate my total package better.’

I couldn’t reply. Was he thinking the same way I was? Was it c-o-m-e or c-u-m? My head was spinning when Robert walked in to join us.

‘Jamie, are you heading to a workout? If so, I would like to join you,’ Robert requested.

‘Sure, Linda would come with us if you are cool with that.’


They left. I ran to our bedroom, pulled out the vibrator and fantasized about having sex with Jamie. I had one of the strongest orgasms – ever. I lay there exhausted and feeling guilty — Jamie is my nephew.


‘Julie, let me check with Jamie. Knowing him, he has plans with Miss America tonight.’ We both laughed. I had shared our experiences staying with Jamie but not the ‘Total Package’ masturbation incident.

Having already checked out of my hotel, I had my bag with me. I could stay at one of those far away hotels or if it worked out, stay the night with Jamie. No, I can’t do that. I don’t trust myself.

The hotel situation does give me a legitimate reason to stay with Jamie if for some reason Robert questioned it. I will go for it and be a good girl. It will be exciting enough to just stay with him and maybe he will cook a gourmet meal for me which would be way better than a hotel restaurant from past experience.

I calmed myself and called, ‘Jamie, it is your Aunt Laura.’

‘Well, hi stranger!’

He sounded so enthusiastic.

‘How is my favorite aunt? Let me guess, either you just arrived in town with Uncle Robert, or you are stranded here due to the weather cancellations. Linda’s flight was cancelled coming back because the airport is totally closed for the night. I am guessing the latter not the former.

I should have flown to pick up Linda as the private jet airport is staying open for us daredevils. Did Uncle Robert tell you I am finally licensed to fly my Gulfstream G700? I didn’t need to with 3 pilots on staff, but I like a challenge. Comes in handy sometime. Some ladies are very impressed.’

Oops, it didn’t cross my mind that Linda would be there. Can’t believe he is still going out with her, must be going on 3 months — a long term relationship for Jamie. That would have been better if she was there. I would definitely be a good girl — unless they wanted a third! Stop it!

So, Jamie and I will be alone all night. I felt a stirring in me. I kept saying to myself, ‘I can be good. I can be good…’

‘Hey — congrats on the license, that is a big deal. Should I call you Maverick? Lol! Maybe someday you can take me for a joyride.

Jamie, I am in a bind. I was in town one night for a round of meetings today. You know, in and out and back home. Robert is off shooting Bambi which I hate.

Yes, my flight was cancelled. I am now booked out at 11 AM. The problem is all the hotels around here are booked solid. I moved my last meeting until tomorrow morning, I am firing at least one of the team, so I would like to stay close to the office.

So, can you help me out? Can I stay with you tonight? I would really appreciate it and I would owe you one. If you can have me tonight, that would be great. If you don’t, I understand.’

What the hell was I saying? Did that sound like a come on to him. You can have me tonight. Yikes, I can’t trust myself, I hope he has the self-control to say no or has some other plans.

‘Of course, Aunt Laura. I would love to have you tonight. I will be a great host and take care of your every need tonight.’

I need to stop this subtle flirtatious conversation. Even though my excitement at the thought of having sex with Jamie grew, I promised myself I would be a good girl. I need to take command of myself. Maybe I am just imagining all this.

‘That’s great. You are the best nephew. I have a couple things to wrap up and then I can head over. Maybe there is a place along the way I can pick up dinner for us. I am starving!’

‘Nothing doing. I was already preparing a little something for Linda. No need for you to pick up food. But there is wine shop along the way. If you can pick up maybe 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of Dom Perignon for the champagne breakfast I will make you in the morning, that would help.

Tell you what, pick up 4 wine bottles to help me restock. I remember, you and I like the same wine. Is that correct? I will pay for it. Tell the shopkeeper Mario to put the cost on my bill. I don’t believe he will question you. He will call me to confirm if he does. Mario will have his son Georgios carry the wine and champagne, that way you don’t have to carry all that.’

Wine, wine, wine…grrrrr. I hadn’t thought of that either. Four or five glasses and my sexual urges get out of control, and I seek satisfaction. I am just not thinking straight anymore. But is it too late to back out? I don’t think so.

Jamie is so thoughtful. He plans so quickly all the little details it makes my head spin. I feel like I am losing control, like I am the way to being seduced not me seducing him. Maybe all this though is just wishful thinking.

‘Yes, we share the same taste for wine. Hopefully tonight, without Uncle Robert around, we can find other things where our taste is the same.’

‘Aunt Laura, I am sure we also share a desire for many of the same things. We have all night to explore and satisfy those shared desires.’

‘Ok, I will see you soon with my escort Georgios. I have to update Julie — oh — she is my secretary — and let her know to stop looking for a hotel.’

‘Aunt Laura?’


‘I have an idea. How about I fly you home? That way you can be flexible on your return and take care of more business in the morning or delay your bad news meeting to afternoon giving us more breakfast time together in the morning.

We won’t have to rush out of bed to get you to the airport. I will explain the situation to Linda. She might want to stay later with her lover before returning. If you need a nap on the 2-hour flight, there is a bedroom in the plane. Just a crazy question – are you a member of the mile high club?’

‘OK to the flight offer and no on club membership,’ I said slowly. The thought of morning sex with Jamie flashed through my mind and joining the mile high club with him!

Linda has another lover? Maybe that is why he has been with her so long. Sheesh. I feel like I am in the middle of an erotic story. One where I am losing control.

‘Great, let’s do that. I will put my pilots on alert. See you in a bit!’


‘Julie, everything is set. I will stay with Jamie tonight and he offered to fly me back on his private jet. I accepted. It is a Gulfstream G700 for god’s sake! Remember how we looked at those for fractional use during COVID? He is actually licensed to fly it, but his pilots will fly it so that we can spend more time together on the jet.’

I left the bedroom out of the discussion. I don’t know what Jamie was planning so I didn’t need Julie’s radar on it.

‘That’s good news. Do you want to move the last meeting to later in the morning or afternoon?’

‘Move it to mid-afternoon. Jamie said it is only a 2-hour flight. I think I saw somewhere that the Gulfstream flies faster and higher than a commercial jet so that helps get me back in time for dinner. I told Robert I would divorce him if he made me eat Bambi.’

‘Got it boss. Have a wonderful evening. Take pictures of the Gulfstream! I hear some are outfitted extravagantly with living areas, kitchens — I am mean galleys, bedrooms used long flights or short flights for mile high club members. Get a picture behind the controls in the cockpit and the pilots. Maybe a cute photo with you, Jamie, and Linda too. He is such great guy.’

‘Will do. This really is going to turn a blasé day of meetings into an exciting adventure all due to my nephew Jamie.’

‘Ten four boss. I would like to meet Jamie one day. Bye!’

I intentionally used the nephew to throw Julie off in case she was thinking otherwise. I didn’t touch the Linda comment. I needed for her to think Linda would be there tonight and tomorrow. Julie’s radar is too powerful, and I didn’t need any additional questions or ‘Oh’ or ‘Hmm’ or other signals that her radar was up.

Time to wrap up.

I walked into the meeting room, picked up the recording phone, walked out and listened to it. Pretended like I was getting a silent call.

Back in the meeting room I held the voice recording phone up.

‘OK if we listen to the end of the last meeting? I need to capture the action items in my notes. Please join in on anything I miss. Any objection? No? Ok great.’

I looked around the room. They were all stunned. There knew there was something on the recording they didn’t want me to hear. I backed it up to roughly when I left the room and hit play. You could hear my phone ring.

‘Guys, I have to take this call. My flight was canceled, and Julie probably has a new plan for me. Be right back.’

The door closed.

Jim said, ‘Well if she needs a place to stay, I will take her home, drag her into the bedroom, rip open that silk blouse and free those huge breasts. I had a boner all day looking at her. I would drop my pants and pull her onto my cock. I bet she gives good head. Women who talk a lot are great cock suckers.’

Larry said, ‘Then I would take my turn. I would make her ride me and fuck my cock.’

Alfred chimed in, ‘I would have her take my cock in her mouth while riding Larry. I am sure she would love it and get me to cum in her mouth and onto those huge breasts!! Yes!’

‘Stop the disrespectful talk,’ Jerry shouted.

‘I know you three resent her. You still feel an allegiance to Robert. She is in command of this firm now. We are doing way better under her management. You should be thankful for having a job. We were going down under Robert’s management.’

‘Plus, she is testing our ability to focus. When we are in a court room we can’t be distracted by an attractive opposing attorney.’ he said in a very calm tone.

The other guys nodded. One of them said, I could not make out the voice, ‘Jim and you guys shut up before we all go down with you.’

I stopped the recording.

I said, ‘Jerry, please ask Jenny to join our meeting. Also, Belinda — just tell her to send all calls to voice mail. It is after 5, so it should be OK.’

Jenny is my on-site Human Resources officer. She doesn’t report directly to me, but i know she will come to the meeting upon my request. Jerry might give her a clue, not sure, probably not. Belinda is the receptionist who reports to Jenny — very good at what she does — she will be freaked out about leaving her station, but I need two witnesses that do not report to me for what I am about to do.

Jenny and Belinda joined us. They sat in chairs behind me. I was at the head of the long conference table with the team of 12 partners sitting on both sides of the table. I took note of where Jim was sitting. I was worried about him. He was cited recently for an angry outburst with an employee.

‘Jenny, I will play this recording for you. The team was aware that I was recording the events of the day. I left to take a call. When I returned, we listened to the recording of their discussion in my absence. The statements made by some of the team members need your attention and evaluation. At the end of the recording, I will ask if anyone who is sitting around this table if they would like to discuss the recording. When complete, I will speak.’

I took the phone, positioned it to the timing of my departure and played it.

At the end, Jim jumped up from his seat.

‘You slut, you bitch! You seduced and married Robert to grab his practice by seducing and fucking him. You fucked him into believing you were in love with him. You don’t deserve to run this firm! You are a whore. You are going to pay for this abuse and fucking up Robert’s firm and Roberts team.’

Jim quickly moved toward me. He was wild eyed. I quickly assessed him as a threat. He moved closer to me, I stood up. He rushed me, stopped, and swung with his right. I blocked it with my left forearm, and I delivered a right cross to his jaw. He was stunned and retreated, then he rushed me wildly, head forward trying to ram into my chest. I grabbed his head and brought my left knee up to his lower chin hard. He dropped down, knocked out cold.

‘Jerry… or Julie, please call building security and 911.’

To say the least, the room was somewhere between stunned, speechless, impressed, scared, and amazed.

I knew my next questions could have waited, but I was thinking of Jamie awaiting me.

‘Larry and Alfred, do you have anything to say? With Julie here and Belinda as a witness, if you choose to resign, they can take your verbal resignation. I am not asking you to resign, however, I am sure Jenny will evaluate this situation in light of a potential dismissal. Of course, if you choose to verbally resign, you will be asked to leave today.’

Both Alfred and Larry resigned. No surprise. Being fired from a respectable firm would be a huge red flag for the budding careers. Jim was Robert’s age, so he was in the twilight of his career. The firm could not share why they were terminated, but people talk.

‘Jenny, I will leave it up to you on how they should gather their personal effects and exit the building.’

‘Jerry, thank you for your help in this unusual situation. Let’s talk sometime over the next few days. I would like your ideas on how to fill the open partner positions we have and an assessment of the remaining partners in this office.’

‘Does anyone have any questions for me? No? Jenny, please keep me apprised of Jim’s condition. I am concerned about him. Please take charge.’

I left the room. Too bad, I didn’t have a recorder to hear this discussion. I am sure Jenny would fill me in if there was anything I needed to know.

I have to update Robert on why three of his good old boys were now out to pasture and one of them in the hospital with a probable broken jaw. I wasn’t proud of that but given what I went through in college, I would not be assaulted again. No way, not ever again. Not me.

I will not be open to reversing field on anyone of the three although Robert might plead to do so. I will listen. However, assault by Jim will be a tough sell to me. I did have an interesting interview this afternoon though for potentially one of the replacements.


When I left the room, Jenny did take control.

‘Everybody calm down. Take your seats around the table. Jim is breathing just fine even though he is still out. His jaw looks out of line. Mary, who is our healthcare malpractice partner. Mary was an ER nurse in a previous life, is monitoring Jim. EMS should be here shortly. Security took Alfred and Larry to their offices to pack all their personal belongings, turn in their access cards and escort them to their cars. ‘

‘Does anyone wish to speak about just what happened?’

‘She is a fricking Amazon! Is she Wonder Woman managing a law firm? Oh my God, I hope that statement doesn’t get me fired.’ George shouted and then was speechless.

John whispered to Gene, ‘She can Amazon fuck me anytime.’

‘John, do you wish to share? I could not hear you.’

‘Nothing of import, I told Gene this is all crazy.’

Ben shared, ‘I feel so inferior. She is so smart; courtroom savvy and she can kick anyone’s ass! If I had any doubts about working for her, I am totally bought in. I love her — uh — her management of the firm.’

Max’s turn, ‘I saw Jim rushing Laura. Lately he has been acting crazy so in a way I was not surprised. I was paralyzed, I should have grabbed him, but I didn’t. I feel so ashamed. She has been so good to me, so much better than Robert. Sometimes you wish you can replay life. I should have grabbed Jim and saved him from the pain.’

Jenny asked, ‘Anyone else?’

Ralph said, ‘ I don’t, other than say I hope I can stay. You don’t find a leader like her. ‘ He looked over to Jerry.

Patrick — who was almost in tears blurted out, ‘You can’t learn this kind of stuff in a courtroom. You can’t learn this type of stuff at school. You can’t learn this type of stuff in most companies. I am blessed to work in this firm — Laura’s firm. Who else could handle what we just saw? She is one of a kind. She did it with such professionalisms who could doubt her intent — make this firm great. If she can handle what just happened. She can lead us to do anything.’


Julie would be heading to her son’s tennis match right now so instead of calling I texted, ‘Julie, I don’t need tomorrow’s meetings anymore. I just took care of it. I will fill you in tomorrow. I am not going to change my plans with Jamie, however. How could I pass up a ride on the G700? Have a great evening, I hope Julian wins tonight.’

Now I really need some wine.


‘Georgios, good to see you again! Thank you for escorting my Aunt Laura and carrying everything for her. I take it no problem with payment approval?’

‘No sir, no problem at all. Ms. Laura introduced herself as your aunt which was good enough for Dad. Didn’t hurt that she is so beautiful and charming.’

‘Could you please put everything over by the wine bar? It is…’

‘Yes sir, I know where it is. Oh, I am sorry I didn’t mean to sound so…’

‘Georgios don’t worry about it. How is the soccer team doing?’

‘Sir, we are in second place. We are in the playoffs! We continue to appreciate greatly your sponsorship of the team. The uniforms are the best in the league and the practice facility you built for us has helped us hone our skills.’

‘I am sorry I haven’t made all the games lately. One of my out of country businesses needed an extreme amount of attention. I understand that when you make the playoffs, you have to go to another city to play in the tournament?’

‘Yes sir, we are doing fund raising activities like car washes, handyman jobs, and GoFundMe projects to raise the money.’

‘Georgios I will talk to your manager. Whatever money the team needs to travel and stay in the city, I will pay for. I will try and make the games, but I can’t guarantee that.

‘Oh sir, that would be awesome! Thank you, thank you!’

‘Just to be clear, the team needs to continue the fund raising which is good for your character and invests you in the effort. I will make up the difference although, I will talk to him about how you will travel and where you will stay. I will probably suggest something else and that difference I will fund as well.’

‘Sir, you are the greatest!’ Georgios ran up and hugged Jamie who patted him on the back and gave me a big smile while a tear rolled down my cheek.

‘Here is a little something for you.’

It was a fricking $100 bill!

Georgios looked at it and said, ‘Sir, as always Dad added the delivery charge and tip to your bill. There is no need to do that as I have said before.’

‘Once again, this is for you. Take your girlfriend out to a nice dinner. It will make me happy for you to take it. Please accept it,’ Jamie said in a calm almost pleading voice.

‘Thank you, sir. Maria will really appreciate it as I always do. I think she stays with me because I take her to these classy places because of you.’

‘No, no Georgios. You have a kind heart; you respect her and don’t pressure her for anything like other young men. She is lucky to have found someone like you.’

I busted out in a happy, emotional crying. I was so impressed with Jamie. I had to leave the room.

Goodbyes were said. And then we were alone. Finally. Finally, alone. God me help me, alone with Jamie.


‘Dinner is about two hours away. Some of the dishes need that time to cook. I brought my cook in to finish up. Do you have something casual and comfortable to wear for a cocktail hour?’

‘No, I just have my power suits and bedtime clothes.’

‘Clearly you look great in your power suit maybe for dinner. Bedtime clothes would be appropriate for later. May I suggest you place your roller board in the guest room? Linda keeps all her clothes there. My guess you are the same sizes. Pick out something casual for the cocktail hour. She has quite a collection to choose from. I can help if you wish.’

Holy cow, I am so out of control of this situation. He will pick out my clothes if I don’t stop him. Maybe I should accept his help and ask him to dress me. Stop thinking like that.

I had a very simple seduction plan. He has a very elegant plan in mind — I think. I am starting to like his plan.

‘If I need your help, I will ask.

Sorry, didn’t mean for it to sound that way. Thank you for your offer, if I have difficulty or indecision, I will request your support.’ That sounded really stupid. I am so nervous. I am totally losing it.

‘No problem. Remember I am your host and will meet your every need.’

I feel so inferior to Jamie. I am the aunt; I should be the wise one. I am beginning to believe the roles are reversed.

I dutifully headed to the bedroom. In the enormous closet I found a mixture of all the most expensive labels of clothing for exercise, morning attire, afternoon, cocktail hour, casual dinner, elegant dinner, bedtime, and sexy bedtime. Nothing cheap here.

I picked out a cocktail hour dress with plunging neckline, conservative length with stylish heels. My feet were still killing me but what the fuck. It fit perfectly. In the bedroom suite, there was a makeup area. I touched up where the tears had flowed. The perfumes were the $1,000 an ounce variety that I sprayed on conservatively. I let my hair down from the ponytail. I pushed my breasts up into my bra to give the illusion they were busting out. I was ready to face Jamie for cocktail hour.

‘My word Aunt Laura. You look gorgeous and alluring in the dress. Thank you for wearing it.’

He was wearing a black turtleneck covered with a white suit jacket. He looked spectacular with his blonde hair now brushed back. I expected him to whip out a pipe to add to the whole look. I thought I was looking at James Bond.

‘Let’s sit in the library and talk and drink wine.’

Of course, the library was impressive. Walking along the walnut walls with bookshelves that were populated with classic titles. I assumed they were pricey originals, but I had to ask.


‘Most of them. I bought a bookstore that had access to a catalog of rare originals. I snapped them up primarily as an investment.’

Of course. This guy is unbelievable.

There were two comfortable oversized chairs opposed across a table. The white wine was chilled in a bucket off to side. Wine glasses sat on the table beckoning to be used. Robert and I had never seen this room. It was back off the flow of the living area.

Jamie poured. He filled the glasses mid-way. He picked up and offered me mine.

‘To Aunt Laura. The best aunt I have ever known, and I hope to get to know better tonight.’

We clinked and drank.

‘So how was your day?’

This started an amazing conversation. He was so talented in listening and interjecting savvy comments about my team. I felt so at ease talking to him about it. He was business smart, athletic, generous, kind and most of all sexy. After 4 full drinks, Jamie asked.

‘You only have men on your team?’

‘Yes, at this time. It more or less happened that way.’

‘You are such a control freak; things just don’t happen to you!’

‘Well, your Uncle had something to do with it. When he semi-retired and we merged his practice and I took control, he had some ‘good old boys’ that he asked me to take care of.’

I took this opportunity to explain what happened in the last meeting.

‘You did what? One of your partners attacked you? Are you making this up? It is unbelievable!

‘No lie, it happened sorry to say. I had no choice.’

‘Where did you learn to defend yourself like that?’

‘I have been boxing since college. I don’t do it competitively although my coach believes I would do well. He also taught me what he calls street fighting. He says when you are attacked you aren’t going to meet in the middle and touch gloves.’

‘Why did you start?

‘I was assaulted at a frat party. He was wild drunk, much bigger than me. He convinced me to go to his room. He shut and locked the door and proceeded to force me to have oral sex with him. When he tried to shove it down my throat, I grabbed his balls hard. He screamed and fell to his knees and then started rolling on the floor.

The door was locked, I couldn’t figure out how to get out. He recovered and threw me on the bed and raped me. He slapped me around while he did it. I was kicking and screaming loud. Eventually two of his frat brothers broke down the door. They pulled him off of me and dragged him out. Someone called for the police. I just laid there. I was mad at myself. I promised myself that this would never happen again, I would never be assaulted again, never again, never, never, never.’

‘Wow, I am so sorry Aunt Laura. I didn’t know.’

‘He was not convicted of any crime. In his defense, the attorney trotted out 10 guys I had oral sex with, claiming I had come onto his client. The two frat boys who rescued me dodged the subpoenas. He was found innocent by an all-male jury. His attorney was so bold as to say that they wouldn’t seek rape charges against me! When that happened, I decided to be a criminal defense attorney and swear off men.’

‘Were the witnesses telling the truth?’

‘I told you what I like.’

‘I see.’

‘Could we please change the subject?’

‘Sure.’ He thought for a moment.

‘You now have three partner openings. I know it is early, but have you given it any thought on how to replace them? Any females in the queue?’

‘As a matter for fact I interviewed one after I spoke to you. She is well qualified, but …’


‘She came on to me. We were in this box interview room. As I asked questions and she answered she would reach over and touch my hand. At one point she held onto it. Later in the interview, she said she was attracted to me and didn’t know if she could control her desires as an employee. She asked that I didn’t hold that against her.’

‘So, you stopped the interview and escorted her out?’



‘I felt attracted to her.’

‘For sex?’

‘I don’t know. She was extremely attractive. I have been so stressed all day and looking for relief. I don’t know, sounds crazy now.’

‘What did you tell her?’

‘I asked for her number and that I would personally call her. I will not call her and let HR handle it.’

‘But you can call later for other reasons.’


‘Have you had sex with other females?

I can’t believe I am talking about this with Jamie. I have never spoken to Robert about it.

‘Yes. Back in college. After the…incident. My roommate and I would have fun together. We scared off the scatterbrain studs that couldn’t handle dominant females, so we took care of each other.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘She enjoyed it more than me. She liked giving and receiving. I liked receiving. I still liked giving it to men.’

I was getting hot talking about sex. Upto this point I felt totally out of control. It was driving me crazy. I need to be in command. Time to take control. I stood up moved over to Jamie. I sat down on his lap, wrapped my arm around him and began kissing him. I stopped and dropped down between his legs to I reached to find that huge cock. I awkwardly rubbed it through his slacks. I started fumbling with his belt and zipper. He didn’t stop me until he said.

‘Aunt Laura?’

That stopped me.

‘I feel so stupid. Such an idiot. I wanted to gain control as I felt so out of control. I am so sexually aroused just talking to you. I had to act. I want you; I need you. Now what?’

‘I want to have a beautiful sexual experience with you. Is that what you want?

Or do you want to just wildly suck my cock, then ride it and get the tension release you need? I can give you a night of sex you will never forget, nor regret. It is your choice. Leave me in control and I will take you places you have never been. That is what I recommend. What do you want?’

God, I want him so bad. I want his cock in my mouth right now. But, who wouldn’t want it? Smart, good looking, a good gentle soul.

‘I want you. I want you to take me to those places.’

‘Ok, we agree then. Let me check on dinner with Javier. Please have another drink, it might help.’

I was wet below, I had hard nipples, I had tears running down my cheeks. I was a mess. I was ready and willing to cede complete control to my nephew. And I felt very comfortable doing that. He wanted to have beautiful sex with me. What a concept. I don’t remember ever having that. I now felt honored he felt that way. I was energized to please him in any way he needed.

‘Dinner is ready. Javier laid out the formal settings and have our plates ready to eat. I suggest we change into more formal clothes. I am good with what I am wearing. Could you wear your power suit? You look so good in it. I will leave that decision up to you.’

‘I can do that.’ I said forcibly trying to be strong.

‘Great, the food is ready and hot, please hurry to return. Javier also left two of his best bottles of wine for us and poured a glass a piece.’

I hurried to my room, removed my dress, took off my bra and stepped into my skirt. I put on my pinstriped blue suit jacket. I decided not to wear a bra or blouse. When I buttoned it, my breasts were not fully covered with the nipples peeking out. An immense amount of cleavage was evident. Immediately I started thinking about how to minimize that exposure then thought — uh — this is not a problem but a plus. I put on my stiletto shoes. Forget the pain, I need that look. I hurried to the dining room where Jamie was already standing by the fireplace, his back toward me.


He turned and I took in the sight of this classy man, but my eyes looked quickly down to the package. It was there filling out the left side of his pant leg. Once again, a tingle rolled through my body like an alert to my breasts and pussy.

‘You look … powerful … in that suit. Your breasts are amazing Aunt Laura.’

I wish he would stop calling me that. IT reminded me that whatever we did tonight was taboo. I would rather be one of his many girl friend conquests. I now fully understood why he had his pick of partners. I am sure there were women willing to do anything to get his attention.

‘Shall we eat?’

We took seats at opposite ends of the mahogany table. It seemed so formal even though my tits were hanging out of a $1,000 suit like a slut. I decided to ask a probing question.

‘You know now that I like to perform oral sex on men. What do you like?’

He thought for a moment like he was going to give me one of his sophisticated responses, but I was surprised to hear him say:

‘I like a good blowjob,’

‘Well, that sounds like a good match to me.’ I spoke eagerly.

Jamie said, ‘I agree.’

After I sampled the steak I asked, ‘Jamie this is my favorite steak and sides. It is the same meal I have at your favorite restaurant that you take Robert and I to down the block. How did you know?’

‘Linda loves it too. That is why I was preparing it for her.’

‘O, well lucky me. It looks identical. It tastes identical. How did you duplicate it?’

‘Javier the chef shared the recipe with me.’

‘Wait. Javier who finished the dinner is your chef? I am not following.’

‘Sorry, I own the restaurant. Javier is the master chef. He has tutored me on cooking. He is a great teacher and good friend.’

‘So that explains how we were always able to get into the restaurant immediately when the line was a block long. Your ‘reservations’ were that of the owner. And we were seated at the primo table by the window.’

‘Guilty as charged.’

I paused for a moment.

‘You are so full of surprises. I was surprised to hear Linda had a lover. I was under the impression that you were a couple … one that could lead to marriage.’

‘All true. But, if we get married, we already agreed that we could have one lover on the side.’

That’s interesting. I proceeded with my line of questioning.

‘So who is the lover you are going to keep ‘on the side.’

‘Nobody at the moment. I am still looking for someone. They would have to be smart, attractive, independent, not jealous, and successful in what they do. You know, someone like you.’

A lightning strike of excitement ran through. Could it be me? I want it to be me! Jamie and I could keep it away from Robert. I could legitimately spend more time in this citiy office now that I had to fill positions and build the office the way I should have right off the bat. I could picture us jet setting around keeping our mile high club membership very active. I would accompany Jamie to his out of country businesses as his attorney. Heck, I started out as a corporate attorney before switching to criminal practice.

‘I have a hard time being modest, but that is quite a tall order.’

‘Well maybe you will help me fill that order. I trust your judgment.’

We finished the magnificent dinner. For some reason it tasted better than at the restaurant.

‘Would you like an after-dinner drink?’ Jamie asked.

‘Sure would.’ I really didn’t need one as I felt extremely drunk.

‘Let’s go to my bedroom suite. I have a comfortable couch where we can have the drink and…talk.’

Yes! We are going to his bedroom where I am sure that is where all the magic happens! I need to control myself and take his lead.

He went to the bar and poured liqueurs into two flasks. He rested them next to two glass holders containing sterno and lit them. He placed the flasks on the holders to heat up the liqueurs. The aroma wafted up and smelled delicious.

He carried both into the bedroom once heated. Beside the oversized poster bed with a canopy, the couch was located in a sitting area semi-removed from the bed area. He placed the flasks on the table in front of the couch, took off his coat, sat down and motioned me to sit next to him by patting the cushion.

I had forgot how well-muscled his chess and arms were. I flashed back to the breakfast and his work out clothes. I sighed and thought this was really going to happen.

When I sat down and sat upright, my posture forced my breasts out further from under my jacket. My skirt rode up and I was about to pull it down when he stopped me. He moved his hand up to the jacket and unbuttoned it, pulled each side of the jacket past my breasts brushing my nipples. Fully exposed he had his eyes fixated on my breasts. In my mind I was begging him to touch them more and more.

‘There. Are you more comfortable now? Your breasts are…, let’s toast.’

He handed me my flask and encouraged me to sniff the flask as he did. The aroma of the heated liqueur was intoxicating on its own.

‘To tonight, a night that neither one of us will forget nor regret.’

We clinked glasses and drank. It was so smooth and tasty. I drank every bit.

He relished the drink with several sips. When he finished, he looked at me with those piercing blue eyes.

‘Aunt Laura, I have been thinking that this might not be a good idea. I am extremely attracted to you and want you badly, but…’

When I heard the, ‘but’ my mind started racing. No, no, no we can’t stop now. I am craving him. I need him so bad. We are so close…

‘I don’t think it is a good idea to have sex on the couch.’

‘You ass! You had me going! I don’t care where we have sex. We can do it on the floor, in the bed, on the kitchen table, in your car, in your jet — I don’t care.’

He was laughing. And then I started laughing too. He moved in closer. He put one hand on my face, stared into my eyes and moved in to kiss me. Clearly not an aunt nephew kiss, a passionate kiss. It was a foreign feeling; Robert and I never kiss like that. I have heard other female say they were melting when someone kissed them — I was melting.

We danced with each other’s tongues. I sucked on his tongue as clue for what I had in mind. He put a hand on my breast, gently, carefully squeezing it, then resting his thumb on my hard nipple. He moved his thumb around and around it, flicking the hardness in a pattern.

Waves of excitement were streaking through me. He moved to the other breast, but this time he put his tongue on the nipple moving around in circles, then placing his lips down to gently suck on it. With the other hand he was tweaking and twisting the nipple.

I didn’t want him to stop. I placed my hands behind his head to signal my request. He looked up at me, as to say, don’t restrict me. I then gently ran my fingers through his shock of blonde hair getting the message.

He moved back to kissing me. God, I loved the way he kissed. He deftly pulled my jacket lapels back. I sat up so that he could peel the jacket down and off behind me. Now naked from the skirt up, Jamie took a second to admire my huge breasts contrasted by my taught, muscled stomach – trained to take hard boxing punches.

‘My, my what a combination of beautiful breasts and trim stomach. I think I might even get hard at some point.’

This time I had to laugh; he was so funny it was endearing to me. I had to come back.

‘Maybe to about 4 inches?’

‘Touché’ ‘

He shifted back to a sitting position. He asked in a nice way, ‘Could you stand up in front of me please?’

I complied. He asked me to move in a little closer. He undid the clasp in the back of my skirt and pulled down the zipper. He caressed my hips finally resting at the top to pull the skirt down to the floor. He soaked in the black lace that barely covered me. The strings wrapping around my hips ran to a single string running through my pussy to the black lace.

‘My dear, I believe i have more than 4 inches underway. Could you please confirm?’

Was this finally my opening to pull out the package? I was not going to ask permission but beg forgiveness if needed.

I took control! ‘You have way too many clothes on. Let’s take care of that problem.’

I reached down to his beltline and pulled his turtleneck up and off. That muscled chest almost seemed out of place with someone who is such a kind and gentle soul. It worked for me, however. I dropped to my knees for the second time between his legs. This time would be different. I undid the belt, pulled the zipper down. I paused for a minute. I pulled his slacks down to his ankles.

There was the long-awaited package. It was everything I fantasied about. Standing straight up an erection with length, thickness, and a huge head that was calling for my lips, mouth, and throat.

Before I gave up men temporarily in college, I was known as the deep throat queen around the campus. I didn’t mind, in fact I was proud of my skill. It was amazing how submissive they acted when their whole cock would disappear in my mouth. I liked to stay down on any size cock for seconds and look up at them for their reaction.

A few of them couldn’t hold back and streamed cum down my throat. Some of them, I just caressed their balls while holding the position and they would lose it. But most stayed with me as I gave them the best blowjob of their life.

I took hold of the base of Jamie’s erection with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. I rubbed the head of his cock in a motion from my cheek, across my lips to the other cheek. I moved it higher on my cheek then swept it across my nose to the other side. I held it steady while gave the head a quick kiss. I scooted up. I raised my left breast up towards his cock. I slotted my hard pointy nipple into the opening of his penis and held it there for a bit. I pulled my tit back. I then began stroking his cock.

‘Jamie, I have a request.’ I continued to stroke his cock, slowly up and down. He leaned back, very relaxed.

‘At this point, anything you request — granted.’

‘Please don’t call me Aunt Laura the rest of the night. You can call me Laura or Linda or slut or cocksucker or cum lover — anything but Aunt Laura. Can you do that for me?’ i picked up the pace on stroking.

‘No problem cock sucking, cum loving Laura.’

I acknowledged by kissing the head then licking all around it. I applied my saliva down one side of the erect shaft and then did the same going up on the other side. I gently stroked him so that he was wet all over his cock. He was prepped.

‘I think you are going to like this.’

I took the head into my mouth and sucked and licked on it. I took more of his bulging shaft into my mouth. I moved down and up taking more of it in with each down movement. I then plunged all the way down to his balls. I held the position and looked him in the eye.

‘Jeez, I was not expecting that Aunt …sorry … my cock sucking deep throat slut.’

He was loving it; I have seen that look before.

I missed a huge cock head spreading my throat out like Jamie’s. I held my position for several seconds. I then backed off to half-staff and then plunged down again. I did that several times. About plunge number ten Jamie screamed out, ‘Laura, for god’s sake, I am cumming already!’

I pulled all the way off. His look was of disappointment. I began edging the head with my tongue holding his balls in my hand. In a minute, the first cum stream launched at least a foot up from his cock.

I redirected the streams to my face. He painted my face hitting my forehead, into my eyes, up my nose and into my wide-open mouth. All the time he was wrenching his head back and forth on the back of couch. Eventually his orgasm subsided. I deftly swept the cum up from my face and licked my fingers while he watched.

‘Aunt Laura — sorry — Laura, that was amazing. I have never lost control like that — ever.’ I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cumming.’

I wasn’t done with him. I moved up on top of him. He was still hard. I guided his erection into my very wet pussy. With my legs straddling his body, knees anchored on the couch, I supported myself with my hands on his muscled shoulders. I leaned into him, kissed him, and said.

‘Now I am going to fuck you. Amazon fuck you. Pull your legs up and hold them. That’s good.’

I began fucking his cock with up and down motions. I started slow, then I picked up the pace. He helped hold me up while I pushed down with my pussy and clit hitting his pelvis. It was working for me. I could feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm building. I picked up the pace. I was getting closer. He took hold of my breasts squeezing them, pinching my hard nipples. I was moving to a place I would like to be. My orgasm came so strong that my strength to keep fucking him left me and I collapsed on him.

He held me affectionately and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed him. He was till inside me. I didn’t want it to end. We were both satisfied but not wanting to let that go. I rolled off of him. He slipped his arm under me keeping contact.

‘Holy shit — we had sex on the couch!’ I blurted out.

We both laughed. We cuddled. And then it dawned on me the words he used.

‘I will be a great host and take care of your every need tonight.’

‘I want to have a beautiful sexual experience with you. Is that what you want?’

The alternative he slyly presented was sucking his cock and then riding it — that is what we — I did! His beautiful sexual experience was allowing me to play out what I wanted to do all along. The difference being the planted idea that he had something better in mind. All a clever ploy that enhanced my desire to take command and do what I really desired to do.

By fulfilling my prime desire to be in command when I felt I had lost control it was super fulfilling to me. His sophisticated plan executed to perfection enhanced my need to be his ‘lover on the side’.

‘Jamie, I want to be your side lover. You are somebody I just need to be around more. I truly believe you will be good for me, and I will be good for you.’

‘If I assess tonight as an audition, you definitely get the part.’


‘You had the part before tonight, I just needed your vote.’

‘Wait a minute — you had you eye on me to be your lover? When? ‘

‘When I first met you, I knew I wanted you even though you were married to Uncle Robert — wife number 3. I thought I would bide my time and eventually you would split. Then we would be free without complications to get together.’

‘For more than a lover?’


I just wanted to fuck Jamie and he had plans to …marry me? Being around Jamie, I felt like I was in a roulette wheel not knowing where the ball would land.

I collapsed on the couch next to him. He leaned in to kiss me and gently whispered to me.

‘I love you Aunt Laura.’


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