Aunt is willingly seduced by husband’s nephew

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My feet were killing me. Wearing the high stiletto heels was not a good idea. I knew that I had a full day of meetings most of which I led standing up and presenting to my all-male team.

The power suit with the white blouse with a plunging neckline, blue blazer and short skirt was not the most comfortable clothing for this all-day meeting marathon. I wore it to show the contrast of my sexiness and management command.

The intent was to weed out those whose attention could be distracted by my appearance. They would be cut.


I was always in control and command of every situation especially when it came to sex. I demanded to be pleased the way I needed and the way I commanded. My husband, who had 20 years on me, sometimes couldn’t keep up with his trophy wife. But he complied when he could and most times, he needed a pill to get hard.

We were down to the last set of meetings. The 11-hour work day was drawing to a close when the text notification that my flight had been canceled came through.

Then my secretary called.

‘Guys, I have to take this call. My flight was canceled, and Julie probably has a new plan for me. Be right back.’

Knowing those guys, they were talking about me once the door closed. I left my other phone which had the voice recorder going. I was using it in all the meetings. They knew that. It helps with note taking.


‘Julie, what do you have?’ I assumed she knew about the cancellation and had a plan.

‘Bad news, No flight tonight but there is one at 11 AM tomorrow which I booked for you in first class in your favorite seat. That should give you some time to close out loose ends in the morning versus today. I can imagine how exhausted you must be.’

She was referring to the firing of Jim and maybe others based on the recording.

I wasn’t sure about which hotel you would like tonight. I know you weren’t happy with the room service last night.’

She is so good. I hired her 10 years ago when I first started my practice. She has been a big help as we grew to a multi-city, well respected firm.

‘Given your nephew lives 2 blocks from the office, I thought you might want to see him, or stay with him. I remembered that you and Robert have stayed with Jamie multiple times.

Uh-oh, while we spoke, I have been monitoring the hotels close to you. Now they are all booked probably because of the weather cancellations.

Oh no, the closest open hotel room is 30 miles away close to the airport. Jamie maybe your only choice if you wish to easily return to the office in morning and make your 11 AM flight.’

She is so smart. I didn’t think of the Jamie option, probably because it was too risky. Jamie was just about my age. He was successful in business as well. His condo was amazing. He had it together. He harnessed his smarts, good looks, athletic build, and powers of persuasion to score in business – and the ladies.

Every time we visited; he had another stunning girl friend who always spent the night with him. Some of the women were more vocal in bed than others. On occasion the noise would wake up Robert and I in the middle of the night. Jamie must be good.

One time, Jamie and I were alone at the country style breakfast table. For a moment, I sat there admiring the guy while eating the fantastic eggs benedict he made from scratch. I could not resist asking.

‘Jamie, you really seem to have it together. You have the complete package.’

He stood up and walked to refresh his coffee. He was wearing white spandex workout shorts and a tight-fitting matching shirt. The shirt accented his well-muscled chess, the shorts were pulled tight around his muscled cheeks. When he turned I saw the outline of his huge cock. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to a totally different view of Jamie. No longer my husband’s nephew, but now a male I desired. I tingled with excitement with this new perspective and the sudden onslaught of sexual desire.

‘Yes, I have the total package,’ he said as he looked down to the tight outline of his huge cock.

‘Maybe someday you will come and appreciate my total package better.’

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