Arthi …3rd time

Hi all this is Harish with my third encounter with my reportee Arthi.For those who are new I have shared my earlier two sexperiences with her in this site . After the two times of session , all I could think about every time I saw her was her soft body and how to make love to her in all her holes …
Our client had arranged for an afterwork and that day Arthi came in a ravishing dark colour gown , with her 36 size boobs tightly clinging and the sexy shape of her ass was clearly visible in her gown . There were mostly all clients who had come so getting close to her without raising eyebrows was not difficult . After 1 hour I couldn’t control my urge at all and sent her a text

Me : Hi , looking awesome today
Arthi : Thank you dear
Me : I really need you now 😉 ..
Arthi : ye right , you bet ..
Me : I mean it and its not a request ..
Arthi : so many are here , do you want to come home ?
Me : No , just walk into the rest room and wait ..
Arthi : I am afraid… pls lets not take the risk
Me : Nothing will happen , just go and wait , I will follow u
Arthi : ok , come soon

Arthi left to the common restroom and I slowly followed her. She went inside a closed washroom and I waited as if washing my face for few mins. I had a moment when no one else was there and I slowly knocked her door and she let me in . Before she could say anything I started kissing her with craze , her eyes her cheeks and her neck . She was now in mood and started kissing me back . I paused and kissed her lips slowly , she had lipstick and it added to a different taste to her saliva and lips . I pushed her hair behind and my hands were deep inside her hair . Arthi had a weakness when I use my hands in her hair and she opened her lips more and started kissing more passionately . We kissed for at least 10 mins and my hands moved to her back . Her gown was so tight I could feel her bra straps through her dress .

I moved my hands in front and slowly caressed her breasts . She let out a small sigh and bit my lips . By now our tongues were fighting with each other and we had no plans to stop .I was finding a way to remove her gown to gain access to her breast but without success . She stopped and said its enough , I said ok and started kissing her more and massaged her breasts harder . I could feel her tits to be poking her dress and she was loosing control slowly .. I pushed a little of her gown in her neck and kissed the bra strap over her neck . She slowly said if you tear my gown I cannot come out .. I said Arthi pls don’t tease me .. I need you fully right here and took her hands and kept on my jeans . She felt the bulge and squeezed it a little . She slowly smiled and lifted her arm and I saw there was a zip near her arm pit . I brought the zip down and her gown became loose . Before she realised what I was up to I pulled her gown up and kept it in the hanger . Since the rest room was the last we had a wall to lean upon .
I pushed Arthi to the wall and started kissing her cleavage . She was holding my hair and pushing me more towards her breasts . My hands reached to her back and unhooked her bra . Now her 36 size melons were free and I started sucking her right breast and kneaded her left tit . Her small hands were on my neck pushing me more towards her . I was like a hungry child trying to swallow a big fruit and suckled her breast and tried to take as much as I can but her 36 sized melons were too big for me .

My hand then started to go back and felt her sexy ass which was in perfect shape . I sat and made her turn around and kissed her ass and brought her panty down and licked her ass . She was struggling to control her noise and had kept her hands on mouth to avoid any sound . I turned her around and her pussy was exactly on my face . I kissed her sexy navel ( thoppul ) and licked it deep and without lifting my tongue went to her pussy . She had an unshaved pussy though not too much hairy . Her juices and sweat gave it a different smell and I started mouth fucking her and sucked her juice . I was beginning to get so crazy that I started to eat her pussy and bit her slowly . She jerked and moved her pussy away . I stood up and brought my pant down . Arthi understood and moved her hand inside my jockey … Her soft hands touching my rod was such a nice feeling , but I wanted her mouth …. I pushed her to sit and I brought my penis near her face . She was about to open her mouth but I moved my penis away and smeared her face with my penis . She slowly kissed my balls and took one ball in her mouth and sucked it .. without biting . I held her hair and moved her face to my penis and she licked my tip slowly which already had some precum . She licked it slowly moving my foreskin away gently . I could not control and pushed my entire dick in her mouth and she gagged a bit . It felt warm and heaven and I started mouth fucking her until I was about to ejaculate .
I removed my penis and made her sit on my lap and inserted slowly into her slippery pussy . Though not planned this position was so nice because I could suck and bit her breasts while I was pushing my penis inside her pussy . She started moving her ass up and down pushing my penis more inside her . I could feel my tip touching her inside walls and I started smooching her to avoid moaning noise . Her grip on my shoulders tightened and I realised she was about to cumm , she pushed faster and I started pinching her nipples and pulled her hair hard . Without taking my mouth on her lips and she let out a small gasp and she emptied her juices and lied on my shoulders …
I let her rest for a min , and slowly pushed my penis inside her again as she was still sitting on mine . She came to senses and realised I hard not finished and cooperated well and moved up and down . I was on the verge of cumming so I stood up and made her sit down . We didn’t have condom so did not want to risk anything.I took my penis near her face and she said venam , veliyla poganum ( pls don’t , we need to go again out ) . I was in no mood and said Arthi tell in Tamil that you want it …on your face , she understood that I won’t stop and said .. kanjiya en mela oothu… ( put semen on me ) .. I held her hair in one hand and stroked my penis in another and in few mins sprayed on her face , her hair and her breasts .. Just when she thought its over I opened her mouth and made her lick everything from my penis …

She swallowed my cumm and I lifted her and smooched her for long . Then I adjusted my dress and slowly went out and stood guard while she dressed . When she came out I left first and mingled in the party .. She came few mins later with a naughty smile on her face .

Hope you liked the sexperience , will continue Arthi series as and when it happens here …

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