Young guy raj: part-06

Bina Mishra is looking for someone ,who can make me scream on bed as I want physical love ,going without for last two days as my hubby Anish have left me alone to make his official trip to I am sitting on chair in balcony with a cup of tea as my maid is cleaning utensils in kitchen,thinking about Raj (read prev story Young guy Raj – part 5) ,I walked to my room to pick up my mobile as I started ringing on Raj’s mobile and after a while ,he received my call…….

.”hi Bina ,how are you?
(Bina) I am fine Raj but you are not giving me time
(Raj)it’s wrong ,always I have approached you as I know this is the first time you have called me
(Bina)ok Raj ,are you coming to my home after an hour.”

As he responded positively and now I put empty cup in kitchen as I moved to my bedroom,now thinking about my dress ,I am bit confused ,lastly I took a little pink dress as I can cover my sexual organs but legs to semi thighs will be I walked to dinning hall as I can see my maid leaving my home………

“will be back in evening .”

And she walked away ,now I closed the door as I walked to my bedroom and now ,removed my gawn .I walked inside washroom nudely as no one is there to see me, so I am under cascade as water is flowing on my body and now I started putting gels on my body.after a while ,my body is covered with gels as I am massaging my own body ,my hand is moving upto my thighs as I have put gels on my vagina I opened the tap of cascade as water is flowing on my body and after a nice bath ,I walked to my bedroom nudely.I am standing infront of a large mirror as I can see my hot body in it ,now I put my legs wide as I am looking my vaginal zone…’s clean or not …….I took a towel as I rubbed my body and than put a white brassier on my breast with white panty on vaginal looking nice ,I am thinking of this dress only as Raj will come to me but if any other came to meet me ,than what they will think ?.anyhow I am still in my undergarments only as I walked to kitchen and took my breakfast ,now sitting on dinning chair as I am having it.after having breakfast ,I walked to kitchen to put the dirty plate as my mobile started ringing………”hi Anish
(Anish)hello Bina ,how are you ?
(Bina)feeling lonely without you
(Anish)oh I see ,anyhow I will join my conference after some time , so my mobile will be switched off till late evening
(Bina)ok have your lunch at time and we will talk in the evening.”

As I put my mobile on table ,door bell started ringing ,so I walked towards door as I put my eyes in a door hole to see who is there ?. Raj is standing there as I opened the door and he can see my face only as I have put my whole body behind the door……..

“come in soon .”

As he came inside ,I closed the door and Raj is too excited while looking me in brassiere and panty he hold me in his arms ,I kissed his lips as Raj is rubbing my nude I took his lips in my mouth as I started sucking it and Raj is pressing my heavy ass with his palm.we both are standing as my boobs are pressing hard on Raj’s chest and he is holding me in his arms I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it and I can feel his hand making some space in the corner of panty to push his finger inside it.Its a red hot zone as every men loves to spent time there and now I can feel his one finger going in my panty as he have moved his finger to my cunt ,I opened its strings to make it raj pushed my head as my tongue is out of his mouth and now I pushed him as Raj felled on sofa ,now I am in my brassiere only as I am sitting on his legs.looking at Raj ,I started removing his jeans and pulled it I can see his bulge of penis on his undies and my hand is unbuttoning his shirt as Raj hold my breast in his hand and started pressing it hard,now Raj is in his undies as well as best ,I put my hand on his undies as I pulled it down to legs.I can see Raj’s penis in semi erection as I hold it tightly and now my lips are loving its base to shaft,he is pressing my boobs hard as I put it glans on my nose and smelt it hard.we both are nude as I opened my mouth and took his whole penis in my mouth to suck ,it’s a reddish penis with soft glans as I started giving it the jerk of my mouth.raj is screaming in pleasure……..

“oohh aah oh Bina suck my cock hard ,I will pee in your mouth.”

As I am sucking his cock hard and fast ,he is massaging my breast hard.later on I left his cock and Raj stand infront of me,as we both are standing facing I can see Raj holding my leg and putting it on sofa as my legs are wide and I hold his 6-7 inches long cock as I pushed it in my while holding my waist,Raj fucked me from below as his penis is in my I am kissing his lips to face as we both are just away on ground ,our sexual organs are meeting with love and curiosity.raj is now fucking my cunt faster as well as harder and my vagina is too hot as I hold him in his arms ,now our body are brushing as he is fucking me while standing infront of me and I took his lips in my mouth to suck as I am feeling the heat……..

“oohh Raj fuck me hard I will cum soon.”

And his 6-7 hard strokes made my vagina juicy as I took out his dick and walked to Washroom,he followed me nudely.coming back in room we both are sitting on sofa with a bottle of chilled beer as we two are drinking it and I kissed his face……..

“Raj I am alone for three days ,will you give me your precious time
(Raj)sure you baby but in day light only as I can’t leave my home at night
(Bina)ok you will be here for 4-5 hours daily in a daylight.”

As Raj put his empty glass on table and sits on my legs.
I moved my ass to sofa’s corner as I stretched my legs wider and now Raj is kissing my labias as his hand is moving on my flat tummy to I put my fingers on my vagina as I opened its mouth and Raj started licking it as he is rolling tongue inside my wet vagina ,he is tasting the cum.I love guys who licks glory hole after its vagina become wet ,he is fucking my vagina with his tongue as I have hold his hairs tightly………

“oohh aahh Raj you are nice in licking , suck it fast.”

But Raj took my labias in his mouth as he is sucking it to taste it’s we both are on sofa as we are drinking beer and later on ,Raj made me a bitch on sofa as my ass is on its corner and I have knelt infront of a young Raj put his glans in my cunt as he started fucking me and my cunt have swallowed his penis as it’s rock hard in my he is fucking me with speed as well as power as I am swinging my ass and……..

“ooh uumm Raj fuck me hard ,I am your whore for a week.”

As my wet cunt is getting the erected penis ,it’s moving fast inside and I am still swinging my ass my vagina have become dry as well it’s in fire and he is shouting……

“oohh you bitch I will fuck you for a week but now I will cum.” As his penis have last laugh in my vagina ,I got his sperms in my cunt and I sucked his cock to taste it’s cum.

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