And true incident with my cousin sister part 1

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Hi every one hope you are doing well my name is Rakesh I am from a famous city in Karnataka that’s enough about my self I guess let me begin the story

I live in a big city in karnataka but for my summer holidays I used to go to my village my grandmother house it’s a country side in that house my grandmother my cousin sister her two brothers and her dad and mom used to live my sister use to care abt me alot this all started one day when I zipped her chudai dar (salvar)one day she and one of her friend wanted to go out for some college work my sister was getting ready in her room I was sitting in the hall two of my brother’s had goen to work my sister when she was getting ready she could not zip her salvar I guess.she straight up came towards me n asked raki swalpa zip haktheya (raki can you put the zip) I said yes and pulled her zip up that’s when I saw her back and a bra this send chiils down my spines after zipping she went out with her friend I stayed home and watched TV and this went on for two three times like when ever she wanted to go out she used to ask me to zip her and she whould go out and I forgot to mention at nite scince it was summer me my two brothers and my sister used to sleep in hall I used to slleep besides my sister she use to always hug me n sleep and it was common that time at middle of the night in her sleep she used hug my so tite her breat used to rub my hand but I was to scared to make a move.that summer was over I came back to city and the best part was she also came with me days passed buy I had failed in some exam my sister was teacher she said she will teach me I said ok during teaching she used to sit above on the bed I used to sit one the floor so that I can see better whe she used to bend to teach I used seee her cleavage and her bra that made me realy hard she noticed that I was seeing her clevage but she really dint care this went on for couple of day and finaly she went back home …….

this is frist part of the story the secod part where I go back to the village for the next summer holiday begins if u want me to write about it let me know at [email protected]

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