A son shows his pleasure with his mother’s progress

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Chapter 1

We rushed back to the SUV and slammed the doors behind us. We got away. My heart is pounding so hard, I feel like it will pound through my chest. What is more disturbing, is that my blood is pumping so hard, I can actually feel it pulsing through my tender, over stimulated pussy. My pussy is beating in time with my heart. I guess throbbing is a more accurate description.

For some reason, the Edgar Allen Poe story, “A Telltale Heart” pops into my head. I think of my pussy “beating”, like the telltale heart, which represented the main character’s guilt. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop hearing the beating of that heart. Well, THAT is how I was feeling right now. My pussy is beating, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, so strongly and so distractingly, that I can’t think of anything else. It is like it wants me to NEVER forget, what I did in the dressing room at Victoria’s Secret, and what my son and I did in the bathroom right after. I feel like everyone around can hear my pussy throbbing and will follow the sound, to find the nasty whore, who did such dirty things.

My son looks over and sees the guilty look on my face and laughs out loud. It is a full bodied laugh, that is infectious. It cuts right through my guilt and feeling of dread, that I will be hunted down and arrested. I reach over and swat him on the arm and tell him, “Stop it… don’t make fun of me…” He just laughs harder and I can’t stop myself. I start laughing with him.

I realize that I have never in my life, laughed this hard and enjoyed a moment in time so fully. In the last hour, I modeled lingerie for my son, had him shame me in front of the sales girl at Victoria’s Secret, masturbated until I came loudly in the dressing room, and then was fucked to a screaming orgasm by my son, in a mall bathroom. And I realize, that THIS is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life. I also realize that I am feeling something I will easily become addicted to.

My son, surprises me yet again by realizing what I am thinking, and says, “You love the rush, don’t you? That thrill you are feeling, making your whole body feel electric. You like it I can see. You want more of it… MUCH more of it… Don’t you?”

“God YES,” I blurt out before I can gate my thoughts. And God help me, I knew that I did need this, and a lot more of this.

“You want to touch your pussy and make yourself cum again, thinking of what we did. Don’t you?” he asked me.

“Yes…,” I whisper.

“Go ahead. You were a good girl and good girls get treats. Lift your skirt and spread your legs for me. Show me that naughty wet pussy. Show me how excited you are,” he tells me.

I do as he tells me, and I trace my finger up and down my swollen, wet, sensitive pussy lips. I push slightly and spread my lips open as I rub up and down. I trace around my fully exposed clit. I feel electric shocks run all through my body. I feel like my body is short circuiting. I look to my son. Silently asking for permission with my eyes, to go further. He nods.

I dip my finger deeper into me. I feel how tight and swollen my pussy is after our hard fast fucking in the family bathroom. I push in a second finger. I curl my fingers and rub my G-spot as my thumb presses and rubs slightly on my sensitive clit. I gasp and moan. I am sure I can’t last long. Even after cumming twice in the last hour, I feel another explosive climax building. I rub harder. I finger faster. I feel myself soooo close. I realize that I am about to cum without his permission, so I plead with him desperately, “Sssssir, may I cum? PLEASE let me cum…”

He smiles at me and says, “Of course you can cum, mom. Good girls get treats. Cum now… take your treat. Know that only your son can make you feel like this. Cum NOW.”

And my GOD, did I cum. I feel my whole body spasm as my pussy CLENCHS around my fingers and I scream out, “GODDDDDDDDD YESSSSS.” I cum so hard that I actually shoot juices from my pussy, like a man shoos cum from his cock. I had maybe a second to be amazed by this sight, when I collapse back against the seat of the SUV.

I hear clapping. My son is looking at me and he is clapping. That FUCKER… If I was not so completely spent, I would reach over and SLAP him on the arm again. Instead I look over and stick my tongue out at him. He laughs and says, “I am glad your tongue still works after THAT. I am going to make use of that when we get home.

Then he starts the SUV and backs out of the parking space. It is at that moment that I realize that we are still in the parking garage at the mall and I was putting on yet another public show for whoever might have been watching. That thrill of excitement goes through me again, but I am just so spent right now to even do anything about it.

Chapter 2

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember, we are pulling to a stop in the garage of my son’s house. I look down to see that my skirt is still flipped up, my thighs are hanging wide apart, and I am sitting in a pool of my own cum. How did I even fall asleep, sitting in this puddle? I suddenly realize that I soaked my son’s car seat. I startle and look up at him, thinking he will be angry.

“Don’t worry mom. The seat is leather, it won’t hurt anything, Besides, now I will be able to smell my mother’s sex, everyday when I drive to and from work. The only bad thing for you will be, that I am sure I will be so fucking horny when I get home, that I will NEED to fuck you. You realize that, don’t you?”

My breath catches in my throat. The thought of him driving this car and getting so horny every day that he is desperate to fuck me, makes my heart race. My GOD, I love that thought. I love the thought of him coming home and taking possession of me, of my pussy, making me know each and every day that I am HIS. My heart is racing again and I know that I need him in me right now.

He looks at me and senses my need. He gets out and comes around the SUV to my side. He opens my door, and starts to helps me down, but as I clear the door, he scoops me up in his strong arms and carries me into the house. I am again reminded of how small and petite I am in his arms. my GOD, I love how this feels.

He carries me right to the bed and gently lays me down. With my eyes closed, I am thinking he will pull out his big cock and dive into my desperate pussy. I jump, and almost yelp, when I feel his breath on my sensitive pussy. I look down just in time to see his tongue touch my pussy for the first time. As I watch, I feel his tongue, hot and wet, gently tracing my pussy, licking my wetness, that has seeped out. He kisses my pussy and slips his tongue inside me, like he is French kissing my mouth. I moan.

“Mmmm, you like my mouth on your needy pussy don’t you mom?” he asks me. “You like how I make mommy feel, don’t you?”

“Ohhhhhh GOD yessss, ” I moan out.

“Take off your top and bra mom,” He tells me. Then he returns to making love to my pussy with his mouth.

I quickly rip off my clingy top and almost tear the clasp on my bra, trying desperately to get it off as fast as I can, while distracted by the amazing feeling of my son sucking and tongue fucking my pussy.

“Play with your tits mom,” He tells me. “I know how sensitive your nipples are. Tease them for me. I want this next orgasm to be amazing for you.”

As I tease and pull and twist my nipples, I wonder how this next orgasm can be any more amazing than the ones I have already had today. That thought flies out of my head as I feel him suck my clit into his mouth… then press his lips around it… while curling his fingers inside me, rubbing exactly where I need it. I feel myself building to another explosive orgasm.

He feels it too. He says, “Mommy wants to cum again, doesn’t she? You want your son to make you cum as hard as you made yourself cum in the car earlier, don’t you?”

My GOD I did… and I screamed it out, “YES, make mommy cum. Make me cum screaming, and make me gush all over your face.”

Hearing this, he rubs faster and sucks my clit harder… as I SQUEEZE my tits with my hands. I feel like I die in that moment. I cum so hard that I actually feel like my heart stops. And YES, I gush all over my son’s face. I am afraid I will drown him, I gush so much cum in his mouth and all over his face.

As I lay there completely exhausted, he gets up, and a HUGE smile appears on his face, which is soaked in my cum. He says, “See, good girls get treats.”

As I slip into a post sex comma, I think, I will ALWAYS be a good girl for my son, if I get treats like THAT…

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