Unwrapping Christmas Presents

Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen. Assuming this goes up before Christmas, Merry Christmas to anyone who gives it a read.


Molly sat up by herself by the fire. It was late, and the book she was attempting to read was only marginally holding her attention. She would have been in bed long ago, but she had something important to wait for.

She was half-dozing by the time she head the front door open, but the sound jolted her awake immediately. She grinned wide, tossed her book aside, and dashed toward the sound.

Jade, Molly’s older sister, was just kicking the snow off her boots as Molly burst in. The sisters’ eyes met for a second before Molly was launching herself forward.

“Hey, let me get my jacket off fir–”

Molly ignored Jade and tackled her in a big, sisterly hug.

“You made it!”

“Of course I made it,” Jade said, returning the hug. “You’re gonna get melty snow all over you, you know.”

“Shut up, like I’m not gonna hug my sister immediately.”

“Fair. Can I get my boots off now?”

Molly shook her head. “In a minute.”

Molly continued squeezing Jade hard, even though with her jacket in the way the contact wasn’t nearly as great as it could have been. She only eventually relented and let Jade get her outside stuff off.

“See, you’re all wet now,” Jade said as she shed her outer layer.

“Oh gee, what a problem.”

“I meant your clothes.”

“Hehe, yeah. I didn’t.”

“You goof.” Jade’s eyes flashed past her sister. “Everyone else asleep?”

“Mom and Dad? Yeah. Jax isn’t here yet. Gonna be in later.”


“Like early in the morning. Something like that.”

Jade frowned. “Early enough?”

Molly grinned. “He’s a smart boy. He’ll make it work.”

“Sure hope so.”

Jade pulled off her sweater, ditching it along with her jacket. Her thin shirt underneath made for a much nicer and warmer hug as she embraced Molly again. This time, secure in the knowledge that they had the house practically to themselves for the time being, Jade gently placed her hand on Molly’s cheek. With Molly’s eyes shining and hopeful, Jade ever so slowly moved in for a tender kiss.

“Mmm, merry Christmas,” Molly murmured.

Jade pulled her in tighter, taking possession of her lips and preventing more commentating. Their mouths and tongues locked together for a small but intense moment. Molly melted into Jade’s arms and moaned helplessly.

A small trail of spit connected their bottom lips for a second as Jade pulled away. She delicately swiped her thumb across Molly’s mouth, then gave her another soft kiss, just a quick peck.

“Merry Christmas it is,” Jade belatedly agreed.

Molly nodded earnestly. “I got the fire still going. Wanna come in?”

“Yes. Yes I think I do.”

The sisters pattered in by the fire, Jade pausing only a moment to admire the Christmas tree by the firelight. Molly sat down in front of the fireplace, and Jade joined her.

“My shirt’s kinda damp now,” Molly said.

“I did warn you.”

“Yeah, you did. Maybe the fire will dry it.”

“Maybe,” Jade said agreeably.

Molly cozied up next to her sister and leaned her head on her shoulder. Jade put an automatic hand around Molly’s shoulders and held her close.

“It’s a nice fire,” Jade said. “I always forget how much I enjoy coming in from the snow and sitting in front of it.”

“Mmm, very nice,” Molly said.

“How have things been?”

“Oh, you know. Pretty good. Aced my exams.”

“I heard,” Jade said, rubbing Molly’s shoulder. “You always were the smart one.”

“Oh psh. Lots of studying is all.”

“Mmhm, sure.”

“What about you? How’s that boyfriend doing?”

Jade eyed her sister sidelong. “Is that a note of jealousy I detect?”



“… maybe.”

Jade laughed. “Oh, Moll. He was just a fling. I told you that.”

“I know. But… a girl gets worried sometimes.”

“You think that I’d come home and not want my Christmas present?”

Molly squirmed. “It might happen.”

“Not likely.”

Jade, abandoning her role as a warm shoulder for Molly to lean against, instead wrestled her sister to the floor. It wasn’t much of a wrestle, as Molly surrendered immediately and let herself be pinned down.

“I’ve been looking forward to unwrapping my present the whole way here,” Jade said. “You’re not getting out of it so easily.”

Molly, all smiles, pretended to struggle a bit. “Not s’posed to unwrap presents ’til morning, you know.”

“Hm, I don’t know. One present on Christmas Eve seems appropriate, doesn’t it?”


“Practically a tradition.”

Molly nodded sagely. “Can’t argue with tradition.”

Jade kissed Molly some more while slipping a hand up under her shirt. Jade’s fingers were still cold from being outside, and made Molly gasp as they contacted her fire-warmed skin.

“Too cold?” Jade asked.

“A little. I’ll… I’ll warm you up.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that.”

Molly blushed at the look in her big sister’s eyes. It was so promising, without saying anything specific.

Jade tugged Molly’s shirt up and over her head. “That’s a nice bra,” she purred.

“Thanks,” Molly said, tossing her shirt aside.

“All fancy and lacy. Kinda sexy.”

“You think?”

“I can see your nipples through it. So… yeah, kinda sexy.” Jade kissed Molly on her collarbone. “Did you wear it just for me?”

“Well… unwrapping presents is supposed to be fun.”

“Mmm. I’m quite enjoying it.”

Jade kissed all around Molly’s breasts and teased them with her fingertips. She played with the bra, which was a definite step up in lingerie from what her baby sis usually wore. The biggest thrill was that Molly would wear it specifically with the intention of having it unwrapped from her along with the rest of her other clothes.

“I got matching panties too,” Molly said, not quite keeping her voice casual as she mentioned it.

“You don’t say,” Jade said.


“I better take a look at them.”

Jade kissed her way down Molly, over her breasts, across her tummy, right to the top of her pants. She only barely slowed down as she tugged Molly’s pants down her legs, continuing with some sporadic kisses over newly exposed flesh. She pulled Molly’s socks off and tossed them aside, then turned her attention to the pretty panties allegedly covering her sister.

“You’re right,” Jade said appreciatively. “Those do match nicely. Not overly modest, are they?”

“They weren’t meant to be,” Molly said, excited and breathless as her big sister stared so closely at her.

“They’re meant to make me want to unwrap my whole present, aren’t they?”


“‘Cause I can see most of your pussy already, and I haven’t even touched these flimsy little panties yet.”

So saying, Jade slipped a finger under Molly’s panties and gave them an experimental flick.

“You should keep going,” Molly said. “You can’t leave a present half-wrapped like this.”

“Sometimes I like to admire the wrapping before I tear it off. Someone worked hard on this.”

“Yeah but… don’t you want to play with your present?”

“Oh Moll, I don’t need to unwrap it to play with it.”

Jade dove back on top of Molly and showered her in affection. She knew exactly where to kiss and lick and nibble to drive her baby sis crazy.

Molly shrieked and giggled, trying to stay quiet as she could but losing herself in the joy of sisterly love. She sneaked her own kisses when she could, or ran her hands up Jade’s shirt, or tangled her fingers in her hair.

Molly’s bra came off in due course, and Jade paid loving attention to her breasts for a time.

“See?” Molly said. “Unwrapping me is better.”

“Mmm, you make a good point,” Jade agreed. “I never should have doubted you.”

Jade pulled Molly’s panties down using her teeth, much to Molly’s delight. She was left totally naked, warmed by the fire and her sister. Her skin was illuminated by flickering flame, exposed for whatever Jade might choose to do next.

“I think,” Jade said seriously, “that this might just be the best Christmas present anyone’s ever given me.”

Molly bit her hip and tried not to squirm. “How do you know until you try it out some?”

“Ah, another excellent point. What should I try, do you think?”

“Well… kisses?”

Jade grinned and pinned Molly down again, showering her with adoring makeouts. Molly’s arms were held above her head, and her legs were spread as Jade got her knees in between. Jade was totally clothed and in control, and Molly was naked and helpless. It was, in a word, perfect.

“Like that?” Jade asked, breathing harder.

“Mmhm! And you could… kiss other places.”

“I already kissed your boobies lots.”

“You did. But… but you didn’t kiss my pussy yet.”

Jade’s eyes gleamed in the firelight. “And it’s so very pretty, how could I not give it some kisses?”

Molly nodded and watched wide-eyed as Jade crawled backward. She held her breath until Jade gave her a first soft kiss right on her little pussy, then let out a long, mewling sigh.

“More of those?” Jade asked.

“Yes please.”

“And some licks, maybe?”

“Yes please!”

Jade grinned ferally and kissed and licked Molly’s pussy. It was all deliciously wet for her, and just kept producing more tasty, naughty juices the more she played.

Molly cooed happily as she got eaten out. Jade was so good at licking her pussy, and it was all the better for having to wait and anticipate this moment for so long. It was all that had been on her mind all evening while waiting up for her sister to arrive, and it was just as wondrous as she’d hoped.

“God I missed you, Jade,” Molly said.

“Huh hmm,” Jade mumbled around her pussy.

“This is gonna be the best Christmas, I can feel it.”

Jade privately agreed, but her tongue was too busy to say so out loud.

Molly’s moans became longer and louder as Jade kept eating her out. She lay her head back and basked in the sexual feelings, and the physical and emotional warmth all around her. When the feeling of cumming welled up within her, she embraced it and let it take over.

Molly had a beautiful, body-tingling orgasm thanks to her sister. She rode Jade’s tongue, murmured her love, and eventually collapsed with a sheen of sweat covering her hot, bare skin.

After a last few kisses of Molly’s pussy, Jade crawled up and lay next to her.

“It’s the perfect present,” Jade assured her. “I knew it would be.”

“I do my best,” Molly said, stretching out lazily.

“Even when I’m not playing with it, I think I could just lie here and stare at it the rest of the night.”

“Hehe, bad Jade.” Molly booped Jade’s nose. “That wouldn’t be fair.”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause I never got to unwrap a present yet.”

“Oh? And which one are you going to open?”

Molly’s hand delicately found its way under Jade’s shirt and slowly, carefully traveled upward. “I think you know which one.”

“How do you know it’s for you?”

“Because if it isn’t, I will pout at you so hard you just won’t be able to stand it.”

“Mmm.” Jade booped Molly’s nose back. “Well lucky for you, you’re right. It is yours to unwrap.”

“Thought so.”

It was Jade’s turn to lie back and let Molly have her fun. Molly was even more the image of a kid on Christmas than Jade had been, thoroughly excited about opening up her present. Jade’s clothes came off quickly and systematically until the both of them were totally naked in front of the fire.

“Sorry I didn’t wear more interesting underwear,” Jade said.

Molly was busy nuzzling at Jade’s breasts. “That’s ok. Sometimes the wrapping is just in the way of what’s underneath anyway.”


Molly kissed one of Jade’s nipples. “Thanks for the present. It’s just what I wanted.”

“I thought it might be.”

Jade reached out for Molly, but Molly pinned her arms down. Jade raised an eyebrow and just got a teasing smirk back in response.

“Your play time now, huh?” Jade asked.

“Of course.”

As much as Jade loved being in control, there was something to be said for just lying back in the warmth and letting her sister have her fun. And after all, she was meant to be the present this time.

Molly kissed and teased all the way along Jade’s body. She did a very good impression of it being all new and wonderful to her. The wait and anticipation for Molly to get to her pussy left Jade wet and horny, as well as struggling to keep her hands to herself. Her arms got pinned back to the floor every time she tried to encourage her little sister along.



“Kiss my pussy for me? Please?”

Molly looked up and made smoldering eye contact with Jade. “Ok,” she said.

Molly gave the distinct impression she’d been waiting for Jade to beg a little. She seemed really quite pleased with herself, which was well-earned. Especially when she spread Jade’s legs and dove into her snatch.

“Ooh, someone’s been getting some practice,” Jade cooed, reaching down to stroke Molly’s hair. She didn’t get her hands swatted this time.

“Maaayyybe,” Molly said.

“Is it my turn to be jealous now?” Jade teased. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

“Nothing serious,” Molly said.

“Ah! You were so ready to get upset about my boyfriend, and now you’ve got a secret lover you won’t tell me about?”

“I don’t even!” Molly protested. “Just… just a good friend.”

“Must be a really good friend.”

“Would you shush and let me eat your pussy?”

“Hehe, sorry.” Jade patted Molly’s head. “It’s ok if you find someone you love, you know.”

Molly harrumphed and ignored Jade, instead sucking on her clit for a while.

It was true, though. Molly had gotten some practice in since last time she’d eaten her sister out, and was quite proud of how much more confident she was. Especially making Jade moan and wiggle all helplessly. She felt like she’d caught up to her sister in ability to provide intense pleasure just with her mouth.

The wood in the fire burned lower as Jade was brought higher and higher, getting all wound up and helplessly in thrall to her baby sis. Molly brought her to by far the best cum she’d had in quite some time. Partly thanks to her new skills, and partly just because of who she was. There was something special about having her little sister between her legs.

Molly looked particularly smug as she rested her chin on Jade’s thigh afterward and gazed up her, lips shining with pussy juices.

“I think we both got really good presents this year,” Molly said.

Jade nodded and tucked some of Molly’s stray hair behind her ear for her. “I think we did. You should be careful though. You’re likely to break your presents if you play with them like that.”

Molly crawled slowly up Jade’s body, a naked mix of innocence and pure carnal seduction. “I’d have to work awfully hard to break you.”

“You’d be delighted if you did though, wouldn’t you?”

“Hm, you mean leave my big sis all comatose and babbling on the floor after I made her cum? Yeah, I might enjoy that.”

Jade pulled Molly in for a kiss, tasting herself on her sister’s lips. “You still look innocent,” she said. “But I don’t think there’s a shred of innocence left in you.”

Molly pouted adorably. “That’s a horrible thing to say. I’m a beacon of joy, and sharing, and love, and Christmas spirit!”

“That you are, little one. And all that with such a naughty, corrupted mind too.”

Molly stuck her tongue out. “You and Jax. All your fault. Any corruption came from you two.”

Jade darted her head forward and almost managed to catch Molly’s tongue with her own before it retreated. “That’s probably true. I like you better all fun and sexy anyway.”

“‘Cause I lick pussy so good now?”

“That has a lot to do with it, yes.”

Molly curled up contentedly with Jade. There was nothing so good in life as a cozy fire and a loving sibling to enjoy it with. Particularly after they’d both cummed and could enjoy the afterglow together.

Jade cuddled Molly, gently rubbing a hand up and down her back. They lay together in near silence for a while until the fire burned down low enough that they had to throw some more wood on.

“I think I might have to head to my room and try and get a little sleep,” Jade said.

“Aw, you’re not gonna stay down here with me?” Molly complained. “I’m all nakey and cuddly.”

“You are indeed. The problem is I’ll want to play with some more instead of sleeping. I’m gonna need some rest at some point, you know. It was a long day.”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Molly fidgeted a bit. “Before you go, wanna help wrap me up again?”

Jade smiled slyly. “For Jax?”

“Of course.”

“How you planning on wrapping yourself?”

“Well… those bra and panties.”

“Very sexy. I like it.”

“Mmhm. And… if I have some help, there’s this nice ribbon I got. You could maybe tie me up a little.”

Jade’s grin widened. “You’ve got a deviously sexy mind, Moll.”

Molly sighed. “I know. No innocence left in me.”

“Well… I might have been wrong about that. I mean, working so hard to spread joy on Christmas, that’s a pretty sweet and innocent thing to do.”

“You’re teasing,” Molly accused.

“Partly,” Jade admitted. “But partly I mean it.” She kissed Molly on the cheek. “Get your undies back on and tell me where the ribbon is.”

Molly beamed and dashed off to grab a few supplies. Jade almost called out after her to get dressed first just in case, then decided against it. They were kind of counting on their parents not to inconveniently get up in the middle of the night anyway. A small pretense of modestly wasn’t going to help any, and Molly was so much fun to look at when she was scampering around in the nude.

“You sure Jax is gonna be in before morning?” Jade asked when Molly got back, panting softly from dashing about.

“Yep! He wouldn’t lie to me.”

“I know. Just don’t want to tie you up all helpless here if he’s not gonna find you in time.”

“How thoughtful.”

Molly slipped back into her bra and panties. They really were an almost Christmassy set, except for how immodest they were. It depended on one’s perspective, Jade supposed. In her mind, they were extremely Christmassy now, and it took some self-control not to try unwrapping her present a second time.

“So I think if you just tie me up sort of by the tree,” Molly said, “with like a pillow or something, that should work.”

“You gonna nap here?”

“I should get a little sleep. Like you.”

“Ideally,” Jade agreed. “Want a blanket?”

“Nope. Just the fire. If I’m all covered up how’s Jax gonna know he’s got a present to unwrap?”

“Yes, presentation is key.”

Jade wasn’t used to working with ribbon on a person’s body. It was a whole new experience, and she and Molly had to learn as they went. The eventual effect, while not perfect, was sufficient for their purposes. It definitely labeled Molly as a present. The lewd amount of bare skin still showing would distract from some of the clumsier areas of Jade’s ribbon-work.

“How’s that?” Jade asked. “Can you move?”

“I can wiggle around some,” Molly said. “I, uh, can’t move my arms much.”

“Yes, that’s intended.”

“Hehe, you like tying me up, don’t you?”

“It has its charms.” Jade booped Molly’s nose. “Good thing you made me cum so hard, or I’d be taking advantage right now.”

Molly bit her lip. “Shouldn’t say things like that. I won’t be able to masturbate or anything.”

“Good. Save it for your brother. Just imagine all the things the two of us could do to you while you’re tied up.”

Molly’s bottom lip stuck out. “That’s mean! I’m gonna get all horny again while I’m waiting.”

“Yes, I know.”

Jade finished Molly off by sticking a bow to her, right between her breasts. Then with a kiss and a final pat on the head, Jade abandoned her sister, scooped up the loose clothing on the floor, grabbed her bag, and headed to her room.

Molly sighed wistfully as she watched Jade’s nude form parading around, then soon enough she was alone. She tried to get comfy without moving around too much and disturbing her ribbons, and hoped that maybe she’d get some sleep and wouldn’t spend her whole wait going crazy with arousal.

She’d only meant getting tied up to be a sexy goof, and Jade had to go and put some images in her head of the potential for holiday themed bondage play. She probably wouldn’t get any sleep all night now.


Jax entered the house quietly and kicked off his boots. Everyone was probably asleep, he assumed. It was ungodly early in the morning. Molly would have wanted to wait up for him, he knew, but it was hard to say whether she would have made it so late without dozing off.

He almost missed the soft snoring from in by the Christmas tree. He only heard it at all because he was doing his best to pad around softly and not wake anyone. The small, cute sound of slumber drew his attention, and his tiredness faded away in favour of a wide smile as he found his present.

“Oh Moll,” he whispered to himself. “This is a new one.”

Showing some self-restraint and forethought, Jax knelt by the nearly dead fire before he did anything else and got it back to life. The room was still warm, but some extra heat wouldn’t hurt. And some light would be good too.

“Someone left you a present.”

Jax turned to find Molly’s eyes had flicked open and she was watching him with wide-eyed intensity.

“I saw that,” he said. “That was nice of someone to think of me.”

“You… you gonna open it?”

“I was certainly thinking about it. I wanted more of a fire first.”

“That’s a good idea. Don’t want it get cold in here.”

“That’s what I thought,” Jax said with a nod. “Plus… I need to be able to see what I’m unwrapping.”

Jax pattered over to Molly, whose eyes remained fixed on him and filled with hope and anticipation. He leaned down toward her, moving slowly and gently, then abruptly grabbed her and dragged her across the floor to the spot in front of the fire where Molly and Jade had lain together a few hours before.

Molly squealed loudly at the abrupt rough handling, then stifled herself and devolved into frantic giggling. “Careful,” she hissed. “It could be breakable!”

“I rather doubt it,” Jax said mildly. “I suspect it’s pretty tough.”

“How do you know until you unwrap it?”

“Hm, good question. Maybe I should try… shaking it and seeing what it sound like?”

“Don’t you dare!”

Molly managed to swing her legs around and kicked at Jax when he threatened to throw her around some more. He laughed and caught her ankles, then turned her back lengthwise in front of the fire. Still holding her legs down, he leaned in for a tender kiss, totally at odds with his initial physical greeting.

“Hey, Moll,” he said quietly.

“Hey yourself.”

“I told you I was gonna be late getting in.”

“You did.”

“You still waited for me?”

“Well… I got a bit of a nap.”

Jax tilted his head. “Mmhm. Good thing I found you, huh? No name tag on your or nothing. Someone else might have swiped my present if I wasn’t careful.”

“Lucky for you then,” Molly agreed.

“Think it’s ok to open it now?”

“Of course. Jade and I each did one already.”

“Oh did you?”

Molly grinned impishly. “Mmhm!”

“Did you get something good?”

“It was the perfect thing.”

“Yes, I suspect mine might be too.”

Molly squirmed. “Well you gotta find out, don’t you?”

“Yes, I really must.”

Jax kissed Molly again, then slowly picked at the ribbons covering her. It wasn’t easy to unwind them, but taking his time let him feel her up quite a bit in the process.

Molly luxuriated in the attention. Being unwrapped was one her favourite things anyway, and this was a new spin on it. She’d never been tied up with ribbon before, and she kind of loved having Jax’s hands all over her as he unwound her. Not to mention how he’d manhandle her a little at times to position her where he wanted her.

Once her hands were almost free, Molly slipped them the rest of the way out and wrapped her arms around her big brother. She clung to him for a long moment, just enjoying feeling him again after so long. He hugged her back tightly.

“Makes it hard to finish unwrapping you like this,” he said.

“Boy that is a problem.”

Molly held on a little bit longer, then released Jax so he could get back to work. She’d needed a hug, was all. She hadn’t seen him in a while.

Jax finished off the ribbon and set it aside, then gave a low whistle.

“Damn, the second layer of wrapping is even nicer,” he said appreciatively.

Molly’s cheeks flushed. “Yeah, Jade liked that part too.”

Jax mock-gasped. “How would she possibly have seen my present already?”

“Hehe, don’t be mad, but I mighta got you guys the same thing.”

“Ooh, you little sneak, huh?”

“Can’t blame me that you both like the same things.”

“Hm, well that’s true. You do know what we like.”

Jax delicately removed Molly’s bra and took a moment to appreciate her tits before lowering his head to them. Molly sighed contentedly and patted her brother’s head while he kissed and sucked on her breasts.

“I knew I got you the right thing,” Molly said.

“Mmhm. You know me too well.”

Jax slipped a hand into Molly’s teeny little panties while sucking on her nipple. She was so wet for him already, and his finger glided up and down her slit so temptingly.

Molly bit her lip. “You know, really you should finish unwrapping a present before playing with it.”

“I mostly did.”

“You forgot a piece.”

Jax looked down at Molly’s panties. “It’s not covering much, is it?”


“And it looks so pretty.”

“Underneath is even prettier.”

Jax grinned and started pulling down Molly’s panties. “You’ve got a twisted mind, Moll.”

“Mmm, I was saying something very similar to her a little while ago,” Jade said, padding into the room.

Jax looked up at Jade as he finished removing Molly’s panties. “Oh were you?”


“Why do I have the feeling you already had a turn with my present before I got home?”

“I did,” Jade admitted easily. “But I rewrapped her so nicely for you.”

She bent down and gave Jax a long, lingering kiss.

Molly, lying naked on the floor once again, watched her older brother and sister making out above her. She was the only naked one of the three of them, as Jax was fully dressed and Jade was in a shirt and panties for sleeping.

“How’d you know he was here?” Molly asked.

Jade shrugged. “My sister senses were tingling.”

“Oh. That.”

Jade turned back to Jax as she knelt down next to him. “You don’t mind too much, I hope. About me trying out your present first.”

“I guess that might depend on what you got me,” Jax teased.

Wordlessly, Jade picked up the discarded bow she’d placed on Molly earlier and stuck it to her chest, just above one of her breasts. She arched an eyebrow at Jax.

“Open it and find out,” Jade offered.

Jax was finding his pants awfully tight, and could imagine that situation was only going to get worse. He slid his hands up Jade’s loose shirt, feeling her warm, hypnotizing skin underneath, then lifted her shirt right over her head.

“I think I’m going to love it,” Jax said.

“I didn’t wrap it as nicely as Molly’s present,” Jade said. “But–”

“It’s the thought that counts.”

“Better not be,” Jade said, pouting a little. “Better be what you got that counts. I put a lot of work into it.”

“And it was all worth it,” Jax assured her as he slipped her panties off.

“Jade got me the same thing,” Molly said, gazing adoringly at her nude big sis from her spot on the floor.

“A lot of that going around,” Jax said, busily fondling Jade.

“You’re one to judge,” Jade snorted. “I have the distinct impression Moll and I are going to have to share the present you got us.”

“Ah, you got me,” Jax said. “I only hope my sisters will be understanding and accept that they have to share th–”

He was cut off as Molly moved like a cat and tackled him unexpectedly. Jade had seen her moving and pounced as well. Jax was caught totally off-guard and was pinned down easily by his two horny, naked sisters.

“It better be reeeaaally good if we have to share,” Molly teased.

“We have high expectations,” Jade agreed.

Jax bit his lip, knowing what was coming next. “Guess you’ll just have to find out. I think you’ll be pleased, though.”

Jade and Molly looked at each other and nodded. As one, they began tearing at Jax’s clothes. Jax just laughed and let himself be ragdolled and thrown around some as his various articles of clothing came off in a whirl of activity.

The girls slowed down some as they exposed enough skin to have some fun with. Jax was treated to the privilege of having two sets of lips leaving trails of kisses all over him at the same time.

Together, Molly and Jade eventually arrived at Jax’s boxers. By silent, mutual agreement, they each helped pull them down and let his hard cock spring out.

Molly’s smile was cat-like. “It’s a pretty good present, Jax.”

“You gonna share with me still?” Jade asked.

“Can I go first?”

Jade nodded and kissed Molly’s cheek. “All yours, dear sister.”

Molly straddled Jax and rubbed her pussy back and forth along his cock. Her wet little pussy lips massaged his shaft so sensually.

Simultaneously, Jade went in for some sloppy makeouts with her brother.

“So thoughtful of you,” Jade purred.

“I try my best,” Jax said, pulling Jade closer until they were pressed snugly together.

“You’ve made your baby sister very happy.”

“Hm? And what about my big sis?”


Jax made big, sad eyes. “Is it not what you wanted?”

“Hehe, don’t look like a puppy at me.” Jade kissed Jax’s nose. “You know it’s the perfect present. I just don’t want you getting too smug about it.”

“Ah. Of course. I like what you got me too.”



“Well then, better take care of Moll so you can get to my present.”

Jax peeked past Jade. Molly was gleefully grinding on his cock, oblivious to everything else around her.

“Help me pin her down?” Jax asked.

“Of course,” Jade said. “What are sisters for?”

Molly once again shrieked loudly as her sibs turned and ganged up on her with no warning. She kicked a bit as Jade pushed her firmly on her back, but settled instantly as Jax’s cock pressed against her pussy again. She looked up hopefully at her brother.

“You don’t mind if I play with my present some, do you?” Jax asked.

Molly’s heart pounded. “I hope you like it,” she said in a small voice.

“I think it’s gonna be just right, somehow,” Jade said while cradling Molly’s head in her lap.

Jax sank his cock into Molly’s pussy. For a few minutes, both siblings were speechless and barely conscious of anything but each other, and the feel of their connection.

“Yeah,” Jade murmured absently as she watched her younger sibs having sex, “it seems just about perfect.” She tapped Jax on the shoulder. “How do you feel about sharing?”

Jax, hypnotized by Molly’s pussy, blinked and stared at Jade for a second, then grinned at her. “Sharing is what Christmas is about, isn’t it?”

“Some would say so.”

Jade set Molly’s head down gently on the floor, then rather perfunctorily sat on her face. Molly’s resulting squeals were muffled, as were her ensuing giggles. Once she got over her initial surprise, she happily licked Jade out while still getting her pussy stuffed by Jax.

“How is she?” Jade asked softly.

Jax grunted. “I think you know.”

“I do. I want to hear you say it though.”

Jax thrust deep into Molly. “Oh do you?”


“Alright. Our baby sister is so hot and wet and tight around me, Jade. You wouldn’t believe how good it feel to be inside her right now. She’s gonna make me cum, and it’s gonna be such a mess in her little pussy.”

“Unf. That sounds pretty good. You should feel her tongue though. She got really good since last time. Like she might be better than me at eating snatch now. Don’t tell her I said that. The things she can do to me just by licking me….”

Molly could, of course, hear everything, even though she couldn’t participate in the conversation. She felt her whole body warm as he older siblings talked about her like she wasn’t there, all the while using her for their pleasure. It was way too much for her. How was a girl supposed to deal with all that sexiness on top of already fucking her brother and eating out her sister? It was too much.

Jax and Jade chattered on blithely, though they were very aware of Molly’s arousal. She was so awfully wiggly despite being held down pretty firmly, and her tongue couldn’t maintain anything like a consistent rhythm.

Jade in particular smiled smugly to herself as she felt Molly cumming underneath her.

“Oh god,” Jax moaned. “She’s squeezing me tighter now.”

“Yeah? Gonna cum too,” Jade asked.

Jax just nodded.

Jade didn’t move from her comfy seat on Molly’s face, but did lean over pull Jax’s head closer for a long, deep kiss. She vicariously reveled in both her siblings’ orgasm, one after the other, as Jax buried himself in Molly and came deep inside her.

“Fuuuccck,” Jax sighed when Jade finally stopped kissing him.

He pulled out slowly from Molly, then rolled over next to her on the floor. Jade got off Molly too and draped herself across both her younger siblings, sharing the fire’s heat and some sexy cuddles.

Molly squeezed her hand past Jade and cupped her own just-fucked pussy. All that cum inside it now. Such a snuggly feeling.

“You guys aren’t s’posed to talk so dirty, you know,” Molly chastised languidly.

“Sorry, Moll,” Jade said.

“It’s s’posed to be Christmassy.”

“It is,” Jax said. “I for one feel very Christmassed.”

Jade took Molly’s free hand and laced her fingers between her sister’s. “I got carried away,” she admitted. “I just… I missed you both a lot. And having you together again… it’s a lot all at once. So much love, and you don’t understand how turned on I get.”

“Hehe, yeah I do,” Molly said. “Jax just cummed in my pussy.”

“Ok, maybe you get it.” Jade kissed Molly’s hand. “The presents are pretty perfect this year, at any rate.”

“Yeah they are,” Jax agreed, idly playing with Jade’s breasts since she was lying across him anyway.

“Almost,” Molly said, rubbing her thumb back and forth over Jade’s hand. “I mean, Jax still has to cum in your pussy too, Jade.”

“Now who’s talking dirty?” Jax said, even as he felt his cock twitch back to life a little.

Molly shrugged. “You guys started it. It’s true though. You have to cum in her. That’s part of Christmas.”

Jade nodded. “Don’t fuck with tradition. Or… do fuck with it, I guess.” She giggled to herself.

“Alas, I feel we’ve corrupted you entirely, little sister,” Jax lamented. “All you can think of now is sex. Your mind is–”

“Oh shush,” Molly said firmly. “That’s part of my Christmas present. You gotta cum in Jade.”

“No,” Jade said as she sat up. “It’s part of mine.”

Jax shrugged. “Or mine?”

“Someone’s present,” Molly said definitively. “And we only have so long before Mom and Dad get up. So….”

Jade nodded. “Right.”

She moved between Jax’s legs and nuzzled at his softish cock. Molly crawled in from a different angle, and together they brought him back to life. They kissed and licked their brother’s cock until it was nicely hard, sharing some kisses with each other in the process.

Molly then sat back on her heels and let Jade climb on their brother’s dick. She took Jade’s hand and gave it a small squeeze as Jade started riding Jax.

Jax could only admire his sisters working together to bring him pleasure. There was just something unbelievably sexy about their dedication to make sure he came in both their pussies for Christmas morning. Jade riding his cock was even more amazing as she just felt so incredible and he liked seeing her enjoying herself that way.

Molly curled up next to Jax with her head on his shoulder. She took his hand and held it while Jade rode him, the two of them watching their big sis being all naughty and sexy.

“Merry Christmas, Jax.”

“Yeah. Merry Christmas, Moll.”

Jade’s heart melted a little seeing her younger sibs cuddling together. It was supposed to be raw sexual energy flowing through her in the moment, at least until she made her brother cum. Instead, sweet emotion tangled in with her arousal.

“Stop being so cute, you two,” she complained.

“Sorry, Jade,” Jax said.

“Yeah, sorry,” Molly added. She didn’t, however, move at all or let go of Jax’s hand.

Jade tried to get more aggressive and ride Jax hard, but her heart wasn’t in it. Instead she slowed down to a nice, slow, leisurely pace. Enjoying the journey, admiring the view, not worrying about the end.

Molly had dozed off by the time Jax came inside Jade. She looked even more sweet and innocent than usual, one hand clasped with Jax’s, the other trapped between her legs cupping her cummy pussy, eyes closed and softly snoring.

Jade stretched out with her sibs, cuddling up lovingly with them.

“Moll fell asleep,” Jade said quietly.

“I noticed,” Jax said. “Let her be. She should get some rest before morning.”

“Mmm, I could use a little too.”

“Right, well, just as long as we don’t fall asleep all at once and snooze through the morning.”

“Yeah, no, right.”


Jade’s head jerked up. She listened intently for a moment, and soon heard another faint sound from upstairs. She looked down at herself and Jax and Molly, still right where they’d been a few hours ago. The fire was once again nearly dead, but there was light coming through the windows to make up for that.

“Hey. Hey wake up. Both of you.”

Jax groaned and tried to stretch out, but was fairly firmly pinned by two naked sisters. Not a bad way to wake up on Christmas morning, really.

Molly didn’t even flinch. “I’m awake already.”

“You’re awake?!” Jade said.

“Yeah. It was so nice with you and Jax. I didn’t want to move.”

“Someone’s awake upstairs,” Jade hissed.

“I know.”

“Moll, I don’t have time for you being cute and snuggly right now. And you know it pains me to say that.”


“So get your butt in gear. Get some clothes on.”

Jade swatted Molly’s bum, which made her frown and stick her tongue out, but not much else. Luckily Jax was feeling a tad more responsible, and managed to slip away from Molly so he could gather his clothes.

Jade only had her panties and sleep shirt handy, but they were sufficient enough for a sense of modesty. Jax had his whole outfit scattered about. Molly, on the other hand….

“Hey, where’s the rest of my clothes?!” she asked, looking around wildly.

“Oh now you’re worried,” Jade snorted.

“I thought I could just get dressed. All I’ve got is… is….”

“Your Christmas lingerie?” Jax suggested.

“Yes. I mean no, they’re not lingerie! But yes.”

Molly looked cute and pitiful and more than a little tempting in her bra and panties from the night before. In the daylight they were, if anything, even sexier and more revealing. Partly that might have been because Molly didn’t want them to be so sexy anymore, and her frantic tugging at them to eke out a little more modesty was having the opposite effect.

“They were just for… for presents,” Molly whined. “Not for parents seeing them.”

“Yeah, we know,” Jade said. “They’re definitely lingerie though.”

“I mean… I guess.” Molly reached for Jade. “Give me your shirt. I can dash to my room.”

“Hey! No, I need my shirt. I’ve got nothing at all on underneath it.”

“Better than lingerie!”


Jax had to step in the middle of the two of them. “Jeez, just take my shirt. I never even got my bag upstairs, I’ll grab another one out of it.”

Jax whipped off his shirt and handed it to Molly. Molly slipped into it gratefully, then blushed and wrapped her arms around herself.

“It kinda smells like you,” she said softly.

“Well… yeah,” Jax said, tilting his head.

“It’s nice.”

Molly stood there another moment, enjoying the feeling of wearing her brother’s shirt after having sex with him. She then remembered she was meant to be scurrying to her room.

“You know you’re never getting that shirt back,” Jade said as she and Jax watched Molly scamper away.

Jax sighed. “Yeah, probably not.”

Jade kissed his cheek. “That was sweet of you though.”

“Practical is all.”

“Uh huh, sure.”


The siblings weren’t discovered in their sexy shenanigans, and Jade and Jax were greeted warmly by their parents. The whole family lazed around for Christmas morning, drinking coffee, eating delicious food, and generally just enjoying each other’s company.

Later on in the day, various other family members showed up for Christmas dinner. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins appeared at various times, and the house was quite ridiculously busy for a while.

All throughout, Molly, Jade, and Jax shared the memory of their time together during the night, and the cum still safely hidden away in Molly and Jade’s pussies. The latter fact acting as something lingering to enjoy during some of the dull, frantic, or awkward parts of having a large amount of family in a not so large house.

Little moments of privacy were a luxury, and were often taken dangerous advantage of. Molly found she could hardly slip to the kitchen for a moment without either Jade or Jax sneaking in behind her and kissing her neck or running a hand up her shirt. She appreciated the attention, of course, but it kept her dreadfully horny at inconvenient times.

She tried to get back at her sibs and get some sneaky feels of them in return, but they were better at that particular game than she was. They had far more devious, naughty minds than she did, no matter what they claimed about her.

Jade and Jax, in a somewhat more direct and aggressive fashion, found a few minutes to sneak into the bathroom together and make out. It wasn’t necessarily a smart decision, give the risk of discovery and how aroused they got each other just before sitting down to dinner, but it was fun.

All three siblings were looking forward to nighttime finally arriving again, even if it wouldn’t necessarily hold the excuse of ‘opening presents’ this time. They could improvise. They were good at that.

By the time extended family had all vacated the house, the sibs were exhausted. It had been a busy day, and they hadn’t had nearly enough sleep.

Still, they sat with their parents and spent some time opening actual presents from under the tree. It all went pretty casual and fun until Molly gave Jade and Jax a pair of scarves she’d knitted them.

“Oh wow, you made these?” Jade asked.

“Mmhm! I’ve been learning,” Molly said proudly. “They aren’t even bad. And I’m gonna get better.”

“They’re really nice,” Jax said. “And I didn’t even think you were gonna get me anything,” he said with a faint teasing glint in his eye.

Their mom, without realizing it, made his offhand comment quite a retroactively dangerous one. “Don’t tell me you didn’t get your baby sister anything,” she said.

Jax froze and tried to formulate a response that didn’t hint at what, in fact, Molly’s presents had consisted of. He really hadn’t thought this part through.

“Uh… well….”

“It’s…” Jade volunteered, trailing off without being any help at all.

Molly only giggled as her brother and sister struggled not give anything away, without seeming heartless on Christmas. It truly wasn’t that big a deal, and they were only being teased, but in their sleep-deprived states her sibs weren’t playing it off so smoothly.

“Silly Mom,” Molly said. She swiped a pair of discarded bows from some wrapping on the floor. She placed one each on Jax and Jade’s heads. “They’re my presents this year.”

So saying, Molly collapsed with dramatic flair across her siblings’ laps and stretched out happy and content.

“You play a dangerous game, li’l sis,” Jax murmured so low no one else could hear.

Molly grinned beatifically and closed her eyes, just enjoying the moment. There was no danger. She’d made a calculated comment to get a reaction from her sibs and parents, but very different ones in each case.

Their Mom was only too happy. “Just when I think you all are going to grow out of being just the cutest little things….” She rushed out of the room. “Let me get my camera.”

“Just you wait ’til we get you alone tonight,” Jade whispered in the same hushed tones as Jax had used.

Molly’s smile grew wider.

The click of a camera announced their mom’s return, and a photo being taken to commemorate the scene of three loving siblings. And despite some grumblings for show, all three were happy to have the picture taken. It would make a good memory.

Another picture was taken later on of much the same pose, only with Jade and Jax asleep and leaning on each other. Molly was still on their laps and pretending to be asleep. She’d been pretending for a while, all through her brother and sister sneaking inappropriate feels of her when they had the chance.

She knew she really would be in trouble when their mom and dad went to bed that night. She’d get all ganged up on, no doubt about it. Just the thought made her all warm inside, and more than a little wet. It was, indeed, a wonderful Christmas.

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