She cheated her husband for look alike lover – part 3 (honeymoon over journey)

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Hello friends,
First of all thanks a lot for the amazing response for the first 2 parts. With all your love and support I now pen down this unexpected event that happened between me and pavithra.

I guess no introduction is required as you guys have already read the beginning parts of the story series. Those who haven’t read the first 2 parts here is the link for an amazing arousing experience.

Part – 1: She cheated her husband for look alike lover
Part – 2: She cheated her husband for look alike lover – part 2 (Honeymoon on banks of waterfalls)

Continuing with part 3….

We started our journey in the midnight. It was almost 12.30pm we had to do a long journey of about 6 hours. Despite of being hell tired, I started driving from mankadadian waterfalls to bhubneshwar. My pretty wife and girlfriend pavithra is sleeping on the back seat and I started driving. We had ample time though as I had to drop her by 9.45am as mentioned in the bus ticket. After almost 2 rounds I was not yet satisfied and I still want to hump her hard and make her cum. As we were running out of time I was not able to go for further rounds. Within next 2 hours we reached brahmapur. She just woke up then and we both had some coffee on highway tea stall. She now sat in the front seat and we started talking and moved towards the destination.

And the conversation begins…
Pavithra: tum mujhase milane ke lie itana dard utha rahe ho(you are taking so much pain to meet me everytime)
Me: jahaan prem hai vahaan koee dard nahin hoga(where there is love there wont be any pain)
Pavithra: kaash, aap bhee bhuvaneshvar se hote(I wish you would also be from bhubaneshwar)
Me: agar main sach mein bhuvaneshvar se hota to aap kya karate?( What would you do if i was really from bhubaneshwar?)
Pavithra: main tumhen dainik gale lagaane aur aap har roj chumban hoga(i would hug you daily and kiss you everyday)
Me: haha main roj tumhaaree yoni kee pooja karoonga.( Haha I will worship your vagina everyday)
Pavithra: meree yoni kisee bhee samay pooja karane ke lie taiyaar hai(My vagina is ready to get worshipped any time)
Me: haha. Mera lund hard ho gaya(My dick has became hard)
Pavithra: tum mujh se kya karavaana chaahate ho?( what do you want me to do?)
Me: main chaahata hoon ki aap apane sundar honthon se isakee pooja Karen(I want you to worship it with your beautiful lips.)
Pavithra: hah. Zaroor( Haha sure)

I immediately pulled down my shorts and my dick was rock hard pointing its hear towards roof top. I was on 5th gear and the roads were clear. She bent down pulled my foreskin back and licked my dick head. Wow I was in heaven. I never got a blowjob in a car till date. She was licking the head first and meanwhile playing with my both balls as well. She knows how to treat a dick very well. She then took it in her mouth deep till her throat and was blowing my dick really hard. She did it for nearly 10 mins . she licked all my precum which was oozing out of my dick.
We were enjoying every movement without wasting it. By the way its almost 4 am. We reached ganjam and pavithra was badly in need to piss. It was a river coast area. I got down from the highway to a nearby village. It was like a small forest. She got down from the car and she asked me to come and she was worried of dark. We went almost 100 metres and she started to piss. First time I was seeing her piss. She removed her panty and gave it to me because it was wet with cum and she wanted to change. I immediately smelled it. Gosh what a women she is. She has the worlds beautiful aroma. I can bet no perfume can beat her aroma. She turned to other side, pulled her chudidaar down and started pissing. Her ass was facing towards me and I can easily see it with the mobile torch. She was peeing very fast. The sounds sssshhhhh sssss was coming when she was pissing. With her panty near my nose and her ass In front of me, I wasn’t able to control and I wanted to go for another round.
She completed pissing and turned towards me. She was blushing seeing me smelling her panties. She even saw my bulge in the pants. I immediately went near her lifted her in my arms, took her near the car. I made her sit on bonnet and removed her chudidaar and started licking. It was a bit urine on her pussy but my lust overtook it and I drank even her urine and sucked her black hairy pussy. She was a bit sleepy but yet showed her enjoyment on her face. I then liplocked her. I exchanged her cum in her mouth . My dick was ready to fuck her so we opened the middle doors of the car, she went inside the car, I stood outside and pulled her legs towards me and made a single hard stroke. From her sleepy mood she became conscious and was moaning hard. She was pressing her boobs herself and I was pumping her pussy. Within 10 minutes I cummed because of anxiety. I hugged her and slept on top of her and inserted all my seeds in her pussy. Then we cleaned ourselves and the morning light started to rise.

I sat nude in car with only my t shirt on. She changed her dress and all inners. I drove the car fast and we reached by 8.30 to bhubneshwar. Her bus has yet to arrive. So we sat outside the bus station and talked for some time and she left at 10 am in the morning. Having said I was working from home, for me location never mattered so I planned to stay there for a week or so. I checked in a affordable hotel. She reached home and thanked me for the night I showed her. She said that this will stay in her memory lifelong. She said she never enjoyed like she did that day. I felt very happy and I slept full day. I woke up in the evening and started working a I was having night shifts. Since her children were not at home, it was possible for me to meet at her residence during day times.
I never dared to visit her during day time as it would be very risky. Meanwhile I got many replies from many reader. And there is one Mr. anil he was around 29 years with a beautiful wife snigdha. She must be around 28 with figure 36-28-35. Anil was having a very beautiful sex life but he had fantasies of her wife cheating on him. He wants snigdha to get laid with a man and he want to see how she feels without her knowing that he planned for it. He even shared few pictures of her .

And our conversation goes like this….
Me: So hows your sex life. Exciting or boring
Anil: It was exciting in beginning but now boring
Me: Why is it so?
Anil: i want some spices in our sex life so reading stories n imagined my wife i feel so hot
Me: What kind of spice you want to add into
Anil: frankly i want to be cuckold or she will cheat on me n i know everything but pretend to be normal like that.
Me: okay that’s interesting
Anil: do you like to seduce my wife?

I was soo excited hearing this. So what happened after he shared her details will be posted in part – 4 . Till then see you guys.

Those who liked my story can comment on [email protected]. Hangouts id is the same. Happy reading .

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